DL Hughley Talks Blackface Controversy, Donald Trump And Racial Equality Issues

  • Published on Nov 5, 2018
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Comments • 7 225

  • Brother Rick
    Brother Rick 8 hours ago

    DL Hughley what the hell you talkin about you don't know about Kavanaugh you just assume s*** you got some Twisted views brother

  • D Ram
    D Ram 9 hours ago

    Nike is Greek

  • Vmuel go
    Vmuel go Day ago

    29.11 and on about black men! Awesome!

  • 1hinita
    1hinita Day ago +1

    You know what? I got two grandma's cus my grandad was a Rollin stone. My mom don't call them her step siblings and they don't call her their step sister. We are close to both families and both my grandma's use to keep each other kids and feed them lol I love both my grandmas

  • Becca Hollingsworth
    Becca Hollingsworth 2 days ago

    but when your not a racist it called social media slander to hide fraud. PETER PAN COMES TO MIND.

  • Becca Hollingsworth
    Becca Hollingsworth 2 days ago

    I'm feel in ya bro. would it be considered a coward when ya blocked.

  • Ferdinand Freeman
    Ferdinand Freeman 2 days ago

    Bill Cosby was setup i guess!!

  • ricky tann
    ricky tann 4 days ago

    Hey breakfastclub best interview out !!

  • Marcel Burton
    Marcel Burton 4 days ago +3

    Love the comedian, BUT I respect the MAN far more!!!! Great interview BROTHER!!!!!!! #KeepHittingThemWithTRUTH!!!!!

  • Eagle One
    Eagle One 5 days ago

    I could never meet CTG he would see right through me

  • Kween Tiia MelanatedGoddess

    Great interview...ALOT of gems, but a lil confusing...like saying "be better than me...we aint shit" meanwhile so many men have an issue with educated women. I hope brothas are listening

  • Miriam Israel
    Miriam Israel 7 days ago

    Pull your dick out to jerk off.

  • Baderinwa Fola
    Baderinwa Fola 7 days ago

    Real talk. So relatable.

  • Glory Mosby
    Glory Mosby 7 days ago +1

    DL speaks all thought provoking truth

  • Jacob Lang
    Jacob Lang 8 days ago

    Angela has that chinese toy cat toy with swinging foot. Lol

    MONSTA 8 days ago

    Great interview.

  • Thelastreal1
    Thelastreal1 9 days ago

    I tried of hearing black people say stand your ground is a bad law. It’s gets more black people off than it gets killed. Ask Gucci Mane. Ask Da Baby Shot a nigga right in Walmart and walked. Stand your ground just means you don’t have a duty to retreat.

  • BRandon FOster
    BRandon FOster 9 days ago

    Love D.L. lol always honest and real

  • E. P.
    E. P. 9 days ago

    I don't agree with dL on some things but I admire him soo damn much!!!! I wish he was a friend of mine.

    DEVIL SLAYER 10 days ago

    dam DL is one aware muthafucka god bless you bruh....DL FOR PRESIDENT ....THE BROTHA IS DROPIN JEWLS

  • DeathMonk TV
    DeathMonk TV 10 days ago

    Just a question... was there proof presented that showed Kavanaugh tried to rape Ford?

  • Linda Jackson
    Linda Jackson 11 days ago

    Hi edagdwg woman use there body as a tool to get want they want if you respect yourself you don't have to use your body saleing your self is a real bad thing to do to yourself once you sale yourself at work or on the street can't get it back linda j ☮️ ❤️ peace

  • Linda Jackson
    Linda Jackson 11 days ago

    Hi edagdwg real men won't let you do for them there pride won't let you do for them I am a real woman that want my man working so hard I want hem home with me not so tired leave me alone honey we are one not just me we gets more done Linda j ☮️❤️ ❤️💯 💯

  • MzCarly Calabasas
    MzCarly Calabasas 11 days ago

    im Chinese i dont know...such bullshit

  • Crystal Bates
    Crystal Bates 12 days ago

    And the N word

  • Crystal Bates
    Crystal Bates 12 days ago

    I love DL Hugley but I’m tired of the stereotype that black people don’t have good credit.

  • Patricia Batey
    Patricia Batey 12 days ago

    Iove what you just said kiss me untill one of us not here. I an relate i always taught ny son to kiss his father.

  • Patricia Batey
    Patricia Batey 12 days ago

    Lol i can related to thats not your bell

  • Patricia Batey
    Patricia Batey 12 days ago

    I was angry at you regarding your comments about Micheal Jackson. I have been watching your intetveiws and i have so much respect for you i love your truthful. I cryed about your son that you lost.although I blame you. I feel your wife is lucky to have a husband who loves his famil and you are loyal

  • MsSong2U
    MsSong2U 13 days ago +1

    Ladies and Gentlemen...
    *D. L. Hughleeeeeeey!*

  • Maurice Edwards
    Maurice Edwards 13 days ago

    Bill Cosby shouldn't be in jail he gave them what they wanted it was a trade off these woman were on drugs they want be able to testify against any one else they knew this was going on and they still kept coming why. they wanted the good drugs he was able to get they traded drugs for sex now they said he rapped me STOP IT he told them he wanted sex

  • ChicagoGirl75
    ChicagoGirl75 14 days ago

    Oh, how I love this...

  • Casper 6a6y
    Casper 6a6y 15 days ago

    Hear alot of real shit, then I hear alot of bullshit.

  • misterezra1
    misterezra1 16 days ago

    Cosby was not condemned on EVIDENCE, Cosby was convicted exclusively on RUMOR and PROPAGANDA. Tragically, if anyone studied cared to read court transcripts, they would not sound so foolish. Cosby demonstrated that, as a Black Man in America, no matter how much wealth and influence that you have, you are still subject to the same negligent injustices that all Black men in America have historically been exposed to. Both D.L. Hughley and Charlemagne have emotions that have devastatingly outpaced their research and study. So many people actually listen to them for information. Its tragic!

    SARAI7HJ 16 days ago +2

    Some Black women do look toward men who they see who have potential. Sometimes the problem is some of those same men lose sight of the prize because of various circumstances.

  • Elijah H. Muied
    Elijah H. Muied 16 days ago

    Much Love Bro. Hughley...

  • Lupita Gonzalez
    Lupita Gonzalez 17 days ago +1

    Great interview!! I always love DL's view of the world! Mad respect!

  • William Handy
    William Handy 19 days ago

    This is all an issue because of the power of social media. Too many triggered people banning together to hurt someone else.

    Oh and people working 2 or 3 jobs each has a lot to do with the unemployment records.

  • Keith Boone
    Keith Boone 20 days ago

    You a fool. dl

  • Keith Boone
    Keith Boone 20 days ago

    Bull Show Many Blackwomen shot Down like a dg King malnom an

  • sundance kid
    sundance kid 20 days ago

    What about the gurl that clamied charlamaine drugged and raped her

  • Prahgress
    Prahgress 21 day ago

    they haven't even stated the cases those same women failed to extort bill cosby (Autumn Jackson) #torchingofalegacy

  • gaddes scott
    gaddes scott 22 days ago

    breakfast club tryna protect the white rapist and shift attention to the black guy

  • Osafo D'Zulu
    Osafo D'Zulu 22 days ago

    "MAGA" means Make Africa Great Again

  • Thragon68
    Thragon68 22 days ago

    once Kanye started telling the truth, he became a fool? you are the fools.... and believing the lies of mainstream is very foolish...STUPID! Hughley is a sellout...look at where he is!!!! Do some real research and stop parroting racist shit and calling others racists....

  • Christopher Arrshmaan
    Christopher Arrshmaan 23 days ago

    Bill Cosby was trying too buy NBC and the jews set his son up. The so called jews was instructed by Jewish powers to kill his son and the killers had ties to Israel. Bill Cosby is a good man. And the white supremacist could not have a black man owning a TV station because the TV is a weapon of mass destruction for the Jews. They own and operate all the TV stations they monopolized everything the banks everything. And I also know that it was the Jews that had a big hand in the slave trade. Don't let them fool you. Michael Jackson Prince John Lennon and many others presidents have said how much power and influence the Jews have over them and don't dare speak out against them. Because they'll kill you and frame your doctor like they did with Michael Jackson and understand that they also killed Eazy-E before he died from the Aids he had fired his manager who was a jew. And Ez E was healthy up until that time .so put 2 and 2 together. Do the math and get rid of the fake jew bosses that we have.

  • Robin D. Phillips
    Robin D. Phillips 23 days ago

    Very good talk. Thanks for sharing

  • Christopher Arrshmaan
    Christopher Arrshmaan 23 days ago +1

    Why isn't Harvey Weinstein in jail and Bill Cosby is. DL Hughley is right. it is about color. If you look at the situation now and see who's in jail. and who is still in jail. you'll see why. Because he's black that's why

    • Christopher Arrshmaan
      Christopher Arrshmaan 23 days ago

      Why is Bill Cosby still in jail and Harvey Weinstein isn't ask yourself that question Harvey Weinstein did way worse than Bill Cosby the answer is because he's a damn Jew and they used the me-too movement to set up a whole bunch of other people and to get people out of the picture that's what the me-too movement is. Black folks ain't never had no reason to have no me-too movement the black man and the black woman has always been on the same page throughout history that is the white woman's fight with her man, and the black woman took over the movement . we always fought for black rights. Bit the rise of the me too movements is just too slow down the momentum of what black men and womens should be fighting for. It's a diversion tactic used by white supremacist and Jews. They did it in the sixties and they doing it again. so what y'all need to do black folks wake up to the game and get concentrated in one area and fight there.. I say our first fight should be reparation so we can repire the conditions

  • Nefertiti Knight
    Nefertiti Knight 24 days ago

    Whenever a Blackman is called a rapist of white women throughout history... It is pushed and seems like money changed hands ..just like with the attempts with MJ
    You can't fool all the people all the time.

  • Leleboom
    Leleboom 24 days ago

    I swear to goodness D L is in my relationship I'm so tried of making the decisions in my house hold to be told you always trying to run ish , I think he got a camera in my home or my cat is a spy cam

    EMPRESSGLADYS 25 days ago

    Nothing is funny about the stereotype D.L. keeps promoting. "Asians are smart." By implication, "we" are not.

  • i-Craver i-Tungū
    i-Craver i-Tungū 26 days ago

    Wow. I cook and rarely eat out especially low quality fast food.
    I’ve been to a city that’s upper middle class $400k - $700k homes majority Blacks.
    I had not experience anything like that and in my poor self hatred mind it scared me, now I know better.

  • Living With Multiple Sclerosis

    DL is da truth!

  • Bohannon Smith
    Bohannon Smith 28 days ago

    “Normalizing behavior that people are dying from”

  • Bohannon Smith
    Bohannon Smith 28 days ago

    What about the real rapes that occur with actual 911 calls and hospital visits?

  • FadeD InTruzion
    FadeD InTruzion 29 days ago

    Scoop those cheese biscuits and shut up

  • Rohan Arjun
    Rohan Arjun 29 days ago

    DL is definately an intellectual brotha. Listen to his words and it open your eyes, mind and spirit. I could listen to him all day. He is also hilarious and a master at his craft....DL don't mean down low...it means Definately Loud...

  • J B
    J B Month ago

    I get that. We invest in something stable in educating ourselves that will stabilize us for the long hall! Also, we must protect and provide for our Women and children! I became a much better man when I got my daughters in my life. They made me be a better me!

  • Alan Leon
    Alan Leon Month ago

    This guy don’t know shit about shit . He needs an extra hand to wipe his own ass.

  • lonnielrc
    lonnielrc Month ago

    Bull shit.

  • Alex Stone
    Alex Stone Month ago


  • Alex Stone
    Alex Stone Month ago


  • Alex Stone
    Alex Stone Month ago


  • Alex Stone
    Alex Stone Month ago

    DL Hughley to DR. DL Hughley

  • Prentice Ross
    Prentice Ross Month ago +1

    He has gotten rite up to it point on so much & then holds down making sense as well. He could make a dam good roll model, does spread it out getting there, just enough
    joking yep ¡

  • erock755
    erock755 Month ago

    17:00 I completely agree. White people should b able to put on blackface ( or partake in any other mockery i.e. dress up in racist costumes for Halloween: as native Americans, Mexicans etc) except once they do they shouldn't be allowed to take it off. That shit stay on. We're not able to, they r not costumes to us. MF'er this is how we live!

  • Dora Williams
    Dora Williams Month ago

    DL Hughley is smart, I like his advice and also he's one of my comedian, keep up the good work

  • christopher womack
    christopher womack Month ago

    Ain’t shit fine bout Angela Yee Poe hypocritical ass...

  • Ceemoore67
    Ceemoore67 Month ago +1

    I love D.L....he got a little teary eyed at the end...

  • Alarie Smith
    Alarie Smith Month ago +2

    "That's how devoid of positive - we got excited by a comic book hero. Wakanda was in Atlanta." So many quotable statements in this interview. Str8 gems.

  • Mike 0355
    Mike 0355 Month ago

    DL is a uninformed ignorant ass that does it read or comprehend what he reads...smh

  • Ruby Jackson
    Ruby Jackson Month ago

    So many answers to the things that make you go hhhmmmm. Extremely insightful

  • Natalie Gamble
    Natalie Gamble Month ago

    Why do black people down themselves why do we say that blacks don't pay their bills on time or you'll hear them say you're speaking like a white person why do we act like whites are the only ones who can be intelligent or speak properly I think it's very stupid to think that way about your own race and then expect others to think otherwise about you

  • Do4Self Music.com
    Do4Self Music.com Month ago

    🕓 & that's [y] they set out to wipe the Black Man out. Removed the Black Man from the home, drug him, incarcerate him & bury him.... BECAUSE THE MAN IS THE WALL OF PROTECTION.... Without that.... The Black Woman become.... .... 😒 & the children become .... ....

  • Vania Thomas
    Vania Thomas Month ago

    "You hear yourself from the inside out , America hears you from the outside in "🤔

  • theresa webb
    theresa webb Month ago

    D o n't believe wants his people to be in counseling. He i s The couselor.

  • theresa webb
    theresa webb Month ago

    DL is r i ght on w hite people oppressing & blac k people don't hav e the same whites have.

  • Tommie  Martinez
    Tommie Martinez Month ago +1

    Eddie Murphy told about bill cosby in the 80s he told Richard pryor and Richard pryor said tell bill have a coke and a smile

  • Walter Jenkins
    Walter Jenkins Month ago

    He said Bernie Mac would wear colors people never seen before lolololololol classic !!!

  • Janice Green
    Janice Green Month ago

    Nice Show

  • jalene Jones
    jalene Jones Month ago

    Nike and president Obama win without white man .....interesting

  • putus18
    putus18 Month ago

    As unfortunate as it is for me to say between 27:00-29:51, DL is right, the black women I know when they're ready to find a suitor who is their equal in all aspects of life that are important, don't look like you think they will.

  • alexis f
    alexis f Month ago

    man I'm blown away everything he said was pure facts

  • Meow V
    Meow V Month ago

    Mucho respecto dl love u

  • Meow V
    Meow V Month ago


  • Meow V
    Meow V Month ago

    U should not get covited 2 for the same crime just saying his not a good man but it is the law

  • 75th Teaster
    75th Teaster 2 months ago +1

    RACIST....RACIST....RACIST.... lol Blame the white man for yalls problems unemployment is all time low for blacks but of corse that shit don’t matter cause he’s RACIST... what a fucking joke

    • 75th Teaster
      75th Teaster Month ago

      Yvonce' Ol of corse your so fucking oppressed it’s not like there wasn’t a black president for 8 years or anything, Let me guess your a do nothing deadbeat you grew up with no father and now the white man is the root of ur problem’s right👍 well time to get back to WORK someone has to defend the rights of your stupid ass

    • Yvonce'
      Yvonce' Month ago

      75th Teaster
      STFU!!! White people are the oppresses. ASS CLOWN!!!!

  • cavettee2010
    cavettee2010 2 months ago

    I absolutely love DL Hughley - bless him and his family.

  • 2thiknjuci
    2thiknjuci 2 months ago

    I just love DL

  • Avery Williams
    Avery Williams 2 months ago

    Race race race .. just pray about it

  • R8C STVR
    R8C STVR 2 months ago

    Swear u never notice if Dj Envy there or not

  • justha vingfun
    justha vingfun 2 months ago

    ' even if they see you lose, they can't see you not trying '

  • EZ E
    EZ E 2 months ago

    'they only see us one way', and i only see 'them' one way. DLH

  • Antwyn
    Antwyn 2 months ago

    This man is the truth

  • jclef614
    jclef614 2 months ago

    If you see Cosby put something in your drink and you still drink it...you are NOT a victim...just STUPID! Cosby should NOT be in jail!

  • Bree Degree
    Bree Degree 2 months ago +4

    This is the type of man that make us black women submit wholeheartedly. He is brilliant, and there are very few of us on this level. (Notice how I included myself! 😌😌)

  • Sugar E
    Sugar E 2 months ago

    Excellent interview. What a smart dude.

  • TheDamsel
    TheDamsel 2 months ago

    Black people are not asking themselves how Jussie Smollet can be innocent when we KNOW he lied and accused supporters of the President of viciously attacking him on the streets of Chicago and putting a noose around his neck. He LIED but our people are celebrating because something UNEXPLAINED caused the charges to be dropped. But why are we okay with this deception? Is it because he is gay? And we now love gay people and exempt them from crimes? Is it because his fake accusations are consistent with the mass media’s daily demonization of the President? Are we that mind-programmed and spiritually GONE that we question nothing and accept ANYTHING in 2019? This establishes a dangerous precedent and new standard for what goes, which appears to be ANYthing. My people, lets starting thinking for ourselves and using our logic, lest we lose the ability and fall for anything this world tells us to beLIEve.

  • Towanda Allen
    Towanda Allen 2 months ago +3

    Gotta love that DL! "I want my daughters to be with a Lion!" Powerful! I must share that and stay blessed! 🎎🎎🎎🎎🎎🎎

  • A D
    A D 2 months ago

    imma call bullshit on at least one thing. no woman can, even with everything she has, make a man better. a man has to make himself better. a woman can support that man as he does that and that is a beautiful thing when it happens.