Frankie Edgar wants to make a run for UFC bantamweight title | ESPN MMA

  • Published on Aug 23, 2019
  • UFC’s Frankie Edgar talks with ESPN MMA’s Brett Okamoto to discuss his move to the bantamweight division and how he thinks it will be easier to make a run for the title than it is in the featherweight division. (3:21) Edgar looks back at his fight vs. Max Holloway at UFC 240 and how he is going to deal with cutting weight for this division. (5:21) Edgar talks about potential opponents at 135 pounds, if he would have any interest in fighting Dominick Cruz and his thoughts on the champion Henry Cejudo.
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Comments • 437

  • Nicholas Tarr
    Nicholas Tarr 18 days ago

    Yes pay this dude you can tell he needs it and Connor need a easy fight coming back so both people win. Connor trying to go for the killers masvidal Nate khabib dude take a comfortable one

  • Curtis Turner
    Curtis Turner 18 days ago +1

    Every okamoto interview you can barely hear the fighter and bretts voice almost breaks my speakers.. Wtf yo

  • R Baz
    R Baz 21 day ago

    People dickriding him because he's a nice guy, but he's a fucking bitch for going to 135...thinks he will get easier fights after getting ass kicked at 155 and 145 lol all his advantages he had at those divisions such as low weight cut, speed advantage will be gone

  • SkyeKingdom
    SkyeKingdom 21 day ago

    hot garbage audio

  • Felyk Leonardo
    Felyk Leonardo 22 days ago

    Franky edgar the best

  • Simone Johnson
    Simone Johnson 24 days ago

    My Favorite Fighter Of All Time 💪💪💪...No Cap

  • TheKampingSpecialist
    TheKampingSpecialist 24 days ago

    Why the fuck does he want to move down to lighter weight classes? He was great at lightweight and alright in featherweight like wtf does he wanna go to the women’s strawweight division as well? He should try welterweight

  • Austrian Buddha
    Austrian Buddha 24 days ago

    You da man Frankie!

  • Pippinm7
    Pippinm7 25 days ago

    The Production 🎥 value of these videos is abominable! Compare this video to the ESPN content covering the NFL, the journalists, the energy, the camera angles 📸 and then there is Chael in his freaking blue t-shirt 👕. If you want to bring the sport mainstream, make it legitimate and professional from top to bottom.

  • Source Light
    Source Light 25 days ago

    Hahahaha funniest thing I've heard all day

  • Jose Hernandez
    Jose Hernandez 25 days ago

    This is gonna be bad, hope he gets the conor fight instead

  • Ricardo Quezada
    Ricardo Quezada 25 days ago

    So tired of this guy and title shots..

    • Tim D
      Tim D 25 days ago

      he deserved tye title shots at 145 and 155. but to give him a title shot at 135 he needs a win against a top guy

  • Jody O'Dell
    Jody O'Dell 25 days ago

    Wtf is wrong with the sound

  • ForzaTerra89
    ForzaTerra89 25 days ago

    Gonna put it out there, Frankie is hot

  • Mack V
    Mack V 25 days ago +1

    Love Frankie, he’s one of the realest fighters around.

  • RoSs
    RoSs 25 days ago +1


  • Brandon Staton
    Brandon Staton 25 days ago

    He’s not gonna win a belt at 135 🤷‍♂️

  • Half Benjamin Marshall

    Frankie is gonna run right threw the king of CRINGE triple C

  • Mr. otivarag
    Mr. otivarag 25 days ago

    Lol shots fired at crossfit

  • Travis DeCurtis
    Travis DeCurtis 26 days ago


  • Total Bullion
    Total Bullion 26 days ago

    Missed opportunity with a Legend. Next time ask the Schmo if he can help you out.

  • 320speed
    320speed 26 days ago +1

    Realistically, Height would benefit the taller guy on reach e.g. boxing /kickboxing. But also Height would benefit the shorter fighter in Wrestling and ground control.

  • 320speed
    320speed 26 days ago +1

    Henry would destroy this bum

  • Alexis Jordan Schreiner

    *Breaking news* A king returns to regain the throne.

  • Jorge Navarro
    Jorge Navarro 26 days ago

    Bantamweight is the perfect move. Height wise he matches up with most fighters and he got knockout power still. Speed will be the issue but his chin and cardio is still top notch.

  • Jason McCleery
    Jason McCleery 26 days ago

    What happened to John Dodson?
    Did he get cut by the UFC?

  • Luke Daniel
    Luke Daniel 26 days ago

    Can barely hear it. 🙄

  • Jehan Martinez
    Jehan Martinez 26 days ago

    Going from 155 to 145, and now 135? Cutting weight is gonna suck.

  • El 47
    El 47 26 days ago


  • Mike Mike
    Mike Mike 26 days ago

    shit audio

  • Shawn Power
    Shawn Power 26 days ago

    Fucking finally! Edgar is a 135lber. Been waiting to see this for some time now

  • sonnyblack0870
    sonnyblack0870 26 days ago

    Love to see Frankie win another title before he retires.

  • xLilPuddinTater
    xLilPuddinTater 27 days ago

    I love Frankie but it's a little too late. At this age to make a move down? bad idea. not to mention 135 is stacked

  • Kerry Cardow
    Kerry Cardow 27 days ago


  • Jaye Fletcher
    Jaye Fletcher 27 days ago

    Frankie talk But no one will hear?

  • Nick Wettlaufer
    Nick Wettlaufer 27 days ago

    Cory Sandhagen 5 ft 11

  • Mei P
    Mei P 27 days ago

    What’s next after he loses? Flyweight?

  • Robert Cobklin
    Robert Cobklin 27 days ago

    My God frankie you know better. Your getting old plz dont move down again.

  • Andrew Skratt
    Andrew Skratt 27 days ago

    im on the bowl with mucus diarrhea messy wipe

  • Dirt Scrub
    Dirt Scrub 27 days ago

    Frankie Edgar should retire.

  • Rob Reeves
    Rob Reeves 27 days ago

    three minutes in and i'm clicking away, sound levels shite lol. also i'm hungover, can't be arsed

  • Sodaney Ky
    Sodaney Ky 27 days ago

    At his age I feel it’s a bit lateish for this . But at the same time he has Nothen to lose . He’s gonna have to deal with higher cardio guys guys that are just skilled and a lot more speed as well . Go for it frank I wish you best

  • Billy John
    Billy John 27 days ago +1


  • hype2teach
    hype2teach 27 days ago

    Please reupload!!! Frankie is the GOAT😣

  • Rick Miller
    Rick Miller 27 days ago


  • Norm
    Norm 27 days ago +1

    I think if you walk around at 153 you fight in LW.... Weigh in should be right before the octagon, weigh in then fight right after the scale, you wanna cut weight to fight smaller guys well fight at that depleted weight, rather some guys cut 30+ lbs then gain most back 36 hours later when they actually fight.

  • Ricky Martinez
    Ricky Martinez 27 days ago

    Man frankie is starting to take a page out of Fabers book. Absolute legend but all these title losses is killing me.

  • Rukh
    Rukh 27 days ago

    Nowadays everyone cuts down to 2-3 weight classes below their walking weight. It sucks Frankie got stuck fighting against these huge cheaters and has to cut down to even the playing field.

  • nathan pollit
    nathan pollit 27 days ago

    All the espn video have bad audio even Ariel show the volume level sucks had to stop watching it

  • scotiansen
    scotiansen 27 days ago

    Ton of great fights at 135 for Frankie.

  • RiiCaRd09328
    RiiCaRd09328 27 days ago

    Whispering to my ears... i feel safe

  • Gavin Mitchell
    Gavin Mitchell 27 days ago

    Hopefully he can make the weight 🤞

  • Michael Root
    Michael Root 27 days ago

    There's a reason Dana didn't let Frankie fight Conor McGregor

  • JBM 209
    JBM 209 27 days ago

    Your Going To Lose Your First Fight! You Need To Retire Now 💪

  • Thetigrao10
    Thetigrao10 27 days ago

    Frankie should retire

  • DB Cooper's MoneyBags
    DB Cooper's MoneyBags 27 days ago

    Cockomoto is the worst interviewer ever.

  • S'all good man!
    S'all good man! 27 days ago

    Frankie has too much trouble when dealing with strikers who have elusive footwork, and solid takedown defense. Aldo twice schooled him and Max toyed with him, but at this lower weight he might bring more power to his punches which he sorely needed when he fought those bigger guys

  • DB Cooper's MoneyBags
    DB Cooper's MoneyBags 27 days ago

    Hearing the journalist is far less important than hearing the fighter. Brett is a fucking chode.

  • DB Cooper's MoneyBags
    DB Cooper's MoneyBags 27 days ago

    Could you keep the microphone further away from him you fuckin dickhead?

  • bashar the barrel bomb factory

    Audio was so crap when Frankie swore the beep jump scared me