I'm usually NOT hit on... but something happened


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  • M C
    M C 19 hours ago

    "Got a bucket of chicken,wanna do it?"

  • SneakyBlueBallz
    SneakyBlueBallz 19 hours ago

    Final space is amazing but it's also on Netflix.
    (at least the UK Netflix from what I know)

  • dizney jnr
    dizney jnr 19 hours ago

    My life in this video

  • Ashishi Games
    Ashishi Games 19 hours ago +1

    Oh no... mm, mm, chicken? I’M A CHICKEN!!! 🐔

  • Ghostboyfu
    Ghostboyfu 19 hours ago

    I asked my crush out on a date like 5 weeks ago and she said "We will discuss about it later" and it's been 5 weeks and there has been no discussing just me asking when will that date be... also key note is that we work together so we see eachother every week. I ask about it every week am I wrong for doing that or is that a sure sign she is saying no... I don't expect an answer, but I kinda am going insane about it. I start thinking did she really said yes that day or if there might be another guy, but her fb profile says she is single, also my boss is always around her whenever she is working it creeps me out. He isn't flirting I think, but he surely is trying to help her out more than he should be. Sorry if i'm rambling but i am going nuts and this video just made it worse making me think about it. If any of you read this you don't have to give me advise just tell me if im going insane or not. She just turned 22 and I'm 24 and my boss is in his 30's but looks young.

  • TorpitMac44
    TorpitMac44 19 hours ago

    7:20 OOooOO000OOOooo000F!

  • Johny Briones
    Johny Briones 19 hours ago


  • Quonlei
    Quonlei 19 hours ago

    Wouldve been a good pickup line if she included "future" when she said he looked like her husband

  • Kimbianna Sukhan
    Kimbianna Sukhan 19 hours ago

    Your so funny😂😂

  • Sammie Mariona
    Sammie Mariona 20 hours ago

    I’m new to this channel but I love this animation I’m laughing so hard 👍😂❤️😋

  • overconfident insecure
    overconfident insecure 20 hours ago

    I get why he acts like that now, I think? 🤔

  • Geardo O
    Geardo O 20 hours ago

    The guy has no nipps

  • Stewie Griffin
    Stewie Griffin 21 hour ago

    our dude Alex has only been checked out once by a chick meanwhile he is a youtube famous muddafugga with 3M subs. HOW?

  • Razor_ The _TriDemon
    Razor_ The _TriDemon 21 hour ago

    You hitting on my


  • Someone on YouTube
    Someone on YouTube 21 hour ago

    Did you say Final Space?

    Edit:At 4:01 I saw San Antonio and got excited

  • Mustard-Sama
    Mustard-Sama 21 hour ago +1

    Well I guess her husband looks like *C h i c k e n*

  • Niko Belic
    Niko Belic 21 hour ago

    Umhm chicken should go on the shirt the line to get the girls.

  • T
    T 21 hour ago

    I just started watching ur videos recently and i love them ur so funny lol

  • Miitnubs Encinias
    Miitnubs Encinias 21 hour ago


  • Michael Zhang
    Michael Zhang 22 hours ago

    mmmmm mmmmmm chicken

  • Faheem Uddin
    Faheem Uddin 22 hours ago

    2 decades of life and I can count on one hand the number of times I've been checked out. It's twice.

  • DaphneandFriends
    DaphneandFriends 22 hours ago


    Me: I’m vegetarian

  • BlackClover Fan
    BlackClover Fan 22 hours ago

    "mmm mmm chicken"

  • Ramen resangen
    Ramen resangen 22 hours ago +1


  • Malachi Bathurst
    Malachi Bathurst 22 hours ago

    finals space is on Netflix to

  • *私は平凡さの産物で*

    **mmm, mmmm chicken**

  • James Harris
    James Harris 23 hours ago

    you know Final Space is on Netflix right

    • James Harris
      James Harris 23 hours ago

      +It's Alex Clark well i'm in New Zealand so i'm pretty sure shows have different running times, if u know what i mean. But in New Zealand u can still watch Final Space on Netflix

    • It's Alex Clark
      It's Alex Clark  23 hours ago

      Double check. I don’t think it is anymore

  • M 3 T H Λ N Ξ TM
    M 3 T H Λ N Ξ TM 23 hours ago

    Lmao, no tickets in the UK

  • GrimmWolf Plays
    GrimmWolf Plays 23 hours ago

    Feels bad, ._. good story!!

  • Noreija Bynum
    Noreija Bynum 23 hours ago

    I think you look great☺️

  • Jorge Rangel Bonfil
    Jorge Rangel Bonfil 23 hours ago +1

    I feel bad for you

  • Nathan Haaren
    Nathan Haaren 23 hours ago

    actually my (now ex-)girlfriend once told me that a lot of girls from boarding school were checking me out while playing basketball when i was 17, apparantly even the supervisor was talking about me.. i never noticed it tho, was too busy winning, just heard it afterwarts
    after school i stopped sporting though and got fatter, so i guess it wont be happening again soon

  • Lucas Etheridge
    Lucas Etheridge Day ago +1

    Sorry I yeld

  • Sharon Joel Jaison
    Sharon Joel Jaison Day ago +22

    Dude you're so good looking. You're definitely above 80% good looking that most guys.

    • Jeanne Walker
      Jeanne Walker 19 hours ago +1

      It's Alex Clark I'll make u that shirt!😂

    • Dancing Dounuts
      Dancing Dounuts 19 hours ago

      If you think this guys is good looking you need glasses. 😂😅

      Don’t get mad it’s just a joke

    • It's Alex Clark
      It's Alex Clark  23 hours ago +8

      I’m going to put this on a shirt.

  • Angry GOAT Plays

    Just... good God, Alex...

  • Andrew Shrum
    Andrew Shrum Day ago +1

    Go to Toronto

  • Caden HAWKER
    Caden HAWKER Day ago

    final space is on australian netflix

  • Bkwinxlover _xox_

    *mmm mm chicken*
    I’m dead 😂😂😂💀💀💀

  • Pique NY
    Pique NY Day ago

    His voice sounds familiar like Pete from snl and jaffars parrot fiago

  • Naomi Tyler
    Naomi Tyler Day ago

    3:17, why does your friend have six fingers?

  • Hillomillo Ajpw
    Hillomillo Ajpw Day ago

    I watched all of final space! :c so sad i watched all the episodes I miss Gary and the lil alien dude.. i forget his name lol!

  • LPSsundaes
    LPSsundaes Day ago

    Yes, chicken... my true love 💕

  • alina a
    alina a Day ago

    But you have a girlfriend...

  • Cloudy Boy
    Cloudy Boy Day ago

    Bruh so my crush likes me but when I asked her out she said no but if we could still be friends.... like does that even make sense😂 maybe I should’ve said mmm mmm chicken

  • Donn Sollinger
    Donn Sollinger Day ago

    i thought she said a guy sat on me XD


    Just use Netflix

  • beniporag
    beniporag Day ago

    Im a straight guy and that “Mmm mmm chicken” blue-balled me wtf?

  • Narwhale said Hi

    I've been hit on once, it was a this show/fair (I'm 13) I was waiting on some food and these 2 girls really good looking came up to me, looked me up and down said "damn" walked away and i heard one of them say "he's cute"

  • Gacha Chloe
    Gacha Chloe Day ago

    *mm mm chicken*

  • JasonMaVlogs
    JasonMaVlogs Day ago

    Uhh I have a question you look like the guy for the actor of Caitlin's Dad from the Flash show in the CW. Are you that guy? 😐

  • Mars2552
    Mars2552 Day ago

    me here eating sundried tomato chips

  • Zuzanna's Whatever Works World

    I couldn’t stop laughing at the “mm mm chicken”

  • Rola Arowa
    Rola Arowa Day ago


  • Eric Gibson
    Eric Gibson Day ago

    I don't usually comment, but as a 24-year-old who doesn't go to bars except when pulled to them for certain deals (Like wing night), I identify with this. I have never been checked out, so I was able to put myself in your shoes pretty well. Your stories always entertain me, Alex, but the faces you made in this sell the story perfectly. I lost it at the, "You look exactly like my husband," bit because that would be my luck as well! Thank you for the excellent story and I hope Pam laughed about it too.

  • YagamiLight 140
    YagamiLight 140 Day ago

    We r looking at u for like 9 mins

  • futurestoryteller

    The closest thing I have to an "mmm mm chicken" story is an unfortunate number of instances where I built a relationship with a girl only for friends to tell me much later that "dude, she was totally into you"

  • IronheadOfScroteus

    I like how her eyes bugged out when she said "husband".

  • spatrix
    spatrix Day ago

    Just wanna quickly say


  • Ugandan Studio
    Ugandan Studio Day ago


  • Ugandan Studio
    Ugandan Studio Day ago

    Willy Nily

  • Geordan Taylor
    Geordan Taylor Day ago +1

    The dislikes are atrocious

  • dissray con
    dissray con Day ago +3

    Is your best friend the rock

  • Hood Angel
    Hood Angel Day ago

    This.... this story is... depressing man...

  • Viv R
    Viv R Day ago

    Wait... If Alex changed his name to Jim, Then Pam kept her name... The could have the perfect OFFICE relationship!

    Get it?

  • TheUnicornLina
    TheUnicornLina Day ago

    Correct me if i'm wrong, but isn't Final Space also on Netflix..?

  • skybellrock
    skybellrock Day ago

    Mmmm mmmm chicken

  • Gacha Elise
    Gacha Elise Day ago


  • dqube
    dqube Day ago

    hey thats my new pick up line mmm mmm Chicken lmao

  • Hody Free trap beats

    Crazy story😂😂😂😂🔥

  • Ivan Lee
    Ivan Lee Day ago

    We call good looking guys like that a, "Chad".

  • Littlealphabean
    Littlealphabean Day ago

    Oh god I’m a girl when you said that I died of laughter

  • DJ Nash
    DJ Nash Day ago

    Nope i haven't had a "mmm mmm chicken moment." I'm like a Baskin Robin's ice cream. If girls like me they share with their friends,if not they leave my ass right there.

  • Salmo moudrek
    Salmo moudrek Day ago

    Your senpai noticed ya

  • lord of bearded dragons

    Final space is on Netflix

  • Cloud Nine
    Cloud Nine Day ago +2

    Don't feel bad. Only two people have showed me any intrest in me. One was my cousin, the other was some random old guy.

    BAD VLOGS! Day ago


  • GamerGirl Khloe
    GamerGirl Khloe Day ago

    If a boy said mm mm chicken to me yup I'm dating him lol

  • Raven Long
    Raven Long Day ago

    That’s not being hit on

  • Arty Paws
    Arty Paws Day ago +1

    Lol there are 43K likes and 4.3K dislikes on this video😁

  • Booth Mobile
    Booth Mobile Day ago

    I tried the “Mm Mm Chicken”...
    I got slapped

  • Avengers Newbie
    Avengers Newbie Day ago

    No girls like me, but after they come to know about my parents, they want to get close with me. Damn.

  • Matheus
    Matheus Day ago

    Esteroides is life

  • Anis Menace
    Anis Menace Day ago

    I'm going to get some chicken now

  • Shamoney 7655
    Shamoney 7655 Day ago

    I am one of your fans

  • E.S. Studios S
    E.S. Studios S Day ago

    I’m a girl and when he said “mm mmm chicken” I half cringed half laughed

  • Future34 P and P

    LEMME GET UHHHH! "ummmm ummmmm chicken!"

  • Jake Stevens
    Jake Stevens Day ago

    Final space is lit!

  • Charlotte Beard
    Charlotte Beard Day ago

    I've been it on and checked out 30+ times and I'm still 12...... Help

    • Charlotte Beard
      Charlotte Beard Day ago

      +Chito Dʀɛaʍs Yeah, but to be fair it was at a school disco an they are all the same age as me.

    • Chito Dʀɛaʍs
      Chito Dʀɛaʍs Day ago

      run from the pedos 😶

  • Mckenzie Laurie
    Mckenzie Laurie Day ago

    I've watched all of the final space and I want a season 2 sooooooo badly

  • Clash with Pokéfan

    *chicken* is the new magic word bois

  • Showmetotheexit
    Showmetotheexit Day ago

    Ugh....ego punch.

  • Amber and Yazzy Vlogs

    When u said "mummy mum chicken" i started laughing so hard. Im still laughing right now

  • bone crusher
    bone crusher Day ago


  • Tbone 2
    Tbone 2 Day ago

    Mm mm chicken!!

  • Maaike Panda
    Maaike Panda Day ago +1

    Mmmmhhhmmm chicken

  • Nickolas Rodriguez

    Bruh chicken is the key

  • White Maxine
    White Maxine Day ago


  • Yaser Al-Jabouri

    dude its on Netflix, and they say, they created it

  • blepblops
    blepblops Day ago

    Sometimes it's hard to get through these videos