The Ultimate Door Bell


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  • Y C
    Y C 2 days ago

    I don't Know if you are a crazy but i subscribe ( if a get a mistake on my message sorry , because i french )

  • Suction Games
    Suction Games 14 days ago


  • Krystof Bristol
    Krystof Bristol 18 days ago

    Is this man even real?

  • Emanuel Žilavi
    Emanuel Žilavi 18 days ago

    Me:Im sorry i didnt answer
    Friend:its okay,dont worry abo-...
    Me:My doorbell doesnt work
    Friend:I can give you some batteries
    Friend:What do you want then
    Friend:Wot you gonna kill??
    Friend:Why do you need bullets then?!!ž
    Friend:Oh so you gonna shoot your doorbell to make it work??

    • Emanuel Žilavi
      Emanuel Žilavi 18 days ago

      sorry for commenting it was a mistake
      Me: NOOOOO!!!1
      Friend:ok im confused
      Friend:oh :/

  • Nathaniel Torres
    Nathaniel Torres 18 days ago

    Love the air horn sounds better louder than my Grover horn, fox 40 whistle, hand Crank air raid siren

  • Gonçalo Rodrigues
    Gonçalo Rodrigues 22 days ago

    *IF* I go deaf...

  • waffel dog
    waffel dog 23 days ago

    So i somebody finds you're house they can ring the bunker when you're not in it and waste you're bullets smart thinking collin haha

  • Alejandro Lugo
    Alejandro Lugo Month ago

    Sorry couldn’t answer my doorbell shot at me

  • Stepex aus der Tube [GD]

    Die spinnen, die Amis.

  • jack boss
    jack boss Month ago

    should keep the 4th system

  • Hak Fu
    Hak Fu Month ago

    Can you please teach me

  • Oliver Smith
    Oliver Smith Month ago

    your neighbours must get so annoyed hahaha

  • Matthew Figueroa
    Matthew Figueroa Month ago

    why not just use blanks in the uzi?

  • Bee Dee
    Bee Dee Month ago

    Please tour of you home!!

  • William
    William Month ago

    Dig dong

  • Bob Dylan
    Bob Dylan Month ago +1

    Yea, the Bunker doorbell works, but good luck cleaning up all the BB's afterwards.

  • FishySticks348
    FishySticks348 Month ago

    1:01 wat if u go blind and deaf?

  • Sharktide
    Sharktide Month ago

    what if he goes deaf and bl;ind

  • Melvin K Varghese
    Melvin K Varghese Month ago

    I hate the 1st bell

  • matthew dethierry
    matthew dethierry Month ago

    make it so people know u coming to door or they mite leave before u get there

  • TooeyBoy 332
    TooeyBoy 332 Month ago

    Never saw too many doorbells to where I have to reload it

  • Sheehy Parent
    Sheehy Parent Month ago

    Where the hell did you get a machine gun?

  • Paleojavanicus Erectus
    Paleojavanicus Erectus 2 months ago

    machine gun ? really? oh god, this is awesome

  • X D
    X D 2 months ago

    No way you are only a simple plumber, you have experience as an engineer, electrician, carpenter, mechanic and whatever categpry uzi doorbells falls into

  • Breezzy Banana Gaming
    Breezzy Banana Gaming 2 months ago

    Okay ur youtube name is now its Dr.Suess Jr.

  • Nean PLAYS
    Nean PLAYS 2 months ago

    Try to make mini tank that moves and shoots😂

  • Epiccatsandkittens
    Epiccatsandkittens 2 months ago +1

    2:54 my favorite doorbell

  • Gabe France
    Gabe France 2 months ago

    A hover quad is more effective

  • Zorglub Bolgroz
    Zorglub Bolgroz 2 months ago

    Fix ur linx

  • Andreus Card
    Andreus Card 2 months ago

    One of the doorbell looks like a dick

  • Karl Schedler
    Karl Schedler 2 months ago

    Sponsored by Ring

  • sebastian bjork
    sebastian bjork 2 months ago

    2:45 imagine yourself tig welding when this goes off, do not dip your tungsten XD

  • Bryan W
    Bryan W 2 months ago

    only suggestion would be to cap off the bunker's pellet gun collector and funnel it back into a magazine bottom-loading system.

    AsTrO INSANITY 2 months ago

    You made a secret underground bunker but you have a sign on your front door saying bunker...

  • John Doe
    John Doe 2 months ago

    Its nice how you can keep doing dangerous builds like the doorbell with out some flower hat idiot attacking you when they shit their pants.

  • BustinBenny
    BustinBenny 3 months ago

    Never seen you wear hearing protection, so the "In case I go deaf" thing is a great idea!

  • Robert Hamada
    Robert Hamada 3 months ago

    Different mechanism than jlaser

  • Robert Hamada
    Robert Hamada 3 months ago

    Make retractable black panther claws

  • Robert Hamada
    Robert Hamada 3 months ago

    Make retractable black panther claws

  • Loonquawl Phouchg
    Loonquawl Phouchg 3 months ago

    Why wouldn't you just have one button for all three?

  • jesslyn vania
    jesslyn vania 3 months ago

    Ka bahasa indonesiya

  • driz draz
    driz draz 3 months ago

    sooo.... how do they know which one your in?.. or do they just press every button?

  • Johannes
    Johannes 3 months ago

    Cant imagine Colin going deaf any time soon!

  • the masterminecrafter
    the masterminecrafter 3 months ago

    Playing with his toy gun 1:25

  • david lehan
    david lehan 3 months ago

    This guy could build a space ship

  • Andrew Sullivan
    Andrew Sullivan 3 months ago

    Secret bunker lol. On the doorbell

  • A FlexibleGamer
    A FlexibleGamer 3 months ago

    i have the same issue man shitting royal mail never deliver it if ur not in the always take it back rather than leaving it with a neighbour

  • Greg Walker
    Greg Walker 3 months ago

    Anybody else realize he had a loaded Uzi pointed at the level of his head when he walks in to his bunker that set to fire when the doorbell rings. 😱

  • TheAxl /Agario/Minecraft/Random

    You are so prepared for the zombie apocalypse

  • Androximus
    Androximus 3 months ago

    What if someone pranks you at three in the night?

  • Orpheus
    Orpheus 3 months ago

    This might just be me being an ignorant American, but if you’re British how the hell did you get an Uzi?

  • Geovanny Casasolo
    Geovanny Casasolo 3 months ago

    Wait... was that a real gun?

  • Sean Jackson
    Sean Jackson 3 months ago

    Why didn't you just have a button to ring all at once

  • James Rayner
    James Rayner 3 months ago

    My mum is always saying that she needs a system to tell me to come down for tea, all I’m missing is the Uzi, can you hook me up. Thanks 😂

  • Сергей Санчес-Перес

    please! Send the song title on 1:44 second! Thank You)

  • sancree
    sancree 4 months ago

    Now get ready for some many ding Dong ditch or knock door run

  • Camper Dragon Fang 900
    Camper Dragon Fang 900 4 months ago

    What if your blind

  • TheRagingRedEnder
    TheRagingRedEnder 4 months ago

    Friend: hey can you hang out.
    Colin: sorry I'm going shopping.
    Friend: what are you buying?
    Colin:oh just some BULLETS FOR MY DOORBELL

  • saira amir
    saira amir 4 months ago

    0:58 lol

  • The Electron 108
    The Electron 108 4 months ago +1

    I guess you would need the lights, because those door bells are gonna make you go deaf

  • Asif Khan
    Asif Khan 4 months ago

    Make a nicest car horn

  • Big Boy
    Big Boy 4 months ago

    The name Colin sounds familiar 😂

  • DurangoJohn Builds & Adventures

    Love all your creations keep up the good work

  • Euree Evangelista
    Euree Evangelista 4 months ago

    Do you take requests ???

  • Justin Grafstein
    Justin Grafstein 4 months ago

    I absolutely love you and the Hacksmith, but the edge you will always have on him is your lack of safety which makes your videos so much more entertaining. The Hacksmith would absolutely never use a gun as a doorbell, but the fact that you did cracked me up and made me like this video. Keep up the awesome and dangerous work!

  • Bendy Gaming
    Bendy Gaming 4 months ago

    Doorbell is one word not door bell

  • DaBloxGamer
    DaBloxGamer 4 months ago


  • Nanos2 Channel
    Nanos2 Channel 4 months ago

    "So do you think I had 4th system that let's everyone else know I'm not in so they can come and collect my parsel? "
    *Flame fires in the background*
    "hmm, maybe not"

  • christina schott
    christina schott 4 months ago

    I would love to be your roommate

  • unicockboy
    unicockboy 4 months ago +1

    How are you going to exchange the UZI's magazin?

  • sam nope
    sam nope 4 months ago

    This is the first video I'm ever watching of this channel and I think I'm going to spend the rest of my life here.

  • Bladen Petro
    Bladen Petro 4 months ago

    The machine gun would not work it would shoot right through it

  • 1k subs 1 vid
    1k subs 1 vid 4 months ago

    Has he made a mortar?if so can you link the vid?

  • X Aviation
    X Aviation 4 months ago +2

    Colin eats a burrito.

  • Christian Silcott
    Christian Silcott 5 months ago

    'Sorry I didn't hear you, my doorbell was out of ammo'

  • Anti
    Anti 5 months ago

    Sub-machine gun

  • Ashton Gray
    Ashton Gray 5 months ago

    How would the person at the door know where you are ?

  • Fire107834
    Fire107834 5 months ago

    1:14 dat face

  • WD
    WD 5 months ago

    just use messenger

  • Aditya Brahma
    Aditya Brahma 5 months ago

    Wtf gun for a bell 😂😂😂

  • xXDilly1966Xx
    xXDilly1966Xx 5 months ago +6

    I got an ad for a smart doorbell lol

  • Hisham mahmud
    Hisham mahmud 5 months ago

    I like this keep it up

  • Morgan Miller
    Morgan Miller 5 months ago

    hold up, i need to reload my door bell

  • TheGuyWhoSomedayHaveACommentOnEveryYTvideo

    How did you make that pipe that the uzi shoots into, bulletproof? Wouldnt It just shoot through it, and hit whoever is coming into your bunker?

  • Adrian Animates
    Adrian Animates 5 months ago

    So you literally have an am firing every time someone songs at your door

  • Technical modifications


  • Nibbor LoL
    Nibbor LoL 5 months ago

    Ai lav det kreisi

    POTATO MAN 5 months ago

    i didn't think that the bullets count go around. i thought they just would go through

  • Officialpoiuytrewq4645
    Officialpoiuytrewq4645 5 months ago

    make a system to tell the person at the door that the uzi is outa ammo

  • Ghost maxi
    Ghost maxi 5 months ago

    Hahaha Furze is german for farts

  • Ciaran Patterson
    Ciaran Patterson 5 months ago

    Colin did u build the furze puter in the redbull soapbox race 2013?

  • bingbong
    bingbong 5 months ago

    wannabe casey neistat

  • Charlie Mannion
    Charlie Mannion 5 months ago

    Where do I buy?

  • JaKsNERF, reviews and showcase

    In the U.S. when you don't answer they just leave it on your door step. Some of them are smart enough to hide it behind a potted plant

  • Wyatt Riemenschneider
    Wyatt Riemenschneider 5 months ago

    This guy is insane and I like it

  • Ezra Campbell
    Ezra Campbell 5 months ago

    How will they know were u r on the property

  • Bendy Gaming
    Bendy Gaming 6 months ago

    putting that fire on the side of the house is really good if you are out then a neighbour can collect it

  • Toni Horvat
    Toni Horvat 6 months ago

    but what if someone doesn't know if you're in your bunker or in your f****** garage yeah you seriously f***** up you don't you we don't know where you are so it's pretty much useless

  • Panda Bramasco
    Panda Bramasco 6 months ago

    With the bunker doorbell button what if people know you have a bunker and the purpose of a bump bunker is so people know it's not there and it's safe and out of mind?

  • carlos galong
    carlos galong 6 months ago

    Fastest wheel chair