Yes Kelly!

  • Published on Sep 19, 2011
  • Great moments of Kelly Rowland at Season 8, Episode 4 of X Factor.
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  • Amadikwa Blessing
    Amadikwa Blessing 15 days ago

    Am watching and reading comments😎

  • Marcia Decker
    Marcia Decker 16 days ago

    that woman has the best voice the one with the diastima and needs a make over best voice ever heard

  • SydneyPhotography2019
    SydneyPhotography2019 25 days ago


  • MrsConnie 2You
    MrsConnie 2You 25 days ago

    "One Moment In Time" is one of my all time faves...AND SHE DID THAT, OKAY!! 🙌🏾🥰🥰🙌🏾

  • Joe Feta
    Joe Feta 25 days ago

    I am so in love with telisa ,wish to have hug from her

  • Cathy LaClair
    Cathy LaClair 26 days ago

    Muchas Gracias Maria

  • Oluwatimilehin Oladele

    Kelly is so adorable and human...

  • Oluwatimilehin Oladele

    Kelly is so adorable and human...

  • Gloria Simionato
    Gloria Simionato Month ago

    What was the name of the curvy girl ?

  • Barry Lynne
    Barry Lynne 2 months ago

    I love Kelly, she is a beauty inside and out,I am a Caucasian male older.She is the exception to the rule.

  • aLLright ChaneL
    aLLright ChaneL 2 months ago

    I love kelly with the straight hair she is such a secret treasure

  • shuppypuppy17
    shuppypuppy17 3 months ago +1

    I mean without Kelly(and Tulisa) there wouldn’t be Little mix

  • Kimneo Kipgen
    Kimneo Kipgen 4 months ago

    I love Kelly so much. She has such beautiful eyes unlike my asian eyes and she has the most adorably heartwarming smile

  • Honest000w
    Honest000w 6 months ago

    Why would they split up a group that automatically causes friction!

  • jemerhyn avendano
    jemerhyn avendano 7 months ago

    Im very proud to kelly,,she's so very kind judges.,🍻

  • W
    W 8 months ago


  • TalmadgeMonroe
    TalmadgeMonroe 8 months ago

    I have no idea who she is but i luv her Passion

  • Lucas Martins Dos Santos Corrêa Da Costa

    So Kelly, who has been rated on the top 10 of prettiest women alive, told the girl she is size sexy? I'm crying😭😭( also she was just diva )

  • Alex
    Alex 10 months ago

    Fun fact: she is 9 feet tall.

    TAY LOUIS 10 months ago

    Kelly mind was so shape!
    Shaper than the pencil i just sharpened some minutes ago!

  • John
    John 10 months ago

    I miss Kelly on the X Factor UK :(

  • The Girl
    The Girl 11 months ago

    kelly is so AMAZING!

  • nct
    nct 11 months ago

    1:20 so are we just gonna ignore that they played shake it? How come I've never noticed?

  • Lungie Mbumbe
    Lungie Mbumbe 11 months ago

    I loved Kelly the first time i saw her she was always my favourite from Destiney's Child i love her soooo much u go Kelly

  • Alan Eduardo Diaz Montes
    Alan Eduardo Diaz Montes 11 months ago

    ❤️💓💕 I am so uninterested with Kelly. But thank God she broke the group up.

  • Reina Macarena
    Reina Macarena 11 months ago

    1st lady favors riki lake

  • Angel Daigrepont
    Angel Daigrepont 11 months ago

    U can tell none of her friends were being supportive of her. I’m so glad Kelly talked her into going in on her own. It’s not like Chrissy planned on that happening. I can put money on the fact that if one of them were in Chrissy’s shoes, they wouldn’t have thought twice about going on their own. Chrissy made the right choice. It’s one thing to be friends with em but she had to do wat was best for her and her future. God bless u Chrissy. U did the right thing. If they can’t see that and be supportive of u, then they weren’t ur friends to begin with so good riddance to them. Ur better off.

  • Mildred McVey
    Mildred McVey Year ago


  • Victoria George
    Victoria George Year ago


  • Victoria George
    Victoria George Year ago

    You know what your size is? Sexy!

  • iaiij v.araneda
    iaiij v.araneda Year ago

    Como cuando tus amigas son el relleno 😂😂😂

  • Aadamize
    Aadamize Year ago +2

    That last guys ability to Switch from chest voice to falsetto was Amazing

  • Ruata Fanai
    Ruata Fanai Year ago

    Kelly seems so real!!!and her even more😘😘😘

  • Pumpkin the Wonder Pug

    @ 7:48--Kelly needs to stop because IMHO...she's THE LAST PERSON that I could EVER imagine giving advice about themselves and the others hindering her chance to come back !! Isn't she the one that kept hogging the microphone by standing directly IN FRONT of Beyonce' on the music awards show !!!

  • Stefan B
    Stefan B Year ago

    Who is this 3:00

  • Barbie Whaley
    Barbie Whaley Year ago

    Lascal woods is so beautiful inside out! You made them notice and I agree with Kelly thr relationship with ur mom shows how forgiveness really is! Absolutely beautiful!

  • •You A Big Baka•

    6:58 if i were her friend i wouldve run to her and just smiled wide and said "girl don't worry about us this is your chance" cuz thats what a true friend does. Too bad those bitches were just whining over there

  • BoredRandomCraptv
    BoredRandomCraptv Year ago +2

    Yooooooo, I immediately started crying when that guy sang "use somebody" his voice is so damn beautiful!!!

  • Notifysender90
    Notifysender90 Year ago +1

    omfg lascel wood was the best omg I was so into his performance the passion conviction and emotion of his skillful voice was just a masterpiece to watch!!!!! I was tearing the entire time

  • MarkEthanTV
    MarkEthanTV Year ago

    I started crying for no reason while the guy was singing as well. Just something pure about his spirit and talent

  • Chloe Houghton
    Chloe Houghton Year ago

    Go on Kelly you say that

  • Abdall nasir
    Abdall nasir Year ago


  • The Brown Martian

    Tulisaaaaa ❤❤👌

  • Argyris Sk
    Argyris Sk Year ago

    She looks like a popstar

  • Linnie Morris
    Linnie Morris Year ago

    Gosh I was so emotional

  • Alexsandra Rain Alisuag

    I luv kelly omg

  • deborah thompson
    deborah thompson Year ago

    i love her

  • prinese love
    prinese love Year ago

    what is the song name

  • Mary Finizio
    Mary Finizio Year ago


  • Kenneth Mabborang

    Tulisa is ssoooooooo! Beautiful!!!

  • Lauren Lumsden
    Lauren Lumsden Year ago +9

    “You know what your size is? SEXY”
    I love Kelly she seems so amazing

  • Barbie Whaley
    Barbie Whaley Year ago

    I love Lascal Woods! He is the Real artist of heart and soul! He made them notice!!!!!

  • Bethlehem
    Bethlehem Year ago

    Can someone tell me what’s the name of the song in 9:35? Thanks

  • Michelle Johnson
    Michelle Johnson Year ago

    he just belted that out

  • Jet mir
    Jet mir Year ago

    Kelly 😍

  • w harrington
    w harrington Year ago +14

    Kelly was always my favorite in Destiny's Child. Always seemed more down to earth.

  • Anamika Dutta
    Anamika Dutta Year ago

    The guy who sang 'Use Somebody' ❤️

  • Tricia Star
    Tricia Star Year ago

    I think that was a really good Kings of Leon cover of "Use Somebody"...

  • Tricia Star
    Tricia Star Year ago

    I didn't think the girls' harmonies sounded bad. I don't think it was necessary to break up the group; but, I do think that maybe that was scripted to showcase the one girl.

  • Ariana Angulo
    Ariana Angulo Year ago +33

    I give credits to the dirty blonde girl who had her hair down from the group twisted bc she seemed like she was actually proud of her friend for having a chance to go back out on stage

    • kash alam
      kash alam Year ago


    • Nok Moyo
      Nok Moyo Year ago +1

      kash alam dirty blonde is a hair color, she didn’t mean that the girl is dirty

  • muslim
    muslim Year ago

    Kelly you are so smart and awesome i love it

  • Boss Bitch
    Boss Bitch Year ago +73

    she's one of the reason why little mix is made and become the biggest girl group of this decade.... Thank You Kelly

    • W
      W 8 months ago +5

      +jessica xian yes but tulisa would not of had them to mentor if it were not for Kelly who said let's put them in a group of 4 rather than 2 groups of 2 even though they all auditioned as soloists

    • jessica xian
      jessica xian 9 months ago +3

      Boss Bitch it was actually tulisa who made little mix the biggest girl group cause she was their mentor

  • Gqran Gitonga
    Gqran Gitonga Year ago +2

    that young girl with dark hair doesn't seem happy for her friend.

  • julio cesar
    julio cesar Year ago

    no puede ser que sean tan hermosa la jurados

  • vines vevo
    vines vevo Year ago

    kelly has men hands

  • خان ابرار

    sir one is kelly but anothar garil what name

  • yacaceres
    yacaceres 2 years ago

    I love Kelly!

  • Nnena Uchendu
    Nnena Uchendu 2 years ago +4

    I love lascel wood

  • roxieb
    roxieb 2 years ago +2

    The guy at the end made me cry to Amazing voice

  • roxxismith
    roxxismith 2 years ago +1

    1:48 Its so cute when Tulisa and Louis fighting to drive

  • PiazzaGurl
    PiazzaGurl 2 years ago +27

    Beautiful what Kelly did for that girl. Giving her a chance to shine. And I love and agreed with Gary, "if they are really your friends, they'll stand behind you". So so very true.
    And Yo that Boy that blew me away with the KOL song!! Holy Bananas!! He brought out the emotion I. that song. Had everyone in Awe.

  • Shreya Choudhury
    Shreya Choudhury 2 years ago +2

    Omg the background music!!! My favorite song, "Happy," by Leona Lewis after the judges voted! 😍😍😍😍😍

  • Marski87 aka Mar
    Marski87 aka Mar 2 years ago +7

    OMG😦 that last performance was extremely inspirational, the men can sing and that's what I call soul singing, unlike the trash you hear on radio today🤗.

  • Holly Dunbar
    Holly Dunbar 2 years ago +2

    the one with Kelly Rowland wen she judged the boy lascel wood Wich episode was that.

  • Louise Abella
    Louise Abella 2 years ago +33

    the girl in the black is not her true friend the two girl is supportive

  • Marsha O
    Marsha O 2 years ago +72

    lol for the girl group that kelly 'rescued' chrissy from, her friends didnt look the least happy or supportive of her at all...

    • Duck Mafia
      Duck Mafia 2 years ago +19

      They're not real friends then.

  • Kiproll
    Kiproll 2 years ago +23

    I do love how that Twisted group said "hello" as a chord better than they actually sang

  • Yatarrie Butler1
    Yatarrie Butler1 2 years ago +42

    Go Kelly Rowland!

  • Danell Marais
    Danell Marais 2 years ago +1

    KELLY!!! OMG

  • James Singson
    James Singson 2 years ago +1

    Fucking Ads....i hate it...Fucckkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  • nae drizzy123
    nae drizzy123 2 years ago

    The group is just like the pussycat dolls one singer shines( Nicole) and the rest does harmony so idk why they act different

  • hot pranks south africa
    hot pranks south africa 2 years ago +1

    people i love the host he real looks humble person to so down to earth

  • nadja mary
    nadja mary 2 years ago

    se tivesse tradução seria ótimo 😘❤

  • mose tuvaifale
    mose tuvaifale 2 years ago +2

    damn....we have so much beautiful voices #BlessingsFromHim

  • Marvel Hasiholan
    Marvel Hasiholan 2 years ago

    what is the last guy singing?

  • boosted
    boosted 2 years ago +34

    lol that girl in the group with the black hair was tighttttt AF about them wanting only that one girl 😂👊🏼

  • Salvador Diaz-Debose
    Salvador Diaz-Debose 2 years ago +30

    The girl in the group Twisted that is wearing black keeps giving me a Maleficent vibe

    • Dirtnap1986
      Dirtnap1986 Year ago +1

      Ooh yes!!!! She got that dark vibe about her. Was giving that girl daggers from the beginning!! Those eyes!

  • Little miss sunshine
    Little miss sunshine 3 years ago +1

    what's name of the song wich played in the end ?

  • thedancinglemon
    thedancinglemon 3 years ago +16

    her face at 12:02 kills me lmao love her

  • Karen
    Karen 3 years ago +8

    i love her, like,i have a huge girl crush on KR. She's slim and shapely and makes me love my slim body when I've struggled so much with loving my body

  • Amy Won
    Amy Won 3 years ago +2

    Kelly nice and pretty

  • Imgonnapointoutlittleshit

    1:19 lmao was not expecting to hear this song xD

  • Emily Rowe
    Emily Rowe 3 years ago

    I'm glad her eyebrows glowed up too

  • Rosalie Ribangcos
    Rosalie Ribangcos 3 years ago

    what's the title of the song on the background of the last contestant pls let me know.. thx

    • Zoya Din
      Zoya Din 3 years ago

      Use Somebody by Kings of Leon I think.

  • mrbluenun
    mrbluenun 3 years ago +6

    And thanks for this upload showing the new judge working with real ‘hands-on’ attitude trying to get this one girl back to the stage even though they, as a group, were voted off, this is dedication, good on you Kelly!

  • Jazzy jka
    Jazzy jka 3 years ago +15

    the last guy almost made me tear up

  • Zara Ash
    Zara Ash 3 years ago +49

    tulisa looks so fricking pretty in that white dress. her look was stunning!

  • Shayne Sim
    Shayne Sim 3 years ago +217

    Kelly what a beautiful exception women. A true treasure. That young black man also absolutely exceptional one of the most genuinely impressive performances and without trying to be impressive. Love that kid

  • Keoshia Combstock
    Keoshia Combstock 3 years ago +7

    I will always love you Kelly

  • ScuderiaFer
    ScuderiaFer 3 years ago +13

    I love Kelly's eyes