‘Big Brother’ 21: Jackson Michie | EXTENDED

  • Published on Jun 18, 2019
  • Incoming “Big Brother” season-21 houseguest Jackson Michie sits down with ET Canada’s special correspondent Ika Wong and says he is not going into the house to make friends. Catch the two-night season premiere on Tuesday, June 25, and Wednesday, June 26, at 8 p.m. ET/PT on Global.

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Comments • 271

  • Tomato Banks
    Tomato Banks 10 hours ago

    Interesting face he has🤔

  • blkncutvibe1970
    blkncutvibe1970 Day ago +1


  • Tee1167
    Tee1167 4 days ago

    Why is his face like that

  • Maria Tucker
    Maria Tucker 6 days ago

    You're on tv to get famous.

  • Dr Shyho
    Dr Shyho 7 days ago

    4:40 fck no

  • LoyalT1987
    LoyalT1987 16 days ago

    This dude looks like Beavis.

  • dolomite7343
    dolomite7343 17 days ago

    Weird looking dude

  • Mabooh Roberts
    Mabooh Roberts 18 days ago

    The Biggest racist in the house.. Fine his Kkk hood.... He love Donald Trump

  • nunya bzness
    nunya bzness 19 days ago +1

    I can’t stand his face

  • bobbyc912
    bobbyc912 21 day ago

    Love the accent. Very polite, eloquent. Definitely a front runner.

  • Helen D
    Helen D 21 day ago +2

    Gives out a “weasel vibe.”

  • Owen Ours
    Owen Ours 21 day ago +1

    he talks just like Cody from bb19

  • h j
    h j 21 day ago

    Hot af

  • flblackbutterfly1
    flblackbutterfly1 21 day ago

    Racist pig.

  • Isaiah Williams
    Isaiah Williams 23 days ago +2

    Pre-Jury calling it. Probably going to be backdoor like Swaggy C. Winning the first competition twist is never good. Now he is a huge target!

  • The Reactor
    The Reactor 23 days ago

    That’s my boi Jackson

  • Malynn Conch
    Malynn Conch 23 days ago

    His personality, and things he said, remind me of Monte. I think he'll be too serious, too intense, and have a target on his back, but hopefully he can dial back the alpha, and make some friends.

  • Trent Timoy
    Trent Timoy 24 days ago +1

    He's out in two weeks, two and a half tops.

  • Charles Valcarce
    Charles Valcarce 25 days ago

    Wow he is really boring

  • loverofsunflowers
    loverofsunflowers 25 days ago +1

    I really love his voice, so soothing.

  • TheSoundgarden01
    TheSoundgarden01 26 days ago

    I'm calling it first out ;)

  • Jeff Wallace
    Jeff Wallace 26 days ago

    out quick 4 sure!

  • Not That Guy
    Not That Guy 26 days ago

    Showmance went well for Drew. Of course, I had to go all the way back to season 5 for that example.

  • tanncou
    tanncou 26 days ago

    I bought it

  • I_hate_you_3000 _
    I_hate_you_3000 _ 27 days ago +18

    “I’m not getting into a showmance”
    **gets into a showmance with Kathryn on day 2**

  • Untold Ta1es
    Untold Ta1es 27 days ago +14

    Jackson: ◼️

    If yk, yk

  • Sky Kang
    Sky Kang 27 days ago

    he probably smells like cheese

  • Reece Is bored
    Reece Is bored 27 days ago +2

    Ummmmm. I don’t know about this one chief

  • Jesse Magallanes
    Jesse Magallanes 27 days ago +2

    I liked this guy until he mentioned previous players.

  • frequentflyer
    frequentflyer 27 days ago

    I don't know but he may be around for awhile he's not threatening.

  • JPB productions
    JPB productions 27 days ago +1

    He’s a robot

  • Dylan Indelicato
    Dylan Indelicato 27 days ago +1

    Bromance between nick and jackson

  • ryan
    ryan 27 days ago

    His mouth is creepy... like an attack on Titan mouth

    • JAZTV
      JAZTV 25 days ago

      ryan OMG😂

  • Josh Yu
    Josh Yu 27 days ago

    I like this guy and the people he mentioned he wants to emulate. I just hope he isn't the boring bro stereotype who works out 24/7.

  • Bonnie T
    Bonnie T 28 days ago

    reminds me of a very young Patrick Swayze

  • Shy
    Shy 28 days ago

    Brad, Chad, Thad 😂😂

  • trap
    trap 28 days ago +5

    This dude sounds cocky as hell for some reason i get this weird vibe from him he reminds me of Winston in so many ways.

  • Panda On Steroids
    Panda On Steroids 28 days ago +2

    He's super handsome, but I agree personality wise he is dry. Dry could be good in the long run though. If he can win comps and build relationships, that's all he needs, right?!

    • dolomite7343
      dolomite7343 17 days ago +1

      Panda On Steroids lmao super handsome

  • John Daniel
    John Daniel 28 days ago

    It’s a no from me ✌🏾

  • NinjaGalli crazyturtles

    strong hand shakes when u shake a mans hand first impression i dont like him

  • Platinum1z
    Platinum1z 28 days ago +3

    Dude he’ll be the first one out I’m calling it 😂👏🏽 if not first, then third one 😂😂

  • ninjamurai
    ninjamurai 28 days ago

    I can already see him getting in a showmance with either Holly or Kathryn

  • ninjamurai
    ninjamurai 28 days ago

    he. is. so. BORING.

  • Danielle Obrien
    Danielle Obrien 28 days ago

    He looks like Steve from Minecraft

  • Dessa Rose
    Dessa Rose 28 days ago

    He gives me BB19 Cody vibes with a little bit extra funny

  • tim
    tim 28 days ago +1

    cant trust a man with no lips

  • Asquith Watson
    Asquith Watson 28 days ago +1

    This dude reminds me of Cody.

  • Cough Fee
    Cough Fee 28 days ago +2

    This guy is a Trumper's wet dream.

  • John Holt
    John Holt 28 days ago +1

    Comp threat...out by third eviction. Plus he is hot, and they love to get rid of the hot ones.

    • queen milky
      queen milky 28 days ago

      Booo leave the hot ones that’s stupid

    • Jake
      Jake 28 days ago +1

      John Holt they really do

  • Abria Clark
    Abria Clark 29 days ago +9

    When he said spicy I got shivers

  • Rebecca G.
    Rebecca G. 29 days ago

    I don't mind him. If he stays calm and collected like that, and stays the southern gentleman, I think he'll go far. I think his downside will be that he's too closed off though.

  • James Dennis
    James Dennis 29 days ago

    With that Southern charm and cheesy smile, he comes across as Southern “Babdist” preacher. He may be real but he sounds phony as hell.

  • bazzingaification
    bazzingaification 29 days ago +3

    This is like a complete 180 from his other interview ...Ika is making me like him

  • Wally Young
    Wally Young 29 days ago +14

    Ika is so beautiful it hurts

  • Firelight471
    Firelight471 29 days ago +2

    I kinda love his voice? I am getting a lil Caleb vibe as well.... He looks like he might be a body builder.... why his face looks so tight. No body fat... I think I like this guy!!

  • Scott Copeland
    Scott Copeland 29 days ago

    I'm getting a weird first boot vibe

  • Matt McCabe
    Matt McCabe 29 days ago

    Anyone know who Shawn Baker is? Big voice in the Keto/Carnviore community?

    This looks like he could be his son

  • queen milky
    queen milky 29 days ago +1

    He’s fine

  • Shane3033
    Shane3033 29 days ago

    he reminds me of richard from van wilder lol. He looks like he has that Frat personality hardcore for sure.:)

  • Viola
    Viola 29 days ago +7

    Ika made him more likeable

  • cassia ann
    cassia ann 29 days ago +1

    Awww! He actually seems very sweet!

    • Shane3033
      Shane3033 29 days ago

      they all seem that way lol in interviews wait until house :)

  • nothanks
    nothanks 29 days ago +1

    poor Monte doesnt have a chance

  • Rachel DHM
    Rachel DHM 29 days ago +2

    If Monte and Winston had a baby

  • MrGeorge
    MrGeorge 29 days ago +2

    Omg he is from texas too.. And he had a girl in his life for a few years. That blonde girl also said she was with a guy for five years.. This season is duoa for sure

  • Kolby Nelson
    Kolby Nelson 29 days ago

    Lol these people in comments are stupid. What has he done to be hated? I actually like him and find him cute

    • Dom H.
      Dom H. 29 days ago

      Kolby Nelson he’s clearly a trumptard alpha male who thinks he’s better than everyone whose not a white straight male

  • Xxmilkshake202xX
    Xxmilkshake202xX 29 days ago +3

    His veneers are a lot.

    • Xxmilkshake202xX
      Xxmilkshake202xX 29 days ago +3

      Holly and Jackson will get together. It will be horrible to watch.

  • Kevin Notholt
    Kevin Notholt 29 days ago +61

    the love child of Winston Hines and Clay Honeycutt

  • Michael
    Michael 29 days ago +20

    23 seconds in and I hate him already. A poor man's Cody mixed with a little Winston

    • Michael
      Michael 28 days ago +2

      @MCgamerBoyrobloxkidASMRslimeswagger Typical bro. Probably refers to himself as an alpha. Certainly comes across as a douche. I'm good.

    • MCgamerBoyrobloxkidASMRslimeswagger
      MCgamerBoyrobloxkidASMRslimeswagger 28 days ago +1

      Michael he talked about having a strong grip and his mom might be watching are u good

  • Toxic Lightning
    Toxic Lightning 29 days ago +5

    An alpha male? Well people are going to hate him for that fact alone

    • Toxic Lightning
      Toxic Lightning 26 days ago

      Noahh well then I’ll make sure to stop by and check it out

    • Noahh
      Noahh 26 days ago

      @Toxic Lightning Aye thanks man! I appreciate it! I'm creating a 2nd channel for Big Brother reviews and stuff. Should be fun!

    • Toxic Lightning
      Toxic Lightning 26 days ago

      Noahh huge fan of your vids btw, keep up the good work 👌🏾

    • Noahh
      Noahh 26 days ago

      @Toxic Lightning same bro

    • Toxic Lightning
      Toxic Lightning 26 days ago

      Noahh Things like this are part of the reason why I dislike the community

  • Joshua Cook
    Joshua Cook 29 days ago +1

    spicy LOL