Cut for Time: The Last Fry (Gal Gadot) - SNL


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  • Michał Marusza
    Michał Marusza 5 days ago

    Dope asf haha

  • Doug Hanson
    Doug Hanson 8 days ago

    Gal is damn it

  • Neil Dohi
    Neil Dohi 9 days ago

    Sounds like something Will Smith would cut.

  • elena
    elena 11 days ago

    this has kyle mooney written ALL over it😂

  • IThinkWithMy Dick
    IThinkWithMy Dick 15 days ago +2

    Honest question from someone (myself) who knows nothing about military strategy:
    what good does sending speeding jets do when there's a missile attack,
    unless the jets intend to shoot down the missile?
    Shooting down a missile traveling 5000kph using another missile would seem to require a missile shot from a fixed launch site on the ground. Trying to shoot it down using a missile from an airplane would seem futile.

  • IThinkWithMy Dick
    IThinkWithMy Dick 15 days ago +1

    Obviously, this skit was so popular, that they replayed in BOTH rerun airings of this episode.

  • jesse hernandez
    jesse hernandez 17 days ago

    When snl sketches aren't funny they go for cheesy and boring?

  • little Do
    little Do 18 days ago


  • elena
    elena 18 days ago

    kyle n beck, iconic duo

  • summer 91
    summer 91 18 days ago

    The blonde is hot.....for a 48 year old. Must be a Jew!

  • ScrimpishIMP
    ScrimpishIMP 22 days ago

    Well, it wasn't Space Pants.

  • Gundom Productions
    Gundom Productions 22 days ago +1


  • Bayush Alford
    Bayush Alford 23 days ago

    This is great XD

  • Johnteill Bradford
    Johnteill Bradford 25 days ago

    did will smith write this lol

  • Johnteill Bradford
    Johnteill Bradford 25 days ago

    god damn she's fine

  • Frank Pitts
    Frank Pitts 26 days ago

    Gal Gadot is a real life world class Goddess. There won’t be another one like her in a long time. She is the one!!!!

  • Lily Tube
    Lily Tube Month ago +1


  • Kaoren717
    Kaoren717 Month ago +1

    Do the Urkel

  • Blacks_Have More_Fun
    Blacks_Have More_Fun Month ago +1

    NOT cut for time..... cut because white people pretending to be ghetto just ain't funny.

  • Liam Dennehy
    Liam Dennehy Month ago +1

    Why tf was this cut

  • Vad L
    Vad L Month ago +1

    im adding this to my golden snl collection.

  • Sonny Destefino
    Sonny Destefino Month ago +2

    Doesn't Matter👋Wat Kinda Mood ur in Dis Whole Video is So Cheesy/Randomly Funny (Especially 0:32 - 0:36) The Waitresse's Face_Like😐 "Fu*k My Life" 👍😂👍

  • Kyle Morin
    Kyle Morin Month ago

    Why did they have to make this political

  • David D
    David D Month ago

    only one good thing in this skit, her name is Gal

  • Brian Smith
    Brian Smith Month ago

    succumb succumb nuclear bomb every day is like Succumbday every day is silent and grey

  • Charles Ceja
    Charles Ceja Month ago

    Got to stop cutting these two

  • Royal Joker
    Royal Joker Month ago


  • Julio Gonzalez
    Julio Gonzalez Month ago

    1 frie 2 frie 3 frie 4 this guy was eating fries like never

  • mc4christ
    mc4christ 2 months ago

    Kinda stupid... 😞

  • Justin MacFarland
    Justin MacFarland 2 months ago


  • abay8907
    abay8907 2 months ago

    Kyle is so cute. I would never eat your fries!

  • sinkiy
    sinkiy 2 months ago

    God she's so fine.

  • Kyler Last Name
    Kyler Last Name 2 months ago

    Damn :(

  • Brad Carss
    Brad Carss 2 months ago

    awful, simply awful

  • Carys Projects
    Carys Projects 2 months ago

    Anxiety boosted to maximum level

  • Rachitha Kumar
    Rachitha Kumar 2 months ago +1

    I have never been more disappointed that a sketch was cut.

  • Akeem Rizk
    Akeem Rizk 2 months ago +1

    So good

  • Victoria Grace
    Victoria Grace 2 months ago +2

    Timely AND hilarious!

  • CypressCinemaClub
    CypressCinemaClub 2 months ago

    LMFAO so cute, they thought Trump would piss off Un and get us nuked. Yet, here they are, on good terms. No wonder it was cut for time...

    • abay8907
      abay8907 2 months ago

      CypressCinemaClub yeah that was definitely a solid decision with no long term consequences. Shut the fuck up. You don’t even have good taste in comedy sketches

  • Nerf Irelia
    Nerf Irelia 2 months ago

    Why do their skits always get cut for time????

    AYBABTU 2 months ago +1

    Now that Andy Samberg is not on SNL anymore, these guys can fill the song sketch void.

    AYBABTU 2 months ago +2

    These guys are geniuses.

  • Irin Preonty
    Irin Preonty 2 months ago +1

    "I think she wants to know our relationship status!" hahaha! :D

  • Patty GS
    Patty GS 2 months ago


  • Brian Loher
    Brian Loher 2 months ago

    Tim and Eric... but I still fucking love goodneighbor stuff. Sports

  • summer 91
    summer 91 2 months ago

    The blonde teller looks sooooo hot, for a 53 year old Jewish woman. Good for her.

  • Rioichi cooper
    Rioichi cooper 2 months ago

    My brother made fries then burnt my house

  • Fast paced Teller
    Fast paced Teller 2 months ago +1

    This is by far the funniest thing that’s come from snl

    • Fast paced Teller
      Fast paced Teller 2 months ago

      Steve Smith snl is just not my cup of tea🤷‍♂️

    • Steve Smith
      Steve Smith 2 months ago

      have you only ever seen this video or something?

  • Scott Carroll
    Scott Carroll 2 months ago

    If you mute this video and start watching it from 0:56 it's not that bad.

  • Kevin C
    Kevin C 2 months ago

    Gal really knows how to eat a fry 1:14 .

  • Adia Best
    Adia Best 2 months ago

    Gal is so beautiful! And tall! Those legs are so long... why can't I look like her? ❤❤😭

  • Sebastian Spencer-Rollins


  • Jay Pee
    Jay Pee 2 months ago

    She is crazy attractive

  • Tisha McDonald
    Tisha McDonald 2 months ago

    Gal Gadot doing the running man. 👏🏾 Awesome!!

  • detroka
    detroka 2 months ago

    SNL is shit now, ever since the Will Ferrell cast ended..

  • Viran Victus
    Viran Victus 3 months ago

    Will Smith called to let you know he Will be seeing you in court for stealing Jeffrey A. Townes beat he already claims as his own

  • Portia Jones
    Portia Jones 3 months ago

    just keep us 'dumb' that's what they want,so while you'll be thinking about your last fry, they'll begin frying your ass

  • tomaf
    tomaf 3 months ago +3

    Not only should they have cut it, they should have burned it, deleted it and erased it. Norton Antivirus would have deleted it for sure before it infected the internet.

  • gbo gba
    gbo gba 3 months ago

    They were in the sunken place.

  • Morgan Templeton
    Morgan Templeton 3 months ago +1

    This makes no sense

  • Els Rulmyn
    Els Rulmyn 3 months ago +1

    I hate SNL for cutting stuff like this

  • Jason Will55
    Jason Will55 3 months ago +1

    Not a problem anymore! #MAGA

  • Chantel Carter
    Chantel Carter 3 months ago +2

    This is the greatest thing that's ever existed. Why did they cut this?

  • Van PastorMan
    Van PastorMan 3 months ago

    Take cover immediately? Yeah right. It's a nuclear weapon.

  • deelot1
    deelot1 3 months ago +1

    This is America

  • Mojibola Adeyeye
    Mojibola Adeyeye 3 months ago

    Sounds like fresh prince of bel air or something will smith would sing omg how is this cut for time

  • Mojibola Adeyeye
    Mojibola Adeyeye 3 months ago

    Omg I love this song omg

  • Nicholas Fruin
    Nicholas Fruin 3 months ago

    Probably the first and only French fry Gal Gadot ever had. She has never even tried a Reese's peanut butter cup until she appeared on Jimmy Fallon.

  • Zarbi Xii
    Zarbi Xii 3 months ago

    This is probably the only 'cut for time' sketch that actually benefits from the lack of a laugh track.

  • Sheri
    Sheri 3 months ago +1

    This is a story all about how my life got flipped, turned upside down. .... wait wrong song.

  • Tommy Bracanti
    Tommy Bracanti 3 months ago

    this was shot right behind the HWNDU installation in Astoria, Queens.

  • three Warr
    three Warr 3 months ago

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  • Bizzareodin
    Bizzareodin 3 months ago +1

    This isn't funny

  • Night Moose
    Night Moose 3 months ago

    This was CUT FOR TIME? :O

  • Mitt Obama
    Mitt Obama 3 months ago +1

    Don't bother. Waste of time.

  • Hacher Unfriended
    Hacher Unfriended 3 months ago +2

    This is America, don't catch you slippin now

  • Anna
    Anna 3 months ago +1

    This is a fucking masterpiece

  • Jimin Lover
    Jimin Lover 3 months ago +1

    This is so good 🙌🏽

  • Jacob Rengen
    Jacob Rengen 3 months ago

    Rule number one don’t touch my fry

  • lily
    lily 4 months ago

    this is my favorite video

  • Midnight Owl
    Midnight Owl 4 months ago

    This was literally filmed in the 90s I swear

  • Alexandro Parthenios
    Alexandro Parthenios 4 months ago

    I’m gonna eat fries now! #imnotjoking

  • Justin Aeneas
    Justin Aeneas 4 months ago +1

    So you got the hottest Israeli since Bar Rafaeli on your show and you come up with this shit.

  • Matthew Collins
    Matthew Collins 4 months ago

    What a gold digger

  • Findergordianus
    Findergordianus 4 months ago

    North Korea firing its one and only working missile at the US is really not that much of a reason to panic. But I guess neither was Pearl Harbor ultimately.

  • Master Chain
    Master Chain 4 months ago

    I love how the fry story with the song would have been funny on its own but to up the ante, they throw in the stuff about the missile strike. Great inspired, utterly weird skit.

  • Hello
    Hello 4 months ago +1

    Maybe SNL always cut Kyle and Beck's sketches from the live shows because Lorne and producers etc, think they would be better received online? Their comedy is very clever and dry, and I don't think many people in the audience would get the bit and stuff, don't know if anyones noticed but the audience can be pretty slow at laughing at the jokes lol. But seriously, K + B (+ and the rest of Good Neighbour) can defo be the next Lonely Island 👍

  • Ciel M Maintenir
    Ciel M Maintenir 4 months ago

    I'd share my fry with Gal Gadot any time.

  • Darius Manson
    Darius Manson 4 months ago

    Funny that a Jew who supposedly fears nukes blowing up Israel preforms in a skit about nukes.
    It must be such a serious issue for them.

  • Anton Spivack
    Anton Spivack 4 months ago

    Not since Adventure Time has eating someone else's fries been so dramatic.

  • WaitingtoHit
    WaitingtoHit 4 months ago

    I guess I am the only one who noticed that "missile" was misspelled on the news ticker.

  • Ivan Johnson
    Ivan Johnson 4 months ago

    To ignore a woman that hot you've gotta be, ballin', gay, or Mike Pence.

  • Akın Yarar
    Akın Yarar 4 months ago

    0:33 The way she acts that awkard looking is truly admirable

  • Poisoned Coffy
    Poisoned Coffy 4 months ago

    good lord gal is gorgeous

  • RealthouhtTho EgoMaa't
    RealthouhtTho EgoMaa't 4 months ago

    That was stupid as f*** and why did they steal The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air s*** they need to pay Will Smith and Quincy Jones

  • Bork bakker
    Bork bakker 4 months ago

    1:30 fortnite dance

    EZRDEN 4 months ago

    I like this Beck. Not Kevin Nealon Beck in the regular sketches. That Beck sucks. I love this Beck better.

  • Bart Simpson
    Bart Simpson 4 months ago +1

    This video is addictive.

  • liberteecabbage
    liberteecabbage 4 months ago +4

    Holy crap. This is pitch perfect parody of inoffensive, narrative-based early 90's rap, right down to the dance moves and cinematography. This is actually a great skit.