F1 Esports Pro Series 2019: Race Ten Highlights

  • Published on Dec 6, 2019
  • Race 10 of 12. Four drivers in the championship hunt. Who comes out on top?! Check our race highlights from the tenth round of the 2019 F1 New Balance Esports Pro Series, with commentary from Jack Nicholls, Jolyon Palmer, and Davide Valsecchi.
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Comments • 111

  • Veloce Supreme
    Veloce Supreme Month ago

    f1 PS4 Sport_Speed_F1

  • Gilang Fernanda
    Gilang Fernanda Month ago


  • Matt Offman
    Matt Offman Month ago +1

    tvclip.biz/video/jkwLiExbQEk/video.html ❤❤🎧🎧🔥😎😎🎅🎅🎅

  • CosareNL
    CosareNL Month ago

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  • Anas .Rahamat
    Anas .Rahamat Month ago +1

    Sees a Williams at the front:
    *wait, that's illegal*

  • Juraj Benak
    Juraj Benak Month ago

    I have to say, these races are better than iracing in terms of quality and closeness. Maybe GT sport comes close

  • Timoto58
    Timoto58 Month ago +3

    Remove HUD and drive using the cockpit view

  • Zdoroviy Antony
    Zdoroviy Antony Month ago

    Rasmussen is even much less emotional then Raikkonen.

  • Ethan Huffman
    Ethan Huffman Month ago +1

    Maybe unpopular opinion but I find it very hard to take this even remotely seriously haha.

  • Godsguidance Joseph

    Did I just see a Williams on pole?

  • Leah L
    Leah L Month ago

    These commentators are much better than the asshole who is always screaming way over the top on the formula 1 highlights. Please hire these guys for next year.

  • FanBoyStudio - Darts & Gaming

    I thought that was Spain in the thumbnail.

  • yousef samara
    yousef samara Month ago

    That is a joke, just 14 laps?????

  • Colin BMXer
    Colin BMXer Month ago

    Wow so realistic, a Williams on the pole 😂. Are the cars equal performance in the Esports series of something?

  • Numaer Islam
    Numaer Islam Month ago

    It's interesting to see the cars racing on fixed performance level like a spec series. A good pastime alternative to irl f1.

  • CFurtado
    CFurtado Month ago +9

    Should be full length for this. It's harder to watch a 14lap sprint than it is 50lap race...

  • mia haskurti
    mia haskurti Month ago

    Tonizza Is Champion

  • Marcelo Espinola
    Marcelo Espinola Month ago

    Can Tonizza replace Leclerc?

  • antlers20
    antlers20 Month ago


  • Süleyman Doğan
    Süleyman Doğan Month ago +25

    3:26 you can see his extremely high level celebration

    • Juraj Benak
      Juraj Benak Month ago +1

      He was celebrating inside
      Ps he German, what do you expect? 😁

    • Aman B
      Aman B Month ago

      he was ecstatic

  • Varskar
    Varskar Month ago +3

    I don't like the fact that you mix e-sorts with actual F1 in this channel.

    • Varskar
      Varskar Month ago

      And what difference does it make?

    • Blamblo
      Blamblo Month ago +1

      Varskar oh yeah let’s post the highlights from this weekend’s race! Oh wait the season already ended

  • FinnKaiden
    FinnKaiden Month ago +12

    Seen more emotion from a pineapple after he won haha

  • Jazzman
    Jazzman Month ago +4

    This whole esport f1 is a joke...

  • john
    john Month ago

    Video games are for children

  • P3rad0X
    P3rad0X Month ago +2

    I would say full race lenght. so there can be more strategy involved

  • Seyedmorteza Ghaffarishahri

    Esports, the sport of losers in their mom's basement! Stop this horse crap!

  • Redblood797
    Redblood797 Month ago +7

    The radios are a joke. There is no reason for it. If you are trying to make this seem like the real thing, why would you not invest in motion sims or something and maybe start leaning into the fact that its a sim... like what valid information are we getting from the radios if any? Its cringe af

  • idefyu23
    idefyu23 Month ago +12

    These races need to be 50%

  • Tomas Eriksson
    Tomas Eriksson Month ago +20

    An honest question: Why don't they compete with full race distance?

    • dualshock
      dualshock Month ago

      They at most could do 50% Races...100% doubt they will

    • Infinite Games
      Infinite Games Month ago +14

      Because no one would watch. we only pay attention to 2 hours races from the "real guys"

  • A.スゴウ
    A.スゴウ Month ago +1

    e SPORTS?

  • SamsonJGaming
    SamsonJGaming Month ago +2

    That 13OR Overtake 😅

  • Vale Vigo_
    Vale Vigo_ Month ago

    Only here. Williams are quick

  • Jonathan_W
    Jonathan_W Month ago +138

    MAKE RACES AT LEAST 50%. These races are a joke.

    • Juho M
      Juho M Month ago

      And if 50% is too much, lets do 35% or 40%

    • Joshua Fancher
      Joshua Fancher Month ago +2

      Howard Rice I agree with you. I would like to see 50 percent

    • Howard Rice
      Howard Rice Month ago +7

      Redblood797 yeah still sucks tho because it limits strategy and sprint races aren’t for F1 😂 it’s just terrible

    • Redblood797
      Redblood797 Month ago +20

      I bet you they researched the average attention span people give to watching sims and this is what they came up with.

  • jenesuispasbavard
    jenesuispasbavard Month ago

    Are the cars equal in performance or is it like the regular game with car development over the season etc.?

    • BananaTrolzz
      BananaTrolzz Month ago +1

      There is the Slighest of difference between the car. But it's nothing you can even notice. For example the red bull on equal performance is like 0.1km/h slower but is 0.002 seconds faster in corners

    • yeetnation
      yeetnation Month ago +2

      equal performance

  • GarkKahn
    GarkKahn Month ago +1

    I love how williams is on pole very often here xD

  • Stampergoeroe Ric
    Stampergoeroe Ric Month ago +34

    Alvaro Carreton gets pole.
    Claire Williams: I want him in my team

  • Loafy
    Loafy Month ago +1

    Ferrari crap again

  • Aonna che silenzio stasera

    Ormai laurito si è bruciato e mi dispiace

  • DurchgeDraayt
    DurchgeDraayt Month ago +3

    Dat Emotions +.+

  • Zack E
    Zack E Month ago +4

    Now try driving a real car

    • My One
      My One Month ago

      half of those guys would destroy you in a real racecar, unless you have lots of karting experience, formula 3 experience or race of champions experience.

    • SenoZK
      SenoZK Month ago


    • Francisco Martin
      Francisco Martin Month ago +1

      Rotanux yeah Ok sorry for the confusion

    • Rotanux
      Rotanux Month ago +3

      @Francisco Martin sorry I was talking to the other dude, his comment was just stupid

  • 1000 subs 0 videos
    1000 subs 0 videos Month ago

    Check out the real F1 driver of the season

  • Hatmo Joe
    Hatmo Joe Month ago +7

    0:56 glitch in the matrix

  • Red Lightning
    Red Lightning Month ago +330

    Welcome to the f1 game. The only time a Williams can be on pole.

  • benyahun
    benyahun Month ago +76

    Wait, do they have engineers or teams? Or why are they talking on the radio?

    • Ursus_VF Ursus_VF
      Ursus_VF Ursus_VF Month ago

      "Esport". The only "sport" thet makes you FAT, if you practice to much.

    • Mats de Vink
      Mats de Vink Month ago +1

      benyahun Yeah it’s so weird, they’re talking like they are just done having sex

    • KevinWho?
      KevinWho? Month ago +2

      Red Lightning Love this lol

    • Red Lightning
      Red Lightning Month ago +38

      They have team principals. Like for alfa Romero it's aarava.

  • Michael Knight
    Michael Knight Month ago +6

    Drive using cockpit view. Useless kids.

    • Jatmiko Pambudi
      Jatmiko Pambudi Month ago +3

      @Jaafar Imran you can disable the halo pillar in f1 2019. The primary reason is as h4ck3rman said, they can't see the sideview mirrors. About VR, using VR in a simracing game for a long period can cause some eye strain as jimmy broadbent once said.

    • Michael Knight
      Michael Knight Month ago

      @Constantinia Smith great childish level hahahahaha

    • Michael Knight
      Michael Knight Month ago

      @Jatmiko Pambudi great childish level hahahahaha

    • Michael Knight
      Michael Knight Month ago

      @MGPps 1 great childish level. Hahahahaha

  • Muhammed Mert Sadunoğlu

    Cem Bölükbaşı yine de iyi iş çıkardı 15. başladı 11. bitirdi tebrikler cem

  • Ethan Lim
    Ethan Lim Month ago +1

    13 th

  • NyxiiW
    NyxiiW Month ago +6

    Why these graphics are from f1 2010

  • Vili Prökkinen
    Vili Prökkinen Month ago

    Hi F1!

  • surya ae9x
    surya ae9x Month ago


  • Sinclair Quilicot
    Sinclair Quilicot Month ago +14

    William's not on the last? Damn..

  • Adi saputra
    Adi saputra Month ago +38

    Wow Williams in pole position 👏

  • Alonso gaming
    Alonso gaming Month ago +68

    Brendon Leigh is out of the season...

  • BlackIX.G6
    BlackIX.G6 Month ago +2

    Il Valse.

  • michael flannery
    michael flannery Month ago +2

    2020 is max's season

  • FlamingEpicStar 10
    FlamingEpicStar 10 Month ago


  • Gaimer Gaimer
    Gaimer Gaimer Month ago


  • Pewdiepie’s Merch


  • 메론빵
    메론빵 Month ago