The Defenders - Season 1 Review

  • Published on Aug 21, 2017
  • The Avengers of the small screen have come together. Luke Cage, Jessica Jones, Iron Fist and Daredevil team up to take down the shadow organization known as The Hand. Here's my review of THE DEFENDERS!
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  • Al's Variety
    Al's Variety Day ago

    Nope, sadly.

  • Mysterion South Park
    Mysterion South Park 18 days ago

    I come back to this video for that stick impression

  • Mymy648
    Mymy648 2 months ago

    Where can you stop watching in Luke cage?

  • Joels_Creed141
    Joels_Creed141 2 months ago

    Why is the punisher in the cast, but he never shows up or is even mentioned

  • IAmNoahFlores
    IAmNoahFlores 2 months ago

    0:11 How do you feel now Jeremy?

  • Mattbrain
    Mattbrain 5 months ago

    See if they had done a sequel, here's what I thought would've been awesome. Wilson Fisk and Mariah Dillard (Stokes!....Mariah....Stokes) join forces with Madame Gao (in my headcanon, she survived....spoiler alert) to finally take full control of New York with some help from Billy Russo (that's how you get The Punisher in there).
    Of course, then Season 2 of Luke Cage happened and then all the shows slowly but surely started getting cancelled so.....that can't happen now.....crap.

  • CarvingUp360
    CarvingUp360 5 months ago

    Daredevil Season 1 & 2 = Perfecto 👌
    Jessica Jones s1 = pretty good tbh!
    Luke Cage = probably my least favourite member out of the group but still his first season wasn't too bad
    Iron Fist s1 = as bad as everyone makes it out to be it really isn't. Season 2 was a big improvement and did make up for a lot of its flaws but I honestly liked it, not nearly as good as daredevil though.
    The Defenders - Despite its mixed reviews I fucking loved it. Yeah it could of been better but what can't be improved? So much fun. Second favourite show out of the lot

  • Dáire Kirby
    Dáire Kirby 5 months ago

    Watching in late 2018 like yeah this is already dated

  • Yo Boi
    Yo Boi 5 months ago

    A assume they are making your sake in season. Rip daredevil

  • Play Star
    Play Star 5 months ago

    If they removed the dragon bones New York would have crumbled.

  • John Smith
    John Smith 6 months ago

    This team need one of the members to take charge and be a leader.

  • John Smith
    John Smith 6 months ago

    I liked this show. This was awesome.

  • Ian Genuine
    Ian Genuine 6 months ago

    Best part was when Daredevil kicked iron fists ass

  • Aby Yesudasan
    Aby Yesudasan 6 months ago

    Jessica's and Matt's interaction made the show.

  • Xaal Carlson Animations!

    I just finally watched it I have to say I’m disappointed though.
    The overall tone of the series just seems super weird. They go maximum comic book but then keep on reminding you every three seconds of how ridiculous every thing is. About 25% of the dialogue between the main characters is them arguing in disbelief about the situation.
    I didn’t find to many problems with iron fist but Luke cage seemed off. It seemed like he kept switching positions constantly. At first he’s planning on keeping his head low then he’s back super heroing I couldn’t understand his motivations at all. It was a problem with the character in general though. After Cotten mouth died and the whole diamond back being his brother thing came out of nowhere they haven’t really established a solid motivation. There’s always been this idea for him about cleaning up Harlem but then he gets back from jail in defenders and he’s like nah fam then he’s like I’m protecting this one kid who knew someone I barely knew then he’s like ok I’m full on in let’s take out the hand then he turns around and hates on Danny. It wouldn’t be as much of a problem if he wasn’t the main antagonist in nearly every argument.
    Also a lot of plot points and story beats feel incredibly contrived for instance Jessica is like I’m not here to help you guys save the city I’m just here for my client and she leaves the team then she comes back the same episode because she shakes down some hand guy and re realizes the hands behind everything like what? Her motivations are also incredibly flimsy. She doesn’t care about anything one second then she’s doing a ridiculously dangerous job for a client she just met for free then she has a problem when people need her help to save more people it’s just confusing. I would say that daredevil and iron fist make the most sense story wise but there characters rarely have time to shine thanks to all the massive exposition dumps. For me personally the show is good for the first 3 episodes but once the team is actually together all of the arguments and internal conflicts seem over exaggerated or poorly written and the characters get nowhere near enough time to bounce off each other.

  • Bro v Bro
    Bro v Bro 7 months ago

    Loved it.... From episode 6

  • DannitheDanki
    DannitheDanki 7 months ago

    Should i watch all the series in the mcu before watching the defenders?

  • D S
    D S 7 months ago

    Sigourney Weaver was the only good thing about the hand but The Hand as a group was disappointing. They have been giving them such a huge buildup since daredevil season 2. But it was such an anti climatic group and I found the antagonists for the shows separately were more threatening than the hand as a group.

  • Chase Albrecht
    Chase Albrecht 8 months ago

    I actually liked Iron Fist, but yeah Daredevil was better. But The best of them all is... The Punisher

  • renewer
    renewer 8 months ago

    Do you have a black tooth??

  • Maria Tsourdou
    Maria Tsourdou 8 months ago

    Iron fist does give you some important clues the hands origin , that theres actually an official organaziation thats angainst the hand , bakuto beig kolins sen sai etc...

  • Fabrobin
    Fabrobin 9 months ago

    Actually Luke Cage is awesome

  • Spidey Viewer
    Spidey Viewer 9 months ago

    I enjoyed the Defenders, though it was VERY underwhelming, considering the build up. It also felt rushed. It could've been at least 10-12 episodes.
    I hope they someday do season 2.

  • Tim TheAutist
    Tim TheAutist 9 months ago

    Daredevil season one and two a perfection Jessica jones was good and I’ve just started like cage season 1

  • Joseph Raymond
    Joseph Raymond 10 months ago

    luke cage is marvel superman
    iron fist is marvel wonder woman
    jessica jones and daredevil are both batman

  • Rex67Diego9 fandub
    Rex67Diego9 fandub 10 months ago

    so dare devil is the godfather as much as tony stark is the godfather of the avengers

  • Rex67Diego9 fandub
    Rex67Diego9 fandub 10 months ago

    review the punisher jeremy

  • MtnDewGuy100
    MtnDewGuy100 10 months ago

    I am the iron fist ! Not you , me ! Sworn enemy of the Hand ! Protector of kun l’un !

  • General Ablon
    General Ablon 10 months ago

    That Stick impression was on point.

  • Oakeye
    Oakeye 10 months ago

    Oh man. Iron fist is fucking lame. He has some funny bits but he really does suck.

  • Tristan Rivera
    Tristan Rivera 11 months ago

    This series was fun

  • That One Guy
    That One Guy 11 months ago

    The defenders was ultimately disappointing. It was ok

  • Attoram
    Attoram Year ago

    Yo, you gonna do a review for the Punisher?

  • SnakeEater866
    SnakeEater866 Year ago

    You know who wrote Iron Fist right?
    Scott Buck.

  • Finn Raymond
    Finn Raymond Year ago

    They said that the city would crumble if they extracted the liquid from the dragon bones (don't know how that makes sense) but that's why they had to stop the Hand from getting the substance

  • Mental Man
    Mental Man Year ago

    You should have watched iron fist....

  • iulix max
    iulix max Year ago

    the defenders is the most boring of all !!!!

  • Codeine and Chill
    Codeine and Chill Year ago +1

    it was a hard watch for me... was really struggling by to finish

  • Fugitive
    Fugitive Year ago

    Sorry guys, but iron fist is actually quite good. There are some major flaws. New show-runners will definitely make season 2 better. By better i mean awesome.

  • ScrubTheNub
    ScrubTheNub Year ago

    Legit thought they went ballsy and killed off DD for a second there

  • Eric Iverson
    Eric Iverson Year ago

    All the whites say Luke Cage wasn't that good smdh

  • AnakinDidNothingWrong

    This show was boring. Harmless but charmless

  • Stanlos
    Stanlos Year ago

    Everytime i watch this i am puzzled by how Jahns missed that every time they excavate the dragon bones the foundations of the cities weaken and cave in.

  • randomps3stuff
    randomps3stuff Year ago

    It's a hell of a lot more enjoyable if you watch all the other shows first. Especially Daredevil Season 2 and Iron Fist

  • Lori Hyslop
    Lori Hyslop Year ago

    You definitely need to see Jessica Jones - not even to watch the defenders just because it's something everybody needs to do because it's the best Marvel show by far

  • Alec Willey
    Alec Willey Year ago

    I feel like everyone overhyped themselves and expected way too much from Defenders. I feel like everyone expected Avengers-quality action, when from the get-go they said it’s gonna be very different from it. It’s unfortunate that Krysten Ritter believes that we won’t get a second season, because I want to see even more of these characters interacting. If Iron Fist can get a second season, so can Defenders. That’ll be all.

  • Media Hood Reviews

    I say you should at least check out Luke Cage, if not for it’s story but it’s incredible soundtrack, and avoid Iron Fist at every change you get. I was struggling to get past the first episode, so I just skipped the rest of the show and went straight to The Defenders. From what I heard about Iron Fist, I don’t think I missed much.

  • Thejetlifejd
    Thejetlifejd Year ago

    Am I the only one who actually LOVED Defenders?

  • Matt Beltran
    Matt Beltran Year ago

    You should finish watching Luke Cage cuz the second half is better than the first half

  • matthew mann
    matthew mann Year ago

    Luke Cage is the weakest character of the group

  • MusicisLife8393
    MusicisLife8393 Year ago

    I did not like this show lol

  • The98xander
    The98xander Year ago

    Elektra was just awful

  • fw ftw
    fw ftw Year ago

    Sticks impression is spot on👌

  • Hanif Ameen
    Hanif Ameen Year ago

    More episodes the better😑😑😑😑

  • Ian pg9
    Ian pg9 Year ago

    Bro iron fist is great. I don’t know why people have it but it’s really good. You should watch it. I thought Luke Cage was ok but the last 3 episodes made it great and those are the ones you probably didn’t watch. You should reconsider watching the rest of the marvels Netflix MCU!

  • Akamsk
    Akamsk Year ago

    Where's that Punisher series review?

  • BrawnyStream950
    BrawnyStream950 Year ago

    Where’s punisher

  • la_rën
    la_rën Year ago

    Iron fist was a good show but.... idk if it’s just me or something but the actor of iron fist was just really bad and made me cringe like a lot

  • Jana Khaled
    Jana Khaled Year ago


  • Michael Thompson
    Michael Thompson Year ago

    Jessica jones has tbe best all around story,daredevil best fight

  • Hector Arredondo
    Hector Arredondo Year ago

    i never saw iron fist becaise everylne says it sucks i saw lume cage up until the gangster was killed because it was anti climatic and never sae jessica jones everyone says its good but i dknt want to see it. the defenders really fills me in luke cage want to help iron fist its his destiny and i know he is te iron fist and what not and jessica jones is an ass that is preety much what i learned from the series but the punisher was way better

  • Eddie Eforo
    Eddie Eforo Year ago

    Review punisher

  • Arsenic
    Arsenic Year ago

    Actually madame gal specifically stated that if they mined the resources for eternal life then it would cause New York to crumble as in fall into the ground

  • Emil Garcia
    Emil Garcia Year ago

    i still want to see a punisher review :(

  • Krusiv
    Krusiv Year ago

    Beyond disappointing. All the buildup for THIS?? Unless the new seasons/shows get high praise from real critics then I am out. We live in a golden age of television, and life is too short for this garbage.

  • MII2o90
    MII2o90 Year ago

    In my opinion the plot could've been told in 3 episodes. stretching it to 8 episodes felt to me a bit watered down. plot finals resolves like a b rated movie. could not wait for it to end already. so dissapointed

  • Deranged Crouton
    Deranged Crouton Year ago

    Mining the dragon bones would cause nyc to collapse in

  • I'm mentally obese

    Luke cage is pretty great and iron fist is eh but it does give you a lot of story for the defenders

  • guts on the mic
    guts on the mic Year ago

    it have it problem but it was still good

  • JesusSavedJoshua
    JesusSavedJoshua Year ago

    Iron Fist is spectacular. Luke Cage is pornographic. Jeremy has a potty mouth.

  • Andy Studio
    Andy Studio Year ago

    Review punisher

  • jack
    jack Year ago

    honestly i just want iron fist to fucking fight with the fist like he should be knocking cunts out with 1 punch not struggling against a bunch of henchmen

  • Issy
    Issy Year ago

    Grabbing the bones was gonna level the city out.

  • Zyyps
    Zyyps Year ago

    Waiting for a Punisher review.....

  • greenlionleo
    greenlionleo Year ago

    Getting the bones would cause the foundation of the city to crumble and the city would have been destroyed

  • Kevin Poe
    Kevin Poe Year ago

    i felt like iron fist and daredevil were the two central focuses. I personally loved iron fist after episode 7. It was just boring as hell up to that point. Not bad just boring and predictable. The final few episodes of Iron first were awesome and very important for setting up the defenders

  • Caleb Newman Aîrâwn

    1. Daredevil Season 2 (10/10)
    2. Daredevil Season 1 (9.5/10)
    3. Iron Fist (8/10, I dont like Finn Jones, but the story's so good)
    4. The Defenders (7.5/10)
    5. Luke Cage(6.5/10, the story's not good and slow)
    6. Jessica Jones(5/10, I dont like blood and the whole season was kind of boring to me)

  • Synesta13
    Synesta13 Year ago

    Do punisher already!!

  • Da_Pikmin_Coder
    Da_Pikmin_Coder Year ago

    3:24 That's a pretty good impression I did not expect that.

  • Lea Smow
    Lea Smow Year ago

    Hey Jeremy! I've been a fan for quite a long time now, great videos :)
    Since you are reviewing tv shows as well - could you please review Sense8?? Great SciFi, basically a colorful mixture of lots of different genres and they need to renew it so everyone should spread the word :)

  • Samuel A
    Samuel A Year ago

    Iron Fist sucked balls!!! Iron Fist oh my god! It sucked

  • everestfalls
    everestfalls Year ago

    Most action scenes has too much broken almost gave me a seizure.

  • Dave Gunner
    Dave Gunner Year ago

    Honestly, defenders was massively mediocre compared to daredevil, Jessica jones and Luke cage.
    Watching ironfist and Defenders was fairly difficult, simply because Danny rand as a character is stupid, and the actor who plays him just doesn't fit the role imo.
    I wasn't sure if it was just the director of the show, but it didn't change in the defenders

  • Gareth Trevor
    Gareth Trevor Year ago

    The defender's was good

  • Thousand Cuts
    Thousand Cuts Year ago

    Gao was a better villain than Sigourney Weaver.

  • John Hooyer
    John Hooyer Year ago

    The Hand should team up with the Foot, and then we can get a Defenders-TMNT teamup.

  • Liam O'Sullivan
    Liam O'Sullivan Year ago

    Well it would have been the war for the new york if they actually got the elixir of life from the dragon bones. They said once the substance was extracted , the city would crumble . Meaning the substance is sort of a foundation. In my mind anyways.

  • jarrett maretsky
    jarrett maretsky Year ago

    Im fuckin tierd of you fuckin fucks with your oh im glad it was only 8 episodes i dont wanna see more of the best show on netflex.

  • Anthony Aguilar
    Anthony Aguilar Year ago

    They almost got me when Matty didn't walk in thru the doorway 😪

  • cbesmer7
    cbesmer7 Year ago

    This show was painful to watch. SO BORING. Am I alone here?

  • Movie Man
    Movie Man Year ago

    I really enjoyed the defenders exept for those first 2 episodes

  • Aidan Bell
    Aidan Bell Year ago

    Am I the only one who’s favourite Netflix show was Jessica Jones?

  • Amey Nanote
    Amey Nanote Year ago

    Defenders really could've gone for more episodes. There wasn't a good story arc, granted the character arcs were very good and the tension was up to the roof. Yet a coherent and a satisfing story in the whole wasn't given. Even with the budget these shows tend to have a more better story could be presented. The villians were extremely dissapointing, except for Alexandria who if they kept wouldve been better. They somehow ended up making Elektra confusing as hell. However I have to say Iron Fist actually was much much better this season. Even though he was more trouble for them then anything he actually seemed to have a character arc. Where he seemingly learned.

  • Daniel Campana
    Daniel Campana Year ago +1

    Bottom line: It Sssssuuuuccckkked!
    More like Daredevil 2.1!
    Couldn't even kill off a character that could've provided a bit of shock wave.
    Nope, instead felt me wondering why I wasted 8 hours!

  • Derek Hudson
    Derek Hudson Year ago

    Man 1 minute never fucking watched iron fist?!? Danny Rands Iron Fist is prob my favorite story. No idea why the critics shit on it. Its an amazing show. Fucking watch it.

  • OfficialFOY
    OfficialFOY Year ago

    I'm just sad that the Netflix marvel universe has taken such a fuckin nose dive. It started out super strong with Daredevil season 1 and Jessica Jones. Great characters, tight story, cool action scenes. Luke Cage was great up until Cottonmouth got killed, then it became shit. Iron Fist never really took off but it was okay. Weak main character but the supporting cast was fine. The Defenders, though... it felt like a continuation of Iron Fist but with even worse villains. I didn't think that was even possible. Truly felt like a waste of my time. Tragic stuff.

  • Excel
    Excel Year ago +2

    The villains were so weak....the last underground scene was like they were fighting some balloon people.

  • Daniel Campana
    Daniel Campana Year ago +1

    Bro, what the Fuck!
    No Punisher official trailer reaction review! Come on man! The ones that are out are Garage! Let's go!

  • J Double C
    J Double C Year ago

    People keep saying Defenders was a little disappointing but that's not even true it did Iron Fist better justice the choreography was solid and the story overall wasn't bad if you ask me people are just ungrateful shit heads

  • Victor A
    Victor A Year ago

    Really good. 7.5/10 for me