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  • Published on Mar 21, 2018
  • Johnny Knoxville stars in the official trailer for Action Point. In theatres 6.1.18.

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    Everyone’s favorite daredevil Johnny Knoxville is back to his hilariously painful antics in the upcoming comedy ACTION POINT. Knoxville stars as D.C., the crackpot owner of a low-rent, out-of-control amusement park where the rides are designed with minimum safety for maximum fun. Just as D.C.’s estranged teenage daughter Boogie comes to visit, a corporate mega-park opens nearby and jeopardizes the future of Action Point. To save his beloved theme park and his relationship with his daughter, D.C. and his loony crew of misfits risk everything to pull out all the stops - and stunts - making for another wild ride from the star of BAD GRANDPA and JACKASS.

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  • Buzz Lightyear
    Buzz Lightyear 3 days ago

    I loved the Jackass movies. Fucking hilarious!! But this movie was pretty shit

  • Buzz Lightyear
    Buzz Lightyear 3 days ago

    I loved the Jackass movies. Fucking hilarious!! But this movie was pretty shit

  • GreenJeep1998
    GreenJeep1998 6 days ago

    I must be tired, For some reason, that old man makeup is making Johnny Knoxville look like Robert Culp as he got near that age?!

  • kisun/кисун
    kisun/кисун 6 days ago

  • tombstone5860
    tombstone5860 7 days ago

    This film was totally underrated! Johnny Knoxville had the most injuries during filming from this film. To think that this was his lowest earning film he was in sucks.

  • Hunnie Mariexx
    Hunnie Mariexx 7 days ago

    I just watched this and it’s so good

  • Android Soundtracks
    Android Soundtracks 12 days ago

    Does John take a lot of drugs in real life? Fuck he looks terrible/

  • Nodel Oliver
    Nodel Oliver 13 days ago

    Absoultly beautiful madness.

  • kez bah
    kez bah 15 days ago

    I feel like this trailer was the whole film haha

  • Eneko Larrakoetxea
    Eneko Larrakoetxea 15 days ago


  • Rebecca Nelson
    Rebecca Nelson 21 day ago

    There's nothing in the world like action park.

  • Asta black
    Asta black Month ago +1

    vine por jacobo wong y no lo vi :(

  • Alejandro Linares
    Alejandro Linares Month ago +1

    Jacobo Wong 🙌🏼

  • Convel Blade
    Convel Blade Month ago

    Basically Jackass is BACK!

  • Michael Kos
    Michael Kos Month ago

    1:57 FLY LIKE A 🌟

  • Lamar Martin
    Lamar Martin Month ago

    I brought all 3 jackass movies cuz of this movie childhood memories

  • stanley
    stanley Month ago


  • JGS Music
    JGS Music Month ago

    I'm not sure what this movie is trying to be... Eh.. I'll pass

  • Philipe Barbosa F 1942

    Esse vai ser top

  • Ally Kayyy
    Ally Kayyy 2 months ago

    Such a shame that kids today are probs like "who the fuck are these guys".... rip. Our generation as 90s kids was LEGITIMATELY cooler. Luxury "Pranks" ain't got shit on these guys.

  • Dumbo trilogy
    Dumbo trilogy 2 months ago +1

    Rated R.

  • Evil Mofo
    Evil Mofo 2 months ago

    Lol I love Johnny!!

  • McDonald Trump
    McDonald Trump 2 months ago

    Same old recycled Hollywood crap.

  • Dannycen Ann Maturan
    Dannycen Ann Maturan 2 months ago +2

    I fucking loved this movie 💕

  • Chenale Gaines
    Chenale Gaines 2 months ago

    Funny movie 3 out of 5

  • SimAdventure
    SimAdventure 2 months ago

    I ❤️

  • Martin Jagl
    Martin Jagl 2 months ago


  • cutie evee 2
    cutie evee 2 2 months ago

    I thought it was going to be based on action park dammit I always wanted an action park movie so I can learn mor about that dangerous amusement park of all time

  • Bobbey3
    Bobbey3 3 months ago

    Action point is Skatopia.

  • Korosu
    Korosu 3 months ago


  • MetroVerse
    MetroVerse 3 months ago

    If Jackass would ever build a theme park, this would be it.

  • Rodolfo Francisco
    Rodolfo Francisco 3 months ago

    Agamoslo en RD @garrrgolax

  • dylan bellerose
    dylan bellerose 3 months ago

    This movie was a lot of fun.

  • Eusuf Ali
    Eusuf Ali 3 months ago

    Qhel free drone

    ANTEHOOD ANTONI1987 4 months ago

    WOW :D

  • Lenin Avila
    Lenin Avila 4 months ago +1

    It’s 2019 and I still haven’t seen this in theaters

  • CZ Period
    CZ Period 4 months ago

    Some people want to tour the set of the Hobbit.
    I want to tour the set of Action Point. And relive some childhood memories......

  • Chris Bower
    Chris Bower 4 months ago

    Action park headass

  • The Groovylmp
    The Groovylmp 4 months ago +2

    0:39 😂

  • vagsz 1
    vagsz 1 5 months ago

    Who is Steve-O ??

  • Hyperboriane
    Hyperboriane 5 months ago

    Johnny knoxville is the real fucking deal

  • Narayana/ Supramati
    Narayana/ Supramati 5 months ago


  • Zacharie Biollo
    Zacharie Biollo 5 months ago

    Wouldn’t expect anything less from the badass that is Johnny Knoxville

    SCO STUDIO 5 months ago

    Wow Johnny still looks the same but a different face Style

  • oppressed kekistani
    oppressed kekistani 5 months ago

    1:17 his shins are gone

  • McKenzie. L Yano
    McKenzie. L Yano 5 months ago

    smoke a hot jane and cool of with this guy

  • Jayden Paul
    Jayden Paul 5 months ago

    ActionPoint/Cedar Point? Seven parks/Six Flags?

  • Roots Man
    Roots Man 5 months ago

    Love u Knoxville

  • Gagu Taba
    Gagu Taba 5 months ago

    i smell Oscar

  • Diva Medusa. Salewski
    Diva Medusa. Salewski 5 months ago

    I love this movie soooo much

  • Ryan M.
    Ryan M. 5 months ago +2

    I need to see this asap

  • Eluwenie Stargazer
    Eluwenie Stargazer 6 months ago +1

    Johnny Knoxville is awesome! This film, "The Ringer" and "Idiocracy" would be the best triple featured films together IMO. Thank you for posting this trailer. Peace!

    • wnerk o
      wnerk o Month ago

      Eluwenie Stargazer seems like the powers that be are wanting the IDIOCRACY Movie to may make people think a little.ITS definitley hard to find.

  • Beef 1982
    Beef 1982 6 months ago

  • Eu quero conhecer Deus!

    Travor??? oO

  • FeaR_Wakanda
    FeaR_Wakanda 6 months ago

    His laugh thou

  • tony montana
    tony montana 6 months ago +1

    Erving zissman??

  • Ethan Nelson
    Ethan Nelson 6 months ago +10

    This movie and park was modeled after Action Park, one of the most dangerous amusement parks ever made. 6 people had to die there before they shut down in the 90’s.

    • riley a
      riley a 2 months ago

      Ethan Nelson haha they actually reopened but changed the name to Mountain Creek Waterpark , i live in the same town and worked there last summer. i grew up here, and a lot of the rides it used to have are still there! it’s definitely a lot better than it used to be and i don’t think a tragic accident has happened since, still a lot of fun!!

  • hypernova 910
    hypernova 910 6 months ago

    too bad its rated r

  • sid carroll
    sid carroll 6 months ago

    Watching it right now its 10 out of 10 hold my beer billy and watch this

  • Seniore Booze
    Seniore Booze 6 months ago

    you guys never get old

  • KLASS podcast
    KLASS podcast 6 months ago

    i miss the 70s and 80s before all the rules and be careful bullshit.just look at the pussies todays society is producing.

  • Barariax Productions
    Barariax Productions 6 months ago

    This trailer seems really goofy compared to the park that it’s based off of, you know, the one where 6 people died and thousands more were injured. Yeah, seems like they wanted to forget that any of that happened.

  • Jules Simard
    Jules Simard 6 months ago

    Is it on

  • Ali Raza Ali Raza
    Ali Raza Ali Raza 6 months ago

    Hello every body.good evening.

  • Abdullah Abdulgapor Huilar

    This fucking excited.

  • florezluza
    florezluza 7 months ago +2

    I'm Johnny knoxville and this is action point

  • GnarlyTaco asf
    GnarlyTaco asf 7 months ago +3

    Imagine Rip Taylor as the older version of D.C.

  • Ciggie43
    Ciggie43 7 months ago +1

    Seeing Party Boy as a lifeguard in this made me smile instantly... I grew up on Jackass, love theese guys :D

  • Chop Up
    Chop Up 7 months ago

    This movie was terrible.

  • noidea
    noidea 7 months ago

    This was actually funny af, couldn’t stop laughing

  • Georgios N. Telas
    Georgios N. Telas 7 months ago

    I didnt expected of course some award winning acting perfomances here...but some scenes are for sure hillarious. Chris Pontius also is playing himself and remains cool as always (and creepy).

  • Ris G
    Ris G 7 months ago

    @ 1:57 when he hit his head on this stunt, that night Johnnys eye would pop out whenever he sneezed.

  • william mckinley
    william mckinley 7 months ago

    Jackass 4?

  • Melben Hondos
    Melben Hondos 7 months ago

    Why i haven't heard of this

  • Tim L
    Tim L 7 months ago

    This movie is kind of pedophileie

  • Ângela Mendes costa
    Ângela Mendes costa 7 months ago

    Vey eu amei esse filme😘💓

  • Mrs Bre
    Mrs Bre 7 months ago +1


  • Naulo Sanchar
    Naulo Sanchar 7 months ago

    Looks funny .. definitely will be watching this movie

  • Lost_ My_Soul
    Lost_ My_Soul 8 months ago

    *that's a lot of damage*

  • Walter White
    Walter White 8 months ago

    Por fin una película decente

    JIMMY 8 months ago

    Johnny knoxville the next Jim Carrey
    What y'all think ?

  • Joseph
    Joseph 8 months ago

    Jackass 4 but kid friendly

  • Marten Dekker
    Marten Dekker 8 months ago

    Completely stupid.

  • Samuel Dillon
    Samuel Dillon 8 months ago

    So what happened to this movie?

  • Senna Rain Master
    Senna Rain Master 8 months ago

    Johnny Knoxville should retire he's too old for this.

    Johnny Knoxville: 1:38

  • jackleef klok
    jackleef klok 8 months ago


  • Sup3r Ry4n
    Sup3r Ry4n 8 months ago

    1:10 That ride is based on Cannonball Falls, a waterslide at Action Park which closed in 2015.

  • Sup3r Ry4n
    Sup3r Ry4n 8 months ago +1

    The name of the film is a mix of Action Park and Cedar Point.

  • Sup3r Ry4n
    Sup3r Ry4n 8 months ago

    Injuries he suffered:
    4 concussions, a broken hand, a busted maniscus, whiplash, stitches over the right eye, lost 3 teeth, and broke his left eye socket.

  • ImInnuendo
    ImInnuendo 8 months ago

    Jackass #4

  • M1zzu q
    M1zzu q 8 months ago

    You had me at Excitement Enema.

  • uh4ck3d
    uh4ck3d 8 months ago


  • George MacDonald
    George MacDonald 8 months ago

    absolute shit.

  • Dylan
    Dylan 8 months ago

    Anyone else see Johnny Knoxville as a great Joker with his build, laugh, and voice?

  • Kayshawn Whitehead
    Kayshawn Whitehead 8 months ago

    Is this like bad grandpa , where the some people really don't know what's going on? Or is it 100% movie scripted

  • Bridgejones08
    Bridgejones08 8 months ago

    The critics have slammed this movie, it was released over here last night so i went to see it, the ticket guy told us we would probably have the cinema to our selves, as there was little advertising done for the movie, sure enough we were the only two in the whole cinema, shame as i really enjoyed the movie, i do think you have to be a Jackass fan to appreciate it, it had some funny moments.

  • K0a
    K0a 8 months ago

    It's nice seeing another funny movie by the jackass stars! But what we really need right now is another jackass movie! Jackass 4 in dedication of Ryan.

  • victor ARias R
    victor ARias R 8 months ago

    HERE'S JONNY!!!!!

  • Kid Andas
    Kid Andas 8 months ago

    Why am I just seeing this now!!!!!!

  • Andy P
    Andy P 8 months ago

    I though this was going to be the next Titanic but instead it was a flop I loved it by the way