Joe Rogan - Tom Segura's "R Word" Controversy

  • Published on Apr 13, 2018
  • Tom Segura describes the controversy surrounding a joke where he says retard.

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  • theNobleTaco
    theNobleTaco 2 hours ago

    They say war never changes, but another thing that never changes is that people are dumb as fuck.

  • enorm ousdik
    enorm ousdik 6 hours ago

    super late on this but that bit was actually great.

  • Major Meatball
    Major Meatball 10 hours ago

    7:34 lol love u joe no fucks given

  • Wisdom Fruit
    Wisdom Fruit 14 hours ago

    How disappointing

  • Mark Roberts
    Mark Roberts 15 hours ago

    What I don't get about this is if you watch family guy ,it is incredibly racist and seth mcfarlane gets no hassle yet this guy says retarded and people want him castrated,what I think is some people just don't have a life and need to get one in a hurry.jeez.

  • Giga
    Giga 18 hours ago

    Overly sensitive world of people who are offended by everything possible.
    I’m in serious doubt if this is going to change... Depressing

  • Jason Keller
    Jason Keller 18 hours ago

    Tom is funny. Those people have no sense of humor

  • Dane Brumfield
    Dane Brumfield Day ago

    People really be retarded

  • Lance :3
    Lance :3 Day ago

    I can say it as much as I please insensitive people...

  • ShadcubeTV
    ShadcubeTV Day ago

    tHaTs RacISt yOu cANt SaY tHE N wOrd

  • James Walker
    James Walker Day ago

    The word “special needs” or “special” used to be the alternative and even now that is becoming outlawed and is used as a joking reference. More acceptable terms are now simply “disability” or even “exceptional” “student with exceptionalities”

  • iamrepairmanman
    iamrepairmanman Day ago

    Isn't it crazy how the people who want to be allowed to abort all downs babies also are their "staunchest" defenders.

  • Diana A
    Diana A Day ago

    'it's new power ppl have to complain and have the instantly access to complain'
    'mob mentality'
    everything wrong with 2019

  • Michael Hart
    Michael Hart 2 days ago +1

    Don’t worry, the R people won’t understand it anyway

  • MrEdibleDNA
    MrEdibleDNA 3 days ago +2

    But don't ever say the R-word and the N-word together! Just say, Kanye...

  • Johny Bravo
    Johny Bravo 3 days ago

    R world? America is going crazy and crazy and there is no stop to it.... land of the free...Mason's

  • bradly bellant
    bradly bellant 3 days ago

    God I was actually surprised when he said nigger didn’t think he would even tho I’ve heard his say it before rofl

  • Derpster
    Derpster 3 days ago

    They are gonna run out of letters someday, and hockey players will have four digit numbers on their shirts.

  • Lee McDonald
    Lee McDonald 4 days ago

    There's so many hurt princess white dudes here acting like they get to decide what's offensive

  • CT
    CT 4 days ago

    Maybe it's just because I know french, and retard in french just means late. So what you're really doing is calling some one slow, that's why their late. I never associated the word with someone who has a disability.

  • Danny Lopez
    Danny Lopez 4 days ago

    Turns out, Tom's publicist was behind the whole controversy to build on Tom's popularity for his next stand up show. And it worked! 😂

    • Danny Lopez
      Danny Lopez 3 days ago

      @Josh Cc600
      I was kidding. Lol
      My statement is not true. Lol

    • Josh Cc600
      Josh Cc600 3 days ago

      What where? Source?

  • Jake
    Jake 4 days ago

    I’m colorblind and at times it’s a fairly hilarious disability, pretty much stays out of the way on a serious note

  • James Ray
    James Ray 4 days ago

    I use the word retarded all the time

  • buffalobills2012
    buffalobills2012 4 days ago +1

    This is retarded

  • Jake Thibeault
    Jake Thibeault 4 days ago

    "This ffffffffuckin guy!" lmao

  • Bruce Wayne
    Bruce Wayne 5 days ago

    what a retarded controversy

  • Michael c:
    Michael c: 5 days ago

    Oh common, retards not even a bad word. Thats like calling an asian person squint-eye.

  • ojay Z
    ojay Z 5 days ago

    snow flake generation strikes again

  • trilary cumpton
    trilary cumpton 5 days ago

    You tard we tard we are retards you tard we tard we are retards

  • Duran Huff
    Duran Huff 5 days ago

    What the fuck is the r word?

  • Bieler Adam
    Bieler Adam 6 days ago

    Censorship will ruin this country

  • Chinchilla hats
    Chinchilla hats 6 days ago

    They now just say “learning disabled” instead. But I have dyslexia and learning disabled was previously used for us. So can I say the word since I’m technically under the same category..

  • Preston Robinson
    Preston Robinson 6 days ago

    You got a license for those jokes?

  • Patrick McCutcheon
    Patrick McCutcheon 6 days ago

    Just start calling your friends "R-word."
    "Man, you've been sitting there looking at me like an R-Word for an hour."

  • Nouchee Xiong
    Nouchee Xiong 6 days ago

    Just like how people moved to the word "special" , but now being called "special" is a bad thing

  • Ben Haynie
    Ben Haynie 6 days ago +1

    Haha every dislike was from someone offended by joe saying the n word. Probably mongloids.

    TREJAN CRIGER 6 days ago +3

    You should be able to say any word no matter who you are.

  • Michael Gibson
    Michael Gibson 6 days ago +1

    Opinions are the lowest form of knowledge.

  • Riley Reynard
    Riley Reynard 6 days ago

    This is retarded

  • Tennessse Timmy
    Tennessse Timmy 6 days ago

    Omg he actually said it, based

  • drsizzl
    drsizzl 6 days ago +2

    The real R word controversy involves the Rat King. #theogate.

  • Ryan Pearson
    Ryan Pearson 7 days ago

    On the topic of word policing in general. Look up the story of Doug Adler. A tennis announcer that used the term "guerilla" to refer to Venus Williams playing style. What happened to him is a fucking outrage.

  • Ryan Pearson
    Ryan Pearson 7 days ago

    I once got lectured for using the term "mentally retarded" in it's purely clinical meaning. I was not mocking, just describing. I cannot stand this word policing. Intentions matter! There are no magic mouth sounds that are inherently evil. Look up "steven pinker euphemism treadmill" for a brilliant explanation.

    On a slightly related note. Chew on this food for thought. Brit and Aussie would be racial slurs if Britain and Australia were non-white countries.

  • Inquistor Dredd
    Inquistor Dredd 7 days ago

    Doug does an amazing bit about this but hes bulletproof

  • Louis
    Louis 7 days ago

    Cancer is already the c word and so is cunt

  • Louis
    Louis 7 days ago

    Retard ?

  • Who Cares
    Who Cares 8 days ago

    ill use any word i want, whenever i want, wherever i want, in front of whomever i want. if you don't like it, leave, i care about my right to free speech more than i care about you being comfortable or having your feelings hurt. the context and the way the word is used is what matters, not the word it's self. if you disagree, you're wrong, and a pussy.

  • Mike
    Mike 8 days ago

    this whole vid was retarded.

  • Mike Hunt
    Mike Hunt 8 days ago

    Retard and Midget are too good of words to give up.

  • Dan Zalisnock
    Dan Zalisnock 8 days ago

    How are true comedians even being the slightest bit apologetic for saying retarded? RETARD RETARD RETARD. So what? I grew up my whole life saying the word "retarded". Ironically enough i work with special needs guys now and i dont think of them when i say retarded. Sometimes I'll be driving with some higher fuctioning autistic guys and get cut off by a moron driver and say "what is he retarded?" And I'll catch myself right away even knowing its not even what i mean. People are idividuals, retarded was a word used for a long time, and people are just pure pussy these days and it's so sad to see.
    I almost forgot my biggest point to that. Some of my higher fuctioning boys will say "he must be retarded"! Lol stop treating them like they are so fucking different that they can't take a word like the rest of us cuz it's not true. Some of these guys are on the part of the spectrum where they dont wanna feel protected and different and that's all these SJW white knights are doing. You are butchering society into little groups.

  • 777superduty
    777superduty 8 days ago

    That’s retarded

  • Matt Harden
    Matt Harden 8 days ago

    Tom’s wife is not funny

  • dystoniaify
    dystoniaify 8 days ago

    As a disabled person, I hate when people try to diminish my experiences with discrimination and ableism by telling me that I am to call myself 'alter-abled.' It's like, 'No! MFer, I am Disabled!' Ableist, SJWs don't even realize that THEY are the problem. Able bodied assholes deciding for people with disabilities that the word 'disabled 'is offensive. It drives me crazy. They're the ones not comfortable with disabled people,,so they try to get rid of the word. This rant doesn't have to do with the word retarded, except for the fact that it's usually the same people who get upset at that joke who are the ones who discriminate against people like myself.

  • SkippingLegs
    SkippingLegs 8 days ago

    We need to stop letting these looney SJWs censor words. Retard was a medical term and over time enough people started using it as an insult towards mentally disabled people so now people are trying to censor that word, but what if enough people start using a completely innocent word as an insult, I'm sure whatever that word is, will become censored too. Imagine if I said, fuck you walnut, you're an ugly walnut, haha what a walnut, are we gonna censor a type of nut now?

  • Bourne
    Bourne 8 days ago

    But you can say ANYthing you want about whites, asians, and religious people... It's true

  • Justa Guy
    Justa Guy 9 days ago

    How come nobody rips apart Carlos Manstealia? I went to his show and heard so many retard jokes I felt like I was in 3rd grade

  • Pamela Lee
    Pamela Lee 9 days ago

    All this political correctness is completely absurd. By people saying and complaining about what people say they are really taking away someones right to the 1rst amendment. The freedom of speech

  • Kali Flower
    Kali Flower 9 days ago +1

    I are the r word and I'm don't taking a fence

  • Ryan Hopper
    Ryan Hopper 9 days ago +1

    I think the line should be if someone is using a non socially acceptable word with the intention to hurt someone else. For instance if someone were to call a black person a nigger or calling someone with an actually disability retarded in order to hurt them. Obviously that’s not what this guy was doing.

  • Baba Yaga
    Baba Yaga 9 days ago +1

    You can't say him or her in California it's them or they and it's the left censoring free speech.

  • Andrew Scott
    Andrew Scott 9 days ago

    I'm able to beat off, does that give me an advantage in life

  • XCutie
    XCutie 9 days ago +1

    freedome of speech ''hey you cant say that''.... nice freedom btw

    • ScorpioSoul13 90
      ScorpioSoul13 90 9 days ago

      XCutie right?🙄 We Americans need to stop hangin’ our hat on the whole “free country” BS. There is a shit ton of free countries that are treated 1000% better by their government. And have much higher education levels and awesome stuff like free health care. I’m not asking for it all to be free, but can we at least make insulin affordable for Christ sakes? Diabetics are dying all the time bc they can’t afford the shit they need just to simply live that non-diabetics naturally produce FOR FREEEE. If I really start talking/thinking about it all I get extremely depressed and discouraged knowing there’s NOTHING I can do to help the situation. #911wasaninsidejob #bastards👊🏼

  • Maritime Grime
    Maritime Grime 9 days ago

    Asperg is the next “retard”.

  • Julian Fischer
    Julian Fischer 10 days ago

    As a retarded person I'm OK with the bit.

  • James Haynes
    James Haynes 10 days ago

    Ralphie May - retarded people don’t care because they are retarded.

  • gravilo pricip
    gravilo pricip 10 days ago

    The “R” word??? That’s so retarded (it’s a clinical word from the French for “late”)

  • Andrew Barratt
    Andrew Barratt 10 days ago

    This whole thing is retarded.

  • Daddy Ernie
    Daddy Ernie 10 days ago

    probly just a bunch of white ladys that arent getting laid looking for things to get offended about

  • Greg Jacques Lucifer's Jizz Gargler

    having downs is never an excuse to be retarded. please take your downsy pills and having an epileptic seizure. yay!

  • Brakarot
    Brakarot 12 days ago +1

    Every word given enough time will become offensive like they said. Retard was a medical term now people are offended by it. The word Handicapped is next and honestly if we keep pandering to these coddled whiny ass overgrown children it will never end. We will not have to worry about the government censoring us because the people are doing it for them.

  • carter day
    carter day 12 days ago

    Every person complaining about him saying retarded are the people too afraid to say hey to someone in a wheelchair because they're different. Find out how amazing people with disabilities are

  • Russell Dodd
    Russell Dodd 12 days ago

    Retard retard retard. There

  • Bianca Bloom
    Bianca Bloom 12 days ago

    We use the word retarded in Ireland in everyday conversation. It’s not what it means here anymore. “Spastic” is also a word that we use that has nothing to do with its original meaning. Some words evolve and change and some slurs remain too horrible to change.
    It’s actually such a normal word here that I didn’t know what “the “R” word” even is!

  • Justin Harris
    Justin Harris 12 days ago

    That’s just fucking retarded.

  • BeyondCashed
    BeyondCashed 12 days ago

    people need to grow the fuck up and stfu

  • El1teFire
    El1teFire 12 days ago

    7:34 sound byte

  • El1teFire
    El1teFire 12 days ago

    WE GOT IT BOYS, let’s take joe Rogan out of context to try to destroy his career

  • monopolizeme
    monopolizeme 12 days ago

    This outrage culture is destroying people. It’s a mob mentality of stupidity and it’s so so dangerous.

  • James Morris
    James Morris 12 days ago

    Louie CK said it best. People that say "n-word' are pussies. Because you know what they mean and they put "nigger" in your head anyway. Same goes for "r-word" or "f-word." Even worse is when you say something stupid like "she is a t-word" and now you aren't sure what they mean so you have to think of every word bad that starts with "t" that they could have been meaning.

  • richard carr
    richard carr 13 days ago +1

    Didn't Doug Stanhope do a bit on this?

  • Michael Nyden
    Michael Nyden 13 days ago +1

    The internet and tech has disabled natural selection, it has allowed weak people to be empowered like never before and be tough in a way that they are not in reality. The whole point of all this is to get everyone to cower in fear from a facist word police mob, an essential backdoor 1st amendment repeal because they know they couldn't get the 1st amendment actually repealed...they are just creating a sect of untouchables and another group as Tom points out---straight white males that are canon fodder, its basically a payback scheme of introducing a reversed Jim crow era against people that weren't even alive or responsible for it.

  • Captain Nwalps
    Captain Nwalps 14 days ago

    After hearing about this controversy I can say this is fucking retarded

  • BigBoss1292
    BigBoss1292 14 days ago

    Everyone who signed the Netflix petition is retarded

  • Dylan Cohen
    Dylan Cohen 14 days ago +33

    Joe “you don’t even say the word nigger” Rogan

    • itsC0ll0n
      itsC0ll0n 9 days ago +8

      nah just Joe "nigger" Rogan

  • ok
    ok 15 days ago

    There's a difference between jokes that touch on hurtful topics, like rape, and jokes that justify them.Stupid people don't understand this, and get mad at people for making a rape joke or saying the word "retarded".

  • justcause7
    justcause7 15 days ago +4

    Doug Stanhope did this same bit like 3 years ago, including the chromosome part.

  • iamnen1
    iamnen1 15 days ago

    i have a million reasons to sign petitions
    and the word retard is not one of them

  • Barry Obongo
    Barry Obongo 16 days ago

    Retards are the worst!!!!

  • JRSanchez93
    JRSanchez93 17 days ago

    Autist pretty much replaced the word a few years ago.

  • sabarblatoe
    sabarblatoe 18 days ago

    You know what that is?...retarded.....

  • tjbtech
    tjbtech 18 days ago

    This shit is retarded.

  • Carl
    Carl 19 days ago

    I once commented on a news article something I thought was funny but a bunch of people found it offensive they messaged my girlfriend and told her she was terrible person for being with me and even called my job and tried to get me fired. People are nuts

  • Justin Sullivan
    Justin Sullivan 20 days ago +1

    Washington Redskins should have to change the team name. Redskins is a slur against Native Americans. Can’t have a team called the Niggers. Change that shit.

  • Jonathan Mottern
    Jonathan Mottern 20 days ago +1

    I just now watched his Netflix specials, hilarious! Thanks SJW'S...

  • Switchellmobb
    Switchellmobb 20 days ago

    This shit is fucking retarded.

  • Kaos
    Kaos 20 days ago

    I sell fire-retarded material .. come at me!

  • Bing Bong Productions

    PC culture have turned people into pussies.

  • Quinn Fowlie
    Quinn Fowlie 21 day ago

    As someone with a disability who, truth be told, doesn't take a strong liking to the word "retarded" or people who use it, I feel like I need to stand in support of Tom Segura here. My biggest issue with these hard-line SJW-types critiquing and making violent threats against comedians for the jokes they write and tell is, they either genuinely don't understand or actively choose not to understand that humor is incredibly subjective.
    Whether or not you find something funny is perfectly fine by me, but the moment you go after someone who happens to have a different sense of humor from you, especially if your version of going after said person involves making violent threats, that's where you've lost my respect (especially when you're a quote unquote "progressive" type who allegedly calls someone a cocksucker to get your point across).

  • babyfarck Mcgeezazkz

    Gentlemen as you know, we received 20 complaints about this special. As 1 complaint equals 1 billion people, that means 20 BILLION people were offended by this. We need to do something.

  • Odhran Kelly
    Odhran Kelly 21 day ago +2

    What's the r word!? Rigger? 🤔