Deutsche Bank now 'more optimistic' about Brexit

  • Published on Apr 20, 2017
  • Oliver Harvey is a foreign exchange strategist at Deutsche Bank. Earlier this week he said the election was a "game-changer" for the pound, and he joins Ian King to discuss the future of sterling amid a general election and Brexit.
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Comments • 11

  • Peter Doodson
    Peter Doodson 2 years ago +2

    Think the guy is whistling in the wind if he thinks the UK will stay in single market or the customs union. Both will happen because if May gives any indication that will not happen the will lose the election.

  • OdiumDei2
    OdiumDei2 2 years ago +2

    Almost everybody agrees that a comprehensive trade deal cannot be negotiated in 18 months. But if May wants to go into a "transition period" after April 2019 she should be a lot more open about it. The way she has communicated until now was Brexit will be done by April 2019, with a new deal or without one (=WTO). If she keeps that rhetoric and still drags Britain into a transition after 2019, which means more EU Immigration, more EU payments and so on, i think British voters would "not be amused" with that outcome.

    • Raisa Rock
      Raisa Rock 2 years ago +1

      And plus the Southern and Eastern European countries with their economic difficulties would largely benefit from having additional automotive industry jobs... -- Just saying, Brexit vote was political, so is the EU negotiating position.

    • Vernon Stradling
      Vernon Stradling 2 years ago

      Raisa Rock No need to be rude. I don't think it's likely but it's definitely possible. It's what the EU would do if they had any sense ...

    • Vernon Stradling
      Vernon Stradling 2 years ago

      A comprehensive trade deal certainly can be negotiated in 18 months, in fact it could be done in 18 minutes. All that is required is for the EU to agree to keep the existing arrangements in place. Whether they'll have the sense to do that is another matter.

  • weeddegree
    weeddegree 2 years ago

    oh wait they all lied... shock... đŸ˜’

  • Evolution of Everything
    Evolution of Everything 2 years ago +1

    if financial markets are 'optimistic' about brexit it means we are fucked. Only when they are scared shitless can we be sure we're actually getting the brexit that we wanted.

  • Channel Brexit
    Channel Brexit 2 years ago +1

    Wishful thinking from Remoaners, wait for the Tory Manifesto

  • Ricardo Lanzini
    Ricardo Lanzini 2 years ago +1

    FVCK the Tories!

  • Graham Ellis
    Graham Ellis 2 years ago +5

    if that's the case the electorate have been sold down the river. There's no suprise there the matrix continues there's no escape.

  • SHEEPY 14842
    SHEEPY 14842 2 years ago +1

    ja ja hanswurst