The Dobre Brothers: Masters of Prank

  • Published on Jul 30, 2018
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    Everybody loves a good prank- but nobody loves them as much as the Dobre Brothers, who are simply ADDICTED to the rush of pulling fast ones on each other. It seems nobody is safe from their mischievous wrath; not even a little baby.
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Comments • 5 478

  • Sean Barrett
    Sean Barrett 5 hours ago

    It's just a prank bro

  • food is the best
    food is the best 10 hours ago

    Is it me or I never seen a 6 eggs pack

  • Zara
    Zara Day ago


  • savage _waffle
    savage _waffle 2 days ago

    As soon as I saw the thumbnail I was like:

  • Reyyy
    Reyyy 2 days ago

    okay they do some dumb shit but like they are so sweet. my friends mom and sister got murdered when she was there and they both reached out to her and talked to her. even now two years later they still check up on her.

  • *•-Galaxy Çhãń-•*

    It is a really wired bc it’s not showing up the right way but I Enjoyed seeing it and it was a really good video

  • Worst Producer
    Worst Producer 3 days ago

    0:50 You fucking savage

  • VivaStephanie
    VivaStephanie 3 days ago

    I never heard of them until they you mentioned them. Wut

  • Aunt May
    Aunt May 4 days ago


  • sportluver98
    sportluver98 4 days ago

    So we gonna talk about how all of them sleep on air mattresses ?? Why tf would tie a baby to balloons
    Edit: he finally talked about it

  • Sydney Rivas
    Sydney Rivas 5 days ago +1

    I am drew and I am Danny, and we are not the same person, we may have similar lives we may have similar wives, but we are not the same person...

  • Pam Beesly
    Pam Beesly 5 days ago


  • Pennyroyal Tea
    Pennyroyal Tea 7 days ago

    I never realized he was the guy from the road work ahead vine

  • Sarah Verneret
    Sarah Verneret 8 days ago

    Not gonna lie, the baby prank idea is kind of funny

  • Coffee creamer`
    Coffee creamer` 9 days ago

    LORCUS And MORCUS uploaded pranking my girl friend to the point her dog SHITS

  • Artsy Place
    Artsy Place 9 days ago

    I’m Greg now

  • shadow
    shadow 9 days ago

    Me: *a stupid 10 year old who used to stan them*
    Me now: *cringing and sad that i can still tell them apart even though its really not thag hard*

  • GooberMcNoober
    GooberMcNoober 10 days ago

    L o r c u s
    M o r c u s

  • Tearsforlu
    Tearsforlu 11 days ago

    I hate the way they both say "what are you doing" they say it in the exact same tone every time and its driving me insane lol

  • Emmy F
    Emmy F 11 days ago +2

    But why do people think
    *twins/siblings = interesting/talent*

  • Eleanor K
    Eleanor K 11 days ago

    L o R c U s M o R c U s

  • Maggie Burt
    Maggie Burt 12 days ago

    that ball was used in dance moms... jojo almost suffocated because you can only use it for 5 minutes

  • Vkook I Taekook Forever
    Vkook I Taekook Forever 13 days ago +1

    When you’re a mistake and often make mistakes: 🤡

  • Vkook I Taekook Forever
    Vkook I Taekook Forever 13 days ago +2

    I don’t even know why people watch the Dobre Brothers, they’re pretty boring.

  • Møøñlīğhţ Jëwël

    DaNnY rEfeNcE

  • stop
    stop 13 days ago

    lorcus or morcus
    vote in the replies 🗿

  • Nate Fliehman
    Nate Fliehman 14 days ago


  • Iliana Demas
    Iliana Demas 15 days ago +1

    lorcus and morcus

  • Azzy Washington
    Azzy Washington 15 days ago

    I didn't even realize he was the one from the "road work ahead" Vine, realization hit me like a truck.

  • Squisheen
    Squisheen 15 days ago +1

    7:29 he sounds like a 2 year old

  • Jayel Polanco
    Jayel Polanco 15 days ago

    Bullying you should stop that

  • Petronela Tripp
    Petronela Tripp 16 days ago +1

    honestly your ads and you plugging ur merch are my fav, always so creative and the joey gracceffa thing got me 😂😂🥵

  • Naseem Mohideen
    Naseem Mohideen 16 days ago

    2:28 or i guess you could say, KNOCK IT OFF

  • Hello
    Hello 16 days ago

    Why does drew looks like he can be jennxpenn’s brother?😂😂😂 Just me okay 👌🏻

  • Hailey Ann
    Hailey Ann 17 days ago

    How to make profit without having talent in 5 easy steps
    1. Be handsome
    2. Be handsome
    3. Know Jake Paul
    4. Be handsome
    5. Be handsome

  • Hailey Ann
    Hailey Ann 17 days ago

    This story about how a Drew Gooden video turned my heart upside down. I was staring off into space when the video finished loading and began to play. Since i wasn't expecting it, I had a heart attack. Thanks for listening to my ted talk.

  • Ellie Holmes
    Ellie Holmes 17 days ago

    Which ones Lorcus and Which ones Morcus??? They look really similar 😝

  • ¿stranger tea?
    ¿stranger tea? 18 days ago

    "you dont get 10 mil subs without having talent"
    *have you heard of the paul brothers*

  • 배 소연
    배 소연 18 days ago +1

    They remind me of my little brother 😌 the lisp and the comedy

  • Picassos Beret
    Picassos Beret 18 days ago

    The lorcus morcus thing makes me LAUGH SO HARD

  • averaxl
    averaxl 19 days ago

    you should've swapped some letters around in their names and we swap the front vowels
    so lucas has u and marcus has a
    lets swap them around
    lucas - u + ar = larcus
    marcus - ar + u = mucus
    welcome to maths

  • K Equestrian
    K Equestrian 19 days ago

    How did I never know you were behind the Road Work Ahead Vine. I think my life is over.

  • ZorumTV
    ZorumTV 19 days ago

    15:20 how ironic

  • Annie Stancel
    Annie Stancel 20 days ago

    drew you look so youthful in this video What Happened

  • Ryan V
    Ryan V 20 days ago

    My favorite part of the “dragging a sleeping family member into a body of water” is that the mattresses are clearly air mattresses, even in the hotel....

  • eryn jackowski
    eryn jackowski 20 days ago

    2:26 if you know you know

  • Trina Reid
    Trina Reid 21 day ago +6

    imagine some natives of an unknown island see an air mattress floating right towards them

  • Mary Waters
    Mary Waters 21 day ago

    can you please do a face reveal

  • DannyDaDuffyDucking Daffer

    Lol he only plugged it twice

  • DannyDaDuffyDucking Daffer

    😂 They stole his stuff
    He stole it back and sold it

  • Michał Szeremeta
    Michał Szeremeta 23 days ago

    Dobre means good in Polish language. They should have a tour in Poland.

  • Owen Smith
    Owen Smith 23 days ago

    You can see all their videos are SLIGHTLY above ten minutes to get that TVclip dollars

  • DoogelyJim
    DoogelyJim 25 days ago

    jesus christ tax the rich for the love of god

  • Jake F
    Jake F 25 days ago

    10:37 FINALLY you acknowledge they're all on air matresses!

  • 2% milk
    2% milk 26 days ago

    Aren’t the dobby brothers just pranking us?

  • Daphne Ginglo-Robert
    Daphne Ginglo-Robert 26 days ago +1

    why do he eyebrows look different every once in a while?

  • RachREC
    RachREC 26 days ago

    With the clown prank, it's obviously fake, but if it was real, why would he be wearing boxers in the shower?

  • brittany leigh
    brittany leigh 27 days ago

    morcus & lorcus look exactly like donnie thornberry from the wild thornberrys lol

  • Elon Musk
    Elon Musk 27 days ago +1

    Now He’s the one plugging his tour... oh how the turn tables

  • Karlie Norris
    Karlie Norris 27 days ago +2

    Ah yes, the dorbor brothers, Lorcus and Morcus.