DL Hughley Talks Blackface Controversy, Donald Trump And Racial Equality Issues

  • Published on Nov 5, 2018
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Comments • 7 380

  • 75th Teaster
    75th Teaster 23 hours ago

    RACIST....RACIST....RACIST.... lol Blame the white man for yalls problems unemployment is all time low for blacks but of corse that shit don’t matter cause he’s RACIST... what a fucking joke

  • cavettee2010
    cavettee2010 2 days ago

    I absolutely love DL Hughley - bless him and his family.

  • 2thiknjuci
    2thiknjuci 2 days ago

    I just love DL

  • Avery Williams
    Avery Williams 7 days ago

    Race race race .. just pray about it

  • R8C STVR
    R8C STVR 8 days ago

    Swear u never notice if Dj Envy there or not

  • justha vingfun
    justha vingfun 17 days ago

    ' even if they see you lose, they can't see you not trying '

  • EZ E
    EZ E 17 days ago

    'they only see us one way', and i only see 'them' one way. DLH

  • Antwyn Garrison
    Antwyn Garrison 18 days ago

    This man is the truth

  • jclef614
    jclef614 18 days ago

    If you see Cosby put something in your drink and you still drink it...you are NOT a victim...just STUPID! Cosby should NOT be in jail!

  • GLC2013
    GLC2013 22 days ago

    How can a gorilla/human half-breed have equal rights with a full-blooded human? Blacks are too lazy, stupid and criminally inclined to ever be civilized, much less equals.

  • Bree Degree
    Bree Degree 22 days ago +3

    This is the type of man that make us black women submit wholeheartedly. He is brilliant, and there are very few of us on this level. (Notice how I included myself! 😌😌)

  • Sugar Edwards
    Sugar Edwards 24 days ago

    Excellent interview. What a smart dude.

  • TheDamsel
    TheDamsel 24 days ago

    Black people are not asking themselves how Jussie Smollet can be innocent when we KNOW he lied and accused supporters of the President of viciously attacking him on the streets of Chicago and putting a noose around his neck. He LIED but our people are celebrating because something UNEXPLAINED caused the charges to be dropped. But why are we okay with this deception? Is it because he is gay? And we now love gay people and exempt them from crimes? Is it because his fake accusations are consistent with the mass media’s daily demonization of the President? Are we that mind-programmed and spiritually GONE that we question nothing and accept ANYTHING in 2019? This establishes a dangerous precedent and new standard for what goes, which appears to be ANYthing. My people, lets starting thinking for ourselves and using our logic, lest we lose the ability and fall for anything this world tells us to beLIEve.

  • Towanda Allen
    Towanda Allen 24 days ago +2

    Gotta love that DL! "I want my daughters to be with a Lion!" Powerful! I must share that and stay blessed! 🎎🎎🎎🎎🎎🎎

  • A D
    A D 25 days ago

    imma call bullshit on at least one thing. no woman can, even with everything she has, make a man better. a man has to make himself better. a woman can support that man as he does that and that is a beautiful thing when it happens.

  • Chia Treme
    Chia Treme 26 days ago

    Respect to DL for understanding and spreading the nuance of this issue.

  • Ashton Hughes
    Ashton Hughes 27 days ago

    Is he drinkin some cognac @ 47:15 ?

  • TanakinSkywalker
    TanakinSkywalker 27 days ago

    Kavanaugh didn’t do that, she was using that fake little girl voice and couldn’t remember anything about what supposedly happened. And she came forward when he was up for a promotion and getting more power than he had before and that’s when she comes out yeah right

  • Janina Carter
    Janina Carter 28 days ago +1

    White ppls problems 😂

  • Edward
    Edward 28 days ago

    DL on that bumbu

  • Robert O
    Robert O 29 days ago

    Very good session with D.L.; a fine concoction of real life and his brand of comedy.

  • blakblak
    blakblak 29 days ago

    DL Hugely. Is a King 👑 ... he brings out a very intellectual and harmonious.

  • Alphonso Dunbar
    Alphonso Dunbar Month ago


  • Jason Cardwell
    Jason Cardwell Month ago

    This is a size 10 athletic shoe

  • Rare Onyx
    Rare Onyx Month ago

    Why a kiss? Why not a hug? I kiss son but he 3. It stops at 5.

  • D'Jean The Queen
    D'Jean The Queen Month ago +1

    Thank You @DLHughley for your love & astute appraisal of Black women. No, you aren’t a coward & I wonder what our detractors, i.e., Tommy the Felon, would respond to your convictions? We will keep supporting & loving our men despite those who perceive BW in such low esteem.

  • Rico Suaveh
    Rico Suaveh Month ago

    Thank god Envy aint here!

  • jacarly98 jasam
    jacarly98 jasam Month ago

    The problem that I see with us is we are the only race that doesnt help each other. If your doing good in your life then THEY feel that YOU feel that YOUR better than them! We dont hold each other up!

  • Conan Barbarian
    Conan Barbarian Month ago

    DL hates Trump, more than he loves America.

  • Bianca Johnson
    Bianca Johnson Month ago

    SO much respect for DL💯💯💯

  • Theresa Perry
    Theresa Perry Month ago +3

    I love listening to DL Hughley he is a very smart man very intelligent.

  • K
    K Month ago

    DL is the truth he is 💯💯💯

  • Mo Jesus
    Mo Jesus Month ago

    DL on Wendy Wms brought me here...2019

  • Dancing Candle
    Dancing Candle Month ago


  • theresa webb
    theresa webb Month ago

    DL is wrong both races are racist. Don't believe that black people can't be rac8st.

  • theresa webb
    theresa webb Month ago

    Gillium lost & abrams lost too.

  • theresa webb
    theresa webb Month ago

    Hating his daughte's boyfriend because mthey're not black 8t's wrong.

  • Ghost Theone
    Ghost Theone Month ago

    yee can't talk at all

  • Sebrena Cabbagestalk

    Im really not mad about white people doing black face back in the day...they call it tanning now days..

  • Willie Mcalpin
    Willie Mcalpin Month ago

    That's crazy this is the first time I seen a video with no negative comments DL Hughley is a very intelligent man

  • Antionette Williams

    Best interveiw ever

  • wendyknoxleet
    wendyknoxleet Month ago

    I adore DL and I love this show.

  • Chicago Illinois
    Chicago Illinois Month ago

    good interview though!

  • Chicago Illinois
    Chicago Illinois Month ago

    Trump 2020

  • theresa webb
    theresa webb Month ago

    Charlamagne said he chrated on his wife but than says black males don't cheat that's a lie.

  • theresa webb
    theresa webb Month ago

    Dl is racist truly when he doesnt like his kids' choices on mates.

  • seasonvett
    seasonvett Month ago

    Raw and Real all love DL✊✊✊

  • John Lorraine
    John Lorraine Month ago

    HL Hughley ist the Jordan Peterson of the black community :)

  • BeYou2Fullest Mi-So
    BeYou2Fullest Mi-So Month ago +5

    The more I look at Brotha DL, he could easily play Redd Foxx in a movie.

  • debraas Love
    debraas Love Month ago

    Love this

  • gregory bowers
    gregory bowers Month ago +1

    When are they going to replace angela ye?

    • gregory bowers
      gregory bowers Month ago

      Rayne T who do we need to voice our opinions too lol 😂

    • Rayne T
      Rayne T Month ago +1

      +gregory bowers yes that would be a good look

    • gregory bowers
      gregory bowers Month ago +1

      Rayne T she black when it beneficial, asian when its not and stay trying to stir the pot with no substance. K Michelle put us up on game about her. I vote Remy Ma to replace her asap

    • Rayne T
      Rayne T Month ago

      Yes patiently waiting

  • paul thomas
    paul thomas Month ago

    Was the title to this show....'let's be racist and hate on white people''?

  • Eric Thomas
    Eric Thomas Month ago

    Charlamange tha God. D. L tha truth

  • Terry Kilpatrick
    Terry Kilpatrick Month ago

    DL you are absolutely crazy if you think Bill Cosby's situation is the same as Kavanaugh. Kavanaugh was accused of something that was supposed to have happened when he was a minor and the accuser was totally discredited by the very people she said witnessed it over 35 years ago. Totally not the same. You really hurt your argument when you generalize so loosely.

  • Ant Clark
    Ant Clark Month ago

    This is a powerful interview !!

  • Sunny IsRaEl
    Sunny IsRaEl Month ago +2

    “Dad when does this stop?” ... “When one of us is not here.” ❤️

  • Heiress of GLAM Crown Collection

    Wow DL mind 🤯💪🏾💜💜💜 omg He is so UNAPOLOGETIC! My gma always say SAY WHAT YOU MEAN AND MEAN WHAT YOU SAY! damn he dropped so many nuggets in this interview.


    i never cared for him throughout his career till this interview i fucks with him now this his best ive seen him be the kinda person who can really be a leader of the come-unity

  • Jay Roque
    Jay Roque Month ago +2

    All those women that have been listening to Steve Harvey hypocritical ass need to hear these gems the brother DL is dropping.

  • Cindy B
    Cindy B Month ago +1

    DL is funny in concert...

  • Yolanda D
    Yolanda D Month ago

    One of your best shows ever!!

  • Peaches9109
    Peaches9109 Month ago

    We the Hebrews taught them what they know!! And we taught the Egyptians! We taught everybody!

  • Infallible Beauty and Cosmetics

    Lions not Salvages! I felt that!

  • S. A. Vegas
    S. A. Vegas Month ago

    Man, mad respect for this guy. This interview got really and I really didn't like CTG until this. He wasn't clowning and was really responsible. Both men hella stepped up. Wish you all mad success. God bless

  • Nick Kokkinos
    Nick Kokkinos Month ago

    He’s an outright racist but he’s being praised because he’s so open about it. Smh pathetic. If racism inspires you then you have no future

  • drhodes75
    drhodes75 Month ago +11

    D.L. effortlessly spits the truth in his interviews.

  • N E
    N E Month ago

    Ayyyyye shoutout to Hawthorne !

  • Amir Kazemi
    Amir Kazemi Month ago

    there are alot of obese white people who are this way because of soda & fast food. the corporations will prey on you no matter your color. its a rich vs poor thing more than just racism......the system we live in, capitalism is based on profit. making a profit is based on getting one over on you....getting you to pay more for something than what it took to make it. that is what motivates right now. eating healthy is very expensive vs just grab a mcdonalds for $5 with fries and a drink. Acai, spinach, egg whites, avocado is an $80 grocery bill that you'll get 4 meals out of.

  • Dothe RightThing
    Dothe RightThing Month ago

    DL hugley the reincarnation of Gil Scott Heron! Take a stand my brothers and sisters! We Kings and Queens love is the only way by the grace of God !

  • Brent Waits
    Brent Waits Month ago

    Actually, that didn't happen. CBF is a straight up liar

  • twilliams842
    twilliams842 Month ago +1

    Women so smart but make the wrong choices. Yea ok.

  • Emmanuel Quaye
    Emmanuel Quaye Month ago +1

    this interview is so intuitively smart and as a college senior see this wise black man speak with such confidence and clear solutions I'm starting to think our society has made a mistake in making college the only option to success

  • ricky davis
    ricky davis Month ago

    DL is wrong. Black men are attacked systemically and structurally with mass incarceration, drug game, gangs. Being over policed in our communities, expelled from schools at a higher rate. Thus schools to prison pipeline...Mass incarceration. He is too smart to miss this truth. Under employed. Lack of black Male teachers

  • VLVentureWorx 1
    VLVentureWorx 1 Month ago

    DL says 'we 'as..?

  • VLVentureWorx 1
    VLVentureWorx 1 Month ago

    Remeber the spoof Mars Attacks. Trump is the President Jack Nicholson played.Bro Jim Brown was approached by the Las Vegas Developer him. and pres.

  • Barbara James
    Barbara James Month ago

    That is a shame they see you and your son was gay but you keep up the good work

  • Barbara James
    Barbara James Month ago

    Man that is real talk white man havnt complain about what going with black people getting shot I am with you all the way black man do need to wake up and leave white woman along and come home and take care there black woman and stop working her to dead cause we know them messy with white woman and when they do that they forget to pay bills

  • Barbara James
    Barbara James Month ago

    Ssy that Obama didnt Need the white man to make it

  • Barbara James
    Barbara James Month ago

    Man say that I am scared when the post man bring me abox lol

  • Gorgeousbronze -Madison-

    I always get a tear when I listen to DL. My momma makes me kiss her too. I'm 50

  • Dandra D
    Dandra D Month ago +6

    The mind of this man😍wish there were more like this one right here!

  • dmcarden
    dmcarden Month ago

    Damn.. putting value on the things that sustain you!! He's so point

  • Laura Croft
    Laura Croft Month ago +1

    Does DL smoke? He's voice is scratchy af.

  • crutksdub
    crutksdub Month ago

    @17:50 black folk get to see youth get shot in the streets of NYC, South Chicago, Miami Liberty City, Oakland etc and pretend that they didn’t see shit....unless the shooter was a white cop.

  • MissJackson1025
    MissJackson1025 Month ago

    I love D.L

  • WE R,A, different animal

    YOU need Mr Neely Fuller Jr on your show

  • Jimmy Gazda
    Jimmy Gazda Month ago

    Nothing like blaming the white man.SMH

    • drhodes75
      drhodes75 Month ago

      At what point in this interview did he blame the white man? He only pointed out facts for the betterment of black people smh.

  • jaayay2
    jaayay2 Month ago

    I was all in until the whole admittance about infidelity from both Charlemagne and DL Hughley. For as much as they both spit gems of knowledge, there is something to be said about still lacking the will power not to cheat on their spouses--to me that is the testament of strength, commitment, and actually being a real man...I feel swindled. But I guess to er is human. Would have been nice if he was the full package though.

    • jaayay2
      jaayay2 Month ago

      +Mastermom 85 Your comment does not make sense to me. What is the point you're trying to make?

    • Mastermom 85
      Mastermom 85 Month ago

      jaayay2 no men evolve and grow into their purposes and value who are you to judge a women scorned

  • Nicolas Thomas
    Nicolas Thomas Month ago +5

    Judge me if you want... But them Tom Brady Uggs for men are comfortable as hell.

  • Pearl Barkley
    Pearl Barkley Month ago

    Yes the MeToo Movement is inconsistent ... we need to bring up Nate Parker and Charlie Sheen.....also accountability on the part of women for their own behavior... in addition we live in a culture based on male dominance and misogyny starting with the concept of the Supreme Being...

  • Sclass Entertainment

    Do white ppl watch this show

  • dani jackson
    dani jackson Month ago +2

    I love this interview. We have to encourage our young people to have the depth that we may not have had when we were young. I think it is important to note that whether young boys or young girls, both want to feel attractive but more often than not the wrong things are valued on both sides.

  • theresa webb
    theresa webb Month ago

    Glad he came back on here.

  • Stan Perry
    Stan Perry Month ago +1

    I cried a little ...

  • Reign Omega
    Reign Omega Month ago +23

    DL is quickly becoming my favorite interviewee by far.

  • Lou Bizzie
    Lou Bizzie Month ago +2

    Cuz you [part] asian, Angela Yee!!!

  • Pao Lee
    Pao Lee Month ago

    Too funny @blackface

  • Mandel Harvey
    Mandel Harvey Month ago +1

    That Nike joke into ughs was genius.

  • Isaiah Johnston
    Isaiah Johnston Month ago

    Kavanaugh is not the same as Cosby. Comparing those situations is just plain bullshit.

  • Franklin Beale
    Franklin Beale Month ago

    Well... The comment he makes about having not to denegrate another comedian or person to shine - that's such a very hypocritical and strange comment to say coming from a comedian.
    Most comedians were the class clowns who tend to seek out joning on others to embarrass them deeply just for fun and laughs.
    You ever found yourself causing a group of people to laugh hard and find you funny and suddenly that one new dude comes into the circle and watches you and start throwing shade and insults at you on the sly to "steal the audience"?
    It takes a few throws, but you and a few others catch on and begin to see their intentions which is to see you as the person to "beat".
    I always found that hilarious.