THE MUG CLUB - Gmod: Murder - Ju-Lie | Let's Play

  • Published on Jul 21, 2019
  • There's been a murder in the bank! It's Ju-Lie and we're back with Gmod!
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Comments • 1 028

  • Nevermore 728
    Nevermore 728 Hour ago

    Trevor: I was following you because you were following me!

  • Corey Fantomma
    Corey Fantomma 5 hours ago

    Feel like there needs to be a "Lindsay Wins" type comment here since every murderer before her won... Then she was the murderer.

  • Dtmikey
    Dtmikey 4 days ago

    Trevor: DOWN OLD MAN
    *Michael’s reaction*
    Funniest thing I ever watched 💀😂😭

  • Cali Skinner
    Cali Skinner 4 days ago


  • CyniCasual
    CyniCasual 5 days ago

    Michael, pick up the gun.
    ..Pick up the gun, it's to your left.
    .......ok he ded

  • Zack Dillon
    Zack Dillon 9 days ago

    33:31 that's the best insult I have ever heard

  • Kitten Bell
    Kitten Bell 12 days ago

    You guys keep setting off my amazon Alexa every time you yell echo 😹

  • Amar Shah
    Amar Shah 15 days ago +1

    Michael yelling “fucknugget” at Trevor at 33:33 is my favorite thing holy shit

  • Darin Lunde
    Darin Lunde 27 days ago +1

    Michael: "I know it's you, just do it!
    Jeremy: "No! I can't."
    Michael: "Then I'll do it."

  • Darin Lunde
    Darin Lunde 27 days ago

    Mug Club! Shout out to Steven Crowder and the best Mug Club ever!

  • RaindropDreamer
    RaindropDreamer Month ago

    I think Matt lived in the bushes 90% of the video

  • Kieran Ward
    Kieran Ward Month ago

    At 11:40, Matt calls out Alfredo before he corrects himself and calls out blue. Proof that Let's Play is scripted? No, but I'd like to pretend it is to make me sound like I'm uncovering a massive conspiracy.

  • Kyle Erikson
    Kyle Erikson Month ago

    Everytime I watch this one, Trevor gaslighting Michael really stands out.. it's such a bizarre sequence. Kind of uncomfortable, but mostly just confusing.

  • Plaguis Soryr
    Plaguis Soryr Month ago

    Test 123

  • SMScorx89
    SMScorx89 2 months ago

    Are those mugs hand-etched?

  • AFluffyWhiteKitty
    AFluffyWhiteKitty 2 months ago

    *lindsay's thought process* Oh there's Michael and I know he's the murderer, "hey everyone Michael is right next to me, he's the murderer" Oh wow he killed me that's weird.

    Like fuck man, give this woman a brain.

  • The Test Dumby
    The Test Dumby 2 months ago

    Lol OJ Reference hahaha!!!!

  • Ahmed Hasan
    Ahmed Hasan 2 months ago

    12:40 Trevor: "I'm gonna walk backwards. If I walk backwards, he can't track me." XD

  • EliteMaxTheMan22 : The legendary Master

    45:25 Trevor Karma

  • Ye P
    Ye P 2 months ago +1

    32:23 - Goeff has the best death noises

  • feenixb1o7
    feenixb1o7 2 months ago +2

    19:50 "Geoff's Ahhh" is beautiful.

  • MrCSisley
    MrCSisley 2 months ago +1

    Why does it sound like Geoff voiced the G-Mod "Help" audio option?

  • Zach Watkins
    Zach Watkins 2 months ago

    18:58 Micheal with the ryhmes!

  • MysteryJack
    MysteryJack 2 months ago +2

    "And he's faster than me and I'monastraightawayandI'MGONNA-" Jeremy Dooley, 2019

  • DaytonaTurboJ
    DaytonaTurboJ 2 months ago

    The "layoffs anyone" mug is now highly unfortunate

  • Tony Burgess
    Tony Burgess 2 months ago

    Was that a reference to fibbage that Jeremy made at 19:11. Michael pitching for distance. "Rabbit punting for distance"

  • Exodusdidact
    Exodusdidact 3 months ago

    33:31 the fact that Michael called Trevor a “fuck nugget” kills me

  • Ian Newton
    Ian Newton 3 months ago

    god damn it i knew lindsay had the gun and didn't know as soon as she didn't scroll her menu. FUckin-a lindsay

  • Sethgno
    Sethgno 3 months ago +2

    wherever in the breadth of time and space Ryan finds himself in this present moment, I just want him to know that his OJ reference was not lost to the cosmos

  • Roronoa-Zoro
    Roronoa-Zoro 3 months ago

    Michael is the best lol.

  • BlasianFJ
    BlasianFJ 3 months ago

    I just need to express how grateful I am for AH. This is probably my third or fourth time watching this video. I just got done crying since my boyfriend of 7 months broke up with me less than 3 hours ago. This is what helped me smile directly after. Thank you guys so much for the endless joy.

  • Huy Nguyen
    Huy Nguyen 3 months ago



  • Gabriel C
    Gabriel C 3 months ago

    They need to play murder with proximity mics and a video from each perspective. I would watch that shit day in and day out

  • SleepyMoon
    SleepyMoon 3 months ago

    Michael’s revenge 45:29 😂

  • NytemareQueen
    NytemareQueen 3 months ago

    Trevor: "They just changed into a purple! They're a purple, come baaaack!"
    Lindsay **shoots purple**
    Okay, that's on YOU, Trevor XD

  • botheinfamous
    botheinfamous 3 months ago

    "Where are you, ya greedy bastard? It's me, Money."
    -Trevor, 2019

  • Crimzon Wolf
    Crimzon Wolf 3 months ago

    Trevor is really good at calling folks out before any kills.. However it gets annoying and makes me believe hes screen lookin or something.

  • MLaak86
    MLaak86 3 months ago

    Trevor descends further in craziness - “where are ya, ya greedy bastard, it’s me... Money!”

  • D B
    D B 3 months ago

    Lmao Lindsay and Geoff are easily the worst murderers XD

  • John Doe
    John Doe 3 months ago

    Turns out Lindsay had the gun. Fucking idiot.

  • Ella Kuver
    Ella Kuver 3 months ago

    I don’t like Alfredo as the murderer.... He kills people too quickly. It makes a funny chase, but there’s no real murder mystery. I wouldn’t mind if he did kill quickly, but just did it in a way where suspicion lands on anyone, but he doesn’t. Not really any humor there.

  • Commandant Krieg
    Commandant Krieg 3 months ago

    Jeremy’s throw at Alfredo was perfect
    We see Lindsey’s body fall down, Alfredo stands up, and there’s a knife in his face

  • Matthew Vlogs
    Matthew Vlogs 3 months ago

    Is it me or did trevor sound like the director from rvb at the begging of the video

  • Totally Calm Dad
    Totally Calm Dad 3 months ago

    Its weird that they say not link cuz my psn is Not_Link626

  • Flipflopz Threeonethree

    Man, Michael is a scary mother fucker when he wants to be

  • BurritoInTheMist
    BurritoInTheMist 4 months ago

    Jeremy is way too good at this game, it feels so unfair whenever he's the killer, haha

  • Adam Shearer
    Adam Shearer 4 months ago +1

    How do they not notice how talkative Lindsay is when shes killer

    SHADOW SYMBIOTE 4 months ago

    Guys do lets all go to the lobby as a meme that sounded so good

  • zach witt
    zach witt 4 months ago +1

    “Wait I don’t hear the helps anymore.” Didn’t know murder had a detective

  • Josh Haworth
    Josh Haworth 4 months ago

    38:00 had me laughing so hard. What was the plan?

  • Peterson Cooper
    Peterson Cooper 4 months ago

    Team innocent aka Geoff and Trevor is a top 5 team only behind team nice dynamite, team love and stuff, battle buddies, and then either crazy mad or X-ray and vav.

  • Jordi Nagel
    Jordi Nagel 4 months ago +3

    “Oh no, it’s Jeremyyyy!”
    The sound of a man who knows he is well and truly doomed

  • SVR272
    SVR272 4 months ago

    27:11 Matt's laugh, is my second favorite of the group...behind Jack of course.

  • Ice Zex
    Ice Zex 4 months ago

    i literally DIED when trevor just blasts away the old man and ryan just starts murdering LMAOOOOOOOO

  • minen creepers
    minen creepers 4 months ago

    Trevor: hotel what are ya doin
    Geoff: oh dear g-
    Trevor: Oh my gaaad

  • akbmfm
    akbmfm 4 months ago

    Stop making death noises after you are dead!

  • NixieTheRipper
    NixieTheRipper 4 months ago

    You guys should play project winter

  • Sinister Gerbils
    Sinister Gerbils 4 months ago

    I love you, Geoff.

  • cranky writer
    cranky writer 4 months ago

    Waiting for the AH book "If I am the Killer..." by Ryan Haywood.

  • Rhys Clark Film & Media

    27:08 that scared the shit out of me