Garry Frank's Weather Rant - 4/10/18

  • Published on Apr 12, 2018
  • Meteorologist Garry Frank is tired of the cold weather and everyone, including his co-anchors, complaining about it.

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  • Mystic Mac
    Mystic Mac 9 hours ago

    This guy needs a raise!!

  • Chiyo Star Vo
    Chiyo Star Vo 9 hours ago


  • G Adams
    G Adams 9 hours ago

    We love you Garry!

  • Thud Thud
    Thud Thud 11 hours ago

    That was terrifying.

  • Mike Andrews
    Mike Andrews 12 hours ago

    We need more of this. Real people. Not trained puppets. Next he will be walking down the street with a crossbow on his back.

  • Rock30815
    Rock30815 12 hours ago

    This is hilarious!

  • R Lowry
    R Lowry 14 hours ago


  • Kelly Schafer
    Kelly Schafer 14 hours ago

    I can't believe all the people on here commenting that he must hate his job! That clearly had nothing to do with it. He was hating on the negativity of everyone complaining that it was still cold here in Michigan. It's Michigan people, of course it's cold because it's only April. It is like this every year and people grumble and complain. IF YOU DON'T LIKE IT MOVE BUT QUIT YOUR BITCHING IT'S ANNOYING.

  • satelloidmike
    satelloidmike 14 hours ago

    Garry Frank is great!

  • Liz Bethy
    Liz Bethy 14 hours ago

    Repeat after me, "God is responsible for the weather, not me, so if you have any problems with the forecast, take them up with God, not me." After that go eat some cookies and milk, binge watch a great comedy on Netflix, take a hot bubblebath and go to bed, read your bible, say your prayers; you'll be fine!

  • Aaron Allen
    Aaron Allen 14 hours ago

    This was actually pretty good. People download wtf weather because we don’t want boring. Good job Grand Rapids!

  • Cj Molnar
    Cj Molnar 15 hours ago

    He is telling us the truth , love it! Bring him to NY

  • B Mo
    B Mo 15 hours ago +1

    I watch this news channel. Gary is the only funny one on this news station! This is just his sense of humor, it's great. Thanks for the laughs Gary!!

  • 5%
    5% 15 hours ago +1

    Hi I'm Ron Burgundy and today I'm going to do the weather!

  • awhellyaa
    awhellyaa 17 hours ago

    Unless your name is HARP, stop bitching because you ain't making the weather

  • Simon Ghoul
    Simon Ghoul 18 hours ago

    the internet would put it this way, that was hilarious*

  • Google Name
    Google Name 18 hours ago

    Love that guy. Finally something real on tv.

  • Alan Hale
    Alan Hale 18 hours ago

    Lmao this is awesome, more news like this! At least it's real

  • futbolfan37
    futbolfan37 19 hours ago


  • Jason Polk
    Jason Polk 19 hours ago

    It's michigan. Here's your forecast for 7 months: cold, cloudy, probably snowing and/or freezing rain. If you want warmth, move to florida

  • Anne Marie Gigi
    Anne Marie Gigi 20 hours ago

    Reminds me of a scene from Bruce Almighty.
    You either understand my reference or you don't.

  • Jesus IsGod
    Jesus IsGod 20 hours ago

    I love this guy!!! If you live in Michigan you gotta love snow and cold!!! Stop complaining! I say it all the time!!!

  • Aaron Binkley
    Aaron Binkley 20 hours ago

    This makes sense now: the real reason the weather report is so often wrong is that the weatherman does know what the weather will be but is so sick of his anchors that he says F it and just stands there and says "sure, it'll be 70, whatever."

  • stuart9534803
    stuart9534803 21 hour ago

    Still a better love story than Twilight.

  • william dowling
    william dowling 21 hour ago

    Lmfao. "Here's some wind. Here's some temperatures."

  • Get In Lin
    Get In Lin 21 hour ago

    I swear I’d watch the news if this is how they did it

  • Get In Lin
    Get In Lin 21 hour ago

    “Here’s a 60, idk if that’s good enough for you”..... 😭😂 SAY. THAT.

  • Anwar Crutchfield
    Anwar Crutchfield 21 hour ago


  • Michael Linzenmeyer
    Michael Linzenmeyer 21 hour ago

    And here's Oscar the grouch with the weather. He needs to do that on the regular.

  • Bert Lambert
    Bert Lambert 21 hour ago

    New job...he's now a Greeter at Wal-Mart. ..

  • Michael Linzenmeyer
    Michael Linzenmeyer 21 hour ago

    That was awesome

  • Boost junkie
    Boost junkie 22 hours ago

    I'd watch him on the east coast if he did the weather here hahah. Very funny

  • 80sRockFan
    80sRockFan 22 hours ago

    The news needs to have more improv and honest anchorman like this. When you had a bad day at work, you just got to let it out. GO GARRY!

  • BETTER THAN YOU (Roman is god) 100000000

    Gosh is this a relief

  • realicepick1
    realicepick1 23 hours ago

    I wonder if you sheeple will finally learn and understand what we've been saying for years.. THEY ARE MANIPULATING THE WEATHER.

  • Dillard Steadman
    Dillard Steadman 23 hours ago

    Love this guy! Promote him yesterday!

  • one three
    one three Day ago

    He was mad as hell and he wasn't gonna take it anymore!!!

  • Tyson Drake
    Tyson Drake Day ago

    That wasn't terrifying... That was the most honest, unabashed and sincere thing said on the news in the last 3 decades.

  • Peter Strank
    Peter Strank Day ago

    I feel his pain. Everyone craps on the weather man. He kept it professional but still got the point across. I hope he still has his job. Those other reporters probably don't have a single clue about weather systems, and yes it is about the only job where you can be wrong and still be employed. Good for him!!

  • Jason Miles
    Jason Miles Day ago

    He is so done.

  • Jax Oh
    Jax Oh Day ago


  • False
    False Day ago

    Comedy centrals new weatherman. Because he sure as hell lost that job. I SUPPORT GARY FRANK

  • Travis Saulters
    Travis Saulters Day ago


  • Andrew Rogers
    Andrew Rogers Day ago

    Are you having your man period.

  • heesil77
    heesil77 Day ago

    i think we all feel the same this cold weather ive had enough

  • Barry and Dana Decker

    he shouldn't have been fired people are way to sensitive now. Ppl need 2 grow up. not everything can go your way its not all sunshine and roses. everyone has a bad day sometimes. I guess That's why I can't be on live tv. is do same stuff lol

  • The Donald
    The Donald Day ago

    Love this guy

  • davieb68
    davieb68 Day ago

    Hilarious 😂

  • Awesøme Sauce99
    Awesøme Sauce99 Day ago +2

    Can I meet this guy?

  • Luna Rose
    Luna Rose Day ago

    Does he still have a job? LOL Funny

  • Brian Scheid
    Brian Scheid Day ago

    Gary needs a hug

  • KDJW-5
    KDJW-5 Day ago

    You shouldn't have done it. I wash my hands of you. As a broadcaster from my channel, I will never do that. Shame on you.

    J ROZAY Day ago

    This guy needs to be promoted!! Hilarious!

  • No.1
    No.1 Day ago

    No, old fat guy; I would not say that was 'terrifying'. You clearly have a poor understanding of what terror is.
    What THAT was, was understandable and I'm surprised I don't see it more often.
    What a miserable job it must be to be a weatherman or to hold ANY other position on a so-called 'news show'. And no; I do NOT refer to it as 'the news' b/c it stopped being news 60 years ago when it started taking it's marching orders from deep-pocketed globalists and the government to bullshit the people.
    I applaud the guy who lost his cool. It shows he's genuine and real and willing to risk his shitty job b/c he knows that being a liar and a puppet is too big a price to pay in terms of losing one's dignity and self respect.

  • Sarah Smith
    Sarah Smith Day ago

    I’ve never been prouder to be from Michigan in my entire life

  • B D
    B D Day ago

    He spoke his truth.

  • Gooch0
    Gooch0 Day ago

    This man is like, "BEGON THOT's"

  • Derrick Juicy
    Derrick Juicy Day ago

    Lmaooo! Gangstaaaa

  • Sue Garber
    Sue Garber Day ago

    Garry Frank is the man!

  • wol2351 wolf2351

    Fire that guy. We want Stormy Daniels telling us about the shitty weather

  • Doug Hopkins
    Doug Hopkins Day ago

    It's called new use of drugs most likely pills

  • maurice McCoy
    maurice McCoy Day ago

    Its a FOX news station.
    Just lie and tell them its 70. They'll believe it. They are used to lies.

  • River Freak
    River Freak Day ago

    Garry, Mike and Deanna. Are the best, I get to see yah every afternoon, Because I leave to work at 4am. God bless you guy's

  • I.C. U.
    I.C. U. Day ago

    Fire that whiner!!

  • KJBLynx
    KJBLynx Day ago

    I have made so many reaction gifs based on this.

  • floyd066
    floyd066 Day ago

    His longtime girlfriend works for the Fox station in Portland. She is smokin. Go figure.😆

  • Jeff Hanneman
    Jeff Hanneman Day ago

    More weather reports like this!!

  • Cream of the Crop


  • michelle thompson

    Does he still has a job?!

  • Binaashkaa Anishinaabe

    Just means he works with a bunch of dicks and whiners from liberal GR.

  • David Mack
    David Mack Day ago

    That was terrifying?
    So he's a weather terrorist?
    I grew up in Kalamazoo, or in the small towns surrounding it.
    Weather there is terrible more than it's not.

  • Travis Loveseth
    Travis Loveseth Day ago

    The fact that he didn't use any curse words is amazing to me.. Professional rant

  • Judi O'Regan
    Judi O'Regan Day ago

    Love it when that old chap pokes his head around the edge of the screen: "Has he gone?" 😄 Comedy gold. 👍 🇬🇧

  • Jay Fannin
    Jay Fannin Day ago

    I wish my local news team was this funny. ;)

  • Carp Studio's
    Carp Studio's Day ago

    Here is some wind. Here is Some temperature.

  • Will Pain
    Will Pain Day ago

    Love his personality...

  • Michael
    Michael Day ago

    Good for him

  • NoBigDeal
    NoBigDeal Day ago


  • Mizz VeraTM
    Mizz VeraTM Day ago

    😂😂😂 to funny!! Watched it numerous times! Thanks Garry!!

  • drockjr
    drockjr Day ago

    The guy was saying what we all think.
    Because of him, we know your little station exists.

  • Stephanie O'Regan

    Jim Carrey in Bruce Almighty. Zero fucks given!

  • Conrad Crawford
    Conrad Crawford Day ago

    Love it. Give that guy a raise.

  • There are many usernames but this one is mine.

    I love the honesty and the real Ness

  • Anthony M.
    Anthony M. Day ago


  • nahmanini sithole

    Finally,a weatherman that I like!

  • Lamarr Blocker
    Lamarr Blocker Day ago

    60! Spring is on the way.

  • Michael Uhlir
    Michael Uhlir Day ago

    Great! Now I'm terrified!

  • Jessica Hubbard
    Jessica Hubbard Day ago

    So good omg, I loved it. I totally see his point😆

  • Mike Patton
    Mike Patton Day ago

    ha ha ha

  • Sandra 4USA
    Sandra 4USA Day ago

    That was terrifyingly hilarious!!!

  • kwings121
    kwings121 Day ago

    A snowflake doing the weather.... imagine that

  • Sandra 4USA
    Sandra 4USA Day ago

    This guy should get a raise!! And some time off...

  • FourFish47
    FourFish47 Day ago

    I'm with HIM!! Quit bitching about the weather! We get it every day, every year! Be thankful!!

  • TheOtherWhiteBread0

    He did that flawlessly. That man has gone home thinking about that very thing for probably years.

  • blue gray
    blue gray Day ago +1

    All i want to know is if he still has a job. if he does, it must be nice...

  • crook z
    crook z Day ago

    michigan in a nutshell but explained by this dude

  • BigBlackBootyDaddy

    Fire this turd, ungrateful crybaby

  • nasachusetts
    nasachusetts Day ago

    News anchors have issues.

  • Liz W
    Liz W Day ago

    Poor Garry :(

  • Wil Alco
    Wil Alco 2 days ago

    One fkin job. Some people in the world got to work two fast food jobs and not come close to what this dick head makes in a year