Brad Tries Pottery | It's Alive: Goin' Places | Bon Appétit

  • Published on Mar 14, 2019
  • Join Brad at Keith Kreeger Studios in Austin, Texas as he learns how to make ceramics, from wedging clay and using a wheel to glazing and firing. Spoiler alert: Brad actually makes a decently useable bowl.
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    Brad Tries Pottery | It's Alive: Goin' Places | Bon Appétit

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  • Bon Appétit
    Bon Appétit  2 months ago +602

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  • Orthagoni
    Orthagoni 48 minutes ago

    Next on It's Alive: Brad tries Marriage with Keith

  • Aylin Arslan
    Aylin Arslan 2 hours ago

    AUSTIN TEXAS Y’all!!!

    (Yes that’s all I wanted to comment)

  • FrazNinja
    FrazNinja 14 hours ago

    5:51 did Keith call Vinny, Vincent? hahah so formal :'D

  • Tyler Mason
    Tyler Mason 2 days ago

    Somebody get this man a dog! He clearly wants one.

  • elzeus13
    elzeus13 3 days ago +1

    The clay like dough can sense fear.

  • Raphael Ibbet
    Raphael Ibbet 3 days ago

    There is something horrible about seeing what looks like a regular plate folded in half without breaking

  • Mairi D. Wiles
    Mairi D. Wiles 3 days ago

    Awe Brad! He looks so uncomfortable and vulnerable. Totally different from when he's in the kitchen!

  • Kajsa
    Kajsa 4 days ago


  • bird
    bird 4 days ago

    "We're both dads" omg yes brad you friggin are ahahahah

  • bird
    bird 4 days ago

    bro that guy knew about one direction and "harry styles solo band" he definitely has children hahahahaha

  • bird
    bird 4 days ago

    HAHAHAH "frued can see that from his grade" omg the editor

  • Pablo Zamora
    Pablo Zamora 5 days ago

    i took ceramics in high school
    i found it funny how they didn't how him centering the clay haha
    centering the clay is by far one of the toughest things to do as a beginner

  • Dinda
    Dinda 6 days ago

    Audio Simulation Maniac's Recreation

  • Freda Ke
    Freda Ke 6 days ago

    :O what happened to your beard!!?!?

  • BurningWater
    BurningWater 7 days ago

    Keith is giving me some sociopathic vibes...

  • Kogure
    Kogure 7 days ago

    15:44 it's a calzone!

  • Frances Moore
    Frances Moore 7 days ago

    "freud can see that from his grave" i DIED

  • SimplyStormie
    SimplyStormie 9 days ago

    Keith is a yes and man

  • Smita Tanaya
    Smita Tanaya 9 days ago

    I cracked my face mask because of this video :')

  • Mary Napier
    Mary Napier 9 days ago

    As always a great Brad video. He just brings so much joy to whatever he does. Even when he screws up, its wonderful.

  • mathshop24
    mathshop24 9 days ago

    I demand at least 2 more hours of these two.

  • Benjamin P.
    Benjamin P. 10 days ago

    Y'all just gonna ignore the fact that VINNY HAS A VOICE!?

  • Garbs
    Garbs 10 days ago +2

    I wanted to see Brad's bowl and plate get finished :(

  • forgotten toothpick
    forgotten toothpick 11 days ago

    Keith is cool :) just 2 dads pottering

  • Brittany Bonto
    Brittany Bonto 11 days ago

    2:50 now that's a dck HAHAHA

  • TheDiscoMole
    TheDiscoMole 11 days ago

    20:20 no they don't, they really really don't.

  • ketmateo
    ketmateo 12 days ago

    I'd watch an entire series with Brad and Keith, effing brilliant

  • That one asian kid
    That one asian kid 12 days ago

    I love potters, they are just so care free. They could of spent 3 hours perfecting a vase, then in the same second toss it into the trash to start a new one.

  • Miranda Brumbaugh
    Miranda Brumbaugh 13 days ago

    anybody else start this up hoping for a "Ghost" pottery wheel scene recreation :D? anybody now ;)?

  • Divja Sood
    Divja Sood 14 days ago

    2:50 ” Freud can see that from his grave ” i can’t !😂😂

  • Blue G
    Blue G 14 days ago

    One plate calzone at 15:44

  • Ignacio Ladrón de Guevara

    Where is Benny? @bonapetit

  • HaileyBubs
    HaileyBubs 16 days ago +1

    “Where, in the garbage?”
    *nervous laughter*

  • anaperez
    anaperez 16 days ago

    7:37 it's a tortilla holder, thank you very much, sir.

  • KSM
    KSM 17 days ago

    i think brad is one of the coolest people on youtube. if not the world. iv even seen some of the videos 2 or 3 times i laugh everytime!

  • Justyna K
    Justyna K 17 days ago

    Gosh, them having fun, telling dad jokes and the "I´m high drama" line just made my day! I say that about almost every episode, but here we go: This one is my favourite!

  • C705E
    C705E 21 day ago

    2:50 that’s a meat ceptor my friend

  • Mushpa Y Mensa
    Mushpa Y Mensa 22 days ago

    Just watched the first five seconds again and again. Perfection.

  • Decept0r
    Decept0r 23 days ago

    Keith is the only guy who can casually throw a plate without the fear of breaking it, he’s surrounded by them.

  • Decept0r
    Decept0r 23 days ago

    I love Keith

  • Lagoss
    Lagoss 24 days ago

    this is the cutest episode ever i love them together

  • Danny Bowden
    Danny Bowden 25 days ago

    I really wanted to see the finished Brad bowl.

  • Devante S
    Devante S 26 days ago

    10:55 so funny this is such a good show

  • Austin Cook
    Austin Cook 26 days ago

    Oh god that sanding sound was genuinely horrible. It made my teeth feel weird

  • Kat
    Kat 26 days ago +1

    Ohhhhh my GOD!! Where do they find these people?! 🤣🤣🤣 Hysterical!!

  • Pierre O. Park
    Pierre O. Park 27 days ago

    I’m getting hotter for the potter... 🤭😳😊

  • malesna92
    malesna92 27 days ago

    This is something I've always wanted to give it a try.. glad to see my favourite (beside Claire) BA character doing it! Yeey!

  • Heidi Baird
    Heidi Baird 27 days ago

    Brad, love when you add in some ASMR, but you have to slow. It. Down.

  • Shawn Sisler
    Shawn Sisler 28 days ago

    We watch this because you're fun, intelligent, funny, charismatic, entertaining, real, and we actually learn something sometimes... Isn't that enough?

  • Annick N
    Annick N 28 days ago

    Keith is a great teacher

  • Mike B
    Mike B 29 days ago

    An Oasis fan.... 18:09

  • justine
    justine Month ago

    Brad's like the shane (from buzzfeed) of ba hahahaha

  • Daniel Stephens
    Daniel Stephens Month ago

    Love that shirt, Bradley.

  • Haley Jo
    Haley Jo Month ago

    "I'm sorry.. I'm high drama"

  • Lynn Yang
    Lynn Yang Month ago

    Binging with Babish: tiny whisk
    Keith Kreeger: toddler-sized whisk

  • earthlover101
    earthlover101 Month ago +2

    “okay so just stop the wheel for a second”
    *slams foot on pedal*
    *makes huge banging noise*
    “i &@$3-& that up”

  • DonxxSollozzo
    DonxxSollozzo Month ago

    I love the chemistry between Keith and Brad. Very funny episode!

  • Doxie Lain
    Doxie Lain Month ago

    These two are perfect foils for each other

  • sienna from school
    sienna from school Month ago

    Autonomous sensory meridian responce =ASMR

  • Chandra Re
    Chandra Re Month ago

    Isn't a cut in the surface hard to clean?

  • Trivial King
    Trivial King Month ago

    "take for granite" i think brad is secretly rick from rick n morty

  • LibrasHP
    LibrasHP Month ago

    This was amazing, love you Keith

  • Sarah Wong
    Sarah Wong Month ago

    Im so in love with Brad

  • Isabel Rodriguez
    Isabel Rodriguez Month ago

    where's the fun editing dude

  • Sid Nema
    Sid Nema Month ago

    Favorite episode ever! Keith and Brad need a show of their own

  • AzaratheDragon
    AzaratheDragon Month ago

    This took me back to high school, and those three years I had ceramics. It truly was a peaceful, enjoyable class. Just kneading clay is relaxing. Its something that if you get the chance to do, DO IT. Its not just satisfying to watch, its satisfying to do.

  • Destiny Duprey
    Destiny Duprey Month ago

    brad, i can help you throw pots

  • Wasmo
    Wasmo Month ago

    Oh God please never sand ceramics into the audio again. That really hurt

  • Wasmo
    Wasmo Month ago

    Sound of silence started playing in my head the moment Keith threw the plate

  • Meme Smith
    Meme Smith Month ago

    I'm not a cook but I am a potter. As always great videos even better that it's in my wheelhouse!

  • aida
    aida Month ago +2

    brad and keith flirting for 22 minutes

  • jakeunderscore
    jakeunderscore Month ago

    Brad using his best shirt I see!

  • neverlasting49
    neverlasting49 Month ago


  • BaseDelta0
    BaseDelta0 Month ago

    People really take clay for granite

  • Shabnam Salek
    Shabnam Salek Month ago

    keith is a treasure tbh

  • MateoG7788
    MateoG7788 Month ago

    Two things:
    1. You know Brad means business cause he’s wearing his good shirt.
    2. Keith has the best laugh.
    3. Where is this and does Keith need an intern?
    4. I’m sorry BA for not watching this sooner.
    5. Can Keith become a series regular? Thanks
    6. Let’s start a gofundme to get Brad a dog for his dog bowl.
    7. High Drama.
    8. This is the sound of me typing this, watching Keith watch Brad demonstrate the sound of sanding.
    9. I’m still sad that Vinnie is gone and these are the last few videos we’ll get of them together.
    10. I clearly have a lot of feelings and should see a therapist.

  • jacob blake
    jacob blake Month ago

    BRAD IS 6’9 god damn Goliath

  • Adrianna Miller
    Adrianna Miller Month ago

    I see Brad is wearing his "nice shirt" again!

  • Jonas Sckazinski
    Jonas Sckazinski Month ago

    OK, Keith is one of the funniest guys ever on It's Alive! I could watch more of him! ^^

  • Ju Ju
    Ju Ju Month ago

    underrated episode it deserves more views

  • Clarissa Chen
    Clarissa Chen Month ago

    You can do slow motion video on iphone

  • Trianto Wicaksono
    Trianto Wicaksono Month ago

    Man I love watching Brad in his natural habitat.

  • Trahn-Jahn
    Trahn-Jahn Month ago

    12:50 Dammit Vinny, you're a treasure

  • Checo Savage
    Checo Savage Month ago

    Brad is 6’9. If this career doesn’t work out, the nba is a opportunity no cap

  • Tatoes -
    Tatoes - Month ago

    Pottery is my favourite food!

  • HaruhiAihara
    HaruhiAihara Month ago

    Keith is so great!

  • dianilu
    dianilu Month ago

    did anyone else recognize this from Treasure MathStorm!???? 5:22

  • claire
    claire Month ago

    Freud can see that from his grave 😭😭😭 chilllll

  • claire
    claire Month ago

    Being a food guy it’s always been food food food

  • Ashton LeBleu
    Ashton LeBleu Month ago

    Now we put Keith in the kitchen!

  • hitzchicky
    hitzchicky Month ago

    I could do without the gajillion ads DURING the video....

  • Bernardus Larryant
    Bernardus Larryant Month ago +1

    Bon Appetit, can you make a "Damnit, Brad!" T-shirt with the plate flying off

  • Jinkstack S
    Jinkstack S Month ago +7

    The part when he tried to pick the clay up off the table. It’s just too relatable.
    That’s why we watch this stuff brad, that’s why.

  • nickOmatic141
    nickOmatic141 Month ago

    Wait, Brad has a son? Or did he say that as a joke?

    • Andy M
      Andy M Month ago

      He does have a son, it's not a joke

  • 공예와 삼디세상craft and 3d world

    여기서 꼬막밀기를 보다니~~ㅎㅎ!! good!!!

  • Chera Longfritz
    Chera Longfritz Month ago


  • Nikolai fisher
    Nikolai fisher Month ago

    Brad is one of my spirit animals

  • Quintus Aurelius Symmachus

    First he was shooting clay, now he's throwing it.