Binging with Babish: Ratatouille (Confit Byaldi) from Ratatouille

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  • Valerie Glenn
    Valerie Glenn 19 hours ago

    I am going to make this for sure

  • Ira Mapa
    Ira Mapa 20 hours ago

    It look nice

  • 213213yoyo
    213213yoyo Day ago

    That kid sequence was so cute!

  • Evan Czimback
    Evan Czimback Day ago

    I have subscribed to you

  • HaLuNkE ST0NER
    HaLuNkE ST0NER Day ago

    I like rat at ouille

  • Ellie Ortiz
    Ellie Ortiz Day ago

    Stranger thing double decker ego extravaganza

  • Clamour 223
    Clamour 223 2 days ago

    You should look into Dragon Ball Super, a majority of the show is based around food. You should take a stab at the Octopus/Wasabi roulette.

  • VaeVae BaeAyee
    VaeVae BaeAyee 2 days ago

    It's just like the movie scene..;-;

  • Abigail Michel
    Abigail Michel 2 days ago

    That French song from the movie always gives me chills <3

  • Amarilis marquez
    Amarilis marquez 2 days ago

    That looks so delicious!!!

  • Mungunshagai Enkhbat

    i thought this food was mainly made of potatoes and pepperonis

  • Zacthes Tipsy
    Zacthes Tipsy 3 days ago

    Meat eaters very disappointed to see the truth

  • Zacthes Tipsy
    Zacthes Tipsy 3 days ago

    Kinda disappointed it's not different verity of Meats. It looks like Pepperoni.

  • Briana Benavente
    Briana Benavente 3 days ago

    Make the soup from ratatouille!!!!!

  • its najla
    its najla 4 days ago

    tasteless ratatouille

  • Jman Simp
    Jman Simp 4 days ago

    The flashback part was very funny

  • Little Steve
    Little Steve 4 days ago

    We will always remember hamster as he became A Disney Movie Spy hamster (forgot the name of the movie)

  • Taylor Watson
    Taylor Watson 4 days ago

    The soup from the Tale of Despereaux!

  • Brenda Mendez
    Brenda Mendez 5 days ago

    You did not even say if you liked the dish

  • wilted
    wilted 5 days ago


  • Captienkack
    Captienkack 5 days ago

    So you don’t use rat meat.

  • Alondra25Covarrubias

    AAAAHHHH that was great!

  • tegwen archer
    tegwen archer 5 days ago

    -did you see mah bag did you see mah bag-

  • The Winds Of Knowledge

    Bimbing wiff Babbo.

  • anafbmad
    anafbmad 6 days ago

    is that a vitamix?

  • jonathan balderas
    jonathan balderas 6 days ago

    If you watch this comment please watch food wars is a Japanese anime and remake the dishes. Thanks

  • Grass
    Grass 6 days ago

    this guy is great

  • Cameron Wood
    Cameron Wood 6 days ago

    Ratatouille with added lsd

  • Ili loly
    Ili loly 7 days ago

    Where’s Gordon Ramsay at?

  • Sniffthisblossom
    Sniffthisblossom 7 days ago

    Can you make the soup from ratatouille

  • Paranoid Android
    Paranoid Android 7 days ago

    Bob Ross of cooking

  • Zach Parker
    Zach Parker 7 days ago

    I was zoned out with that scene of the movie then he started talking 👽

  • Raiden God of Thunder

    I immediately became happy hearing Fraisers ending theme

  • The Transgender Android

    Liked within the first 10 seconds.

  • Chubby Entei
    Chubby Entei 7 days ago

    Krabby patty from spongebob

  • Christopher Kennedy
    Christopher Kennedy 7 days ago

    Who is the kid

  • au searchlight
    au searchlight 8 days ago

    "let me see what happen to my hamster when i was five"
    me: Why XD

  • なみ
    なみ 8 days ago


  • An Angel
    An Angel 8 days ago

    now i wanna watch ratatouille

  • Haidyn W
    Haidyn W 8 days ago

    When I was like 6, I thought it was a ton of shingled pepperoni.

  • David Kolakowski
    David Kolakowski 8 days ago

    That ending was amazing!

  • Sol Sanchez
    Sol Sanchez 8 days ago

    He sounds like YSAC at the beginning 🤔🤔

  • Guarionex Batista
    Guarionex Batista 8 days ago

    I'm hungry

  • Kate The Nerdy Lady
    Kate The Nerdy Lady 9 days ago

    So... it wasn’t good?

  • ericbazinga
    ericbazinga 9 days ago

    That Fraiser theme at the beginning though

  • Joshua Ferman
    Joshua Ferman 9 days ago +1

    Didn't work. I tried roasting the peppers but they came back at me with sum good ones. Then I tried holding em over my mix tape but nothing happened either smh

  • J͟u͟n͟g͟l͟e͟j͟i͟m͟4322a͟t͟ Y͟a͟h͟o͟o͟.c͟o͟m͟

    I thought the dish had pepperoni in the movie

  • Derek Hernandez
    Derek Hernandez 9 days ago

    Your hella dope.

  • Squeeking Geek
    Squeeking Geek 10 days ago

    cook my pussy, Daddy

  • MA CB
    MA CB 11 days ago


  • Yea Boiii
    Yea Boiii 11 days ago

    ratatouille is my favourite animated movie hands down

  • Moop Shoop
    Moop Shoop 11 days ago

    Ratatat to El Ten Eleven this man has impeccable music taste

  • Connie Meza
    Connie Meza 11 days ago

    If I told you about her, what would I say?
    That they lived happily ever after?
    I believe they did
    Thay they were in love?, that they remained in love?
    I'm sure that's true
    But when I think of her, of Elisa
    The only thing that comes to mind is a poem
    whispered by someone in love, hundreds of years ago
    "Unable to perceive the shape of you, I find you all around me
    Your presence fills my eyes with your love, it humbles my heart
    For you are everywhere"

  • Devin Depoy
    Devin Depoy 11 days ago

    Nigga that shit is small as fuck

  • Kitty Paws
    Kitty Paws 11 days ago


  • anonymous
    anonymous 11 days ago

    was not expecting to see the kiddo cooking,that was quite adorable

  • Varo
    Varo 12 days ago

    I ate the hamster bro I'm sorry 😐

  • Jay law 14
    Jay law 14 12 days ago

    I'm your 1,999,186th subscriber...

  • Sir Gir
    Sir Gir 13 days ago

    Time leaves?? Woah

  • BOY EGO69
    BOY EGO69 13 days ago


  • BOY EGO69
    BOY EGO69 13 days ago

    Press f to pay respect for making this...

  • Diego Carreno
    Diego Carreno 13 days ago

    I always thought it was pasta for some reason ...

  • ItsKingJohan
    ItsKingJohan 14 days ago

    Ratatouille is a real dish in France and i wish if i could taste it

  • Assasinator 69
    Assasinator 69 14 days ago

    For my whole life!!! I’ve always thought that it was Pepperoni!!!

    Caught In a lie!🤣

  • Master Plays
    Master Plays 14 days ago

    Yuck, theres just vegetables...... doesnt seems that good at all :/

  • KA- BOOM!!!
    KA- BOOM!!! 14 days ago

    The hamster died

  • David Badiola
    David Badiola 15 days ago

    I never make anything but i subscribed anyways

  • Lazy Starz
    Lazy Starz 15 days ago

    i’ve always been curious about this dish

  • Space Ninja
    Space Ninja 15 days ago

    When he did the flashback 😂😂😂

  • Ed McCormack
    Ed McCormack 15 days ago

    Ok the moral of the story is if you have amnesia eat ratitouie and you will be cured. At least your childhood will come back

  • Lily's Castle
    Lily's Castle 15 days ago

    When the little kid showed up I thought my iPad was broken 😝😝

  • Oli Rayner
    Oli Rayner 16 days ago

    My very first Babish video ❤️❤️

  • godofgaming 77
    godofgaming 77 16 days ago

    How much do you charge per hour? I need you

  • Grief Wizard
    Grief Wizard 16 days ago

    lol baby cook

  • Jamoliddin Ergash-zoda


  • Enitity303 Dead
    Enitity303 Dead 16 days ago


  • Sharp Shootin Nebraskian

    Pfft, you got it wrong. It’s not tomatoes, its pepperoni.

  • Grace Whitten
    Grace Whitten 16 days ago

    Now I really wanna make this! Also do you have to have a high powered blender to make this recipe?

  • Adrian Nadal
    Adrian Nadal 17 days ago

    I thought those were meat strips

  • Erdem Gursoy
    Erdem Gursoy 17 days ago

    Cutest ending

  • ankica milardovic
    ankica milardovic 17 days ago

    I spent over 10 years thinking it was pepperoni

  • Ara Tiffany Villanueva

    Your nephew is really cute.

  • Joseph Calderone
    Joseph Calderone 17 days ago

    Was that a video of you as a kid or just some random kid

  • Brandon Swales
    Brandon Swales 17 days ago

    What did baby babish say i cant understand him?

  • Perogi Gaming
    Perogi Gaming 18 days ago

    You didnt say was it good or not i wanna knwonif it was goo enough for me to make it

  • Elaina Limon
    Elaina Limon 18 days ago

    Can u do the Special Order?

  • Sackajui
    Sackajui 18 days ago

    Now what did happen to that damned hamster?

  • tijmen meyer
    tijmen meyer 18 days ago

    Russian king otherwise vdhvmu principle offense director cash child closer wonderful.

  • Havana Banana
    Havana Banana 18 days ago

    So was it good??

  • elsye
    elsye 18 days ago

    Lmao I was falling asleep to this video and then the part where the little kid popped up scared me

  • Dave Smith
    Dave Smith 19 days ago

    Quality 👌

  • joseph
    joseph 19 days ago

    what a mockery of peasant food

  • Diane Cheng
    Diane Cheng 19 days ago

    Edit: PEPPERONIS****

  • AgileCoast 1
    AgileCoast 1 19 days ago

    How do you make "Egg in a Basket" from the Movie "V for Vendetta"

  • Ishy Walker
    Ishy Walker 19 days ago

    So was it good

  • Keanu nukea
    Keanu nukea 19 days ago

    make the potage le magnifique from skyrim

  • Kashmer Langston
    Kashmer Langston 20 days ago


  • Taehee :3
    Taehee :3 20 days ago


  • Alec Lawson
    Alec Lawson 20 days ago

    Did you ever figure out what happened to your hamster

  • Alexis S.
    Alexis S. 21 day ago

    Does anyone know if there's a meat you could add to make it more of a main dish? This has been on my lists of things to make for a while but I prefer a meat product with dinner.

    • Alexis S.
      Alexis S. 19 days ago

      Lunch thank you! I'll have to try that~

    • Lunch
      Lunch 19 days ago

      Alexis S. Adding meat is untraditional since ratatouille is mainly a vegetarian dish, but for this you can add whatever you want.
      If intend to recreate the movie, you can sear or grill thin chicken breasts and small dice, or brown veal or beef drain then serve as a topping to preserve the wow factor of the dish. Cooking isn’t as black and white as amateurs make it seem