THE MUG CLUB - Gmod: Murder - Ju-Lie | Let's Play

  • Published on Jul 21, 2019
  • There's been a murder in the bank! It's Ju-Lie and we're back with Gmod!
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Comments • 998

  • Commandant Krieg
    Commandant Krieg 2 days ago

    Jeremy’s throw at Alfredo was perfect
    We see Lindsey’s body fall down, Alfredo stands up, and there’s a knife in his face

  • Matthew Vlogs
    Matthew Vlogs 3 days ago

    Is it me or did trevor sound like the director from rvb at the begging of the video

  • Totally Calm Dad
    Totally Calm Dad 6 days ago

    Its weird that they say not link cuz my psn is Not_Link626

  • Flipflopz Threeonethree

    Man, Michael is a scary mother fucker when he wants to be

  • BurritoInTheMist
    BurritoInTheMist 8 days ago

    Jeremy is way too good at this game, it feels so unfair whenever he's the killer, haha

  • Adam Shearer
    Adam Shearer 9 days ago +1

    How do they not notice how talkative Lindsay is when shes killer

    SHADOW SYMBIOTE 9 days ago

    Guys do lets all go to the lobby as a meme that sounded so good

  • zach witt
    zach witt 10 days ago

    “Wait I don’t hear the helps anymore.” Didn’t know murder had a detective

  • Josh Haworth
    Josh Haworth 10 days ago

    38:00 had me laughing so hard. What was the plan?

  • Peterson Cooper
    Peterson Cooper 10 days ago

    Team innocent aka Geoff and Trevor is a top 5 team only behind team nice dynamite, team love and stuff, battle buddies, and then either crazy mad or X-ray and vav.

  • Jordi Nagel
    Jordi Nagel 11 days ago

    “Oh no, it’s Jeremyyyy!”
    The sound of a man who knows he is well and truly doomed

  • SVR272
    SVR272 12 days ago

    27:11 Matt's laugh, is my second favorite of the group...behind Jack of course.

  • Ice Zex
    Ice Zex 12 days ago

    i literally DIED when trevor just blasts away the old man and ryan just starts murdering LMAOOOOOOOO

  • minen creepers
    minen creepers 13 days ago

    Trevor: hotel what are ya doin
    Geoff: oh dear g-
    Trevor: Oh my gaaad

  • akbmfm
    akbmfm 14 days ago

    Stop making death noises after you are dead!

  • NixieTheRipper
    NixieTheRipper 14 days ago

    You guys should play project winter

  • Sinister Gerbils
    Sinister Gerbils 15 days ago

    I love you, Geoff.

  • cranky writer
    cranky writer 15 days ago

    Waiting for the AH book "If I am the Killer..." by Ryan Haywood.

  • Rhys Clark Film & Media

    27:08 that scared the shit out of me

  • Josiah Barbieri
    Josiah Barbieri 16 days ago

    what map is that?

  • Aidan Croft
    Aidan Croft 16 days ago +1

    Alfredo's first run as murderer here was insane. You really get to see how well his Siege skills translate. He's a ruthless mechanical killer, unstoppable to the AH forces, the blood of thousands on his pixelated hands, can't lie worth a damn, but an impressive killer no doubt.

  • barbaro267
    barbaro267 16 days ago

    I clicked because I'm actually a part of Louder with Crowder's Mug Club. Anyone else subscribed to Mug Club?

  • WiteNite666
    WiteNite666 17 days ago

    when Matt is genuinely shouting he sounds exactly like mister crabs

  • Hunter Castle
    Hunter Castle 17 days ago

    actually matt blood is blue

  • Josiah Tasich
    Josiah Tasich 18 days ago +1

    Alfredo Diaz 2019~ "I always say not too, But then it 's just so fun!"
    One of two people in AH you can't trust with a weapon.

  • bob boberson
    bob boberson 18 days ago

    steven crowder would be proud

  • Alyssa
    Alyssa 18 days ago

    This was one of my favorite Murder videos

  • NothingYT
    NothingYT 19 days ago +1

    I loved it when Michael called Trevor a "Fuck Nugget" at 33:31

  • GeneratorKiller
    GeneratorKiller 20 days ago

    32:00 where Trevor is screaming and Jeremy just yells "HELP!" Made me laugh way too hard lmaooo

  • Catandogclone 13
    Catandogclone 13 20 days ago +1

    Let’s all go to the lobby. And let’s go suck a d*ck
    10:16 let it be admired
    31:19 JACK!

  • Quincy R.
    Quincy R. 20 days ago

    51:12 when Jermey was looking for the killer and Michael just dashed in the room took me out 😂😂😂😆

  • bearded kuma
    bearded kuma 20 days ago

    Geoff wimpers
    "I dont want a life with a murderer "
    Jeremy scoffs
    "You dont get that"

  • KyleMmtg
    KyleMmtg 20 days ago

    The true story of this video was Michael’s Revenge. Favorite part.

  • Philerino
    Philerino 20 days ago

    51:05 "Well he could change his body skin!" - As opposed to what other skin, Trevor?!

  • Samuel Donovan
    Samuel Donovan 21 day ago

    Everyone's a bad shot this episode.

  • Dain Knuerr
    Dain Knuerr 21 day ago

    Why is no one talking about Geoff around 32:15?

  • Seraphina Edan
    Seraphina Edan 21 day ago

    ....wait I don’t hear the ‘helps’ anymore

  • Samuel Bublik
    Samuel Bublik 21 day ago

    I like how Matt lapsed into his Mr. Krabs voice when Ryan wouldn't die after being shot twice. Also, can Trevor just...not be in Gmod videos?

  • Richard Polson
    Richard Polson 21 day ago

    "Die old man!"
    *Chaos erupts*

  • Nikolaj Jensen
    Nikolaj Jensen 21 day ago


  • Emo Priest
    Emo Priest 22 days ago

    Also Lindsey had the gun 5:12

  • paragontethras
    paragontethras 22 days ago

    Goddamn Jeremy is so good at this game

  • Trent Steffes
    Trent Steffes 22 days ago

    10:21 Geoff throws garbage at Matt! 😂😂

  • Dylan Bomba
    Dylan Bomba 22 days ago +1

    can we get the trevor michael revenge plot in an AH animated i feel like that would be amazing

  • MLaak86
    MLaak86 23 days ago

    “I’m gonna show you something, don’t blast me.” “Who am I, Matt?!” Lol
    What ep are they referencing? Can’t seem to find the moment.

  • Nightshift
    Nightshift 23 days ago

    33:31 "YOU FUCKNUGGET" Favorite insult of all time so far.

  • SubjectXIII
    SubjectXIII 24 days ago

    12:14 Zzzzzoooooooom!

  • Baseline420
    Baseline420 24 days ago

    so your company buys a new office, youre taking a tour and walking around checking things out, then you get to the conference room and from the second you open the door all you can think is 'aw man that conference room is just a complete a murder hole'

  • Phormous
    Phormous 24 days ago


  • Timothy Kirk
    Timothy Kirk 24 days ago

    I kinda hate Trevor

  • AndrewTheKingOfPenguins

    You guys should play modded murder where the murderer can get clues and pick up super weapons.

  • BronzeBoys
    BronzeBoys 24 days ago

    Mug club! (Steven Crowder)

  • Alexis Dyer
    Alexis Dyer 24 days ago

    Cant help but notice them singing beatles songs in several of these gmod games. Always so funny

  • Shawn4815162342
    Shawn4815162342 24 days ago

    They should do this again next year but with Barbara(kinda like NovemBurns with Burnie) and call it Jew-Lie

  • CCSMediaDesign
    CCSMediaDesign 25 days ago

    Trevor: Do you see them Gunman? They're here! They just changed into a purple! They're a purple Quebec!
    (Lindsey walks into the room and shoots Ryan who is also wearing purple)
    Trevor: No not that one you damn idiot!!!!

  • TheLaggyJack 03
    TheLaggyJack 03 25 days ago

    45:05 holy shit trevor

  • kiselbob
    kiselbob 25 days ago +2

    Trevor: Who's Whisky?
    Matt: Used to be Geoff.
    I appreciated that, Matt.

  • reconz 82299
    reconz 82299 25 days ago


  • Orlando Trustfull
    Orlando Trustfull 25 days ago

    Has Lindsay ever been the murderer and actually used her brain? She makes it completely obvious from the start and dies pretty much immediately

  • Ginger Ninger
    Ginger Ninger 25 days ago

    Trevor doing his best Choomah impression as the killer

  • Ryvaken
    Ryvaken 25 days ago

    Jeremy: "It's India it's India it's Indi-gak."
    Alfredo: Shoots at India
    Geoff: "Oh hey I like Romeo, Romeo's good."
    Alfredo: "Hey Geoff, he's behind you."
    Geoff: Turns around and runs after India. Sees India.
    Geoff: "Aaah it's India!"

  • Yoko Plays
    Yoko Plays 25 days ago +3

    First time in YEARS I've heard Micheal call someone a "Fuck Nugget" xD The passion was real lol

  • DataStream
    DataStream 25 days ago

    Did Geoff scream “Budda” before his death?

  • Nori Giles
    Nori Giles 25 days ago

    Can you imagine an immersion episode using this or Dead by Daylight?

  • kingrach
    kingrach 25 days ago

    27:05 I absolutely lost my shit when Matt started laughing

  • Constant
    Constant 25 days ago

    I was adlibing "let's all suck a dick" at the beginning right before matt did it and for a second I thought he heard me...

  • olliepoplol
    olliepoplol 25 days ago

    Wow!!!!! Michael didn’t kill a single person until he was glowing, half of them had guns, and he STILL won. What an amazing round

  • Yo Dawgz Gaming
    Yo Dawgz Gaming 26 days ago

    19:05 Michael walking right past the gun...

  • Yo Dawgz Gaming
    Yo Dawgz Gaming 26 days ago

    None of them ever actually check if they have the gun at the start of the round...

    • Yo Dawgz Gaming
      Yo Dawgz Gaming 23 days ago

      @Swampet Yeah but they constantly are surprised by actually having the gun :P You know how good AH is at reading text right in the middle of the screen

    • Swampet
      Swampet 23 days ago

      Because it tells you if you have a gun before you even get into the round!

  • Ryvaken
    Ryvaken 26 days ago

    5:40 Anyone here old enough to remember the time Geoff and Ray sealed themselves in a cave with TNT? "We can't lose."

  • Ryvaken
    Ryvaken 26 days ago

    Every police officer, prosecutor, and legal advocate who has spoken on the subject: Exercise your right to silence in all situations. History shows that is the best way to stay out of trouble, especially for the innocent. It does not make you look guilty, it makes you look smart.

    Achievement Hunter (at 4:00): Pleading the fifth means you're guilty.

    These are very stupid people.

    • Swampet
      Swampet 23 days ago

      Cool. Aside from trolling, is there a reason you went on a channel you don't like, watched a video and then commented this irrelevant mess solely to annoy their fans whilst also rubbing your ego's big boy cock because clearly you're a smart snowflake?

  • HMiche93
    HMiche93 26 days ago


  • Paulooza
    Paulooza 26 days ago

    I love it when Lindsay has the gun and doesn't know it XD

  • Lente
    Lente 26 days ago +1

    37:44 Gun Knife
    RWBY Rose reference??
    Just kidding, but did anyone else think that

  • bigfoot12118
    bigfoot12118 26 days ago

    I think ttt is more fun to watch