Dr Phil ANNIHILATES spoiled Teen!! Dr Phil #9

  • Published on Dec 25, 2018
  • Dr Phil Madison teen spoiled brat funny moments epic compilation
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Comments • 100 567

  • _Hypurr_ Wolvezz_

    Felix, would you marry dr Phil?

  • Jerbeardino
    Jerbeardino Day ago

    Pews:so you have problem with child eh? Me: so your a fello Canadian eh?

  • Che Boiz
    Che Boiz Day ago

    Where’s her chin 😂

  • Zander Castleman
    Zander Castleman Day ago +1

    I swear this girl would take her phone over the damn world ending.

  • BnGbros123
    BnGbros123 Day ago +1

    That nine year old better be subbed to pewds.

  • Minewolf360
    Minewolf360 Day ago

    13 yo : steal car 30 times
    Me : Ok, just remove fuses from the car

  • rosemarie cariera

    I swear if that 13 year old was my kid and I was the dad I would beat the crap out of her and I wouldn't care if it was illegal because just look at her, she fri king whipped her dad when he was trying to protect her. Leave a like if u agree

  • Jack Andres
    Jack Andres Day ago


    Doctor Phil’s an asshole


    I guess i witness the worst teens in America

  • Fizz
    Fizz Day ago

    Ok if I did you know I be slapppppppppppeeddd

  • SpinningKarwick
    SpinningKarwick Day ago


  • kitty love You!!
    kitty love You!! Day ago +1

    dAmN if i did that to my parents i would get a tsinelas spank 😂

  • Marley Laplaca
    Marley Laplaca Day ago

    This is so messed up wtf..... "Lets force our kids to go onto a popular show to publicly embarrass them and scare the shit out of them by abducting them at like 3 am in the morning" lmao 11/10 fucking parenting skills am i right ladys and gents?

  • Maria Marenco
    Maria Marenco Day ago

    12:10 when you stub your toe on a door

  • juan rivera
    juan rivera Day ago

    Rekt in peace

  • Maria Luíza
    Maria Luíza Day ago

    im confused

  • Alliance of Monarchy’s

    She can’t even speak English with grammar

    ZACUZ Day ago

    I would also be scared of a 9 year old.

  • WhyEXE
    WhyEXE Day ago

    Once my kid turns 13, I'm dumping them on the street.

  • Neon Glow
    Neon Glow Day ago +1

    pewdiepie donate to Ninjas stream put under it as the message sub to pewdes

  • Katherine 299
    Katherine 299 Day ago

    They just need a mf cinturón and the chancla with foreign parents

  • Andrew Norris
    Andrew Norris Day ago

    If I yelled at my dad then he would build a time machine to wear a condom just so I would not be born

  • Aleksandrs Ivannikovs

    ahahaa this one is GOOD xD xD

  • The DrScully
    The DrScully Day ago

    6:20 "I love him, love him so much

  • Yo Mama
    Yo Mama Day ago

    If I yelled at my parents I'd get round house kicked in the face, and I'd deserve it too.
    Also the dads a little bitch.

  • Evan Russell
    Evan Russell Day ago

    Well without the melenials you would not get no views so be thankful. Lol

  • Fernando Ramirez
    Fernando Ramirez Day ago +1

    If i would have wat da 13 year old did

    My father would have smack da shit out of me

  • Jesse 999
    Jesse 999 Day ago +1

    Pewdiepie+scrubby would make a good video

  • •S T A R G A Z E R •

    Therapy? HAHAHA NO
    Broadcasting children’s problems on popular television against their will? Frick that’s the best idea ever!!!

  • GetSwoosh’d
    GetSwoosh’d Day ago

    4:39 me tryna go supersaian (sorry if I spelt that wrong I don’t watch anime)

  • GetSwoosh’d
    GetSwoosh’d Day ago

    Phil got BINGD

  • John Shapiro
    John Shapiro Day ago


  • Big Tubby
    Big Tubby Day ago

    Omegersh phill is a F*** savage

  • NathN beasty Arvizu

    This is why we dont win wars anymore because we have pussys like this that enlist in the army

  • NathN beasty Arvizu

    If I had children like this I don't give a fuck I'm beating the shit out of them and taking them to boot camp

  • Ghostly Circle56

    That girl is me on Mondays

  • JRC Milkz
    JRC Milkz Day ago

    me:gets a B on a test
    Parents: GET THE RANCH!!!

  • cliff foy
    cliff foy Day ago +1

    Literally No one:
    Pyro: PeWdIEpIE StOlE mY iDeA

  • Flyte
    Flyte Day ago

    I my daughter did this im gonna throw her out of my house i dont want bitches in my house

  • Sadie McClendon
    Sadie McClendon Day ago

    Madison:(sobbing) wheeeeerrrrrs my phonnnneeee
    (with BRITISH accent) meanwhile inside

  • Paquito AZ
    Paquito AZ Day ago


  • justin mooney
    justin mooney Day ago +1

    my mom: you missed a class your going f**king die on the streets
    me: ok
    teacher: your grades are depleting
    me: I thought they already were

  • It's Me
    It's Me Day ago

    4:45 me when there's no food

  • insert edgy joke

    12:11 That girl is about to go ssj3

  • Ignantius Silva
    Ignantius Silva 2 days ago

    If I did this I would literally be a red stain on the floor

  • Bruno Lab
    Bruno Lab 2 days ago


  • Terminating Terc
    Terminating Terc 2 days ago

    11:00 gfuel problem solve

  • switch swipe 24 the gamer

    12 YEAR OLD: DERPTY DERRRRRRRRR DR PHIL: I now am prounouncing you have autism

  • Dylan Cary
    Dylan Cary 2 days ago +2

    Ima bouta download tuber simulator
    Like if u already have

  • Miku Hatsune
    Miku Hatsune 2 days ago +1

    You're talking about the 15-year old, but the 13-year old is the REAL problem.

  • Joelle Anderson
    Joelle Anderson 2 days ago

    When the kid beats the parent with the belt

  • Thomas McCormack
    Thomas McCormack 2 days ago

    cach me ousaid hou bout dat

  • Lower H250
    Lower H250 2 days ago

    if child abuse wasnt a crime they would beat the ever living hell out of her

  • Natalie Staheli
    Natalie Staheli 2 days ago

    The mom was signing the paper for Madison to go to the treatment program! Not the Dr, Phil show!

  • Curious Toast
    Curious Toast 2 days ago +1


  • Alya Ali
    Alya Ali 2 days ago

    My PhOnE?!? WhY cAnT I HaVe My PhONe?!!

  • Jason the Power Ranger
    Jason the Power Ranger 2 days ago +1

    What happens:
    Daughter: I hate you and never want to see you again *REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE*
    Dad: ok. I'm scared. Bye.
    What should actually happen:
    Daughter: Cyka blyat!

  • Automatic Detention
    Automatic Detention 2 days ago

    Her dad looks like Christian Van Koenigsegg

  • random titen
    random titen 2 days ago

    If i did this to my parent i would be 6 feet under out of reality


  • Magnus Jepsen Hyldtoft

    se needs to go to a metal hospital

  • Blah_blah Blah_blah
    Blah_blah Blah_blah 2 days ago

    Pewdiepie is our lord, sub to pewds

  • Kayla Warren
    Kayla Warren 2 days ago

    I kinda got a little upset. They woke her up at 3 am to go on a tv show. They promised her she could be with her sister and then tell her that her sister will not be there and she is going away to rehab. It was partly the parent's faults for not punishing her actions. Then maybe she would actually be a better person. Ground her from her phone, not locking yourself in your room out of fear she will murder you!

  • Calleigh
    Calleigh 2 days ago +3

    why does madison look like she just got her wisdom teeth taken out ?💀

  • Kayla Warren
    Kayla Warren 2 days ago +1

    Where my Gen-Z at?!

  • Trish B
    Trish B 2 days ago

    why would you listen to your child when they're SCREAMING at you out of hate and not self protection. if i screamed at both my parents like that i'd get the belt.

  • mad zombie
    mad zombie 2 days ago

    i know how to pick a lock

  • Scarlet witch
    Scarlet witch 2 days ago

    Dammmm doctor Phil is your a SAvEge

  • nathaniel_c63
    nathaniel_c63 2 days ago

    I don’t think he realizes like 50% of his viewers see his videos on their phones

  • TMGCuber !
    TMGCuber ! 2 days ago +1

    Dude even some prisoners dont stoop that low

  • Julius Schmidt
    Julius Schmidt 2 days ago

    Congrats to Dr. Phil for being an absolute mad lad