DL Hughley Talks Blackface Controversy, Donald Trump And Racial Equality Issues

  • Published on Nov 5, 2018
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Comments • 7 104

    TIMARIO SUPREME 45 minutes ago

    I can honestly say DL be on ReAL SHIT and either u love it hate it but the UGLY Truth is always better then a beautiful lie

  • Annabelle B
    Annabelle B 9 hours ago

    Great interview.

  • M. Va'enuku
    M. Va'enuku 10 hours ago

    " *You better kiss me on my face* " 💜🖤💜

  • Mean Mark
    Mean Mark 16 hours ago

    Sad but, D.L. sounds polarized to me. 🤷🏽‍♂️ #Trump2020 #EverybodyJustSayinWhatTheyFeel

  • Leonard Johnson
    Leonard Johnson 23 hours ago

    Call me what you want , but when DL said he took the money that he earned from mcdonalds and brought the groceries his mother needed to prepare dinner for the family made me feel it.

  • kathleen smith
    kathleen smith 23 hours ago

    What Hugley says about Kavanaugh is a joke --- if this is the kind of justice he thinks is acceptable (no evidence & bad memory that can't be backed up by anyone else) he thinks it is okay to put a man in jail on this. DL you are a fucking MORON.

  • Metal Militia
    Metal Militia Day ago

    So why do these fake ass black hypocrites support Hillary Clinton's lawless racist ass. Hillary and Bill Clinton are the most racist and their puppet Obuma hate black people!
    Wake up!!!!
    You look so stupid while you think you're so smart.

  • SuperKenndog
    SuperKenndog Day ago

    I'm saddened that a lot of the talk about how the black community can be fixed focuses on external solutions instead of internal ones. Is there racism in America? Yes. Always has been, always will be. You can't fix stupid people, which is what racists are.
    However, what I generally don't hear is group economics. Stop having a bunch of bastard kids and having this ignorant "baby mama" and "baby daddy" drama. Let's start there.

  • The Sage
    The Sage Day ago

    29:36 he started to say it and changed his thought imagine what men would be like if we all got the same opportunity and you did. The problem with his rhetoric is it doesnt account for the fact that black women are part of the system black men have been held and set out. DL its real easy for people that was given a bone to look at others that wasnt and tell them to get a bone also. You get more girls pushing a ball then pushing a book. Because for black men pushing books dont equate to the same sort of wealth pushing a ball does. Lets stop pretending that college educated black me are all part of real wealth. Facts it only take 300k to be in the top 1 percent of black wealth. Man half of what this dude says is spot on the other half is trash.

  • Robert Brancheau

    the difference between cosby and kavanaugh, is skin color?
    christine ford has no corroborating evidence nor winesses. the ppl she claimed to be at the party, one of whom was good friends with dr. ford for a long time, said they had never heard her mention this incident, and do not ever remember being at a party with brett kavanaugh, period.
    after coming out and saying this, the woman was contacted by the lawyers of dr. ford, and pressured to make a redaction. she did the right thing by refusing to do so, and contacted the fbi about the possibly witness tampering.
    the race card is getting real old

  • richard9268.1
    richard9268.1 2 days ago

    26:00 This right here is why I think Colin Kaepernick is a fraud. He can make a grand gesture in front of everybody and get his shoe contract and on the cover of GQ, but can't bother to vote.

  • Rodney Jones
    Rodney Jones 2 days ago

    Wait....where is the Kavanaugh proof? Last I heard even the people she said would agree with her didn't. Comparing that dude and Cosby aint even close.

  • onlyfacts
    onlyfacts 2 days ago

    Cosby was a serial rapist DL shows his racism here .

  • onlyfacts
    onlyfacts 2 days ago

    This bunch had kamilla harris on and never brought up her locking uppoor black moms for their kids missing school .you suck

  • Bettye Smith
    Bettye Smith 2 days ago

    I have always loved DL because he’s brilliant! The man speaks the truth and his perspective is on it!

    • Bettye Smith
      Bettye Smith 2 days ago

      Except the comment about Asians. We believe what he’s said because that’s what the media feeds us. These people are presented as brilliant because they work really hard. The people who are actually brilliant are not presented that way. Gotta pay attention!

  • jessesam
    jessesam 2 days ago

    DL hughley is probably one of the biggest racist and liars in the america.....
    bill cosby has what 50 women saying he rapped
    Brett Kavanaugh has one person calming he tried to....with no evidence to support her claim.....
    actually theres facts that supports she was lying...
    and for DL hughley to speak on kavanaugh accusation as a fact and speak on it....should be criminal ...
    and of course CTG is loving it......

  • Allison T. Harrison
    Allison T. Harrison 2 days ago

    Im in love with DL Hughley...hopefullly his wife never reads this....in case we meet... she will never suspect a thang! Cause them tattoos babyyyyyyyyyyyyy lmmfao make me put these fat thighs in the air!

    • onlyfacts
      onlyfacts 2 days ago

      so you cheat and wreck happy homes ? what a great person u r

  • Jamesetta Davis
    Jamesetta Davis 2 days ago

    I love him

  • Glenn Mcgollie
    Glenn Mcgollie 3 days ago

    Bill Cosby complete set up bunch of bs

  • Eugene russ
    Eugene russ 3 days ago +2

    DL is a Racist piece of shit !

  • michaelbarber29
    michaelbarber29 3 days ago

    Black women are the greatest on earth but let’s not act like it was them and not the white power structure propping them up and GIVING them opportunities over black men. The honorable Elijah Muhammad talked about this IN THE 60s in “Message to the black Man.” This was a plan as well as giving government benefits to women WITHOUT A MAN! They were strategic in doin this the same way they were when they destroyed black Wall Street and every other successful community. No economic base, now you have to depend on white people💯

  • michaelbarber29
    michaelbarber29 3 days ago

    The breakfast club gon ALWAYS play both sides no matter how black they talk bc they still work for white people

  • Colleen Creamer
    Colleen Creamer 3 days ago

    DL is so goddam smart ..... pestilence, frogs, white men. haha!!

  • Tracking Audrey
    Tracking Audrey 3 days ago

    Thank you DL Hughley you have helped me figure out a few things.

  • Rooky Music
    Rooky Music 3 days ago

    Could listen to this dude all day

  • Judah Allen
    Judah Allen 4 days ago

    How do u be an alpha without being disrespectful

  • Al Watkins
    Al Watkins 5 days ago

    DLs and idiot who speaks strongly on issues he knows nothing about. Acting as if he knows what b.c. went on with Cosby, Kavanaugh or anyone. Hes trash and so self-righteous.

  • slimmsg7
    slimmsg7 6 days ago

    The last half of this was BS, especially the educated black female ...

    JANDIA S. 6 days ago +1

    This is EVERYTHING!

  • Vincent Kuneen
    Vincent Kuneen 6 days ago

    "depends on how much rum I've had"

  • Mic Hustlin Media
    Mic Hustlin Media 6 days ago

    Gained SOOO much more respect for this brother. Listening to him reminded me of convos with my father. It makes me feel even more proud to be a black man full of integrity.

  • Deana Boyd
    Deana Boyd 8 days ago


  • Chas Stack
    Chas Stack 8 days ago +2

    This one of those interviews that you can watch over and over

  • Chas Stack
    Chas Stack 8 days ago

    I told black dudes the best women are in school years ago , I even suggested community college

  • Chas Stack
    Chas Stack 8 days ago +1

    That's how bad we need to feel good

  • Tracy G
    Tracy G 8 days ago

    What a racist

  • Free2016
    Free2016 8 days ago

    DL is the last person I'd expect to be interviewed about racism.

  • jae bwoy
    jae bwoy 9 days ago


  • obscurity87
    obscurity87 9 days ago

    "Black women were built for men" as a woman who loves women. ..are we specifically speaking heterosexual terms? and even then.. the hell? sadly this reeks of misogyny as well as lack of confidence in black men being powerful on their own...because they can be.

  • RCH 32
    RCH 32 9 days ago

    33 30

  • Terry Sharp
    Terry Sharp 10 days ago

    😎 D.L. Man I don’t know you, but bro I love you man. You are a straight intellectual, and amazing! Thank you for being you and being so straight up.

  • flybluwings
    flybluwings 10 days ago +2

    You better come kiss me on my face..... daddy when can I stop doing this!?..... when one of us ain't here ...tht got me right their, lost my father 5 yrs ago.

  • Carlo Larose
    Carlo Larose 11 days ago

    Funny how "woke" black people can only ever mention Egyptians when attempting to talk in detail about the feats of the black man in Africa. They never mention any sub Saharan African tribes or nations.

  • Diontec At Gmail
    Diontec At Gmail 11 days ago

    lol... 1 UP2 D. L.!

  • Marie-P Imotep
    Marie-P Imotep 12 days ago

    Goood! I just wanna meet that man just to congratulate him for everything that he said: it was AN AMAZING BLAST for my mind as a woman, a daughter, a teacher, etc. 😌❤️👍
    Yes, Youg Luo, just to quote you: "everything he [said was] PURE GOLD" to me, as well! 😉😌🙏
    I'm watching it AGAIN!!! xD

  • Adrian Bishop
    Adrian Bishop 12 days ago +2

    Poor Angela Yee, intellectually, she always one step behind. Maybe, her Head Game is one step ahead !

  • milstrick
    milstrick 13 days ago +1

    This social media stuff is wack. Dame Dash was right when he said men act like women. DL needed to go to Crews and have a face to face. Maybe then he could see his point of view or disagree with him in private. All this posting on twitter and dissing brothers on video/audio
    is for straight suckas

    • onlyfacts
      onlyfacts 2 days ago

      it is a liberal thing . Stop supporting the dems and this shit will stop. Men will start acting like men or be closeted again as they should be

  • Loyalty2x Royalty
    Loyalty2x Royalty 14 days ago

    Charlamagne and Angela with their its not a about race 🙄 they doing a whole lot of soft shoeing

  • Chris Little
    Chris Little 14 days ago

    I understand that both men are the same type of men, but no one mentions that the type of power they wielded was unequivocally different. Bill Cosby was a celebrity whose power was limited in any context. Brett Kavanaugh is and was a Judge whose power, in most scenarios, is absolute and finite in its elocution. Judges command police and interpret the LAW, Cosby commanded royalties. Big difference. To be a judge dissuades personages from coming forward for fear of your power; Being a celebrity discourages people from coming forward for fear of being ostracized. The fear of life changing power versus microcosmic humiliation suggests that Kavanaugh was a far more formidable and fearsome opponent as a younger appearing, and more visceral man than a; withering, older, and blind Cosby who was an easy target in a racially charged America. If not for the obvious racial tension, I presume rationale would have taken root in our populace and Kavanaugh, like Cosby, would be sitting in a prison of one form or another reducing him to the nothing of a man he really is. Patriotism requires that you make concessions for those whose opinions you do not like. Its not political correctness, its just civilized, and more importantly, the definition of being American.

  • junekid629
    junekid629 15 days ago

    he holds his wrist limp like a prison b*tch his entire netflix "comedy-special".

  • goplayimbusy
    goplayimbusy 15 days ago

    Everyone should watch dane calloway for some powerful truth

  • Global Free Housing Community

    Cosby has never been accused of rape or drugging Constand. There was zero evidence in the Cosby case. There are tons of white men who have done worse with evidence and nothing happens.

  • Kris Goodwin
    Kris Goodwin 15 days ago

    DL is so incredibly smart

  • All Smilz
    All Smilz 16 days ago

    Good show live DL knowledge n sly jokes 😂

  • Mr Funky
    Mr Funky 16 days ago


  • Race Card
    Race Card 16 days ago

    Place value on the things that will sustain you! One of the wisest things ever said!!

  • Andre Campbell
    Andre Campbell 17 days ago

    DL needs his own talk show.....so much knowledge and experience....he transcends his comedic persona.

  • Quincy Sinette
    Quincy Sinette 17 days ago

    Notice she says POTENTIAL. That is the point. Men we need to step it up.

  • OneTallman
    OneTallman 18 days ago

    15:41 other countries don't like Americans

  • Audu Young
    Audu Young 19 days ago

    Ol G speaking some wisdom

  • MoLifts
    MoLifts 20 days ago

    Hugely for Congress!!!

  • Goya Garcia
    Goya Garcia 21 day ago

    Mmmm.. Beautiful Black Intelligent Mind !! I could listen to him all day :)

  • Shammara Virgem
    Shammara Virgem 21 day ago +3

    Steve was jealous of B. Mac!!! Steve tried getting Bernie off the Oceans 11 project and tried to get the part for himself. He wanted Hollywood more than Bernie did. Bernie didn’t care if them krackers understood him or not. He cared about his people!! That’s where DL is wrong about that particular situation...

  • Hank Hil
    Hank Hil 22 days ago

    I don't agree with D.L Hugley making his son kiss him on his face .

  • BlaQue Pearl Ent
    BlaQue Pearl Ent 22 days ago

    I love love love love DL Hughley...but just like you said a woman must go to those place where the good men hang...we must cheer at the library and etc to get the best results....then that's goes for me tooo...if a man want a good woman then shows us that what you want...but if you keep looking at pussy as the 1st factor then you make some good women change to pussy bcuz she fell like she got to get your attention

  • Audio Visual Proof
    Audio Visual Proof 24 days ago

    Is it me or is D.L. Hughley looking more and more like Fred G. Sanford?

  • Justin Dixon
    Justin Dixon 25 days ago

    This man said “It all depends how much rum I had”😂😂😂😂

  • Nazaree Hines-Starr
    Nazaree Hines-Starr 25 days ago

    DL is actually correct, black men have not caught up with black women. I discuss this thoroughly in my book. Why Every Black Woman Should Marry A Jewish Man...amzn.to/2EMhXMu and he also makes the point of what we value in the African American community

  • Jlmiv4 Mills
    Jlmiv4 Mills 25 days ago

    What is DL drinking?

  • Gaming*Star
    Gaming*Star 26 days ago

    God made man to protect the garden. God Saw that man was lonely. God made a woman from that man to comfort him and keep him company and share the garden under his leadership under God's rules. Some snake tricked our woman, she became unfaithful and disloyal, and we ate from her hand and lusted over her because she was our only comfort that was given to us. My point? Men should lead, women follow. Its simple. Women look for leadership in a guy. They dont wanna work! They dont wanna hustle. They wanna chill with the spoils of war their man is bringing to the house. So long as they do their part to comfort him and remain loyal, he should and MUST be appreciative and continue to rule. That's equality. Its not an opinion. It's a fact. No one should tell you how to be a human. It's in our DNA.

  • Dreday Renfroe
    Dreday Renfroe 27 days ago

    Yes Angie is fine

  • VM I
    VM I 27 days ago

    2:16 wow a grown ass man speculating about what another man did 30 years ago as though he got all the facts. I had to stop listening to this bozo right there. As a man with strong bro code I have to put my foot down on these sissy clowns when I see them. If drinking and trying to hook up with a chik is "attempted rape" then we are all attempted rapists. It's crazy how far back these snakes will go to smear another mans name.

  • Brandon Sarlls
    Brandon Sarlls 27 days ago

    Serious question. What can a white male do for the black community that would make people not be so mad at us. ??? Can someone please tell me!

  • peace azure
    peace azure 28 days ago

    32:30 dumb shit bc I doubt Charlamagne ever spent time in the library !!!!!
    I spent my childhood in the gym and in the library, and guess what???
    Africans were tho. Black Americans...nah

  • John Wiley
    John Wiley 28 days ago

    DL Hughley has to be the ugliest Niger on the planet! His mother sucks white cock and swallows white cock cum just for crack money

  • Black Republicanz
    Black Republicanz 28 days ago

    The biggest killer of black people are black people. Father need to stay home and stop running away from their kids. Easy solution to the black struggle.

    • boom in your face.
      boom in your face. 12 days ago

      the biggest killer of white people are white people, white men dont stay at home and run away from their kids to.

  • Black Republicanz
    Black Republicanz 28 days ago

    DL said fast food kills more blacks than guns. Dude 🤦‍♂️.

  • Black Republicanz
    Black Republicanz 28 days ago

    He just compared the lowest unemployment rates for blacks in 2019 to slavery all blacks working for free. Race hustling at its best.

  • Freake
    Freake 29 days ago

    dl Hughley look like he be fu#kin young girls with r.kelly

  • RoleModelJ
    RoleModelJ 29 days ago

    The difference between bill Cosby and Cavanaugh is evidence.

  • Monica P.
    Monica P. 29 days ago

    I'm just realizing how quick witted Angela is. Her one liners are funny af, lol.

  • Keeping It Real With Just Jay

    I know I may be late but this was an awesome interview!!!

  • Mr. Bond
    Mr. Bond Month ago +3

    Im still waiting for the evidence that bill cosby raped anybody. I dont think people are wrapping their minds around this! Bill cosby is in prison and labeled a rapist based on nothing but heresay from a bunch of questionable women who were repeatedly caught lying and changing their stories. Some even admitted lying on bill cosby. So no, bill cosby is innocent in my books and always will be until someone brings forth concrete evidence.

  • Bob Jones
    Bob Jones Month ago

    i don't y i shared that

  • Skeennah Time
    Skeennah Time Month ago


  • Lamik's Videos
    Lamik's Videos Month ago

    28:46 Angela yee you're black? But not on lip service when they chick was talking about black women and you referred to black women as "they" ?

  • 1danielramiro1
    1danielramiro1 Month ago

    This guy is so insecure. Lame ass man. I haven't liked him as a comedian, and less as a man.Get over your insecurity with your height or whatever you have going on on with your head man. Besides that, your point of view is so weak. Work on it. Let's work on it together. I'm available just as little as you are. let's make it happen. Schedule it out. Man, you need work.

  • J K
    J K Month ago

    I need people to also realize that there is a lot of problematic stuff in what DL is saying. I don't think its fair or productive to pit genders against one another. I think it's really stupid to complement women by saying that men are bad/broken/evil. That way of framing things is a way of defining women in the context of masculinity. It's the wrong message. If a women is good it's because she is good, not because men are not good.
    Daughters are blessings, yes. And so are sons. Children, in general, are blessings. Children shouldn't grow up being treated as stereotypes. If you treat your kid like they are an angel or a devil, then you're setting your kid up for failure and a life of delusion. Everyone has a capacity to do amazing things and also has a capacity to do fucked up shit. And i think regardless of gender we should accept and understand that the thing between your legs isn't what defines you or your narrative.
    Everybody is yippin and yappin about equality, fairness, and inclusion. But why do we forget what those words actually mean? Worshiping women is just a form of lip service. At the end of the day, what you do is what matters more. I think a lot of men will verbalize these things but their actions prove very different. I would rather people just stop with verbal worship because that is just a distraction. Equality isn't about overcompensating. If a man feels like he has to worship a woman in order to be good to her or to make her feel better, then that signifies a larger problem. We shouldn't be worshiping other humans, in general.
    Women and Men are equal. We are both capable of doing good and bad. We are also both capable of succeeding and failing in life. Women do not exist to shape men. And men do not exist to protect women. We exist to fulfill our individual purpose, whatever that may be. This way of stereotyping is detrimental and also is neglectful of the queer community. How do LGBTQ women and men fit into this idealistic vision of gender? What he's saying is that a to be a good man or woman means you have to live only in the context of the opposite sex... which is BS. Also what about the brothas and sistas who never get married? Are you saying their lives are less meaningful.
    The most disturbing thing he said in this video is that a man who doesn't fulfill the stereotype is worthless and should just die. I think DL is just really fucking clueless in saying this.
    I agree that men should do more to support and help women. Men should also stop abusing and perpetrating acts of violence. But it's important to understand that a man's worth isn't purely defined by his relationship to a woman. His worth is defined by his overall character and how he behaves in the world- both in and out of romantic relationships. There are a lot of guys who treat women well, but also do fucked up shit like murder/drugs and other crimes. Just because a man treats a women well or protects her doesn't mean he is good. Most crimes perpetrated on black men are by other black men. And i think that if you treat women great, but are a dick to other men, then you are still a pile of shit.
    The only good people are those who are good to all people, not just the gender they are trying to get in bed with. And right now men are just absolutely terrible to one another.
    I think worshiping women is as problematic as worshiping men. Patriarchy and Matriarchy are both terrible systems of inequality that lead to imbalance. The cure for toxic masculinity isn't Matriarcy... the cure is fairness, equality ,and justice.
    We need to stop idealizing either gender, because that prevents us from being objective. A bad person is a bad person unto themselves. You cannot make all men guilty because of a few bad men. The same is true for women. You cant judge all women because of a few bad women.
    The issue i have is that what he is saying may feel good, but it's not actually useful. The whole idea of equality and fairness isn't that we should try to elevate women above men, or men above women. It's that each individual should be judged base on their merit, character, potential, and effort.
    I think we have to embody fairness and equality. But i feel like so often in these conversations we just try to overcompensate by worshiping the idealized woman. But that's just another form of patriarchy creating a narrative in which to fit women.
    Another thing that we never really mention in this conversation is that there have been systematic efforts to displace men away from their families and the government has facilitated incentives for black men to be excluded from family life. For example, welfare programs that deny access to resources for women who are married or have a domestic relationship with a man.
    I think we have to just be realistic about the fact that men are people and so are women. No one is a super hero and no one should live their life thinking that the other gender is supposed to save them or make them into something. That is our individual responsibility. It's the wrong message to tell girls that they need a man to protect them. And it's also the wrong message to tell boys that they need to carry the burden of two lives on their shoulders in order to be a true man.
    Both of those ideas are absolutely trash and they prevent people from being who they are. We are all the same. And this whole idea that we have these intrinsic behavioral differences isn't true except in very negligible instances. Women aren't weak victims. And men aren't corrupt deviants needing purification.
    We are all just fucking humans.
    I also take issue that the only time queer black men are mentioned is when we are clustered with women as if we don't exist within the definition of masculinity. I think if you want to see what successful, ambitious, hard working black men then look at what queer men are accomplishing.
    And yes, i wrote a whole damn article. I'm just really pissed that we allow this dialogue to be shaped by such a narrow selection of people. I think black people have diverse opinions about a lot of this stuff, but we constantly only give voice to the same perspective when it comes to the media. You almost never see these conversations include the queer community, highly educated, or people from professions outside of the arts/entertainment/media. I think this conversation would go so much further if we actually had voices of people who know what they're talking about, not just people who say things that feel good on the surface but lack deeper value.

  • Rogers Brown
    Rogers Brown Month ago

    Good word for sure

  • Ed Mejia
    Ed Mejia Month ago

    DL speaks so much truth and is extremely intelligent. Most people don't realize how smart you have to be to be a comic. Comics see the world from every angle and can synthesize those thoughts into simple analogies that even some of us dummies can understand. I'm in awe of this interview; practically in tears listening to what the world could be if we thought more like DL and other modern philosophers. These are our prophets. We need to listen and take care of them. I'm not African-American but I get what he's talking about. Much respect to this man and the Breakfast Club crew for this one. Wow.

  • Corbett Robinson
    Corbett Robinson Month ago

    is it me or Angela is always defending the white man when it comes to sexual assault, rape, whichever one.But when it comes to black men like bill Cosby, r Kelly, she's ready to throw them under the bus

  • Ross JP
    Ross JP Month ago

    I've been saying this for years that the hope for the Black community is doubling down on supporting and empowering Black women to be proud and have agency.

  • 4iLLUMiN888 MINDS
    4iLLUMiN888 MINDS Month ago +2

    This interview was probably one of THEE BEST BREAKFAST CLUB INTERVIEWS. The content was most excellent, very informative!

  • fuck off
    fuck off Month ago

    Bro good interview but you ain't a women.

  • fuck off
    fuck off Month ago

    Preaching doesn't work brother were bored of it.

  • fuck off
    fuck off Month ago

    We no all this shit but it means nothing because no black ppl want to go in government and the government make it like that so no laws get changed to suit ethnic minoritys its all been designed this way and we see it but we ignore, so go into government or shut up.

  • Cheeks Cheeks
    Cheeks Cheeks Month ago +1


  • Pride Phiri
    Pride Phiri Month ago

    So good for the soul to hear someone like DL talk. Its not identity politics to want to hear someone who looks like you talk about issues that you can relate to.

  • Cindy Bolanos
    Cindy Bolanos Month ago

    Truth over truth and over truth....

  • Emmanuel Nwaokete
    Emmanuel Nwaokete Month ago

    Dl hugley with the truth.