Cardi B Wins Best Rap Album | 2019 GRAMMYs Acceptance Speech

  • Published on Feb 11, 2019
  • Watch Cardi B’s speech for Best Rap Album at the 61st GRAMMY Awards.
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  • Recording Academy / GRAMMYs

    Cardi B Wins Best Rap Album For 'Invasion Of Privacy' | 2019 GRAMMYs :

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    • Ethan 0923
      Ethan 0923 Day ago

      Ariana Grande is gonna be pissed!!!!!

    • tracy zarzamora
      tracy zarzamora Day ago

      cardi deserve it thank you

    • Georg Oster
      Georg Oster Day ago

      It's a joke

    • Xqqmm B
      Xqqmm B Day ago

      I feel bad for Travis, Cardi said she worked 3 months, i like her but girl so what, he was working for 3 fuckin' YEARS. Recently he cancelled concert couse break down i guess. Poor boy i wanna hug him.

  • ncsam 000000
    ncsam 000000 Day ago

    She damn sure isnt educated. Just listen to how stupid she sounds! Its a shame to see that this is where music is headed. Trash in trash out

  • Rich soil mac
    Rich soil mac Day ago

    Karaoke rapper with ghostwriters. And I cant wait till offset cheats again. Ijs

  • X-gamer Ecko Fan M

    She likes it like that

  • jonnamaestro
    jonnamaestro Day ago

    she did not deserve that lol

  • yoongi stan o0f
    yoongi stan o0f Day ago

    i’m not a fan of her and had a bad impression of her when i first watched her but damn, she’s so humble

  • Leo Leo eh
    Leo Leo eh Day ago

    Yaaaa she's just a mother. Strong mother. Proud of u cardi

  • Leo Leo eh
    Leo Leo eh Day ago

    Goodbye Nicki 🌚😇

  • Daniel Hernandez

    Well deserved!!!!! Queen Cardi

  • Cystic
    Cystic Day ago

    Bs, so many better artist and albums released last year, disrespectful from the Grammies, done watching for a long time, I’m glad she’s so happy for getting it and her reaction is very humble and respectful, so no shade to cardi there, but not a good day for hip-hop In general

    PHIL HAIGH Day ago

    An award for the best Rap album is the equivalent of winning a Prettiest boil contest.

  • Maheera Kulsoom
    Maheera Kulsoom Day ago +2

    Nicki Minaj: "WHAT ABOUT ME??!"


    YAsssssss go Cardi!! Fuck the haters. Sending the love

  • El Goonyer
    El Goonyer Day ago

    Did they forget who j Cole was?

  • Damsel in distress

    Congratulations Cardi b! You deserved it. Hard work Determination Life's ups and downs got you here. Keep doing you.

  • Awa Cherif
    Awa Cherif Day ago


  • Sammy Ndoch
    Sammy Ndoch Day ago +1

    They call her Cardi Cardi Spicy mami...

  • caio x
    caio x Day ago


  • Iconic King
    Iconic King Day ago

    Congratulations Cardi b

  • jenkisam
    jenkisam Day ago

    she totally deserves that award she is a such a diva

  • E P
    E P Day ago

    Elle a performé en playback. La scène était nulle également. Je ne sais comment elle a pu gagné ce Grammy. Elle n'est pas crédible du tout.

  • E P
    E P Day ago


  • Rachell Manzo
    Rachell Manzo Day ago

    I’m crying with you girl, I’m so happy for you!! You go cardi :,)

  • RottenHopper
    RottenHopper Day ago

    Giving album of year to stripper's , just wondering how many riding it took to get here lol

  • Anahí Partida
    Anahí Partida Day ago

    Yaaaas girl 💪🏻

  • Annie Doe
    Annie Doe Day ago

    Millions of people work hard. Some work 60 to 80 hours a week for years, and they do not receive an award, no recognition, a bonus nor a raise. What matter is that the work performed is exceptional, adds value, and inspires and motivates others to improve themselves in a positive way.
    Congrats to Cardi for working hard, but a lot of her songs are not exceptional, do not add value and only motivates one to live a provocative/dirty/hood lifestyle. Missy Elliot and Lil Kim on the other hand are exceptional and inspire.


    What about YG's Shoutout ! :,) . Love you tho cardi !

  • Ofentse Mwase Films

    Of All nominated here, Cardi B is most deserving!

  • robo 138
    robo 138 Day ago

    Bacardi blood your leading people in to hell not heaven

  • Brandon Kahn
    Brandon Kahn Day ago


    Add more in reply section

  • I'm Oh' Sam
    I'm Oh' Sam Day ago

    Nicki what?!

  • Kelsey Washington


  • DrStfuFool
    DrStfuFool Day ago

    Feels like she being propted up to be sacrificed... dunno. Just get weird vibes over it.

  • Victor Arellano
    Victor Arellano Day ago

    I freaking love you Cardi!!! The most real woman in the music industry. Keep it real girl!!! ❤️

  • elquefolla atumadre

    Te chupo el clitori cardi te amo

  • Trashratz
    Trashratz Day ago

    I’m I the only one getting Selena flashbacks watching this tf

  • Choumane
    Choumane Day ago

    I was expecting Kanye to crash the stage and say “Yo Cardi imma let you finish, but Pusha T had the best album of the year...”

  • Diamond A. Washington

    You deserve it girl. U truly worked hard. 😍

  • Olivia Rentz
    Olivia Rentz Day ago

    I got all emotional with her 💗. She felt that shit... And looks genuinely grateful. I can't imagine doing all that pregnant. 💪💪

  • antoine hairston

    I love how everyone is talking about she doesn’t deserve this award because she doesn’t write her own music . But Beyoncé , Rihanna , Ariana Grande , etc don’t write they own music 😕😐

  • BllueJeeper
    BllueJeeper Day ago


  • Lavon Jones
    Lavon Jones Day ago

    Cardi b is real w her feelings . People r just very judged mental. Forgetting we all are just human crazy beings. Love that she doesn't act perfect. That's what makes her beautiful.

  • The Femme Fatale

    Not a fan her but she worked her a** off to this album. Congratulations Belcalisssss 😊

  • Erick Fonseca
    Erick Fonseca Day ago

    "And the Grammy goes to --- the low class!"

  • starla mcgee
    starla mcgee Day ago

    I'm so proud of you Cardi B💓

  • Si Robinson
    Si Robinson Day ago

    She definitely deserved this so proud of her!💜

  • Dania Gallardo
    Dania Gallardo Day ago

    Go cardi !

  • Patricia Sanchez

    Yay cardi this year was your year congrats ❤️❤️❤️❤️🥃

  • Violeta Paz
    Violeta Paz Day ago

    She's 2 cute!

  • Eaz E
    Eaz E Day ago

    Its not all about writing songs..sometimes its about work ethic..listen to her voice..she worked her ass off..all while pregnant..going city to city promoting,performing,doing other side deals and shit..give the girl her credit..she deserves this!

  • Unicorns Cupcakes

    This was well deserved❣️ everyone needs to stop hating if you don’t like Cardi keep your opinions to urself

  • Neljan Tayag
    Neljan Tayag Day ago

    She deserves it ❤

  • Jamie Hernandez
    Jamie Hernandez Day ago

    She forgot 21 savage

  • Can we hit 100 subs without a video

    Bet her ghostwriters wrote that speech for her which is bad just like her music

  • Ashley Underwood


  • jrg 1998
    jrg 1998 Day ago

    Queeeeen ❤❤❤❤😍

  • Man Unkown
    Man Unkown Day ago +1

    Is so pathetic to see people that don't write their own songs wins Grammys what a joke

  • Jack Sprat
    Jack Sprat Day ago +1

    Who the hell is cardi pee 🤷‍♂️????

  • Hexx Monroe
    Hexx Monroe Day ago

    From a dirt poor neighborhood. This made me cry.

  • aisha williams
    aisha williams Day ago

    Congratulations cardi b u deserve it

  • Rosalind Grimes
    Rosalind Grimes Day ago

    And you husband!

  • Allyson Leyva
    Allyson Leyva Day ago


  • Jelly Jacob
    Jelly Jacob Day ago

    Fuckkkkkk gramysssssss

  • Zodiac Wars
    Zodiac Wars Day ago

    “We was like...” she looks cute but hunched over and scrawny.

  • GameoverUK
    GameoverUK Day ago

    She's a great artist, but hip hop has been dead for a good 5 years. She's great, not world class

  • Not Used
    Not Used Day ago +1

    That's like saying the San Francisco shore isn't washed up (even without all those drug needles and diapers)

  • Myss .A. Brown
    Myss .A. Brown Day ago

    I'm happy for her.... She worked hard!

  • Cindy Nicola
    Cindy Nicola Day ago

    I love her speech lol

  • Christina Bryant

    Whoa.. I just noticed that she says "I'm sorry" not to the audience, but to Offset, bc she then is no longer holding his hand...

  • Camryn Salley
    Camryn Salley Day ago

    Congratulations Cardi♥️♥️Btw who peeped Kane Brown and Katelyn?

  • GothamDiesel
    GothamDiesel Day ago


  • euli johnson
    euli johnson Day ago

    Awesome speech she had me crying 😭😭😭

  • God Complex
    God Complex Day ago

    I’m just sayin sickomode is my jam brothers.

  • anita bay
    anita bay Day ago

    nicki minaj was mad how travis scott got best album over hers, imagine how furious she is cardi won a grammy!! oop🤣

  • BradleyPlayzRBX
    BradleyPlayzRBX Day ago +2

    Congrats cardi b

  • Yama Rajabi
    Yama Rajabi Day ago

    kylie was MAD

  • It’s fun Being a duck


  • Gi Gi
    Gi Gi Day ago

    I’m just wondering why offset was there ??? Ughhhh

  • Oscar Leal
    Oscar Leal Day ago +1

    well idk about album of the year but she’s def a good stripper.

  • Twitch Famous - Streamer Highlights!

    I mean, its positive for women to have somone to aspire too be like in hip-hop and more women in hip hop is a good thing, its just How can you go from To pimp a butterfly in 2015, and then invasion of privacy.. ?? like xd, isnt music supposed to get better lol?

  • Derek Schweibold

    IOP was a pop album. Travis Scott shoulda gotten it imo

  • Maeva Noella
    Maeva Noella Day ago

    I love you so much Cardi ❤️ you're an inspiration for Madagascar's girls 💖❤️ We love you so much 🇲🇬🇲🇬💖

  • Ezz eldin saleh
    Ezz eldin saleh Day ago

    This rap industry is pure trash. This generation went mentally retarded sometime about 8 years ago.

  • MrBlaze256
    MrBlaze256 Day ago

    Todays music sucks lets bring the funk back

  • Phil Cole
    Phil Cole Day ago

    There is no such thing as the best rap album.

    • Beast Awaken101
      Beast Awaken101 Day ago

      Well rap being at this state, you might aswell be right

  • MarMar Jackson
    MarMar Jackson Day ago

    Man if she won rap album of the year then rap is way worse off than i thought

  • Destiny Jackson
    Destiny Jackson Day ago +2

    Omg dont we just love cardi one in a million shes pretty inspiring awee

  • nicholas findeson

    go cardi b love u

  • Alex Bordes
    Alex Bordes Day ago

    Those veneers though

  • summertime saga 3.0

    Cardi b is the best . MONEY!

  • reculture
    reculture Day ago +1

    Lol how far are we fallen, when this *ass-shaker-trash-talking-whack* got award for the song(s) which she didn't write, music that someone else produced and ultimately other perform said music. Meanwhile plenty of real talent often struggles to even get recognized.
    I've got nothing personal against her, as there's more alike Cardi B... just with thinner booty.
    Not even sure if she is a consequence of societal mediocrity or maybe one of causes of it....

  • Christie King
    Christie King Day ago

    Congratulations Cardi B

  • Mikini Williams
    Mikini Williams Day ago

    That made me tear up. Get it Cardi!

  • Radheshyam
    Radheshyam Day ago

    DAYTONA deserved it too. But I'm proud of cardi.

  • Jonathan Rosario


  • Lee Daquioag
    Lee Daquioag Day ago

    nicki left the group

  • Jonathan Rosario


  • Jermaine  Tuggle
    Jermaine Tuggle Day ago

    We love u cardi B keep doing u

  • Michael Jenkins
    Michael Jenkins Day ago


  • Marcus Darlin
    Marcus Darlin Day ago

    im happy for cardi....even though her music sucks to me...but due to her as a person& work achievement....much love & respect to sister cardi b.....Congratulations
    hope she improves with progress. her career goes to greater heights