How to Hide Things from Burglars

  • Published on Aug 10, 2009
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    Put yourself in the shoes of a burglar so you can anticipate where they'd look for your valuables.
    Step 1: Understand the burglar's motivation
    Understand that the burglar has two goals: to find your valuables, and to get in and out of your house as fast as possible.
    Step 2: Practice diversion with cash
    Leave a small amount of cash in an obvious spot, so burglars think they've found all the cash in your house and won't bother looking for more.
    Step 3: Hide money and valuables
    Spread out your valuables and money. Hide some in messy areas that would take a burglar too long to go through, such as a child's room, basement, or garage.
    Don't hide valuables in obvious places like drawers or purses.
    Step 4: Divert the burglar
    Make a diversion box with an ordinary item, such as a cereal box. Store valuables in the box.
    Step 5: Use a home safe
    Store extra-valuable items in a home safe bolted to the floor.
    Step 6: Inventory your stuff
    Keep track of the valuables in your house in case you are the victim of burglary. But hopefully, you'll outsmart the burglar by staying one step ahead of them.
    Did You Know?
    From 1998 to 2007, property crime in the U.S. declined 10 percent.
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  • Ethan Mcgeown
    Ethan Mcgeown 11 months ago

    you can acctully stick a little bit of cash under a drawer or behind it

  • Nirajan Pradhan
    Nirajan Pradhan Year ago


  • CRX b1056
    CRX b1056 Year ago

    What if a burglar is watching this

  • Elias Castro
    Elias Castro Year ago

    well imma just buy security cameras and leave my dogs with food and water

  • Rose red Pretty
    Rose red Pretty 2 years ago


  • Demokid 1994
    Demokid 1994 2 years ago +3

    Im a burglar...thanks for the tips

  • rick han
    rick han 2 years ago

    just paste 100 obama posters outside your wall so burglars think your a dork

  • Trick Shot Team
    Trick Shot Team 2 years ago

    Step 0: lock all doors and windows and get an alarm

  • Krager
    Krager 3 years ago

    Or you could just grab a baseball bat? You know what to do after that...

  • Fureo
    Fureo 3 years ago +5

    How to hide things from your mom

  • Tracy Lyn
    Tracy Lyn 3 years ago

    Or if you see one kick them in the spot that's what I would do

  • xKittyKylo Studios
    xKittyKylo Studios 3 years ago

    I hide money in my katana case 8)

  • A Random Virus
    A Random Virus 3 years ago

    step one: watch the king of randoms video

  • Keira O'Shea
    Keira O'Shea 3 years ago +13

    What if a burglar watches this video ?

  • SwagLordZ
    SwagLordZ 3 years ago

    Thrives are probably watching this

  • Vannara Meas
    Vannara Meas 3 years ago

    Or I can just install fake cameras to increase the odds.

  • CNXD Live
    CNXD Live 3 years ago +1

    How to hide things from burglars.
    You will need
    Hiding spots for valuables
    Step1: leave a smallest cash in obvious spot.
    Step2: hide your valuables in a car engine
    Step3: hide your safe in a school.
    Did u know?
    This is the trick to prevent burglaries.

  • TheDiamondStar
    TheDiamondStar 3 years ago +19

    How to Hide Things from Burglars
    You will need:

    Step 1.Pretend to be sleeping
    Step 2.When a burglar breaks in meet him at the kitchen and ready the glock and
    Step 3.Shoot him
    Did you know?
    That Guns are expensive?

  • Carl Pen
    Carl Pen 3 years ago +3

    I got so tired of burglars breaking into my house that I moved to an empty lot. It's OK till it rains... that's because some burglar walked of with my umbrella.
    I tried putting myself into the shoes of a burglar once... they didn't fit, they hurt my feet, and I got arrested for wearing stolen shoes.

  • Patricia Martinez
    Patricia Martinez 3 years ago

    661 burglers liked this video

  • Jose Lorenzo
    Jose Lorenzo 4 years ago +1

    I did it and the burlglar found the notebook where I kept record of where I hid the money. Thanks a lot Howcast

  • 剣八のペインKenpachiNoPein

    Is the guy who did this narration the voice actor Brandon Potter? If so, I love you. You need more VA work.

  • BayHarborMetzger
    BayHarborMetzger 4 years ago +2

    Burglars watch TVclip Videos too ^^

  • QuantumRift
    QuantumRift 4 years ago +1

    what about terdburglers?

  • eoghan odonnell
    eoghan odonnell 4 years ago

  • Oliver Twist
    Oliver Twist 4 years ago

    the burglar is white?

  • Trizo
    Trizo 4 years ago +4

    Well now they know where to look....

  • Kleo3392
    Kleo3392 4 years ago +7

    I'm sick of looking for stuff in this house, I'm hungry *Opens cabinet* ooo cereal! *Diamond falls out of box*

  • xMewWinx96x
    xMewWinx96x 4 years ago +2

    Great! Now I know where to look!

  • Michael Mora
    Michael Mora 4 years ago

    Or you can buy a safe deposit box at your local bank for about 150 a year

  • Bahamut Zilla
    Bahamut Zilla 4 years ago +20

    hope burglars don't see this

  • Jebediah Kerman
    Jebediah Kerman 4 years ago +2

    The way I like to keep things from being stolen from my car is putting something gross, like a tissue on top of valuables.

  • TheCargeek123
    TheCargeek123 5 years ago +9

    I don't think that's helpful any more!

  • Just Another Guy on the Internet

    0:23 small amount of cash $20?!!!

    • MrRobloxianMadness
      MrRobloxianMadness 4 years ago

      +Playmobilfanatic123 Lol

    • Subtitles
      Subtitles 4 years ago +1

      That could feed someone a meal... Well atleast the burglar got a meal?

  • Peter Siri
    Peter Siri 5 years ago +29

    great i'm a burglar i now know where to look

    • Gas ter
      Gas ter 2 years ago

      Peter Siri ha no your not prove it to me come on!

    • LordOfBros
      LordOfBros 4 years ago

      +IAmAChickenInAFarm Are you autistic?

    • IAmAChickenInAFarm
      IAmAChickenInAFarm 4 years ago

      Great I can report you to the law boo ya!

    • Hamid
      Hamid 4 years ago +3

      you're lying my friend. burglars don't watch youtube.:D

  • N94R
    N94R 5 years ago +7


  • A butterfly
    A butterfly 5 years ago

    Tip:watch the secret outlet video

  • QuantumXERO
    QuantumXERO 5 years ago

    step 1: place a trap
    step 2: watch burglar learn his lesson
    it's as simple as that! XD

  • Angel Baby
    Angel Baby 5 years ago

    I dunno. I watch to many crime shows. This family had a home invasion and they burglars found the little cash they had, but kept them held hostage and tortured em until they told them where the rest of the money was. So yea, now a days this video wouldn't help lol. It would get you killed!

  • Rolfadinho OTG
    Rolfadinho OTG 5 years ago

    Your welcome. :)

  • bajabret60
    bajabret60 5 years ago

    So that burglars know you have guns to steal?

  • Alfredo Salgado
    Alfredo Salgado 5 years ago

    Lol same guy got top comment twice.

  • Merciless.
    Merciless. 5 years ago

    105 houses got robbed

  • あやか
    あやか 5 years ago

    Now I can steal stuff >:)

  • Charles M.
    Charles M. 5 years ago

    This helps me in protecting my iPad. xD

  • Cavik The Havoc
    Cavik The Havoc 5 years ago

    thanks now I know what to look for

  • Malki Walid
    Malki Walid 5 years ago

    Damn thats along fucking name

  • Kamackia
    Kamackia 5 years ago

    The guy above me is an idiot

  • Dylan Moreland
    Dylan Moreland 5 years ago

    how would you know you were going to get robbed

  • zwtslt
    zwtslt 5 years ago

    It's all fun and games until one of the burglars actually decides to crash at your home for a little while - many do that to eat, sleep and wash

  • Musical Toddler
    Musical Toddler 5 years ago

    I'm a burglar and I came here to learn your techniques. thank you, you've made my job much easier.

  • Amin Rosli
    Amin Rosli 5 years ago

    Okay now every burglars know how to find a hide thing.
    They have internet too,just saying !

  • Ada Wong
    Ada Wong 5 years ago


  • TheHowToHobbyist
    TheHowToHobbyist 5 years ago

    Paper money is not valuable, Silver and gold is

  • Ada Wong
    Ada Wong 5 years ago

    be smart don't just put it in ram dom stuff

  • emochromo
    emochromo 5 years ago

    Or...lock your door?

  • candida calderon
    candida calderon 5 years ago

    HOW IS A 20 SMALL????!!! GOD 20 FOR ME IS LIKE 70

    HOLLOW HILL 5 years ago

    my suggestion be hide in light fixtures or ceiling fans or air ducts after you unscrew it . thieves won't have time to think to look up above their head.

  • 22Gengy73
    22Gengy73 5 years ago

    How to protect your house:
    1. buy an aperture science home defense turret.
    2. set it up.
    3. don't ever walk in front of it
    4. sleep peacefully

  • Flexidancer234
    Flexidancer234 5 years ago

    My dad bought a safe that looks like shaving cream

  • Tsm Dyrus
    Tsm Dyrus 5 years ago

    Don't say things like that or a Canadian woman will notify the authorities and they will arrest and lock ur ass up

  • Sasho GeorgieB
    Sasho GeorgieB 5 years ago

    I swear my life when I saw the title of the video in my mind I thought it's gonna be funny to post a comment saying "I'm a burglar now I know where to search"

  • Liz Hayes
    Liz Hayes 5 years ago

    I tried that and when I got home from work my money was gone did you ever think that maby a burglar whacked this video

  • Marco Lucas
    Marco Lucas 5 years ago

    i dont have that much money to hide "some" all around the house

  • Jason Connolly
    Jason Connolly 5 years ago

    i read the title as how to protect things from burgers

  • Analise DeMarco
    Analise DeMarco 5 years ago

    Great next time a child looks in their room they'll find money!!

  • TheSomersaultProductions

    Thanks! Now i know you're a burglar!!! *pulls out iphone* lol

  • Crystal Ramos
    Crystal Ramos 5 years ago

    101burglars dislike this video

  • Dale Gribble
    Dale Gribble 5 years ago

    I can't find my money.

  • Rolfadinho OTG
    Rolfadinho OTG 5 years ago

    Step 1: Post a Pro Obama sign.
    Step 2: Watch as burglar walks away, realizing your broke.

  • Parablock Pictures
    Parablock Pictures 5 years ago

    >Burglar see NRA sing
    >Immediately shits pants
    >Runs away as you load your shotgun

  • JonTron Plays Saxophone

    Codplayeritis: The act of using an ak-47 to answer everything,or using an abnormal amount of violence for smaller problems.

  • MegaSmileygirl12
    MegaSmileygirl12 5 years ago

    This guy doesn't always have 20 dollars,but when he does he goes to the thrift shop ;)

  • Metrosafe deposits
    Metrosafe deposits 5 years ago

    The best places to hide things from burglars is a safe deposit box out of home!
    Metrosafe Deposit Team

  • Rolfadinho OTG
    Rolfadinho OTG 5 years ago

    Step 1: Post a NRA sign.

  • Barold MacGouverSon
    Barold MacGouverSon 5 years ago

    Same 20 dollar bill every time one is shown

  • Taylor Welch
    Taylor Welch 5 years ago

    yep cause people only have 20 dollars

  • Eaytan Moreno
    Eaytan Moreno 5 years ago

    What if the burglers are looking for cereal

  • onedirectionhater1
    onedirectionhater1 5 years ago

    And burglars will see this and look in those places

  • david27ad
    david27ad 5 years ago

    2nd method
    You will need ak47 and ammo,your secret undrrground bunker to hide your belongingsand optional guys with guns sentry gun an landmines
    1 buy the following
    2 place em in your house
    3 while you sleep at night aand you saw a dead burgular enjoy epic win abd victory

  • david27ad
    david27ad 5 years ago

    How to hide things from burgulars:
    Step 1 hire guys that have guns and can get rid of burgulars
    TIP if you cant find any,buy a sentry gun and landmines
    Step 2 enjoy killing burgulars
    Did you know this method is badass?

  • SmkGaming
    SmkGaming 5 years ago

    Kind of useless a Burglar could be watching this and now knows where to look

  • goldengirl2482
    goldengirl2482 5 years ago

    While this video is a good idea, it's really bad to announce it like that. I'd suggest somewhere more secretive, like having a scret place built in the house to be almost invisble, especially at night.

  • Nate Sand
    Nate Sand 5 years ago

    There are sooooooo many flaws and stupidity in this... Not trolling, being completely serious.

  • doglicker
    doglicker 5 years ago

    AKA Burglar tips

  • YkculnuSiul
    YkculnuSiul 5 years ago

    We need a How-to-make a Batman signal.

  • Max Ortiz
    Max Ortiz 5 years ago

    Thanks ima burger

  • Max Ortiz
    Max Ortiz 5 years ago

    Thanks ima burgler

  • Ajay Koemar
    Ajay Koemar 5 years ago

    Did you know: Burglars watch TVclip too?

  • Sean Ecoson
    Sean Ecoson 5 years ago

    now i know where s ur money!!! gotcha

  • charley bembridge
    charley bembridge 5 years ago

    15 years ago i gave a burglar a kicking of a lifetime who was on my door step i beat him so hard i broke 2 fingers when he came out of hospital he had the nerve to turn up again to apologise so to be polite i threw him down a set of steps that worked he didnt return

  • Teslyne Junior
    Teslyne Junior 5 years ago

    wouldnt u just hide it in a safe?....

  • Fire bug
    Fire bug 5 years ago

    i like the shotgun attached to a door knob more...

  • knowthetruth1492
    knowthetruth1492 5 years ago

    The crazy thing is during disasters like Sandy, your alarm system, cameras, etc, will be completely useless. That's comeup time.

  • FuzzieMann
    FuzzieMann 6 years ago

    How to hide things from Burglars:
    Step 1: buy a hockey mask
    Step 2: buy a knife
    Step 3: but duct tape
    Step 4:place all the things you bought on a table

  • hotpink10117
    hotpink10117 6 years ago

    Oh thanks! now i know where to look lol

  • Simon Riley
    Simon Riley 6 years ago

    simply purchase a firearm

  • cresleyb
    cresleyb 6 years ago

    And burglars.Buglers eh? Maybe try ear-plugs.

  • tiffany
    tiffany 6 years ago

    371 burglers now.