• Published on Jul 2, 2018
    So I've been seeing this challenge pop up, and I haven't seen anyone do orange. Since it's my favorite color, I thought it would be a fun challenge!
    Art materials used in this video:
    Arteza Watercolor Paper
    US: bit.ly/2Ciw2Cb *
    EU: bit.ly/2OLk0c3 *
    Color ENO pencil amzn.to/2ILpmfD *
    Staedtler Triplus Fineliner amzn.to/2MH7ip5 *
    Sakura Micron Brush Pen amzn.to/2z19GoT *
    Atyou Spica Glitter Pen amzn.to/2z004e4 *
    ZIG Real Brush Pen amzn.to/2tKwhky *
    Arteza Real Brush Pens
    US: bit.ly/2CfPBLg *
    EU: bit.ly/2Ep9sdS *
    Sharpie Brush Marker amzn.to/2IP5Sqa *
    Copic Markers amzn.to/2NjkoKv *
    Winsor & Newton Brushmarker amzn.to/2tNAOCK *
    Arteza Watercolor Pencils
    US: bit.ly/2ykYFfd *
    EU: bit.ly/2Sc6A6U *
    Prismacolor Premier Pencils amzn.to/2tOcVL7 *
    LUKAS 1862 Watercolors amzn.to/2u2hUr8 *
    LUKAS Aquarelle Tube Paint amzn.to/2tS9IJM *
    Kuretake Gansai Tambi Watercolor amzn.to/2z2vBvL *
    Holbein Gouache
    QoR Watercolor
    Liquitex Basics
    Golden Fluid Acrylic
    Amount of time taken to complete this piece:
    About 2 hours
    Email kaatydid@gmail.com with references!
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Comments • 55

  • It's just me, Silly
    It's just me, Silly 7 months ago

    this is the first video i have seen from you, and u have to say you are such an amazing artist and i love your art!!! and now i am subbed

    • Kaatydid Art
      Kaatydid Art  7 months ago

      Hehe thank you so much! Welcome to the Squid Pod Squad!

  • Angel Artist
    Angel Artist Year ago +1

    I done this challenge. I done the color green it was so hard to do, but I would do this again with a different color.

    • Angel Artist
      Angel Artist Year ago

      @Kaatydid Art I posted on it Art Amino if you want to see it along with my other drawings ^~^

    • Kaatydid Art
      Kaatydid Art  Year ago

      Oh dang, that sounds cool! I would love to see it, if you posted it anywhere!!

    • Angel Artist
      Angel Artist Year ago

      @Kaatydid Art thanks ^~^
      It was quite easy for me to pick a topic to do something with the green color. I decided to draw Tinkerbell since green is her trademark color it was quite difficult drawing her wings and using green as a skin tone for her.

    • Kaatydid Art
      Kaatydid Art  Year ago +1

      Oh that's awesome! I would imagine it was difficult, but props to you for doing it!!

  • Silvy Marshmallow
    Silvy Marshmallow Year ago +1

    I'm gonna try this challenge with the colour red! I have to do a bit of planning though haha

    • Kaatydid Art
      Kaatydid Art  Year ago

      OOOOH! That sounds lovely! Would love to see it when you finish it!

  • Alex Yorim
    Alex Yorim Year ago

    My favorite color. 🍊

  • Jesica .J
    Jesica .J Year ago +2

    😍 very creative I like it.

  • dass art
    dass art Year ago +3

    I am happy to say I was some of the first to do this! 😁

  • Clara Tafferg
    Clara Tafferg Year ago +2

    Yay, I finally ound someone who doesn't totally hate the color orange. :) I loved your drawing!

    • Kaatydid Art
      Kaatydid Art  Year ago

      I know right!? It's such an underrated color! Thank you, sweet! ♥

  • Darlene Smith
    Darlene Smith Year ago

    Good job with only using orange colors!

    • Kaatydid Art
      Kaatydid Art  Year ago

      Ah thank you! It was a huge challenge, for sure!

  • Mia Vox
    Mia Vox Year ago +2

    The landscape piece was really cool. Might have been cool to see a little footage of that one as well. and YAY for Orange!! It doesn't get enough love.

    • Kaatydid Art
      Kaatydid Art  Year ago

      I thought about including it! I still had all of the footage, before I finished this video. Maybe next time I flub something up, I'll add some of the footage! It really doesn't, and idk why, orange is so pretty ♥-♥

  • Crafty Miller
    Crafty Miller Year ago +3

    Cocoa is an orange based color which is a brown

    • Kaatydid Art
      Kaatydid Art  Year ago

      Most browns are a derivative of orange, but you know how people are. If I say orange, I get angry text about using browns, even if it IS just a dark orange x'D

  • MeloCake Art
    MeloCake Art Year ago

    This is awesome I love Art supplies QuQ ♥

  • Brianna Daly
    Brianna Daly Year ago +2


  • Kaira Cook
    Kaira Cook Year ago +2

    You look like you have Cheeto fingers! The struggle of being an artist in stained fingers. XD

    • Kaatydid Art
      Kaatydid Art  Year ago +1

      Oh, that's nothing. I spilled blue ink on myself a few days ago, and I looked like I was turning into a Smurf xD

  • Shanna Odius
    Shanna Odius Year ago +3

    My Favorite Color too!!!

  • TamaraDeonka
    TamaraDeonka Year ago +2

    I love the clouds in this piece. Well done. The landscape is very pretty. Never knew orange could look so nice.

    • TamaraDeonka
      TamaraDeonka Year ago


    • Kaatydid Art
      Kaatydid Art  Year ago +1

      Thank you! The clouds were an afterthought, and I almost didn't add them. Super glad I did though. AWW that's literally the highest compliment ever, thank you, Tamara! ♥

  • GoreQuill NachoVidal

    Orange you glad you did this?

  • Whatever's Art
    Whatever's Art Year ago +2

    Very tough and nice idea. You did good !! I don't think I would have faired so well XD/

    • Kaatydid Art
      Kaatydid Art  Year ago

      Aw I think you would do just fine! It's a good practice exercise if anything else haha!

  • Tawny English
    Tawny English Year ago +2

    Cheater cheater pumpkin eater! :P
    In all seriousness though - she cute.

  • Julek Shizu Yuuki
    Julek Shizu Yuuki Year ago +3

    I Hate orange color XD but that was awesome

  • yee yee
    yee yee Year ago +7

    I live for the color orange!

  • Mama Cyndifer's Toy Unboxing

    Love this!!!!🤓❤🤓❤🤓

  • Emmy Playz
    Emmy Playz Year ago +4


  • dua aka dui
    dua aka dui Year ago +2

    Awsome prfectoooo .....!!!!!

  • Peculiarkatie
    Peculiarkatie Year ago +8

    That looks amazing!! I think the advice he gave you helped. It really set her look. Also, brown isn't technically cheating. 😂

    • Kaatydid Art
      Kaatydid Art  Year ago +1

      I agree, he's a big help sometimes xD TRUE, but you know how people are. I say orange and then I get 104906535 comments saying "OMG brown isn't oooorange wah wah wah" xD

  • Chassity
    Chassity Year ago +5


  • Dogg Does Art
    Dogg Does Art Year ago +13

    Yesss this is the one I’ve been waiting for! Orange is also my favorite color! This looks so cool!

    • j cloud
      j cloud 5 months ago

      @Kaatydid Art Orange is my FAVORITE colour too! Why do people think that's weird??????????

    • Kaatydid Art
      Kaatydid Art  Year ago +1

      A fellow orange lover! Ah thank you so much, I'm so happy I decided to actually take my time, and redo my first piece.

  • Nathaly alvarado
    Nathaly alvarado Year ago +4

    I love it already