Wednesday, December 11

  • Published on Dec 12, 2019
  • Actor Aldis Hodge makes his ‘Wendy’ debut to chat about his latest film “Clemency” in theatres December 27th .
    Then, Dave Kox and Jonathan Butler perform “It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas”.
    Plus, Wendy’s Holiday Gift Grab heats up!
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  • UwU OwO
    UwU OwO 6 days ago

    Britney should not have more custody of those kids. Not because of her specifically, but because she still is constantly around her Dad who beat one of her sons. I'm sure they have a better quality of life at their Dads. And no Wendy that toxic mindset of "kids should be with their mothers more" is why a lot of kids grew up terribly because the court system thinks women parent better which isn't true.

  • Sabrina Ruston
    Sabrina Ruston 16 days ago

    wendy commenting on ANYBODY 'not looking altogether' is a joke.

  • Big Dee
    Big Dee 25 days ago

    23:08 Absolutely love #AldisHodge in everything he has acted. #Underground #StraightOuttaCompton just to name a few ♥

  • Merlisa M
    Merlisa M 29 days ago

    I really enjoyed the Live Band ✨✨✨

  • Kimie Wesley5
    Kimie Wesley5 29 days ago

    Love the music 😍😍

  • Jonathan Partridge
    Jonathan Partridge 29 days ago

    Wow that gym membership is quite something!

  • Franziska N
    Franziska N Month ago

    To the person who is responsible for the subtitles:
    Thank you so very much. You're the best !

  • Stephanie Miller
    Stephanie Miller Month ago

    Ur right

  • Stephanie Miller
    Stephanie Miller Month ago

    Kevin eat your heart out!

  • Stephanie Miller
    Stephanie Miller Month ago

    Love her in this sort of out fits she looks so glam....

  • Nancy
    Nancy Month ago

    So sick of all of the noise coming from Wendy's mouth. From the coughing (that can't be helped) to the loud sucking and chewing on her cough drop, to her snorting. Way too distracting and unattractive, IMO.

  • Me
    Me Month ago +1

    29:34 She said 36? more like 26 maybe

  • Meowzer Luv
    Meowzer Luv Month ago

    The way Wendy was looking at Dave Koz was something else 🤣

  • I am She.
    I am She. Month ago

    I literally just found this video again so I could comment that the topknot guy at 2:43 looks like the friend you straight up WANT in your corner!! #nodgamestrong #earnest #gotchoback

    • I am She.
      I am She. Month ago

      Also laughs around 2:59.

  • hanna Viola
    hanna Viola Month ago

    Aldis is SO FINE!!! And seems like such a laid back, clever guy

  • Alandria
    Alandria Month ago

    Ooh zaddy on the sax thooo 😳

  • saritia
    saritia Month ago

    love you wendy

  • Marj butterfly
    Marj butterfly Month ago +1

    The ladies clapped at almost everything Aldis Hodge said😉

  • Dubayy Uae
    Dubayy Uae Month ago

    sam is orginally pakistani, pretending to be irani, and has had several same sex......... sketchy

  • Julie Smith
    Julie Smith Month ago

    If you see Brittany IG then you will understand why she doesn't have 50% custody. She's not right.

  • Justin Hodges
    Justin Hodges Month ago

    Someone should’ve got Wendy a cough drop!! Lol

  • Megan Joseph
    Megan Joseph Month ago

    Perfect ending for my ride home 🎵 those guys are great

  • Just call Me Liz
    Just call Me Liz Month ago

    Despite ALL the madness of the show I Love it when Wendy basks in the cheering of her Audience.

  • Sally Shields
    Sally Shields Month ago

    Always slurping that tea... and coughing and sputtering...

  • Jesi Harper Cardosa

    Ooooh Wendy that skirt! 😍
    Is this next “gf” to break outta that commune Azreal Clary?

  • Nekeisha Nelson
    Nekeisha Nelson Month ago

    It's how Wendy coughs for most of hot topics and then goes to shake the hands of people in her audience!!!....#whatthegermsisgoingon!!

  • Chanella Underdue
    Chanella Underdue Month ago


  • hopenlk
    hopenlk Month ago

    The audience were expecting a trip and were like wtf :D :D :D

  • Alecia R
    Alecia R Month ago

    Wendy stop coughing in your hands, and then you go shake people's hands.

  • SuperModel Atlanta
    SuperModel Atlanta Month ago

    has Wendy ever worn lipstick ? 🤔

  • Desi C
    Desi C Month ago

    I looooooove Norman!

  • Sharon Marin - Lewis

    no more updates on mama june plz....

  • Sharon Marin - Lewis

    I love norman but I think he should get his teeth cleaned...Wendy pick up the tab.

  • Dee Jane
    Dee Jane Month ago

    I wish the #ShadyCameraCrew would show footage of Suzanne reactions and hollering in the background!

  • E Randco
    E Randco Month ago

    Why does Brittney keep dating those that have so much less than her financially? Why can’t she date someone who doesn’t need or want her money and assets? She learned nothing from her experience with Federline. She’s always going to be a victim till she figures out she deserves better. Stop dating the help. Do background checks on suitors. Definitely get contracts in place for long term relationships.

  • Gaby F Cerbone
    Gaby F Cerbone Month ago

    I want a bit of Aldis !

  • tabkins
    tabkins Month ago

    Wendy goes from coughing to hand shaking. The germaphobe in me is melting.

  • Malefa Moloi
    Malefa Moloi Month ago

    Jonathan Butler... Wow it's good to see he still good.. With lyrics including South Africa roots.

    TINA ARABIA Month ago

    Aldis Hodge is young fine black man 👨, he is well mannered handsome man!!!

    BLESSING EZE Month ago

    Music was so relaxing💘

  • kankeraj chandra
    kankeraj chandra Month ago

    thats a good wig,,,,, love it

  • Andres Foster
    Andres Foster Month ago

    Britneys dad assaulted her children Wendy. You need to read about what you broadcast and let the public be informed correctly. She is protecting her children from this awful man that they call “grandpa” but now kfed has 70% and see’s it as a money advantage. Everyone left and right tries to take advantage of this poor lady. Norman do your research and brush your teeth. We are called the B Army. Come correctly or dont come at all!!!!

    LILLY FLOWERS Month ago


  • Monirah El-Jeaan
    Monirah El-Jeaan Month ago

    Didn't R. Kelly say he had a show in Dubai earlier this year? I'm guessing he had to fly there unless he took the magic school bus..

  • JordieXblu
    JordieXblu Month ago

    The R.Kelly jokes Wendy I’m dooooooone 😆🤣💀 stepping in the name of I’m DONE

  • William Maklaren
    William Maklaren Month ago


  • Eddie Mac
    Eddie Mac Month ago

    That man is FINE!!

  • Zee zee 6
    Zee zee 6 Month ago

    Wendy needs to let her guests answer the questions she asking an stop jumping in on the first few sentences of their answers 🙄

  • Eddie Mac
    Eddie Mac Month ago

    I LOVE when Wendy includes Norman in the conversation!! I also like when she add Suzanne but definitely Norman. It adds an extra element to the show.. please don’t stop doing that Wendy show

  • music lover1984
    music lover1984 Month ago +1

    She didn't mention anything about Chris Brown.

  • Kristy Smith
    Kristy Smith Month ago +2

    That’s only when the new music isn’t better than the old music.

  • Isis Grant
    Isis Grant Month ago

    I love mary's new music too though!

    NYCITY3 Month ago

    Looks like Wendy is afraid to say that Britney Spears has a bipolar disorder. It's no fought of her own.

  • Watching TESHA
    Watching TESHA Month ago

    That whole R.Kelly situation has thirst trapped in the closet written all over it lol Smdh 🤦‍♀️

  • Dakota S
    Dakota S Month ago


  • Rotate On It Hoe
    Rotate On It Hoe Month ago

    Skip the cheering!
    @1:35 is Hot Topics!

  • Jen Cat
    Jen Cat Month ago +2

    I see a little bit of Will Smith in him when he's acting funny...

  • sam parmus
    sam parmus Month ago +1

    I was so worried when she started coughing

  • Lynda Jay
    Lynda Jay Month ago

    Love the musical segment with Jonathan Butler & Dave Koz!

  • Cassandra Amore
    Cassandra Amore Month ago

    The guy that played the guitar was beautiful