Americans Try Peruvian Food

  • Published on Jul 12, 2015
  • “It tastes like the ocean tastes…but deliciouser.”
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    Macho Cho
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  • ComedyComedy

Comments • 7 794

  • J Alenichev
    J Alenichev 10 hours ago

    I don't know who cooked those dishes... but that's not how they look in Peru. Looked like very...."improvised" to say the least.

  • Alberto Rodriguez
    Alberto Rodriguez Day ago +1

    Those are not real Peruvian food. Those plates looked horrible.

  • Animinga
    Animinga 4 days ago

    Sorry to break it to you Keith but most kids would not want to eat Mazamora morada. At least the kids in my middle school and high school, they would avoid it like the plague when I brought it to school. Saying that it looked gross and they didn't want to try something new. *also I don't mean to be rude but who cooked all that? If you go to legit peruvian restaurants or go to Peru itself you will find completely different dishes.*

  • brenda munoz
    brenda munoz 6 days ago

    Either the person who cooked this sucks or this white people know nothing about real food

  • Feli Hauhnar
    Feli Hauhnar 8 days ago

    I cook better than who ever cooked those. And where is the ceviche????!! My boyfriend is Peruvian and I think I’m in love more with their food than him. You must have some kind of problem if you don’t like Peruvian food. They’re incredible!!

  • Gina Quest
    Gina Quest 9 days ago


    LADO PC 16 days ago

    Hey guys, come to MISTURA an Feria Perú Mucho Gusto!!!

  • Christopher Creighton Cox

    some of these comments are hilarious, people getting their feelings hurt because they thought Peruvians may eat llamas...well, you do, and alpacas, and guinea pigs, annnnnd dont forget the cats lol. The food in Peru is amazing, Ive lived here 7 years and love it. Arriba Peru!

  • Mauricio Triguero
    Mauricio Triguero 20 days ago +4

    That's the worst peruvian food presentation I ever see, please dont be jealous about Peruvian Food. Just enjoy it and go to eat to Perú 🇵🇪♥️

  • Miaa Ayalaa
    Miaa Ayalaa 24 days ago

    Y’all so rude dang playing with Peruvian food

  • Kiara Navarro santos
    Kiara Navarro santos 26 days ago

    Horrible example of Peruvian food

  • Berto Cobas
    Berto Cobas Month ago


  • Gabriella Sumire
    Gabriella Sumire Month ago

    Tremendos manjares que se comieron😏👌🇵🇪🇵🇪🇵🇪

  • Jennifer Llanos
    Jennifer Llanos Month ago

    You guys need to do, a redo with this one seriously. Whoever did one one, just didn't do their research.

  • Camila Cornejo
    Camila Cornejo Month ago

    Um this video is 100%.....inacurate,where is the inka cola,ceviche,pollo asado,aroz con leche,chicha morada, and what.the.hekk is parihuela??I have NEVER heard of that but maybe it’s because im from lima,i would give this video a 2/10 because the food wasnt even cooked good i mean what is that huancaina sauce made out of????

  • PolArt
    PolArt Month ago +3

    Before you make a video of Peru make sure you get more info.
    Your opinions are so poor and full of ignorance good luck next time.

  • goodism
    goodism Month ago

    My Abuela makes THE BEST Papa a la Huancaína. That looks weak honestly

  • StitchBeach
    StitchBeach Month ago

    this makes me so happy cause im peruvian!

  • Nice Torres
    Nice Torres Month ago


  • July Briu
    July Briu Month ago

    Everything I watch with Peruvian food is horrible these channels have failed me

  • July Briu
    July Briu Month ago

    The dishes are better than junk food and I feel that it should have way more attention than it does right now

  • July Briu
    July Briu Month ago

    I mean people should get to know more about us if you think the food it is just the chef because this is thousand of year of perfecting this food trust me when I say this but you eat Peruvian food for the first time it is the best experience in the world especially some juicey lomo Saltado

  • July Briu
    July Briu Month ago

    I feel the same too I’m Peruvian and they didn’t put in cau cau this is all just basics people of New York City go to Paterson and some cau cau poio a la brasa get chicha Miranda and get pezi Duri while your there best fricking ice cream in the world make with fruits from peru

  • Joe Swain
    Joe Swain Month ago +1

    Didn’t give them Inca kola 😂

  • The Merciless Sun God

    Chicha morada, inca kola, yuccafritas?

  • koalaslide
    koalaslide Month ago

    Why did i get this after i was watching gordan ramsay eat alpaca....

  • M Mercado
    M Mercado Month ago

    When they started freaking out about the thought of eating llama...all i could think about is how they'd react to the idea that theres guinea pig dishes as well...

  • kika
    kika Month ago

    These people on this video are morons. Why have people that obviously know nothing about food try new food.

  • luis llanos
    luis llanos Month ago

    Americans are every one born in the Americas. Or you think Colombes only discovered USA?.

  • ingrid pinedo
    ingrid pinedo Month ago

    Horrible presentation, and I figure the taste was same terrible. You have to hire real chef to make real Peruvian food😠

  • Leo el Teniente
    Leo el Teniente Month ago

    People from the US are so IGNORANT !!!

  • Andrea Moscoso
    Andrea Moscoso Month ago

    I'm Peruvian too and I have to say I agree those plates do look weak still tasty but not quite the way they are supposed to look.

  • george l
    george l 2 months ago

    Ha ha you guys didn't try real peruvian food .

  • SOS
    SOS 2 months ago

    All taste good with rice xd

  • Weirdo Okurr
    Weirdo Okurr 2 months ago


  • Ysabel Alacce
    Ysabel Alacce 2 months ago +1

    Sorry these gringos triggered tf outta me PERUANAS DONT EAT LLAMAS GOD

  • I speak My mind
    I speak My mind 2 months ago

    The ignorance of these idiots

  • Renato Mesias
    Renato Mesias 2 months ago

    That is not Peruvian

  • Renato Mesias
    Renato Mesias 2 months ago

    Who is the person who cook that

  • Al Rivera
    Al Rivera 2 months ago

    The way they eat Lomo saltado. It's like I try a cheeseburger for the first time, and I grab the top bun, give a taste, then dip some mustard give it a taste, then a little piece of cheddar cheese give it a taste. Who hired this people?? Lol
    The lomo saltado you eat a juicy scoop on rice mixed with beef and onions and tomatoes, come on be more humans people lol

  • patricia ramos
    patricia ramos 2 months ago

    These gringos were on drugs when they did this . Hahaha

  • bin bun
    bin bun 2 months ago

    where is the ceviche

  • Andy M.
    Andy M. 2 months ago

    Lomo saltado check
    Ceviche no check
    Pollo a la brasa no check
    Rocoto relleno no check
    Inca Kola no check
    Chicha morada no check
    My mom cooks better than this chef, thanks

  • Gianna Prieto
    Gianna Prieto 2 months ago

    Yooo I’m Peruvian all of the food you eat are Delicious no offense Peruvian food it’s better then America Food

  • Nicole Mejia-Mamani
    Nicole Mejia-Mamani 2 months ago +1

    These people weren’t funny and honestly, y’all were distasteful af. No respect for other people’s culture. And no surprise here that all of y’all were literally yts and the Latinos trying out Peruvian food was so much more better and respectful. These are honestly typical yts reactions, meanwhile y’all probably prefer to eat McDonald’s and Burger King over our actual cuisine. All in all, this video sucks and the people who cooked these dishes, did an ass job lmao. I can cook Peruvian dishes better than that, my moms plating is 100x better too. How could you not include chicha morada, inca cola, pollo a la brasa, ceviche, or really any other popular dishes? And what??? Y’alls tastebuds must be fried from all the junk y’all eat because papa a la huancaina is amazing. Y’all are ass!

  • Hold Up
    Hold Up 2 months ago

    "I really hope you don't eat llamas because they're so cute!"
    Lady, what if someone is lost in a desert or forest, and there was a llama, should they just starve to death and not eat the llama for survival?

  • Do - Do
    Do - Do 2 months ago +1

    We eat guinea pig

  • saul cht
    saul cht 2 months ago

    que clase de papa a la huancaina es ese?????

  • Firebender 117
    Firebender 117 2 months ago +1

    These white people are like "ewww too much flavor" lol

  • Firebender 117
    Firebender 117 2 months ago +1

    When white people cook Peruvian food

  • Daniela chacaltana
    Daniela chacaltana 3 months ago

    I don’t understand why there isn’t ceviche in this video

  • •Acer Lupus•
    •Acer Lupus• 3 months ago

    This is so disrespectful and not at all a true depiction of Peruvian food.
    Terrible video. I can’t believe they get paid to do this.

  • Ruben Ponchateau
    Ruben Ponchateau 3 months ago +1

    2:18 when the sugar kicks in ...

  • Adrian Jem
    Adrian Jem 3 months ago

    How dare you

  • Letizia E.Camacho
    Letizia E.Camacho 3 months ago

    That isnt real Peruvian food!!!!

  • Jairo Romani
    Jairo Romani 3 months ago

    Who da fuk eats llama lolthat like me saying every American eats Pizza Hut, Burger King, dominoes, barbecue and say prayers afterwards lol

  • Curious Cat 77
    Curious Cat 77 3 months ago

    The guy kept mentioning Mexican food while eating Peruvian food. Lol no, wonder why some Peruvians hate Mexican food.

  • Nic Montero
    Nic Montero 3 months ago

    You had the opportunity to put in Pollo A La Brasa but instead you put parihuela. And for that cardinal sin you will not enter heaven.

  • Puka_ PlayZ
    Puka_ PlayZ 3 months ago

    I like lomo saltado and the beans and rice and the green spaghetti

  • Lemuro 7
    Lemuro 7 3 months ago

    I love perú!