Better Than Some High End Foundations?! | Maybelline SuperStay Foundation


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  • Kadejha Shakoor
    Kadejha Shakoor 9 months ago

    This look was beautiful! Alissa can literally make old chicken grease look like a million dollar product. I’ve decided that she is a real life angel sent here to bless all of our souls. Best makeup guru on TVclip!!

  • Olivia beebop
    Olivia beebop 9 months ago

    I love this FREAKING girl

  • Paula Avery
    Paula Avery 9 months ago

    Omg, you are so beautiful! Love watching your videos!

  • Mélissa Cauprano
    Mélissa Cauprano 9 months ago

    Yeah ! So happy you did a review on it ! I just bought some but haven't wore it yet ! I will this afternoon lol

  • Samantha Rae Aguilera
    Samantha Rae Aguilera 9 months ago

    Girl I love the way you do your makeup! Thanks for the recommendation! Subscribing now!

  • Stephanie Brown
    Stephanie Brown 9 months ago

    I loved the Maybelline FitMe Matte & Poreless NOW THIS!!! I mix 355 Coconut and 356 Warm Coconut. THANK YOU for keeping it drugstore! I'm like Peach Cobbler...the way my bank account is set up LOL

  • Bre Chaben
    Bre Chaben 9 months ago

    This is my new holy grail for sure girl

  • Danielle Johnson
    Danielle Johnson 9 months ago

    Can you do a makeup collection xx

  • Diana Vaughan
    Diana Vaughan 9 months ago

    Lovely. I love this foundation. Thanks for the video.

  • Dillin Rivera
    Dillin Rivera 9 months ago +2

    I'm officially sold and I need this foundation!!! I really trust you and NikkiaJoys reviews on products and since y'all both love it I'm pretty sure Ima love it too💗😁

  • AshleyRogers
    AshleyRogers 9 months ago

    I'm stuck on infallible pro matte but maybe I should try this

  • Kimberly Sampson
    Kimberly Sampson 9 months ago

    And I was like hold up I'm coconut am I too light 😂 😂 but I forgot you mix foundation so it was understood I'm glad I picked this on this show because I can honestly say the same as you it is some good ass foundation while I wait to see what my high-end Foundation pick is this will do

  • Ashley Parker
    Ashley Parker 9 months ago

    Can't wait to try it!!! 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾

  • Kimberly Sampson
    Kimberly Sampson 9 months ago

    I have this too. Thanks Alissa

  • Alice Misfit
    Alice Misfit 9 months ago

    I think there need to be a bit more light shades especially with cool undertones and some more medium to deep shades I think the deepest shades are well done from what I can see from the picture. Sadly there aren’t nearly as much shades in the german drugstore as you mentioned there are 40 shades from fit me we literally have 10 I mean wtf germany get on that.

  • Emily Gregoire
    Emily Gregoire 9 months ago

    I’m about to go to Walmart just to get this foundation now because of this video haha.

  • Natural Goddess
    Natural Goddess 9 months ago

    Can you do a skin care routine when it's time too take off your makeup

  • Jane Doherty
    Jane Doherty 9 months ago

    You look amazing!!! I have bought one bottle I need to buy another color to mix bc I can’t find a great shade just yet.

  • The Russell Fam Life
    The Russell Fam Life 9 months ago

    I’m def going to try this

  • Nina Nina
    Nina Nina 9 months ago

    You look amazing! That foundation looks boooomb ! 😲😲😲I also have dry af skin and I am struggling to find foundation for my complexion,because we dont have sephora,ulta or any stores like you do in your country. I am getting it today for sure🔥Thank you so much for this video you helped me personaly a lot 💕💕💕💕 Love you so so so f. much Alissaaa xo

  • Sophia Louise
    Sophia Louise 9 months ago

    The foundation looks gorgeous on you!💜 You certainly have a lot more shades than we do in the UK!😩 And also ours are numbered totally different like 05,10, 15 and don’t correlate with the fit me foundation numbers so you have to find you shade all over again! Will still have to buy it though as I love the finish ☺️

  • Maria Romero
    Maria Romero 9 months ago

    Does anyone know her skin type?? I am a new subscriber and would like to know

  • Dominique Love
    Dominique Love 9 months ago

    Sooo glad you did this!! Thanks so much!

  • Marcela Antônia
    Marcela Antônia 9 months ago

    You should test the foundation without other products, only it, others products can modify the result

  • Sophia Taylor
    Sophia Taylor 9 months ago

    I need to find this foundation. I like FITMe, but I need another shade for winter. I have my winter shade in Fenty, but it’s sooooooo drying. I’ve learned to work with it via my primer and setting mist. But maybe there’s a better recommendation.

    Any tips for makeup on dry skin??

  • Samantha Jaé
    Samantha Jaé 9 months ago

    GIRL! i’ve waited for so long for my shade in Fenty to come back and I just repurchased. now you tell me maybelline has a new.... you know what bye! *spends all vacation coins*

  • stephanie sprinkle
    stephanie sprinkle 9 months ago

    Your skin is flawless 😍😍 just picked up this foundation and have wore it once and liked it but had to use my la girl white foundation to mix in because it was too dark so might go back to see if they have a lighter shade because they were picked over last time I went

  • marissa williams
    marissa williams 9 months ago

    The foundation looked pretty good to me...I'm just worried about the shade range tbh. I bought 355 coconut in the fitme foundation and its just so orange on me. It doesn't look horrible once I've finished my entire face but I'm literally applying a foundation 'mask' when I use it, cause if that bitch gets smudged or moves, you can definitely see my skin is not that colour.

  • Clara Maria Garcia
    Clara Maria Garcia 9 months ago

    I totally yawned after you yawned LOL

  • Clara Maria Garcia
    Clara Maria Garcia 9 months ago

    Your skin is absolutely mesmerizing. Gorgeous!

  • senbeauty
    senbeauty 9 months ago

    That looks absolutely stunning on you 😍😍

  • Ashley King
    Ashley King 9 months ago

    Can you try th Aztec Secret Clay Mask?

  • Tia
    Tia 9 months ago

    Great review! I've been using this foundation instead of my Estee lauder double wear and I love it too! I felt like my skin looked so much better and more radiant. Double wear was too drying for me and I had to mix it in with moisturiser. Thumbs up! 👍 😊

  • Rejhane Hasani
    Rejhane Hasani 9 months ago

    Lovee your videos, pls do a tutorial of this purply loook- i love it and love u

  • Rachel Lindquist
    Rachel Lindquist 9 months ago

    Maybelline never disappoints

  • Nica Bacani
    Nica Bacani 9 months ago

    Honestly you remind me of Zendaya!!! Idk if anyone has told you this but you kind of have the same eyes and your vibe is kinda like her! I love you both!!! ❤️

  • TheHelenaSara
    TheHelenaSara 9 months ago

    oooooooooooh... very pretty. leaves a dewy finish.

  • ChristinaSG
    ChristinaSG 9 months ago

    You are do beautiful 😍😍😍 The foundation looks flawless on you. I personally love this foundation!

  • vhen san miguel jr.
    vhen san miguel jr. 9 months ago +1

    Your so beautiful!

  • Sonja Homer
    Sonja Homer 9 months ago

    I was a fan of the eyeshadow initially when you put it on, now I love it on You! The foundation is rocking.

  • Dee
    Dee 9 months ago

    i’ve said many times that we are foundation twins in everything & you really are just like me, because i think i’m darker than i am too 🤣 always picking up a shade too dark & having to go back. i ordered warm sun in this foundation too after seeing this footage! a little bit of bronzer & it’ll be just fine.

  • Nick Torious
    Nick Torious 9 months ago

    Yes a favorite foundation video!

  • meetme4tlake
    meetme4tlake 9 months ago

    I know this doesn’t matter but I just saw someone using a title and thumbnail very similar to yours.. with this same product. I’m trying to find it because I’m not subbed but that’s so weird

  • ShaSha Greenie
    ShaSha Greenie 9 months ago

    ur eyes are beautiful!!

  • Maria LS
    Maria LS 9 months ago

    Not sure how I found your channel but so happy I did! Not only you are amazing with make up but you are so nice and calm and genuine that I really enjoy your videos. You seem to be a very good person, with great heart 😘

  • Jennyfer Ross
    Jennyfer Ross 9 months ago

    Girl you look stunning. Wish they had my shade here in Belgium. I need the black movement to come to Europe. There are so many many beautiful melanin goddesses here, and its a damn shame that they don't offer our shades. They used to say it was because darker shades don't sell very well, but that is just straight BS.

  • Jjj Jjj
    Jjj Jjj 9 months ago +1

    As an European I have to wait for this foundation atleast 3 months... Europeans understand the struggle!!

  • Amore Love
    Amore Love 9 months ago

    so cute. I would definitely true this.

  • Cutie Pie
    Cutie Pie 9 months ago

    We only have 8 shades of this foundation in Germany :( None of them match for me, all too pinky or too dark

  • peacho
    peacho 9 months ago

    she’s so adorable omgg i love herrr

  • Dallas Och
    Dallas Och 9 months ago

    Wow! Your skin looked absolutely beautiful in that foundation!

  • S B
    S B 9 months ago

    Like it

  • P H
    P H 9 months ago +1

    Hi, can you do a foundation test without concealer? Like 3 foundation shades for (foundation, concealer, contour). I never know how foundation really works because of concealer used on top. Thanks

  • Daryn Mae
    Daryn Mae 9 months ago +1

    You are so adorable!

  • B&D Unstoppable
    B&D Unstoppable 9 months ago


  • Lashawna Brady
    Lashawna Brady 9 months ago

    Looks really good

  • Natalie Ann
    Natalie Ann 9 months ago

    You are so beautiful, babe!!! 😭❤️

  • Yuliet Moreno
    Yuliet Moreno 9 months ago

    Your skin looks amazing after nine hours, I'm sold I'm gonna give it a try, thanks for the review😊

  • Jodeja Chisolm
    Jodeja Chisolm 9 months ago

    Maybelline is the BEST drugstore brand in my opinion. All of their products are HITS and I mean ALLLL of them.

  • Lexi Ren'ee
    Lexi Ren'ee 9 months ago

    Omg I love this foundation but it oxidizes on me soooooo bad . I was so upset lol I’m gonna try a different shade and see if it helps. But this yeah this made me mad orange

  • Ms Belinda
    Ms Belinda 9 months ago

    Girl I ❤️❤️❤️this foundation 🤸🏽‍♂️🤸🏽‍♂️🤸🏽‍♂️

  • Savannah Woods
    Savannah Woods 9 months ago

    that contour shade looks sooooooooooooo beautiful

  • 2008MrsKim
    2008MrsKim 9 months ago

    Bringing the phrase " Smooth as a babys bottom" to a whole new level. You skin if freaking amazingly smooth.

  • LuvandGlamour
    LuvandGlamour 9 months ago

    I LOVE this foundation. It’s my staple.

  • Engweri Cox
    Engweri Cox 9 months ago

    What's the difference between this and fitme

  • Mia Carter
    Mia Carter 9 months ago

    Can you do a video of a full face using Maybelline products? 🙂

  • Tati
    Tati 9 months ago

    Your skin looked flawless sis

  • 1latinfire
    1latinfire 9 months ago

    New Subscriber , girl your skin is so flawless !! 😍😍

  • Diana Loo
    Diana Loo 9 months ago +5

    I literally can never get through a makeup video on TVclip without fast forwarding or just stopping the video because I get annoyed/bored but GIRL I LIVE FOR YOUR VIDEOS!!! Your personality, your honest reviews, your suggestions, your editing, your sweetness, everything. Literally have been buying so many products that you use/recommend, so thankful for such an amazing TVclipr! 💛

  • Strawberry Seed
    Strawberry Seed 9 months ago

    For that price, that’s a really good foundation. The drugstore companies are killing it lately.

  • Nikollette Lally
    Nikollette Lally 9 months ago

    I’ve been using it with a sponge and haven’t been to happy I’ll definitely be trying it with a brush next time!

  • Sabrina Denise
    Sabrina Denise 9 months ago

    I usually never comment but I was waiting for this!

  • Nia C
    Nia C 9 months ago

    I can’t wait to try this! Maybelline FitMe is my favorite drugstore foundation, but I can’t seem to find this at any drugstore yet

  • Hatillo 73
    Hatillo 73 9 months ago

    Do you recommend it for oily skin?

  • Rachel Withey
    Rachel Withey 9 months ago

    Yes yes! I'm pretty sure this is my new fave everyday won't fail me foundation.

  • Day beauty
    Day beauty 9 months ago

    Im in love with this foundation and I get compliments! Even compliments by my cousin who is super mean and judgy 😭😂😂 it looks best when my face isn’t dry and flaky

  • Loren Nunez
    Loren Nunez 9 months ago

    How would you compare it to the maybelline fit me dewy and smooth foundation?

  • AJ Lester
    AJ Lester 9 months ago

    I always want to try drug store makeup but how do you find your shade ? I’m so use to wearing Mac where someone can actually help you and match you with foundation. Mac is starting to look ashy or something and I’m liking the coverage so much anymore 😞🙁 HELP LOL 🙍🏾‍♀️

  • Makeupaddict
    Makeupaddict 9 months ago

    I love this foundation.. I've been using it for the last 3 days and I love it...

  • thatkaz
    thatkaz 9 months ago

    Any advice on picking out what foundation shade is the right one for you? I don't want to spending money on the wrong color, but I want to try something like Maybelline SuperStay

  • Chelsea Schraven
    Chelsea Schraven 9 months ago

    I know this video is about the foundation (Which looks great, btw) but when you put that blush on I gasped. Such a pretty color!

  • Indigo Virgo
    Indigo Virgo 9 months ago

    Girl. I’m sorry if you’ve had this recommendation before, but have you tried the NYX #NoFilter Finishing Powder? I swear I use it EXACTLY like you do with the Sephora micro smooth. I think I paid $11 at Ulta for it! Very finely milled 👍🏼

  • Nesh Simone
    Nesh Simone 9 months ago

    Loved this look!!! ❤️💜

  • flxwercxrpse
    flxwercxrpse 9 months ago

    Sigh im so sad its not cruelty free

  • viddynovic
    viddynovic 9 months ago

    Doing your makeup with a white shirt on, girl you're BRAVE.
    Or I'm just really messy, don't judge meeee

  • Shopaholic Shopaholic
    Shopaholic Shopaholic 9 months ago

    I appreciate the fact that you show us such a great variety of makeup especially because I cannot afford the high end stuff soo thanks for practicing what you preach by being INCLUSIVE 💜

  • pamela gallaway
    pamela gallaway 9 months ago

    Looks very good

  • Jada Lowe
    Jada Lowe 9 months ago

    Keep making videos everyday I love it!!

  • Serena C
    Serena C 9 months ago

    she’s so cute!!! and with the way my bank account has been looking recently... looks like getting this & not hourglass

  • Thandi Li M
    Thandi Li M 9 months ago

    Lol, Alyssa that first colour is your shade though ma. Absolutely gorgeous, looking lovely

  • Makeupkreations by Anna

    I absolutely love this foundation!!!

  • Rosemarie De la Melena
    Rosemarie De la Melena 9 months ago

    can you link where you get your banana powder and sponge?? thank you!

  • sara garcia
    sara garcia 9 months ago

    I bought 2 shades of this foundation and i had to bring them both back. No shade or undertone for me...😞

  • Aja Janai
    Aja Janai 9 months ago

    I love your videos!!!!

  • Ciara A
    Ciara A 9 months ago

    I love your attitude! Your vibe is amazing 😉 it puts me in a good mood lol

  • LaSarj
    LaSarj 9 months ago

    Have you tried the foundation with a sponge? If so, how did you find it? Loved the video btw, Xx.

  • L.A Wilkerson
    L.A Wilkerson 9 months ago

    y u so perf tho😍
    the purple on your eye color gives me life

  • AccordingToJaz
    AccordingToJaz 9 months ago

    I’ve been wanting to get this foundation, now that I have the Alissa stamp of approval lol, I’m going to get it.

  • Karen Witherspoon
    Karen Witherspoon 9 months ago

    Hi I’m new to your channel but I can say I love it! I think it still looks amazing!

  • Steph Ramirez
    Steph Ramirez 9 months ago

    Ahhh this looks so amazing on your skin 😭 I’m scared to try this because almost every maybelline foundation oxidizes on me no matter if I go a shade lighter :( does anyone else have this problem w all foundations (drugstore/high end)?