In Defense Of Ravenclaw

  • Published on Aug 15, 2019
  • Today Ben dives into the Wizarding World of Harry Potter to defend the very misrepresented House of Ravenclaw! #BringBackTheBronze #RemoveTheRaven
    Ravens using Logic ::
    Edited by: Scott Niswander

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Comments • 7 574

  • SuperCarlinBrothers
    SuperCarlinBrothers  Month ago +1965

    How is your house misrepresented??

    • Lillie Rosa
      Lillie Rosa 21 day ago

      hufflepuffs are the best even if people say they aren't?in the fourth book do i see a ravenclaw got chosen for the triwizard championship?? did a gryffindor risk her life for her husband and son and her muggle born father and her disowned pureblood mother?? i think not!

    • Miranda Miskel
      Miranda Miskel Month ago +1

      As a proud Ravenclaw the house animal and the error with the merch is endlessly annoying. I wish it had been the raven to begin with, but since it’s not, it’s infuriating that the wrong bird is everywhere.

    • Kaiden Price
      Kaiden Price Month ago

      @Andrew DiMatteo Oof.

    • Harel Zohar
      Harel Zohar Month ago

      @Edie Henderson Gillard I don't know about you, but I'm a Hufflepuff and me and all my Hufflepuff friends are the absolute worst at finding stuff!

    • Harel Zohar
      Harel Zohar Month ago

      @Youssof Ashraf we are wafflepuffs after all, aren't we?🦡🥞

  • Dimosthenes Nestorides
    Dimosthenes Nestorides 21 minute ago

    DUMBLEDORE!!! THEY HAVE DUMBLEDORE!!! One of the greatest wizards that have ever lived!!!

  • Ellis Johnson
    Ellis Johnson Hour ago

    Raven claw over here

  • KCubing21
    KCubing21 12 hours ago

    I'm a Ravenclaw why do a lot of merchandise get it wrong DEFEND the Ravenclaws!

  • Andrés González
    Andrés González 13 hours ago

    Let’s grab some blue-bronze respect

  • Chris S
    Chris S 18 hours ago

    So Ravenclaw gets the short stick... The shirt you are wearing cuts Hufflepuff out in place of pancakes.

  • Desertfawks
    Desertfawks 18 hours ago

    As a slytherin I have a hard time explaining why slytherin is a good house to people who've only seen the movies and not read the books or visit pottermore.
    It's almost as if I'm telling them I'm a psychopath.

    -So you're proud of being the BAD guy in an imaginary world?
    - Isn't that the house voldemort was in?

  • Prince_Nocturne
    Prince_Nocturne 18 hours ago

    Pottermore put me in slytheryn. Which is dumb, since I'm a ravenclaw. So I think our results got swapped, Ben.
    Also, thank you for coming to the defense of my house. About time someone did.

  • Strange Fun
    Strange Fun 19 hours ago

    I'm a Ravenclaw and the most Ravenclaw thing I have are my Ravenclaw BFFs

  • gaming kiddo
    gaming kiddo 20 hours ago

    Personally, I love Ravens and think they are very underrated. I like that the mascot is seen as a raven. But, I'm not a Ravenclaw so oh well 💀

  • Holly Hartwick
    Holly Hartwick 21 hour ago

    I took the Pottermore test. I should have been put in Ravenclaw, but was put in Gryffindor. I was... less than thrilled. I have an IQ of 133. I love to learn and treasure books. I value wisdom and temperance over valour. How did I get sorted into Gryffindor? The sorting questions are, frankly, terrible. That’s how. It seemed more like a butchered and stripped-down multiphasic personality inventory test. Bad. Bad. BAD!

  • HorseFan4
    HorseFan4 23 hours ago

    THANK YOU! I definitely appreciate the Ravenclaw representation! Also I'ma Ravenclaw.

  • Sarah Hatfield
    Sarah Hatfield Day ago

    Ravenclaw here. One of the issues I have dealt with is that to get into our house we need to answer a riddle...every does that equate? If I am a creative Ravenclaw, as I very well should be, then am I the "Neville" of Ravenclaw or could there be groups of students like me stuck outside the dorm for hours? Missing classes just trying to get at my belongings... I would love proper merch but proper respect to what Ravenclaws are expected to live up to and the fact that not one representing Ravenclaw seems to be able to live up to the expectations. Can anyone imagine Luna, who can't or won't recognize that she is bullied, jovially standing around positing the answer to an intriguing riddle? Much less the fact that somehow Harry got to the diadem without any mention of the riddle he had to answer or basically any mention of riddles except as challenges that are supposed to be most difficult to pass such as for the sorcerer's stone or in the maze. Those riddles we see laid out. I have more to rant on but this is long enough for now.

  • AlexRGP
    AlexRGP Day ago

    I hope rowling sees this then writes a book with a ravenclaw main character
    Oh wait oh god no i dont

  • Xin Marshall
    Xin Marshall Day ago

    Just checking, did you google "Pottermore Quiz all questions"? Because Pottermore doesn't show you all of them, and depending on which ones it leaves out it can drastically affect your placement (as well as giving you a percentage for how much you belong in each one). I was initially sorted into Slytherin, the least (55%) likely of the Houses, when I am a proud Ravenclaw (88%)!

  • Kassi Larios
    Kassi Larios Day ago

    I went on a trip with a school group, it was a senior trip before graduation, to Universal studios in LA. When I bought my ravenclaw scarf I was slightly miffed, because it is blue and grey/silver stripped. And of course, since it was for the movies specifically it would be like the movie portrayed it, but I was still upsetty

  • Deanna Natale
    Deanna Natale Day ago

    Don't forget about Mr. Olivander, he was a good Ravenclaw

  • Janell Siens
    Janell Siens Day ago

    Hufflepuff. People think we're not a good House, that we're gullible and foolish. We are awesome! Loyalty kindness abounds

  • Avital Lichtenfeld

    YEEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSS!!!!!!!! As a proud Ravenclaw, I wholeheartedly agree with all of this, and I'm so happy you're finally giving our problems recognition! Actually, my Ravenclaw friends and I have been complaining about the misrepresentation of our symbols for years, so I'm glad more people are noticing!

  • Inventory Full Studios

    And now I have to sell all my blue and silver house merch.

  • Salem the Bat Cat
    Salem the Bat Cat 2 days ago +1

    Hufflepuff: Breaths
    All the other houses: oH mY gOd HuFfLePuFf Is So BoRiNg

  • Miranda Farmer
    Miranda Farmer 2 days ago

    I have never actually bought Ravenclaw merchandise sense it’s all wrong.

  • Julehisanvhi
    Julehisanvhi 2 days ago

    I'm a Ravenclaw, but I prefer the red and gold scheme of Gryffindor, but I'd rather be an eagle than lion.

  • Lilli-jaye Lawson
    Lilli-jaye Lawson 2 days ago


  • Rosie Pear
    Rosie Pear 2 days ago

    I'm a Slytherin dating a Ravenclaw and as I watch this, I'm seeing why he's a Ravenclaw

  • Lea thing
    Lea thing 2 days ago

    Now I wonder if Ben is a critter...

  • Sparkly Mop
    Sparkly Mop 2 days ago +2

    Ah yes. My favorite animals.
    The Lion, Snake, Eagle, and Stack o Pancake

  • Brian Trester
    Brian Trester 2 days ago

    Professor: What House are You in?

    I am groot......

    I know your name what House are you in ....

    I am Groot!

    Professor : ok lets start this again.. Your name...

    I am groot

    and your house is....


    ProFessor Nooo thats not even a House!!!!

  • Wendy Jones
    Wendy Jones 2 days ago

    I am sorry to disagree ,but Luna Lovegood is a great representative for Ravenclaw...Her wisdom is not conventional .. but she is wise in many ways...

  • celticwolff
    celticwolff 2 days ago

    When Netflix/Hulu/Amazon remakes the books into a series hopefully this will be corrected.

  • Galaxy Girl
    Galaxy Girl 2 days ago

    im a slotherin

  • jbjnkns1
    jbjnkns1 3 days ago

    Fun fact: Even the raven on the Ravenclaw merch is incorrect as ravens don't have yellow legs....

  • Regal Peter's
    Regal Peter's 3 days ago +1

    Raven means black. Eagles have black claws. Which is why ITS AN EAGLE AND SHOULD ALWAYS BE AN EAGLE

  • Cai Ouellet
    Cai Ouellet 3 days ago

    Yeah, I’m a Hufflepuff and proud, and we used to get a terrible reputation. Not as much anymore, but it’s still not the best. Hufflepuffs are awesome and I’m proud to be one.

  • Nerdonis
    Nerdonis 3 days ago

    Luna is the perfect Ravenclaw to be introduced when she is. Up until that point, the only real reference to Ravenclaw paints them as boring bookish nerds, where Luna provides a delightful counterweight to that which actually gives the concept of being a Ravenclaw a lot more depth. Anyone who would argue that Hermione is truly a Ravenclaw clearly misunderstands the house completely and Luna is the epitome of that.

    It isn't that you care about studying and getting good grades. Theoretically most of the students at Hogwarts fit in that bucket to some level. Ravenclaws seek out information not because it's on the syllabus, but because it is worth seeking out for its own merit. Whereas Hermione very clearly wants teachers to determine her future and scholarly focus, the Ravenclaw page on Pottermore references sitting in a corner, cracking eggs, and trying to read the future just to see if you can (and that you'll probably be joined by your house mates),

    Ravenclaws aren't the bookish ones, they are the inventors and the painters and the dreamers of the wizarding world. You pick something and devote yourself to it. Lockhart chose memory charms and being the biggest d-bag possible. Nailed it. Trelawney picked divination and actually managed to come through every once in a while. Quirrell is interesting partially because he sought Voldemort specifically because he was curious and felt unappreciated. Part of this was a desire for knowledge from the darkest wizard of the age. This leads to a possible conclusion that Quirrell saw information and knowledge as being untethered to the concepts of good or evil which, for the kind of things Voldemort knew, was a pretty major departure from standard logic.

    But that's the point. What makes sense to the rest of the world doesn't necessarily line up with how Ravenclaws view the world. They are free thinkers and the truest pioneers of the wizarding world. Sure, Luna shows up late, but her inclusion in the cast was the best example of what a Ravenclaw should strive to be. Intelligent and dedicated, but above all, creative.

  • wutyoface wutyoface
    wutyoface wutyoface 3 days ago

    I just did the quiz and it put into Slytherin lol

  • Aymun Ahmed
    Aymun Ahmed 4 days ago

    as a floridian i can definitely say that iguanas are basically florida squirrels

  • Dean Scapolo
    Dean Scapolo 4 days ago

    I've been sorted 3 times. First into Ravenclaw, second into Slytherin, and third into Gryffindor. So heaven knows where I belong. However, if anyone asks, I tell them Ravenclaw. It fits me better.
    Unfortunately when building the HP Lego sets, Ravenclaw is usually depicted as Blue and Grey, as they don't have bronze lego, but they do have something close: Copper, though it is rarely used, I guess you could also use Mid-skin tone.
    My scarf is Blue and grey though, and yes, it would be nice to have it represented properly. All my new editions have the eagle and the 2nd and 3rd books are blue-bronze.

  • Daniela C Lovera Teixeira

    Maybe I'm not a true Revenclaw, I just realized all the merch I own has a raven on it, just a two exceptions that were purchased in London at the Harry Potter Park. 😟😟😟

  • J Hines
    J Hines 4 days ago

    Finding good Ravenclaw merch is impossible. Even inaccurate merch tends to be just.. unpleasant to look at. I visited every shop in Universal Studios and periodically scan Amazon.
    Nothing. Not even a decent looking mug. And I have a mug shaped like James Kirk. I'm not asking for that much.

  • Daniela C Lovera Teixeira

    Finally someone said it!

  • David Caudill
    David Caudill 5 days ago

    Oh my God all this over a fictional movie

  • hp lover
    hp lover 5 days ago

    I totally agree✨💙

  • Amazingly Audrey
    Amazingly Audrey 5 days ago

    So I see a lot of hufflepuffs complaining about how ravenclaws should be glad their house isn’t represented by pancakes and I feel the need to speak up. The hufflepuffs saying things like that are the hufflepuffs that are just proving the common hufflepuff stereotype. If you aren’t strong enough to handle the one single piece of merch from one single TVclipr, then that stereotype is being proven. The ravenclawd have been completely misrepresented ever since the first movie came out, while every house (including hufflepuff) all had the correct colors and mascot. Every house has stereotypes and I hate every single one of them, but in this comment section, you can see hufflepuffs complaining about the stereotypes and proving them in the same comment.

  • Amazingly Audrey
    Amazingly Audrey 5 days ago

    #RemovetheRaven !!!
    #BringBacktheBronze !!!

  • Izz Bizz
    Izz Bizz 5 days ago


  • Amanda Coppe
    Amanda Coppe 5 days ago


  • Amanda Coppe
    Amanda Coppe 5 days ago +1

    "We wouldn't mistreat you ravenclaw, look, an eagle!"
    Me:But you would mistreat hufflepuff?

  • Eternal Shadow
    Eternal Shadow 5 days ago

    I noticed the pancakes on your shirt for the Hufflepuff house. So I feel it's my duty to do the real Hufflepuff thing and say that is not completely correct your missing the Butterbeer to go along with them.

  • Everyone's Favourite non-French Baguette

    I'm a Ravenclaw! I totally agree. I just want the bronze, please!

    Edit: Sorry for being a Ravenclaw, but Florida has plenty of squirrels

  • M H
    M H 6 days ago

    As a Ravenclaw, I prefer the Raven. Why? Because as you pointed out it is more logical and accurate that Rowena would like Ravens for their intelligence than randomly picking the Eagle

  • Shadow 3D
    Shadow 3D 6 days ago +1

    I was a Ravenclaw but i have retaken the Pottermore quiz and i found out that i changed now im a Slytherin and im happy either way.

  • ViewyEvening 87
    ViewyEvening 87 6 days ago

    Iguanas are basically squirrels florrida -SCB 2019

  • CaptainMoony3
    CaptainMoony3 6 days ago

    As a Ravenclaw I'm not even that mad about the Raven and the colour. But I would love to get some more recognition and definitely more merchandise. It got better over the years but for example at Primark in 2012 you could get a Gryffindor shirts, sometimes you would find a Slytherin shirt, with lots of luck there was a Hufflepuff shirt, but never have I seen a Ravenclaw shirt there until they made a whole section for Harry Potter clothes...

  • smokenhotttriplet
    smokenhotttriplet 6 days ago

    THANK YOU! As a ravenclaw, I have had so much trouble trying to find any merch with book colors (even ignore the whole raven/eagle thing) and I appreciate that someone is willing to point out the injustice ❤

  • Tim McClelland
    Tim McClelland 6 days ago

    Maybe the next series/movie/book will be a ravinclaw hero villain that would be sweet

  • Cami Lovegood
    Cami Lovegood 7 days ago

    Thank you!!!!!!!!

  • MarkDavidson / M__ZIME - GB&NI

    Deleted scene Lockhart?!!!

  • Commander Bacara
    Commander Bacara 7 days ago


  • Grassstripe Videos
    Grassstripe Videos 7 days ago

    Hufflepuffs need more respect than being pancakes!!! I’m boycotting you guys!!!