Dr Phil ANNIHILATES spoiled Teen!! Dr Phil #9

  • Published on Dec 25, 2018
  • Dr Phil Madison teen spoiled brat funny moments epic compilation
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Comments • 106 931

  • TMNGC Anthony
    TMNGC Anthony 10 minutes ago

    Soldier retires just to live in fear of a nine year old

  • Sigi
    Sigi 14 minutes ago

    Awesome videos, Pewdiepie. ^~^ Hm.. I don't want to sound like I'm backing up the children but the parents seem too delusional and weak willed to be parents. I wonder if ever in their life they have read any book on parenting or something...or what their IQ is........ You can't treat your children like things, they are smart and won't listen just cause you yell at them something or whine, they need logical reasoning and inner strength and to see that u r not just bossing around but know what u r talking about and make sure to tell them the further scenario if they continue on with something. Cause children or teenagers not all are able to think how their actions might affect their future, while the parents could, cause they have seen more to life and how things turn out. And the parents should respect their children as well, not just demand their respect.. Appearing like a victim, scared of their children and trying to act all helpless.. While making them look like so bad.. Like, dude.. You gave birth to the children and raised them so don't act now all poor when you just screwed up cause your knowledge of children psychology or just psychology is equal to zero. To do a good job at something and to be competent you need effort and skill and to continuously adapt and evolve. Can't just whine that your children are this or that and never admit that you're a bad parent. Am I right?

  • Asmaa Sagga
    Asmaa Sagga 16 minutes ago

    The wholes are covered with that white formula

  • jess ross
    jess ross 30 minutes ago

    Abduct them at night and put them to dr Phil!!!

  • FettyFizz
    FettyFizz Hour ago

    A troubled child is usually the after affect of family problems/trauma sorry if this doesn’t make senses

  • Trash Gang Music Daddelbee

    6 months later: *HOWDY now i am a cowgirl!*

  • Malek Wa3er
    Malek Wa3er 4 hours ago

    i love him s maach.

  • David
    David 5 hours ago

    This video has contained pewdiepie noises:

  • Stone G.
    Stone G. 5 hours ago

    the devil has come guys 12:11

  • Jamison Long
    Jamison Long 6 hours ago

    My dad would beat the living crap out of me no cap! Haha not abuse level tho don’t call cps

  • CSF_Toasterfire
    CSF_Toasterfire 6 hours ago


  • Jack Pettersson
    Jack Pettersson 7 hours ago

    I såg såg that avsnitt🇸🇪🇸🇪

  • TheGuyWithTheGreekYTPS


  • Brownie lemonade
    Brownie lemonade 10 hours ago

    Achievmend made comedie

  • gresa X
    gresa X 13 hours ago

    if i do to my albanian parents like that they beat the shit out of me

  • Ruxandra Al Karh
    Ruxandra Al Karh 16 hours ago

    The purge is 12 hours

    EEMOWJEE 17 hours ago

    18:30 i mean, plan B is just she does not go to the ranch its not that hard of an idea to come up with

  • S Casarez
    S Casarez 18 hours ago

    Madison is mad cause you wake her up at 3:00 am in the morning!

  • S Casarez
    S Casarez 18 hours ago

    The youngest one I would smack her so hard

  • Titanfall And tripod lover


  • LOGAND 887
    LOGAND 887 21 hour ago

    Felix: Yea is Frick dr Phil’s forehead

  • gladis jayan
    gladis jayan 21 hour ago

    Bean did a said that wrong

  • Jose Perez
    Jose Perez 22 hours ago

    White 13 year old be like :reeeeeee get the frick out of my rooooom!!
    Mexican 50 year old be like:No mom not with the belt pls *crying for help*

  • Wow Boo
    Wow Boo 22 hours ago

    No one:
    Literally no one:

  • Nikita Petushkov
    Nikita Petushkov 22 hours ago

    I feel bad for there neighbors

  • Frank Murphy
    Frank Murphy 22 hours ago

    This is why you beat your child so they know right from wrong.

  • Kittie McBlueEyes

    9 year old: *Satanicly Screams*
    Me: *Call in an exorcist for this child right now*

  • lordspam
    lordspam Day ago

    He must of been air force........

  • Henry Vanderspek

    Dr Phil is such SAVAGE!!!👏👏👏

  • Henry Vanderspek

    Dr Phil :it’s all gonna be okay
    Felix : send her to the RANCH!!!

  • Henry Vanderspek

    Most people: I don’t wanna go to dr.phil waaaaaa!!!
    Madison :My phooooooonnnnnnneeeeee!!!How dare u not give me my phone!!!

  • Jessica Cathey
    Jessica Cathey Day ago

    welcome to another installment of kids who never experienced discipline

  • MatroMajor 12
    MatroMajor 12 Day ago


  • Bijan Poon
    Bijan Poon Day ago

    Felix="sorry marzia I'm going to marry Dr Phill's forhead

  • Wolfpack Rouge
    Wolfpack Rouge Day ago

    Madison:that's NoT GoNNa HeLP

  • yeet pp
    yeet pp Day ago

    She looks like Candice from Phineas and Ferb

  • KyAnne Bannon
    KyAnne Bannon Day ago

    Your right they do do anything to get on tv

  • Asian_ Kid 25
    Asian_ Kid 25 Day ago


  • kingbizkit123
    kingbizkit123 Day ago

    These parents are dogshit holy moly.

  • Alecia Thompson
    Alecia Thompson Day ago

    "GO GO GO, GoOdByE MaDiSoN"

  • C Lilli
    C Lilli Day ago

    “Lock pick me door” thank you Felix ,very cool

  • Joey McMicking
    Joey McMicking 2 days ago

    Look at that weak ass forehead 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Nightmare 0907
    Nightmare 0907 2 days ago

    Maddie vs me you know who will win me I won't give a crap if she tries

  • Joseph Ford
    Joseph Ford 2 days ago

    That is a freakin demon child

  • Thanos Purple
    Thanos Purple 2 days ago +5

    “I am never gonna have kids” - pewdiepie

  • Molten Maniac
    Molten Maniac 2 days ago +1

    She really acts like a toddler.... (minus the throwing and going nuts) ANd I mean BOTH of them.

  • Anon _001
    Anon _001 2 days ago


  • Mary McLean
    Mary McLean 2 days ago


  • Rubatron Star
    Rubatron Star 2 days ago


    *STOP HER!!*

  • KittyCup 555
    KittyCup 555 2 days ago

    Felix x Phil i ship it even though felix is married

  • MomoVers
    MomoVers 2 days ago

    when i was younger i would’ve already had a whooped ass.... like why can’t ya’ll behave like proper children... then doctor Phill would be a happy man as well.... this mans forehead grows from all the retarted people that come see him....🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Seina pirmoady
    Seina pirmoady 2 days ago

    I’m a child that’s offensive when you said you like children crying

  • Beastyshiv.
    Beastyshiv. 2 days ago

    If she was indian you know what would happen

  • Lorci C
    Lorci C 2 days ago

    Marzia will kill you for wanting to marry a forhead

  • Kalle Eldehag Meyer
    Kalle Eldehag Meyer 2 days ago


  • Alex Lopez
    Alex Lopez 2 days ago


  • Indian technical Support animator

    Well why wont kill her first

  • Natalie Gonzalez the Weeb

    phil bing for phil phil time o wow doesn't listen to parents wow

  • arnel monoy
    arnel monoy 2 days ago

    We all need our 📱 okay

  • arnel monoy
    arnel monoy 2 days ago

    We all need our 📱 okay