Joe Rogan - GSP's Incredible Story on Meeting His Childhood Bully

  • Published on Sep 23, 2018
  • Taken from MMA Show #28:

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  • Ms Jon Snow
    Ms Jon Snow Hour ago

    GSP is one of the nicest guy you'll ever meet.
    People might not know this but GSP was a GREAT Hockey player back in the day, he could have made it in the LHJMQ (Quebec junior major hockey league)

  • Dave Shaw
    Dave Shaw 3 hours ago

    GSP deserved so much more in UFC
    They claim to want UFC to have an image of sportsmanship and respect
    But then they feed into the whole mess connor turned into

  • Jim Thorpe
    Jim Thorpe 8 hours ago


  • yogesh pal
    yogesh pal Day ago

    GSP was just at the wrong time at the right time 4:34

  • Dug Myers
    Dug Myers Day ago

    GSP= Class act. Legend 🐐

  • Manny F Ramos
    Manny F Ramos 2 days ago

    I fucking love gsp!!!

  • Trained Pigeon
    Trained Pigeon 2 days ago

    That is Christ like.

  • Kenny Jordan
    Kenny Jordan 3 days ago

    Such a great story. Love this!

  • Juan David Guerrero
    Juan David Guerrero 3 days ago

    What a powerful story. This is the power of forgiveness. I can assure you if they didn’t have that story between them, if he had not been a bully, that encounter wouldn’t have been as powerful. It was the fact that his old victim, being now an MMA world champion, chose to speak to him with kindness and encourage him, instead of making him pay for the pain he put him through, that actually shocked this man’s life and make him feel as if he had a second chance.

  • tytydt21
    tytydt21 4 days ago

    why the fuck was that lowkey so sad lmao.

  • lakerdude42
    lakerdude42 4 days ago

    GSP has always been such a classy guy. I wish I could be more like him.

  • Elion Kilos
    Elion Kilos 4 days ago

    Interesting, I saw one of my bully’s st a Walgreens and almost tackled him, my brother held me back

  • Joe Palazzolo
    Joe Palazzolo 4 days ago

    Gsp reminds me of my 96 year old sicilian grandpa

  • Jon 666
    Jon 666 5 days ago

    Respect 🖤👊🏻

  • Charlee Brown
    Charlee Brown 5 days ago

    I don't want to click or like on this video, I don't forgive my bullys, I tried to take my life as a kid. Any way bullying has changed its mostly online like Facebook and that shit.
    Too many kids teenagers take their own lives, when you two guys were at school you could go home times were a bit different as for me as well.
    These days kids go home from school and read nasty stuff and threats of death/rape and more online from online media or texts.
    Going to school on a Monday must be so hard NOW!.
    Thank God Facebook was not invented when I was a child.

  • epikcyne
    epikcyne 5 days ago

    Dude I kinda went through the same thing as GSP! Just because someone is a bully doesn’t mean their a bad person. Sometimes they were just a product of their environment.

  • Kelly Mcculloch
    Kelly Mcculloch 5 days ago +2

    yeah I had a bully that stole my DMT money everyday

  • J B
    J B 6 days ago

    Great story... now a GSP fan

  • Joel Bryan
    Joel Bryan 6 days ago

    This video could've been 2 minutes long

  • Alexander Casias
    Alexander Casias 6 days ago

    Wait.... there’s bullies in Canada? 😂

  • Will Nicholson
    Will Nicholson 6 days ago

    What a cool guy and a cool story.

  • Tigers
    Tigers 7 days ago

    Good story!

  • dakritic
    dakritic 7 days ago

    I give GSP props but there is no way in hell I would help out my child hood bully. I would have cussed him out and told him karma is a bitch 😂

  • LJ Perez
    LJ Perez 7 days ago

    I wish I was like this, but I wasn’t. I became a black belt in taekwondo and when I turned 22 I beat the fuck out of my bully at a taco truck

  • Rishabh Bhagat
    Rishabh Bhagat 8 days ago

    I haven't watch UFC or even MMA much. But I subscribed to this channel MMA on Point. And watched short clips of GSP here and there and he's genuinely such a great guy! I'm a fan now.

  • Mohit Tiwari
    Mohit Tiwari 8 days ago

    If this story is true man it's a great one....

  • dingdingdingdiiiiing

    If you can apply this thinking to all areas of your life, you'll become as peaceful and as happy as you can be.

  • Tamil Song
    Tamil Song 9 days ago

    GSP vs Khabib for The Good guy of UFC belt. Make it Dana!

  • Abdul Raffay
    Abdul Raffay 10 days ago

    This Guy is fucking great best man

    HAIRY WOOKIEE 11 days ago

    esty de criss de tabarnak desty de bougon denfant dchienne (quebec represent)

  • Cesar Gomringer
    Cesar Gomringer 14 days ago

    George is a role model 💪🏼👩🏾‍🦲

  • Draken T
    Draken T 15 days ago +1

    Joe rogan in his lick ass mode, while GSP is being soo humble by telling truth about how not humble he is.

  • Targa Florio
    Targa Florio 16 days ago

    Love your channel Joe. Such an inspirational story. Very moving. Peace ✌️

  • rebels yell
    rebels yell 18 days ago

    Thats what happens growing up in a broken home and u turn into a product of your environment but parents have to wanna change and teach their children all life matters!!

  • djef ardeur
    djef ardeur 19 days ago

    I'll never forgive what they did to my people

  • R
    R 20 days ago

    Heart of gold

  • Angelo Merte
    Angelo Merte 20 days ago

    You're not a good guy, you're the world champion. That's what champions made of.

  • Sickof Idiots
    Sickof Idiots 20 days ago

    "An it make yoo feel guhd sumtime too" - legend

  • Anas
    Anas 23 days ago

    Joe “psychedelics help you forgive” Rogan

  • Daryl Shields
    Daryl Shields 24 days ago

    GSP fuck off ya gave him 100 bucks lmao

  • Badness Bob
    Badness Bob 24 days ago

    What a really good guy, he is a good guy, regardless of his past or anything.
    He is so open and candid with Joe Rogan as he expresses his most inner thoughts and feeling of his youth and his present.
    I personally think he is a good guy.
    Great interview Joe, thankyou.
    Bob. Australia.

  • R P
    R P 24 days ago

    GSP is cool shit.

  • The moose Man
    The moose Man 24 days ago

    I fail to see the correlation between being good looking and having potential. Im screwed then

  • AnimusFlux
    AnimusFlux 25 days ago

    The classic story of forgiveness and redemption

  • GAN0R0
    GAN0R0 25 days ago

    I swear, I'm from Quebec, and this guy has such a strong accent when he speaks english. But he looks like an awesome dude.

  • Eric Rene Diaz
    Eric Rene Diaz 26 days ago

    I’m about forgiving but dang I ain’t going to lie. I don’t know if I would do the same, if I was in his shoes. I would like to think I would. But GSP showed the definition of love. Right there.

  • Kool-Aid Man
    Kool-Aid Man 26 days ago

    I like GSP but this story sounds like total bullshit.

  • calme em
    calme em 27 days ago +2

    What a great guy he bullied him without bullying him

  • Salmontres
    Salmontres 27 days ago +1

    This story was really sweet, but i still managed to cum

  • Henry Ruiz
    Henry Ruiz 27 days ago +1

    Gsp is genuine!!!!

  • Valiant Videos
    Valiant Videos 27 days ago

    Gsp Is so goddam fake, just like all these other champions testing positive for steroids an Phd's. Conor an Kahbib are the only champions who actually earned their titles without cheating.

  • TNS podcast
    TNS podcast 27 days ago

    So I should forgive my dad for leaving me when I was 6 aha

  • Curtis Jordan
    Curtis Jordan 28 days ago

    damn.... what a great story

  • Ramin Abdulla
    Ramin Abdulla 28 days ago

    Pfff. Sounds like a load of horseshit

  • Fulca
    Fulca 28 days ago +1

    GSP owes this guy more than he thinks

  • John O'Neill
    John O'Neill 28 days ago

    GSP maybe the second coming of Jesus?

  • John O'Neill
    John O'Neill 28 days ago

    Donald Trump and his No1 fanboy Dana White love to hold grudges and get easily upset and hurt like insecure little boys.

  • ciprian chirilov
    ciprian chirilov 29 days ago +10

    The guy is a legend, a great fighter, a lethal weapon but a massive heart.

  • Jayee Padilla
    Jayee Padilla 29 days ago

    I met hem end i besh hes hed weth pipe, end bery hem en skol pleyground

  • atrocious _ pr0xy
    atrocious _ pr0xy Month ago

    Ripples, man. Send them ripples.