4 Levels of Omelets: Amateur to Food Scientist | Epicurious

  • Published on May 21, 2019
  • We challenged chefs of three different levels - an amateur, a home cook and a professional chef - to make their versions of an omelet. And then we brought in a food scientist to review their work. Which omelet was the best?
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    4 Levels of Omelets: Amateur to Food Scientist | Epicurious
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Comments • 7 673

  • {Fhonix}
    {Fhonix} 5 minutes ago

    Level 3 was so boring

  • 456bulgogi
    456bulgogi 5 minutes ago

    The third level chef's food looks like prison food.

  • Exõ Obstec
    Exõ Obstec 21 minute ago +1

    Why do the level 3 chefs always look so baked

  • Fazeable Unlinked
    Fazeable Unlinked 23 minutes ago

    Where’s the 4th level

  • Parker Orr
    Parker Orr Hour ago

    2:45 do not whisk side to side do it like me. Up and down. *whisks side to side viciously*

  • 27G_Luis
    27G_Luis Hour ago

    Level 1 is pretty much all of us level 2 is the people dat use TVclip 🔫

  • Kass
    Kass Hour ago

    Okay in my opinion the level two looks the best

  • Kass
    Kass 2 hours ago

    So today I wanna make a omelet
    Spread oil in the pan break 3 eggs throw salt and mix and cook it DONE

  • Strongfp
    Strongfp 2 hours ago

    Lorenzo made a pretty good country style omelet, even rolled it out of the pan nicely. The level 3 chef wearing all that chef stuff sure didn't look to professional to be honest, a good omelet making process doesn't include whipping the egg into oblivion, adding herbs to the eggs, and rolls out of the pan nicely.

  • cerberus 007
    cerberus 007 2 hours ago +1

    Lvl 1: any of them are fine
    Lvl 2: must be Lorenzo
    Lvl 3: non a fan of barb and the other guy mike is cool though
    Scientist: I'm sorry your going to get a lot of crap dude but they'll come around...potentially

  • Sara Hernandez
    Sara Hernandez 2 hours ago

    LORENZO is my spirit animal

  • BlackBokoblin Mlg
    BlackBokoblin Mlg 2 hours ago

    When the level 4 person is new:
    Me: *I don't even know who you are*

  • Brendan O’Connor
    Brendan O’Connor 2 hours ago

    A “hint” of greens *puts two hand fulls* like girl

  • Missy Extra
    Missy Extra 2 hours ago

    My boy Lorenzo!

  • Sneaky_ FTW
    Sneaky_ FTW 3 hours ago

    I swear the "Food scientist" just wants to say these facts that nobody cares about. Like I just wanna eat the damn food!

  • Sneaky_ FTW
    Sneaky_ FTW 3 hours ago

    I think level 3 attempted to try to make green eggs but no ham.

  • Code's Personal Agent
    Code's Personal Agent 3 hours ago +1

    Level 4 is just a f*cking student studying trying to get a degree in Omelette Sciences

  • Code's Personal Agent
    Code's Personal Agent 3 hours ago +1

    Let's be honest every likes Lorenzo the most:
    Level 1: Bot
    Level 3: Sweat
    Level 2: Just right

  • Nabe저질
    Nabe저질 3 hours ago

    got a have some meat in the Omelet

  • SirDerp
    SirDerp 3 hours ago

    Lorenzo’s boii

  • Blake Perkins
    Blake Perkins 3 hours ago

    I would eat level 2

  • queen unicorn
    queen unicorn 3 hours ago

    Believe it or not:
    My mom don't know how to cook
    My dad is a pro cook/chef / baker

  • Ansah Poku
    Ansah Poku 3 hours ago

    Why does the level 2 chef always outshine the rest

  • Monique Fullerton
    Monique Fullerton 4 hours ago

    Lorenzo’s laugh gets me through life

  • Arshia Lack
    Arshia Lack 4 hours ago

    Next one make them do pizza

  • Alex Madsen
    Alex Madsen 5 hours ago

    damn that girl got a PHD in eggs!

  • Nikolaus Alfonso
    Nikolaus Alfonso 5 hours ago

    I like level 2

  • James Kenny
    James Kenny 6 hours ago

    Lorenzo is like the coolest chap in the world

  • Abigail Jimenez
    Abigail Jimenez 6 hours ago

    I fell like the level 2 food isn’t to much but isn’t to little

  • Maryse Albert
    Maryse Albert 6 hours ago

    I'd like to see the so called food scientist make an omelet and have the other three judge it.

  • Brady Biesterfeld
    Brady Biesterfeld 6 hours ago

    The comments on all these videos are all exactly the same.

  • Kyle Neufeld
    Kyle Neufeld 7 hours ago

    Why is I called 4 levels

  • tash
    tash 7 hours ago

    The level 3 person basically just made flat scrambled egg

  • Joseph
    Joseph 7 hours ago +3

    Sees Level 4 expert has changed

    *wait, that’s illegal*

  • heartily
    heartily 7 hours ago

    HowToBasic: AHEM

  • TheDarkArtist
    TheDarkArtist 8 hours ago

    Emily shouldnt be allowed to garnish

    MATTHEW CECH 8 hours ago

    Lorenzo’s looked better than the professional, her filling didn’t look appetizing

  • Galant Soldier
    Galant Soldier 8 hours ago

    the level 2 is the best...

  • Grammar Police
    Grammar Police 8 hours ago +1

    RIE wins.

  • Sol Hurvey
    Sol Hurvey 8 hours ago

    Just milk, butter, and magic sarap with a bit or chives is the best.

  • Keith Stouch III
    Keith Stouch III 8 hours ago

    Hi, I'm a level 4 chef. I lay the eggs myself.

  • Dank meme 1800
    Dank meme 1800 8 hours ago

    Why is the level 2 chef the best

  • Trent Oliver Rebane
    Trent Oliver Rebane 9 hours ago

    The level 3 omlet looked like it was microwaved

  • Where’s Evan
    Where’s Evan 9 hours ago

    Does anyone else think Barb is Barb from stranger things mom

  • Rickdog 247
    Rickdog 247 9 hours ago

    Level 2 looks the best

  • Succ Master 56
    Succ Master 56 9 hours ago

    Everyone who wasn’t a food scientist: mmmm...so good
    Food scientist: I’m about to end this mans career

  • TheKoruptedCrip
    TheKoruptedCrip 9 hours ago

    i’d eat the first and 2nd one

  • Joseph Fang
    Joseph Fang 9 hours ago

    Barb's omelette looks so good I bet it tastes better than it looks

  • Aram Mapping
    Aram Mapping 9 hours ago

    Where is the old food scientist :(

    DRKLGND 9 hours ago

    And here I thought I could cook egg.

  • jack lo
    jack lo 9 hours ago +4

    Imagine being in one of these videos thinking you're home cook level but you show up as amateur

  • 2615 adlay
    2615 adlay 10 hours ago

    All that green on the “pro” chefs cutting board? Yeah that’s actually the flavours from her parsley and chives. Man what a pro

  • Ryan McLaughlin
    Ryan McLaughlin 10 hours ago +2

    So who else would rather have chef 2’s omelet

  • Areeb Ahmad
    Areeb Ahmad 10 hours ago

    YOOOOO Lorenzo was in my HR anti-discrimination and harassment training video!

  • Gamer Master
    Gamer Master 10 hours ago

    11.31 me! Cuz Im muslim

  • Don Pablo
    Don Pablo 10 hours ago

    Hot Sauce for the win

  • Gucci Izzy
    Gucci Izzy 10 hours ago

    I'm a level 0.2 cook

  • Alex
    Alex 10 hours ago

    Level 1: when you cook
    Level 2: that one person in your family who can cook
    Level 3: i don’t want to pay for that

  • Bacon Bacon
    Bacon Bacon 10 hours ago

    Who doesn't like big white splotches in their omelet? ;)

  • Sakurano Kun
    Sakurano Kun 11 hours ago

    You mean

    An *Egg* spert? ;3

  • Zapp YT
    Zapp YT 11 hours ago

    i CaNt WaIt To WaTcH sTrAnGeR tHiNgS 3

    It's just because of the name of the Expert Chef: Barb

  • KyleTheKiller 507
    KyleTheKiller 507 11 hours ago +1

    Am i the only one who thinks this expert is hot

  • Sara dakhil
    Sara dakhil 11 hours ago

    Do scrambled egggssss!!!!!!!!!

  • DhelRex YT
    DhelRex YT 12 hours ago +1

    *I Find This Satisfying*

  • Its_ Editz
    Its_ Editz 12 hours ago

    Lvl 2 omelet wins

  • Koko Mmc
    Koko Mmc 13 hours ago

    Me: learned to not overly mix eggs while cooking. Level 3: Vigorously mashes the life out of the eggs so the "cook" evenly. SMH.

  • Zander Andres
    Zander Andres 13 hours ago

    Lorenzo is the best

  • Aging jedi
    Aging jedi 14 hours ago

    I bet number 3 chef really likes being told what to do. Especially by Male identifying people

  • Itz Dioun
    Itz Dioun 14 hours ago

    HowToBasic wants to know your location.

  • :D :D
    :D :D 14 hours ago

    Lorenzo's laugh like psychopath

  • Cerberus YT
    Cerberus YT 14 hours ago

    Is Lorenzo Filipino???

  • Todoroki Kun
    Todoroki Kun 14 hours ago

    Tbh i don't really care about the food scientist.

  • Zakiry
    Zakiry 14 hours ago

    What tf was the point with that icing bag, I could do that with a spoon and save the hassle

  • Zakiry
    Zakiry 14 hours ago

    Still can’t think how Americans say erbs, in what world can you say that and not proceed to drag yourself out a window

  • Marko Kristic
    Marko Kristic 15 hours ago

    @epicurus make them taste each other s food it will be so interesting

  • youtuber
    youtuber 16 hours ago

    My mother's cook is better
    Your mom is good too

  • Matthew Hernandez
    Matthew Hernandez 16 hours ago

    Level1 :I’m pretty much a professional.Me : says the one who put ketchup on French toast

  • Reza Rahman
    Reza Rahman 18 hours ago

    Why always Lorenzo? LORENZO!

  • Janelle C
    Janelle C 18 hours ago

    Level 99 omelet is the one that Japanese chef from kyoto makes for omurice.

  • SOLID_CameyYT
    SOLID_CameyYT 18 hours ago

    Mmmmmmm do i smell bacon

  • Fresno Lazuli
    Fresno Lazuli 18 hours ago

    I love how they made a compilation of 'butter' . They should do one of Gordon Ramsay saying 'salt' ! 🤣🤣🤣

  • Sam Cannon
    Sam Cannon 19 hours ago +3

    "I like it spicy"
    *adds 2 tiny chilli flakes*

  • King Bovee
    King Bovee 19 hours ago

    Lorenzo, please make a channel so i can subscribe

  • King Bovee
    King Bovee 19 hours ago

    Why is Lorenzo always the level 2 chef when his food always looks the best?

  • Aiya Saito
    Aiya Saito 19 hours ago

    Lorenzo’s the best. Burnt bacon and omelet? Always the best

  • tonystark19631
    tonystark19631 20 hours ago

    Me: learned to not overly mix eggs while cooking.

    Level 3: Vigorously mashes the life out of the eggs so the "cook" evenly. SMH.

  • Marcus Rondo
    Marcus Rondo 20 hours ago

    I'll eat them all.

  • Johnny The man
    Johnny The man 20 hours ago +5

    No body :
    Not a single soul :

    Level 3 : whisk very vigorously

    MEME LORD 21 hour ago

    Why do all the level 3 chefs looks like they've done 6 pounds of crack

    • timothywatt
      timothywatt 7 hours ago

      Have you worked as a cook in a restaurant before? I have. Trust me, you'll understand why.

  • Luiz
    Luiz 21 hour ago

    Somehow Emily's was more appetising than the level 3 abomination.

    ps #LorenzoForPresident

  • Cheesecakey Boi
    Cheesecakey Boi 21 hour ago +6

    Level 1: "Let's just calmly whisk these eggs"
    Level 2: "so you wanna enter the plane to Vietnam"
    Level 3: *vietnam flashbacks*

  • Artomic
    Artomic 22 hours ago

    All of them being so careful while cracking the egg, meanwhile Gordon just cracks it with one hand

  • Jose Gonzalez
    Jose Gonzalez 22 hours ago

    That home cook guy at this point is a pro cheft lol

  • Veronica Foxx
    Veronica Foxx 23 hours ago

    What's up with this "pinch" of salt? It needs more than that

  • marius71godofwar
    marius71godofwar 23 hours ago

    Food scientist and chef 3 are mother and daughter

  • João Águia de Moura
    João Águia de Moura 23 hours ago

    No one knows how to make an omolete.

  • Smell Yermaw
    Smell Yermaw 23 hours ago

    Why do they always title the video as 4 ways to cook ‘x’ food, but only show 3?

  • Phxntom 1
    Phxntom 1 23 hours ago

    I love how the “best” chefs food looks the worst

  • Muerte
    Muerte 23 hours ago

    Lorenzo acts like he is the level 3 chef

  • Santiago Menjivar
    Santiago Menjivar 23 hours ago

    Lorenzo: the vegetables I am going to be using are peppers.... wait I thought peppers were fruit