Joe Rogan - Tom Segura's "R Word" Controversy

  • Published on Apr 13, 2018
  • Tom Segura describes the controversy surrounding a joke where he says retard.

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  • Raun Smith
    Raun Smith 18 hours ago

    608 retards watched this video

  • Cyan Wolf
    Cyan Wolf Day ago

    Joe "7:34" Rogan

    • The Barnyard
      The Barnyard 4 hours ago

      Cyan Wolf lmao I kept clicking it and damn near made a song! Nigger, like just saying it’s like *click* Nigger, like just saying it’s like *click* Nigger, like just saying it’s like *click* lmao oh boy haha

  • kevin staples
    kevin staples Day ago

    Retarded. There I fuckin said it for you. It's fuckin RETARDED I felt the need to say it for you. I demand you say it so I'm creating a petition. Fuck everybody

  • Nathan Barnhart
    Nathan Barnhart Day ago

    I was like "what is the 'r word?'"
    I figured it was rape.

  • Alex Bisso
    Alex Bisso Day ago

    I call people retards all the time. Retarded people are retarded, how the fuck can they be offended? Gtfo with your PC bullshit, you fucking retards! :)

  • Kevin Bollinger
    Kevin Bollinger 2 days ago

    7:33 why would you say something so controversial yet so brave lmao

  • Negative Zero
    Negative Zero 2 days ago

    Do people forget what insults are?
    You’re supposed to be offended when you’re called a retard.

  • Skrt Reynolds
    Skrt Reynolds 2 days ago

    Stanhope has a bit that sums this entire phenomenon up perfectly

  • Peter Myers
    Peter Myers 2 days ago +1

    I’m a paraplegic and I think gimp jokes are hilarious. My favorite term for the developmentally disabled is “tard”. Is that the “t” word?

  • Steven Aguilar
    Steven Aguilar 3 days ago

    Shame on you Joe you shouldn't feel comfortable saying that n-word white piece of s*** drug head but you're still cool but f*** you watch your mouth I'm still going to continue watching you you white piece of s***

  • Crotch Goblin
    Crotch Goblin 4 days ago

    7:34 :^)

  • Frank Kuzava
    Frank Kuzava 4 days ago +1

    If our country were in the throes of economic collapse, civil war or famine - all of this speech censoring would take a back seat. This is a direct result of a softening and bored society.

  • Marco Mancilla
    Marco Mancilla 4 days ago

    Standhope covered this like 3 - 2 years ago

  • Holt Burdette
    Holt Burdette 5 days ago +1

    You went full 'R-word', you *NEVER* go full 'R-word'

  • Daniel Bjørn
    Daniel Bjørn 5 days ago

    Can someone explain to me what the n word stands for (warning this is bait) 🍪

    • munstrumridcully
      munstrumridcully Day ago

      Oh that's easy it's "no" ! As in "no, I will not accept editing Mark Twain to remove "Nigger Jim" . George Carlin said it best : _there are no bad words, only bad intent_

  • brandon lawrence
    brandon lawrence 5 days ago

    I didnt even know you couldnt say retard until 3 years ago. Sucks because it's one of my favorite words..

  • sheen423
    sheen423 6 days ago

    Joe "I DO NOT GIVE A FUCK" Rogan.

  • sheen423
    sheen423 6 days ago

    "do not say retard" HOW FUCKING DARE HE SAY RETARD? what retards.

  • Jordan Parks
    Jordan Parks 6 days ago

    He said the "N" word 😮,.........🤐...........😂😂😂....... my NIGGA J-roe SAVAGE lmao...👌.... (I'm ☻ btw, not offended in the slightest)

  • Vic 2.0
    Vic 2.0 6 days ago

    Oh my gawd, what did the retard do now? I swear that retarded Tom Segura is always acting like the most retarded retard in the world. Well anyway, what word did the retard say?

  • Trent Plumley
    Trent Plumley 8 days ago

    The alphabet people really enjoy a good laugh. Lol

  • Jack Coleman
    Jack Coleman 8 days ago

    We’ve made life too easy... bottom line is people have no real problems- they have to make shit up to be offended about. Weak minded liberals need to be disciplined.

    IVAN VALLE 9 days ago


  • Ericanerk Spring
    Ericanerk Spring 9 days ago

    What is the r word

  • Jared Hurd
    Jared Hurd 10 days ago

    Moronic, idiodic, and i beleive a few more terms were medical terms developed to classify people entering Elis island

  • Darth
    Darth 10 days ago

    He who shall not be named

  • Sar Abeer
    Sar Abeer 11 days ago

    When will people learn. If you walk into a comedy show.Don't wear your heart on your sleeve. His job is to tell jokes. His job is not to make sure he doesn't offend anyone. Most jokes are offensive. You clicked on him to watch his show so.stfu!!

  • Tyler Huntress
    Tyler Huntress 11 days ago

    I know this is from last year but I really don’t get it. Tom Segura is an amazing comic and a really great guy in general. This is just the typical mob mentality PC bullshit that’s causing almost every problem in today’s age. I am retarted. Literally. I have severe learning disabilities as well as multiple mental health issues that cause me to be unable to even work. I’m literally retarted and I don’t understand why it’s not okay to say that word. I was called retarted my whole life and bullied for it but I never gave a shit because you can’t be afraid of a word. It’s sad that America has come to a point where fear of words is more common than fear of war or being assaulted or getting stuck on a layover in Tucson. I am literally retarted and I completely endorse the use of the word. Tom segura made a great joke and quite honestly the whole show was funny. I call myself retarted all the time and nobody bats an eye. Maybe that’s just an east coast thing, maybe I’m just used to living in an area where people are not scared of words but this seems insane to me. I can’t even fathom why he got in trouble or why he was targeted and threatened with death over this. Maybe that’s just because I’m retarted though lol

  • Cobra J
    Cobra J 11 days ago

    The SJWs just made it funnier 🤷‍♂️

  • rob fox
    rob fox 11 days ago

    We will not be silenced by incompetent retards

  • Dark Harder
    Dark Harder 11 days ago +1

    I have a cousin with downs who calls other people retards. It’s fucking hilarious. Honestly anyone offended by that word is fucking retarded lmao

  • Ben Davis
    Ben Davis 11 days ago

    Retard and gay and fag shouldn't be censored pc crap is outrageous

  • LBVuitton
    LBVuitton 11 days ago

    I am legally retarded and find him hilarious

  • Mr Judas
    Mr Judas 11 days ago

    Joe dropped a hard R mid way

  • W O K e *
    W O K e * 12 days ago +1

    And at this moment... joe rogan knew

    He fucked up.

  • bpip000
    bpip000 12 days ago

    What? You can't say retard anymore? Damn, I didn't think we'd ever lose that one. Funny when Chapelle dropped that fantastic joke in Sticks and Stones I was thinking about Segura's joke about saying retard.

  • zeKe
    zeKe 12 days ago

    Calling someone "stupid" is brain shaming! LOL

  • Bob Gibson
    Bob Gibson 13 days ago +1

    Most of the population in America is retarded we need to thin The Herd get rid of all the retards

  • tommy two-times
    tommy two-times 13 days ago

    there’s a thing in music called a retard, it’s where the beat slows down. there’d have to be a new word for it that everyone who plays an instrument in the world would have to learn

    • rob fox
      rob fox 11 days ago

      Its actually called a retardondo

  • Rand0m411
    Rand0m411 13 days ago

    Retard? This shits retarded...

  • thebingthing
    thebingthing 13 days ago

    Wtf is the R word!!??

  • Ted Leonard
    Ted Leonard 13 days ago

    PC culture is out to destroy comedy. A large part of comedy has been the relief of hearing things that one thought but never dared to say (that’s never been my problem because, at heart, I’m a comedian). The best comedians (IMO) have recognized and capitalized on this discomfort. The difference is the advent of anti-“social media”. The fact that we refer to it as ‘social media’ is IRONY by its’ proper definition. Because, I think, by its design, it has achieved it’s goal and succeeded in further separating us.

  • Lisa Williamson
    Lisa Williamson 14 days ago

    DO NOT STOP TOM!!!!!! Your humor is fucking EVERYTHING!!!! Screw those who can’t laugh at actual COMEDY!!! You MURDERED!!!!!! #teammommies

  • Zach McCabe
    Zach McCabe 14 days ago

    Sounds retarded

  • c_ez
    c_ez 14 days ago

    it's hilarious how people honestly think petitions will get anything done

  • Derek Higgs
    Derek Higgs 14 days ago +1

    I'm retarded. Therefore, I can use the word retarded. It's a word. A sound that my mouth makes. Get more offended over your fat children.

  • GM streaks _ 101
    GM streaks _ 101 15 days ago

    When Joe said “ nigger “ my jaw dropped 😂😂😂

  • Darien Bashi
    Darien Bashi 15 days ago

    That's retarded

  • zerodayz1
    zerodayz1 15 days ago

    i had to check the comments out to know what the r word was... of a father of two retards its a word get the fuck over it

  • Martin Tyrrell
    Martin Tyrrell 15 days ago

    Bet all these haters love the song by Black Eyed Peas though, lol.

  • Wyatt Felling
    Wyatt Felling 16 days ago

    What is the r word

  • Micheal Ploughman
    Micheal Ploughman 16 days ago

    Its weird hearing one comedian tell another comedian what they can joke about, and from Joe rogan..... I'm surprised

  • trekker bob
    trekker bob 16 days ago

    Over 100 thousand retards signed the petition

  • Freak Zilla
    Freak Zilla 17 days ago

    7:28 "You can't even say it..." (says it) LOL!

  • Andre Munoz
    Andre Munoz 17 days ago

    Dave Chapelle really did all that and no one cared about what he said,,, man really the goat 🐐🐐🐐🐐🌂🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    • Andre Munoz
      Andre Munoz 11 days ago

      Teh Jamez imagine, not my fault i got them and you dont bum

    • Teh Jamez
      Teh Jamez 11 days ago

      Using emojis is a very modern way to annouce youre gay

  • Rango Ognar
    Rango Ognar 18 days ago

    What a bunch of retards

  • Th1rty3
    Th1rty3 18 days ago

    Those people must be ashamed of their personal problems that they don't want to address and keep it bottled up.

  • Scott Mcdowell
    Scott Mcdowell 18 days ago

    He doesn’t directly insult people with a mental disability so it’s cool he joke was fine. However, As someone with an intellectual disability I’d rather they didn’t call my an idiot or retarded or whatever it can be very hurtful perhaps it’s not bad to say to people who are mildly slow if they don’t say in a hateful way. It’s easy for people who aren’t this way to justify it but they aren’t on the receiving end of it you would insult people with the n word.

  • Scott Mcdowell
    Scott Mcdowell 18 days ago

    As someone with an intellectual disability I’d rather they didn’t call my an idiot or retarded or whatever it can be very hurtful. It’s easy for people who aren’t this way to justify it but they aren’t on the receiving end of it you would insult people with the n word.

  • wimplo22
    wimplo22 18 days ago

    Anyone that wants to ban words is a retarded asshole. It is morally wrong. You don't have the right not to be offended.