Game Theory: Does Fortnite Make You VIOLENT? (Fortnite Battle Royale)


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  • TVMovieMakers
    TVMovieMakers 3 months ago +3095

    We are soooo close to 10 mil, keep up the good work Mat!

  • I Have no life
    I Have no life Hour ago

    6:53 nice forehead joke editors

  • Jose Aguinaga
    Jose Aguinaga 3 hours ago

    Tiger hedgo (cant spell)

  • Nathan Burke
    Nathan Burke 3 hours ago

    Hope I can still play my Mario

  • Kellogr 27
    Kellogr 27 3 hours ago

    To be honest🐈i don't rage 😹ik every one is different

  • caelum vahey
    caelum vahey 5 hours ago

    Aren't Hedgehog sized tigers are kittens?

  • Kyle Breedlove
    Kyle Breedlove 7 hours ago

    Matpat i play fortnite and sometimes when i get into battles i feel like i am transformed into my character and sometimes i am really com when i play so i am between the Most egrasive and lest egrasive!

  • Txylor Nichole
    Txylor Nichole 7 hours ago

    for the tiger and hedgehog question i would do the 100 hedgehog tigers:))

  • Geeky Beans
    Geeky Beans 8 hours ago

    This sucks lol

  • Ian Davis
    Ian Davis 13 hours ago

    I did not watch the whole video ._.

  • Ian Davis
    Ian Davis 13 hours ago +1

    also bro, I never rage quit at fortnite, even if my squad died at 2 because trust me, that has happened!

  • Ian Davis
    Ian Davis 13 hours ago +1

    I do not see how in any way video games make you violent because that's usually personality (still a great video)

  • Marshall M.
    Marshall M. 14 hours ago

    In all honesty, Fortnite makes me violent to the point where I just lose interest in the game.
    I kicked a hole in my wall and had to pay for it, I slam my fist against the entertainment center. Idk why, I never played a game that makes me go into blind rage.

  • Beepy Plays
    Beepy Plays 15 hours ago

    it does make me violent

  • Ryou Bakura
    Ryou Bakura 15 hours ago

    That hedgehog's probably 100x worse than the "kittens" only because of those spikes O-O

  • Stardust Platinum
    Stardust Platinum 15 hours ago

    Tiger-Sized Hedgehog!

  • VicktorVGamer
    VicktorVGamer 16 hours ago

    I got this theory about the fortnite battle royale!
    This might sound crazy but its about that the game is on a stage like where people control everything. Everything is being watched and other control. (Kinda like truman show)
    It would explain the reason nobody lives in the houses or work anywhere. We have never seen a human in the game that is not trying to kill you.
    It would also explain why nobody is building while people are playing. And why nobody can leave the spawn or main island.
    Please like this so matmap can see this and think about it! It would make sense.

  • Damien Mendez
    Damien Mendez 18 hours ago

    im an apache attack helicopter

  • MsLadyDarkside
    MsLadyDarkside 19 hours ago

    From what I have seen of gaming (I have played video games since I was little) in recent years.... I am going to say no. At least not the way many would say. People are terrible to each other in a lot of the competitive games, so I am not sure how it would help people.

  • Angel Castellanos
    Angel Castellanos 19 hours ago

    PUBG sucks

  • yechiel gutierrez
    yechiel gutierrez 22 hours ago

    why didn't you stop the challenge

  • Kyle D
    Kyle D 23 hours ago


  • Todd boland
    Todd boland Day ago


  • One Dead Outlaw
    One Dead Outlaw Day ago

    Those tigers would be land piranhas

  • Simon Holmqvist
    Simon Holmqvist Day ago

    the intro, as allways, is the best part of this video.

  • TheTrueHero
    TheTrueHero Day ago


  • Fortnite_Hub.YT
    Fortnite_Hub.YT Day ago

    I’m a weaponized battle toaster

  • Amy Heigley
    Amy Heigley Day ago

    How about a mega man theory about explaining the robot masters abilities

  • Nicolala Morris
    Nicolala Morris Day ago

    Fortnight is Best

  • carlos delgado
    carlos delgado 2 days ago


  • Joshua Lee
    Joshua Lee 2 days ago

    It makes me violent when my blue pump does 6 damage to the head and then I get 1 pumped to the foot for 200 damage

  • Pizzagod 7908
    Pizzagod 7908 2 days ago

    7:54 is that PeanutButterGamer?

  • Jawad Dawood
    Jawad Dawood 2 days ago

    tigers will win, they are much faster than a giant like the civil war showed big ant-man

  • Jay Llama
    Jay Llama 2 days ago

    They say an analytics man doesn't have a heart.

  • Jayden Walker
    Jayden Walker 3 days ago

    I swear to god if the president somehow makes violent video games illegal no one will see nor hear from me again

  • David and Angle
    David and Angle 3 days ago

    Is no one going to question the 600 genders thing or the two quadrillion years old thing

  • Peter Nguyen
    Peter Nguyen 3 days ago

    makes u violent if u a lil bitch

  • MiroPVP
    MiroPVP 3 days ago

    Pvz gw is violance.

  • Ali Mustafa
    Ali Mustafa 4 days ago

    Gang weeders rise up

  • Ali Mustafa
    Ali Mustafa 4 days ago

    Gang weeders

  • Midnight Assassin
    Midnight Assassin 4 days ago

    I have ALWAYS hated fortnite, and that will never change.

  • eevee w11
    eevee w11 4 days ago

    100 heghog size tiger's

  • Ryoko
    Ryoko 4 days ago

    Who else wants part 2 on lick or strip? Lmao

  • TheDiamondBoy
    TheDiamondBoy 4 days ago

    I’m in the The most pacifist and I still love the FORTNITES

  • A Serra
    A Serra 5 days ago

    Why all multiplayer!?

  • A Serra
    A Serra 5 days ago

    The number one thing that makes me violent is one people say video games make you violent.
    A guy actually said giving a nine-year-old a battlefield game is more damaging then giving him a PHYSICAL HANDGUN. I mean, c'mon!

  • Ninja Fingers
    Ninja Fingers 5 days ago

    11:19 That is legit my ringtone sound and I’m watching this on my phone I finally got a text lmao

  • TheRedstoneTnt
    TheRedstoneTnt 5 days ago

    some gamer´s like my brother isn´t made for games he rages SOOOOO MUTCH i rage realy rarely. he shold not play games i can bearly eaven sleep at nigths.

  • Deric Gregory
    Deric Gregory 5 days ago

    Funny, I condider myself an introverted thinker, and my play matches. I mostly play it safe, and pick and choose when to be aggressive. I do know some people who just jump around the map looking to engage everyone they see. I guess they'd be extroverted thinkers. Great work as usual, btw.

  • spearman247
    spearman247 5 days ago

    Id like to see the hard data you collected. That would be nice to see just to further support your point. Do you have a document or link we can go to?

  • Nintendo Fan Unity
    Nintendo Fan Unity 5 days ago

    fortnite will not make you violent, since GTA does not seem to influence me

  • Gabrielle Boggs
    Gabrielle Boggs 5 days ago

    Is it me or does he look like James form theoddsonesout

  • Kirby Starwarrior
    Kirby Starwarrior 6 days ago

    PuBG Is Still Better

  • Jase Thomas
    Jase Thomas 6 days ago

    one tiger sized hedgehog

  • plushy studios orlando resort

    I would fight 100 hedgehog sized tigers

  • bootleg MufasaCringe

    I wuld fight a tiger size hedge hog

  • bootleg MufasaCringe

    Weponized battle toaster XD

  • Chelsie Ham
    Chelsie Ham 6 days ago

    im an 11 year old boy using my aunts profile

  • Chelsie Ham
    Chelsie Ham 6 days ago

    if i dont wear socks you can gess what eles i dont wear

  • Myella Wafflecake
    Myella Wafflecake 6 days ago


  • GojiraGeek
    GojiraGeek 6 days ago

    i agree with ron white on the subject of video games making people violent watch this video from 0:06 to 0:22 (WARING: use of the F-word not for children)

  • Kirsty Mack
    Kirsty Mack 6 days ago

    "Weaponised Battle Toaster"

    PICKLECHU tm 6 days ago

    Tiger sized hedgehog

  • Jose Mendoza
    Jose Mendoza 7 days ago

    ENFJ here...good vids matpat

  • gabe quimby
    gabe quimby 7 days ago

    Tiny tigees

  • xDrabFlamex the 2nd
    xDrabFlamex the 2nd 7 days ago

    Fortnite makes me "REAL VIOLENT" it makes me want to kill fourth of July cuddle bears

  • TFu Whoo
    TFu Whoo 7 days ago

    100 hedgehog sized tigers

  • scotty forest
    scotty forest 7 days ago


  • Nick Bleker
    Nick Bleker 7 days ago

    10:06 the best part of this video.

  • Stanley T the gamer
    Stanley T the gamer 7 days ago

    Why couldn’t there be a route maned “pacicide ” where or you want to kill and not kill also for pacicide it’s just paci/fist and geni/cide see how I made. (I used undertales routes)

  • perez perez
    perez perez 7 days ago

    both 69lol

  • Nate The gamer
    Nate The gamer 7 days ago

    I played both but I play fortnite more.

  • Suicidal Fots
    Suicidal Fots 7 days ago

    I identify as a couch potato. Now my parents can't be disappointed in me if it's just my gender !

  • Foxu Fox
    Foxu Fox 7 days ago

    Loved when you did interesting stuff. aplying science to videogames… not this Mat.

  • GamersofHelaman
    GamersofHelaman 7 days ago

    im a eagle

  • Herobro 99
    Herobro 99 7 days ago

    i hate fortnite

  • Tori S.
    Tori S. 7 days ago

    Pause at 2:35 one of the genders is MATPAT

  • E and J Gaming and Cats

    I would probably choose to fight 100 mini tigers because I don't think I cold fight a hedgehog unless I don't have to kill it. I would just try to befriend the hedgehog.

  • French Pikachu
    French Pikachu 7 days ago

    A tiger sized hedgehog.

  • Phoenix _Playz
    Phoenix _Playz 7 days ago

    Frick. I chose middle in ALL of the different categories...(10:00)

    BAD ART GAMES NEWS 8 days ago

    i like to murder everything in games but feel bad for killing a bug in real life what dose that mean

  • Actually Agender
    Actually Agender 8 days ago

    Dude, it's 2018. I thought we knew apache attack helicopter jokes aren't funny anymore.

  • sophie 298vids
    sophie 298vids 8 days ago

    But I'm already violent XD

  • Anthony Yu
    Anthony Yu 8 days ago

    Does fortnite make you gay?

  • Leo Navarro
    Leo Navarro 8 days ago

    4:03 TREVOR

  • Alicia Ose
    Alicia Ose 8 days ago

    Pacifist route depends because,like in cuphead it's possible in the levels but the enemies just run around your screen and killing you over and over and over and over and over and over AND over AND OVER AND OVER! AND OVER!!!!! Anyways I will never even attempt the pacifist route on cuphead but on undertale yeah I would spare them

  • BrileyAnn Haupt
    BrileyAnn Haupt 8 days ago

    Says the Z is silent but he still pronounces it with a Z

  • Jayson Cronly
    Jayson Cronly 9 days ago

    hm might unsub after this ep. first one i really thought was trash pandering to the expected opinion of the audience

  • kevin yang
    kevin yang 9 days ago

    And I ate the sub (subscribe button) mmm delicious 😋

  • kevin yang
    kevin yang 9 days ago

    I smashed the bell 🛎 now it doesn’t ring 😢😢

  • kevin yang
    kevin yang 9 days ago

    I rage at all games I ever played ( clash of clans roblox) wait a lot of them is .io games oh well 🖕 those .io games don’t play them they suck

  • kevin yang
    kevin yang 9 days ago

    Fortnite ad lol

  • Thang Tran
    Thang Tran 9 days ago

    Wut would an R6 sieger be. Like introvert thinker?

  • Sebastian Wolfe
    Sebastian Wolfe 9 days ago

    Hey Mat Pat! I just got to cite this video in a psychological study class while training to get my teaching license. As an educator, I really appreciate you doing the work to dispel myths and advocate for why gaming is so great. Thanks from a loyal theorist for this one.

  • Rachael Rankins
    Rachael Rankins 9 days ago

    I would fight the hedgehog sized tiger

  • 8partyz Partying
    8partyz Partying 10 days ago

    another great video MatPat! Keep up the great work!

  • Samuel Petruk
    Samuel Petruk 10 days ago

    Tiger sized hedgehog all the way

  • John Oliver
    John Oliver 10 days ago

    I identify as an mi24 HIND atttack helicopter

  • RockabillyMike5120
    RockabillyMike5120 10 days ago


  • Jamestestify
    Jamestestify 10 days ago

    Either one tiger sized porcupine or one-hundred porcupine sized lions? I’d die either way.