The Entire Emperor Palpatine Story Explained

  • The Emperor has long loomed over the Star Wars saga. Sometimes, he’s manipulated events from the shadows. Other times, he’s stepped onto the screen and shocked audiences with his crazy powers. From his days as an apprentice to his appearance in Episode IX, here’s the entire Emperor Palpatine story.
    Sheev Palpatine, the man who would become a Sith Lord and the galactic emperor, was born on the planet Naboo. According to the novel Darth Plagueis, young Palpatine first discovered the temptation of the Dark Side of the Force while collecting Sith artifacts. As a young man he met Plagueis. The encounter led Palpatine to kill his entire family and dedicate himself to becoming Darth Plagueis' Sith apprentice. As a result, Plagueis gave him the name of Darth Sidious.
    Like Plagueis before him, Sidious carefully maintained his non-Sith identity as Sheev Palpatine, and he became active in politics on Naboo. He rose in rank to become a senator after secretly arranging the assassination of his predecessor, representing Naboo in the Galactic Senate. He remained in that position for years, methodically working to accumulate more power, gaining strength both politically and in the Dark Side.
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    Palpatine's early years | 0:16
    The Phantom Menace himself | 1:04
    Master manipulator | 1:39
    The clones attack | 2:27
    Temptation of the Sith | 3:12
    The Emperor rises | 4:07
    A new hope | 4:54
    The hunt for Skywalker | 5:55
    The second Death Star | 6:42
    Making Luke choose | 7:37
    The Emperor rises...again! | 8:42
    Like Emperor, like granddaughter | 9:27

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  • Looper
    Looper  3 months ago +193

    What would you want the next Star Wars movie to be about?

    • King Hyperion 8
      King Hyperion 8 8 days ago

      The old republic

    • Ray Man
      Ray Man Month ago

      When Anakin turned into Lord Vader they should’ve been a movie showing how bad ass Vader really was...

    • Mystic rayquaza
      Mystic rayquaza Month ago

      How about a thing like the first 3 episode reboots

    • XCS8000
      XCS8000 Month ago

      Origins: The Sith & The Jedi

    • steven jones
      steven jones Month ago

      Looper All dark side.

  • UsEliteSki
    UsEliteSki 4 days ago

    it all makes sense and is awesome until episode 9....

  • Phe Soi
    Phe Soi 5 days ago

    Dew it

  • Shaun Hughes
    Shaun Hughes 6 days ago

    We need a movie about Obi wan Kenobi .

  • Vlad Vlaovic
    Vlad Vlaovic 6 days ago

    Shall I become a senator. Why? *Big L is a consul of Rome* 🎰

    JUNGO 7 days ago

    GOD!!!!!!!!!!!! why do we have so many idiots decide to retell a already told viral videos by yet another idiots?!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jake Alter
    Jake Alter 7 days ago

    You’re missing a few things, like fighting yoda in the senate hall

  • CrispyCrinkle
    CrispyCrinkle 9 days ago

    He goes by many names

    Darth sidious
    The Emperor
    Emporer Palpatine

  • TheLasVegasElite
    TheLasVegasElite 9 days ago +1

    The emperor’s death we witnessed as kids just got written off with no imagination.
    So poor

  • THE BOSS of pirates
    THE BOSS of pirates 13 days ago

    There should be a new movie called star wars the rise of sheev palpatine

  • TaySwis
    TaySwis 14 days ago +2

    "Literally disarmed Dooku" haha

  • Dan Noir
    Dan Noir 15 days ago

    Title should be "an intro of a couple of sentences that may be news followed by everything you saw in the movies unless you have debilitating narcolepsy"... Now to find the one I was actually looking for

  • Darth Gerald: A Star Wars Channel

    Thanks for putting that together. I’d like to see them do a canon Plagueis novel though. I’m just starting my channel. Hope to be as good as this one day.

  • Vlad Vlaovic
    Vlad Vlaovic 20 days ago

    Different types of law fuckstick
    Wrong thing... CYBER

  • The Emperor
    The Emperor 23 days ago

    Glad to see people are takeing an interest in my life I worked so hard to get where I am......... WAIT I DIE?????!!!!!

  • EngineofSoviet
    EngineofSoviet 27 days ago +4

    Anakin: I have killed palpatine and restore peace yay
    Disney: Let ruin this man's career by revive palpatine

  • Old School_27
    Old School_27 Month ago

    Execute Order 66

  • Shanard Smith
    Shanard Smith Month ago

    Makes me almost wanna watch star wars

  • C Smith
    C Smith Month ago

    So which Palpatine was most strongest
    1) The senate
    2) The Emperor
    3) All the Sith

  • Star Wars. The Rise Of Trump

    Funny Trump Star Wars Parody

  • Star Wars. The Rise Of Trump

    I found the real Palpatine

  • tony fendex
    tony fendex Month ago +1

    You really screwed up, or contaminated this video with the DISNEY GARBAGE/CRAP, precisely where I stopped watching it.

  • Matthew Apodaca
    Matthew Apodaca Month ago

    The fact that Padme for being a senator and being pretty smart how could she be blind enough to not see after when Palpatine was elected chancellor that he clearly manipulated her so that he could gain that position🤦🏽‍♀️

  • Emperor Sheev Palpatine

    I'm popular!

  • Kent Wong
    Kent Wong Month ago

    prequel trilogy better than the new trilogy. facts.

    DUNKC1TY Month ago

    The last 5 minutes doesn’t matter

  • Our #1 Pewdiepie
    Our #1 Pewdiepie Month ago

    That Phineas and Ferb reference came out of nothing i got nostalgic there.

  • What/the/blazes Secret agent

    he was good in inspector morse, plus there is a really good connection to this video

  • Sheev Palpatine
    Sheev Palpatine Month ago +1

    Well thank you guys

  • eric dietz
    eric dietz Month ago

    Most sith had NO patience for anything and anyone. Many dark side users, including the sith are their own worst enemies. The dark side can turn you into a deadly animal.. a killing machine who often will charge into battle to kill anyone and everyone. (Like the jedi, but a lot less restraint!) But many sith get themselves killed, mailed and or injured too often. There aren't very many "good looking" sith. They lose a lot of body parts. look at annakin. By the time he becomes vader he lost all of his origional limbs! (mostly)

  • Eric Bywaters
    Eric Bywaters Month ago

    Karry fragment oh karry fragment you say to much

  • Eric Bywaters
    Eric Bywaters Month ago

    Karry fragment oh karry fragment the dog

  • liquidreven
    liquidreven Month ago

    Since Palpatine is moving his soul with every other sith into new bodies, does this mean palpatine was just a host as well for all the sith souls? Maybe he’s actually Vitiate? I know he’s not cannon but maybe it’s a version of him

  • Triphlikesmemes
    Triphlikesmemes Month ago

    Here's a thought. Vader died so soon because Palpatine sucked a bit of his life force out of him, hid in the wreckage of the Death Star, and his followers found him. Boom, done.

  • Sanju YT
    Sanju YT Month ago

    7:02 killed me.

  • emperor palpatine
    emperor palpatine Month ago

    Knowledge of me you may have,
    BUT POWER you do not have

  • L B
    L B Month ago

    You didn't explain the main part: how palpatine had a kid.

  • Alan Rose
    Alan Rose Month ago

    Bringing the Emperor back just seems cheap

  • Alan Rose
    Alan Rose Month ago

    I just stopped watching at 8:42

  • Coolcatlover69
    Coolcatlover69 2 months ago


  • Bobby Evers
    Bobby Evers 2 months ago

    An ad every two minutes? Cool.

  • Dose Refugees
    Dose Refugees 2 months ago

    Was hoping for him to stop his lightening force attack and charge at Rey with his lightsaber for a masterpiece final duel. It would have been the mother of all duels where we finally see Darth Sidious' in full strength. But no.

  • Palpatine McSenateFace
    Palpatine McSenateFace 2 months ago

    Darth Plagueis novel isn't part of the Disney timeline

  • edward casey
    edward casey 2 months ago

    Didn’t you do a video before this about how count doku was a double agent ? I could be wrong . I never read the books but I own all movies up to before Disney

  • kel2580
    kel2580 2 months ago

    Of course he revealed himself.

  • Michael Knight
    Michael Knight 2 months ago

    Maul wasn't Palpatines apprentice. He was trained by a droid and only say Palpatine on occasion. He was used like a tool for certain jobs. He was never taught the true nature of the dark side or the teachings of the sith. Still a great character though

  • Cristian Mancillas
    Cristian Mancillas 2 months ago

    Damn Obi was basically a bad ass huh

  • waterop4
    waterop4 2 months ago

    George Soros is Palpatine.

  • Clone trooper
    Clone trooper 2 months ago


  • Clone trooper
    Clone trooper 2 months ago

    IT wil be done my lord

  • Marc Spector
    Marc Spector 2 months ago +1

    Am I the only one who noticed the faux pas in the vid regarding Vader’s “first betrayal”?? Vader literally went to Palpatine & asked for permission to let Luke & the rebels land. There was nothing sneaky about it.

  • AndyPutt1
    AndyPutt1 2 months ago

    So in short.. "a real troublemaker." >_

  • Jasper Gijsman
    Jasper Gijsman 2 months ago

    Darth Maul didn't die.

  • Michael Myers
    Michael Myers 2 months ago

    anakin was played perfetlly

    • James Gray
      James Gray 2 months ago

      I love pulling my small cock thinking about port man laughing at it and making me smell her vile fart

  • Michael Myers
    Michael Myers 2 months ago

    i know his entire story. muwhhahahaaahaahaaahaa

  • Shane mitchelmore
    Shane mitchelmore 2 months ago +1

    So basically just everything that the films tell you about palpatine

  • Glinkling Smearnops
    Glinkling Smearnops 2 months ago

    Pretty stupid stuff. They killed the franchise, and then expected the public to pay good money watching it. Nope.

  • Red Rose
    Red Rose 2 months ago +1

    Disney killed the whole franchise by adding Palpatine's rise from death

    • James Gray
      James Gray 2 months ago +2

      Jumping on the band wagon is pathetic

  • Darth Titanus
    Darth Titanus 2 months ago

    Looper leave your liberal reverse descriminations out of the Star Wars universe.Saying the word "pastey"only makes you come off as moronish and desperate.Being superior just by having white skin is a good thing,not to be trampled on.

  • Palapatine
    Palapatine 2 months ago

    Don’t expose me like this

  • Mark
    Mark 2 months ago

    honestly, I think Snoke would wipe the floor with Sidious

    • James Gray
      James Gray 2 months ago

      Id would have loved carrie fishers bean sauce all over me

  • Xaeus Borg
    Xaeus Borg 2 months ago

    The Emperor won at the end of SW: EP9.

  • This isn't where I parked my car

    Shut up meg

  • Prehistorik Caveman
    Prehistorik Caveman 2 months ago

    2:27 The clones attack?? Or attack of the clones? LoL

  • Prehistorik Caveman
    Prehistorik Caveman 2 months ago +6

    Here is the end of his story:At the end of Episode 6 he dies... The end... the mouse trilogy is non-canon

  • TomTom651
    TomTom651 2 months ago

    saying “unhanded” would’ve been better than unarmed

  • DK x Mace
    DK x Mace 2 months ago

    If Disney wanted to redeem themselves they could start an entirely new Star Wars story in a different period.
    Forward preferably, so the senate can be used as the running gag villain that is god-like and yet is so easily defeated.

  • MaybeJohnny
    MaybeJohnny 2 months ago

    If palpatine never had sex he would not have been defeated

  • Bill Holt
    Bill Holt 2 months ago

    Too complicated - and LONG - for me!

  • Felipe Calderon
    Felipe Calderon 2 months ago

    long story short: He dies at the end....or did he?

  • C Smith
    C Smith 2 months ago +88

    Episode one: Chancellor
    Episode two: supreme chancellor
    Episode three: the senate
    Episode four to six: The emperor
    Episode nine: All the Sith

  • SkaterBlades
    SkaterBlades 2 months ago

    It's not yoda, mace windu, obi wan or anakin that killed him
    It's Mary Rey Sue

  • Ricky Castle
    Ricky Castle 2 months ago

    Screw Disney Trilogy...Star Wars Skywalker saga ended in ROTJ.
    Vader killed Palpatine, destroyed the sith brought balance to the force. Period

  • Elle Renaldo
    Elle Renaldo 2 months ago

    palpatine is the best!

  • Gary Potocki
    Gary Potocki 2 months ago

    He always reminded Me of the Ex Family Matriarch for years.

  • Jack Black
    Jack Black 2 months ago

    We always thought SW was about Anakin’s rise and fall... however, with all the pieces now in place, it’s always been about Palpatine! Wow! Can’t blame the sequels, either. The prequels follow Palpatine’s story more than, if not just as much as Anakin’s.

  • Cayleb
    Cayleb 2 months ago

    Best character ever

  • Traian Daoaga
    Traian Daoaga 2 months ago

    So how did palpatine bang...just asking

  • Traian Daoaga
    Traian Daoaga 2 months ago

    Theres an old saying
    Every body's jedi till the 501st come knocking
    If your an star wars fan youl get that

  • Traian Daoaga
    Traian Daoaga 2 months ago

    He shocks the audience
    Ha puns