Game Theory: Does Fortnite Make You VIOLENT? (Fortnite Battle Royale)


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  • TVMovieMakers
    TVMovieMakers 10 days ago +2402

    We are soooo close to 10 mil, keep up the good work Mat!

    • Cheezyfist
      Cheezyfist 2 hours ago

      He just hit 10M Yay

    • Greg Kates
      Greg Kates 4 hours ago

      Myers Briggs test is detested by many psychologists and is an unofficial way to test one personality. your better than this Matt Patt!!!!!

    • Klavdiya Handaleeva
      Klavdiya Handaleeva Day ago

      ☆☆☆ [ ]
      ☆☆☆ [ ]

      *DаtеСоin* is ȧ tоkеn designеd fȯr а nėw intеrnаtiȯnal dаting sеrvice, nехt genėrаtiоn of a suсcėssful p̣rȯduс̣t Dėnim. It fеаturеs rėliаble grоwth mеchаnic̣s basеd on glȯbаl ехрansion strаtėgy tо entėr nеw mȧrkėts and inc̣rеase thе аudiеnсe.

    • Danté W
      Danté W 2 days ago

      We hit it!

    • B.B Killa
      B.B Killa 3 days ago

      We are at 10 mill

  • Devin Dastroyer
    Devin Dastroyer 7 minutes ago

    Tigers u know why grab a
    A. Pistol
    C. Sword

  • Jeff Chen
    Jeff Chen 46 minutes ago

    I do ave both traits to make myself aggressive, but I don’t rage in real life lol

  • Nate Roe
    Nate Roe 55 minutes ago

    That intro was...

  • Lillian Galloway
    Lillian Galloway Hour ago

    I have people in my class how a lot of them play fortnight those are violent and have one now plays pub g he is nice

  • Penncentral 1968
    Penncentral 1968 2 hours ago

    Weaponized battle toasters and attack helicopters are cool but nothing beats Yakko Warner 2:51

  • Eksa Stelmere
    Eksa Stelmere 2 hours ago

    Tiger-sized Hedgehog is superior.

  • NinetiethBeef08 with 2 Beef

    Why Fornite

  • New York
    New York 4 hours ago

    Matt patt thank you i know you get mixed responses to these videos but i wojld like to just thank you for defending gamers with facts instead of just saying that what we do makes us violent, i think this is one thing any gamer can agree on.

    NOT TODAY 4 hours ago

    7:57 play both😓

  • Gerald Paul
    Gerald Paul 4 hours ago

    This channel gets weirder and weirder every video.

    JULIUS OPRENOV 4 hours ago

    tiger sized porqupine

  • in brown
    in brown 6 hours ago

    What's funny is that when it shows the metor it shows the game theory logo it says that the more you watch the more you violent lol

  • TheBaconEatingPig
    TheBaconEatingPig 6 hours ago

    TINY TIGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Marcin Świątko
    Marcin Świątko 6 hours ago

    But Thats Just a theory, a gay theory!!

  • Crazyness1994
    Crazyness1994 6 hours ago

    Took this test, an ISTJ, tried both games and just didn't like fortnite, reason being I don't like building in battle royale games.
    Not surprised that introvert are less aggressive. Personally I usually got with as non-aggressive as possible and takes less risks when playing PUBG. Though I don't mind going aggressive or risky if I see it as the only OR best option.

  • Steve
    Steve 7 hours ago

    When my 11 year old kid gets home he goes on his xbox and plays fortnight all you can hear for 3 hours are shouting screaming and swearing like if u have this problem

  • legolasrox101
    legolasrox101 7 hours ago

    Man, baby pat is gonna have some weird things to learn about their parents

  • stuart coombes
    stuart coombes 8 hours ago

    Hay mat pat sorry it took me so long to get an account but after 5 years of watching your videos I was finally able to get one and you are the first person I subscribed to. Again sorry it took me so long

  • Spat856
    Spat856 9 hours ago

    Again with the cancerous intro. smh.

  • guerilla360gamr
    guerilla360gamr 9 hours ago

    Why must you act like an embicilic cretin in these fortnight videos

  • nobady9752
    nobady9752 11 hours ago

    I love America. They wanna ban video game guns, but not real life ones.

  • The Silent Ninga
    The Silent Ninga 11 hours ago

    Tellitubies battlegrounds

  • Eleanor Leigh
    Eleanor Leigh 12 hours ago

    Please do a theory on the app game granny, i'd love to know more about it. love your videos xx

  • Urbosa 345
    Urbosa 345 12 hours ago

    Hedgehog sized tigers!

  • Lorenzo Duron
    Lorenzo Duron 12 hours ago

    I really don't like that Myers Briggs test because it only gives you two off the wall options to choose from, you're either a Project X style party animal or a troll who patiently waits under bridges to ask people riddles, there's no in-between.

  • Urbosa 345
    Urbosa 345 12 hours ago

    I am a weponizied battle toaster!

  • Yerkz Clan
    Yerkz Clan 14 hours ago +1

    100 hedgehog sized tigers. I could just pull out my legendary mini gun. And plus, I don’t want to have a giant needle in me.

  • Wyld Man
    Wyld Man 14 hours ago

    There are two genders and if you think theres more you can suck

  • DeathINanutshell
    DeathINanutshell 14 hours ago +1

    where is your evidence for there is over 600 GENDERS

  • xtream gamesm8
    xtream gamesm8 15 hours ago

    All right I'd rather fight hedgehog sized tigers with a golf club

  • WarDude 2002
    WarDude 2002 15 hours ago

    You hit ten mil. Congratulations Game Theory.

  • Danger the god of destruction


  • Danger the god of destruction

    I want the tigers

  • Joseph BENSON
    Joseph BENSON 16 hours ago

    You've changed

  • Lego Crazy
    Lego Crazy 17 hours ago

    Obviously Tetrus is the most fustrating game of all time

  • Wolf_KittyYT
    Wolf_KittyYT 18 hours ago +1

    Anyone a IDUBRZ? (i am lel)

  • Wolf_KittyYT
    Wolf_KittyYT 18 hours ago +1

    yEaH sO i PlAy MiNeCrAfT... kek

  • MinoSpelar
    MinoSpelar 19 hours ago

    Du är svensk men du snackar engelska?

  • gaming kitty
    gaming kitty 21 hour ago

    Matpat i have some friends who are banned by there parents and this will allow them to play with me on fortnite and pubg thx so so so so SOOOOOO much

  • gaming kitty
    gaming kitty 21 hour ago


  • Awall 100
    Awall 100 21 hour ago

    fortnite makes me wanna snap my controller in half so i'd say it does

  • Remote-Kid's Game Corner

    I think I was the one I don't remember much of the test lol

  • Po-Chop
    Po-Chop 22 hours ago

    6:40 haha I love the nod to Idubbbz

  • Joeri van Alphen
    Joeri van Alphen 22 hours ago

    Only Undertale knows how to pacifist? But what about Dishonored?

  • Dominic Sakawsky
    Dominic Sakawsky 22 hours ago

    100 hedgehog sized tigers

  • Flávio Borquez
    Flávio Borquez 23 hours ago

    I rather fight one tiger size porcupine.

  • JustThatLauren
    JustThatLauren 23 hours ago +1

    Maaan, I wish I got to participate. I didn't watch the video where he announced it in time because I'm not really one for fortnite lol

  • Mr Shobe
    Mr Shobe Day ago

    100 Hedgehogs sized kangaroos

  • Joey Ice Pick
    Joey Ice Pick Day ago

    Tiger sized Hedgehog.

  • StealthNinja360
    StealthNinja360 Day ago

    I liek hedgehogs

  • SonicAxel RPG
    SonicAxel RPG Day ago

    1 moon sized kangaroo or 100 kangaroo sized moons

  • AquaBurst Shve
    AquaBurst Shve Day ago

    You've paid us by defending games.

  • Matthew Hill
    Matthew Hill Day ago +1

    Ummmm.... Elegant Intro? I suppose?

  • Caleb
    Caleb Day ago

    tiger sized hedgehog only if the hedgehog is blue and fast

  • nyanyappsk
    nyanyappsk Day ago +1

    WOOP WOOP Diamond button INCOMING!

  • Liam Maitland
    Liam Maitland Day ago

    he has the content cop music in the background LoL

  • ToastyTheBreadSlice

    600? More like 2

  • Corri Krepcio
    Corri Krepcio Day ago

    Some of these parents need to shut their mouth’s

  • Kitty Ricano
    Kitty Ricano Day ago

    Yo there was music in the background i want it!!

  • poke gamer
    poke gamer Day ago

    First of all you don't kill in fortnite you get transferred to the lobby and heal up.
    Second of all it's a ten year old game so it's addictive but you mostly here skweakers .

  • Phyco Buzzaxe21
    Phyco Buzzaxe21 Day ago

    a weaponized battle toaster

  • XxĐîămõñđ FłôwęřxX

    Hahhahahhahaha screw you news stations.

  • Umutcan Tacer
    Umutcan Tacer Day ago

    Dear Matpat,
    I believe your question is faulty. For the question shouldn't be "which genre of game you play/makes you angry", but rather should be "multiplaya or singleplaya, brutherrrr?"

  • *Wither* That One Durpy Wither Potato

    A gender is “Where is doki doki on the test”


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  • Matthew Hill
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    Send This to Good Morning America!

  • Sasuke Uchiha
    Sasuke Uchiha Day ago

    Congrats on 10 million

  • Bridnny Vargas
    Bridnny Vargas Day ago

    I am the one who plays pubg only lol

  • Pinkamena Pie
    Pinkamena Pie Day ago

    Thank you. 13:32 made my day

  • Elyse Weaver
    Elyse Weaver Day ago

    I like the Game/Film theory, I really do, but MatPat PLEASE STOP WITH THE FORTNITE THEORIES.

  • Star Wars Advance

    8:02 is that pbg and vegan gains?

  • RLSD420 Gamechat

    awww i chose 100 itty bitty tigers

  • H57 Gaming
    H57 Gaming Day ago

    im still waiting on a follow up on the third item in the fnaf box

  • chelsea Guadalupe

    I think it's because fortniters have extra an Y chromosome

  • Yara Haddara
    Yara Haddara Day ago

    My mom thinks that all the electronic makes us stupid🤣.Is it true?

  • Tjclub Gaming
    Tjclub Gaming Day ago


  • derpy da great
    derpy da great Day ago


  • BankerPaul
    BankerPaul Day ago

    Wtf is that intro??

  • Tails 25
    Tails 25 Day ago

    7:58 peanut butter gamer

  • Tails 25
    Tails 25 Day ago

    100 heghog size tiger

  • REETV Films
    REETV Films Day ago

    fortnite is becoming the new fnaf and i don’t like it

  • Weaponized Battle Toaster

    thanks for the shout out at 2:49

  • Fearne Harby
    Fearne Harby Day ago

    My best friend plays Fortnight (and uh I refuse to spell it with nite haha) but she’s been swearing more than she originally does...

  • Roman Minaster
    Roman Minaster Day ago

    i found out im INTP
    what is that?

  • Random Artist
    Random Artist Day ago +1

    INTJ-T Which means i am one of 2% of the population that has this.

  • Spartan2818
    Spartan2818 Day ago

    That survey's amazing

  • Christian Taylor

    10:34 Obviously...
    It's as if you think your audience doesn't know anything about research.

  • Guy Thing
    Guy Thing Day ago

    that intro was gross

  • zoe the space corgi

    But I get SUPER angry and I dont play fighting games or battle rayales either

  • apache helicopter

    Apache helicopter

  • The white gaming lynx

    eaven that song that idubbbz uses in his vids is here

  • The white gaming lynx

    100 hedgehog sized tigers because i will die faster

  • Mjhvhghgv Nhgcnggchgc

    Tiger sized hedgehog

  • Nihat Gül
    Nihat Gül Day ago

    Does anyone know the track in the background at 11:30??

  • Hero Storm
    Hero Storm Day ago

    I'm an idubrz...I would not play either pubG nor fortnite...

  • Cool 3
    Cool 3 Day ago

    fortnite became the new cancer of the internet

  • Oskar Rimbe
    Oskar Rimbe Day ago

    Tiger siced hedgehog!

  • Gl Foxy
    Gl Foxy Day ago

    I am a introverted thinker

  • Carsten Simao
    Carsten Simao Day ago

    Lmao tracey grimshaw