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The Most Potent Offense in NFL History | The Timeline: Greatest Show on Turf | NFL Films

  • Published on Sep 22, 2017
  • "The Timeline: Greatest Show on Turf" chronicles the 1999-2001 St. Louis Rams. Led by Hall of Famers Kurt Warner, and Marshall Faulk the "Greatest Show on Turf" set multiple offensive records and set the foundation for the high-paced offense's we see today. Watch the full episode with NFL Game Pass! -
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Comments • 1 516

  • Trickster310
    Trickster310 7 hours ago

    Warner is my number 1 qb.
    Followed by Farve
    And Brady

  • Trickster310
    Trickster310 7 hours ago

    In madden nfl. There was no other amazing offensive playbook that that of Mike Martz. I would play any team and always choose Mike's playbook.

  • I'm Mikey
    I'm Mikey Day ago

    Marshall Faulk was the single reason I got into football

  • Reace Moore
    Reace Moore 7 days ago

    If your a rams fan like me like this comment

  • Angelo Smith
    Angelo Smith 7 days ago

    "OFFINSIVE JUGGERNAUTS" AND WE HAD A PRETTY GOOD STATE. Coach vermil Would Cry and the RAMS would Fly Baby. They used to toy with Defensive and this was Real Football , Real Hitting , concussion city Baby. Warner Could Slang That Ball Baby . Nobody like Warner. He threw the ball in what you call windows. He never left his Recievers out to dry always hit them in the stride and on the Run where they didn't get Hurt. Warner was another Ging Slinger Fasho. And Warner is Correct Hands Down The Greatest Offense assembled . And Coach Vermil Put that same System in KC look at them now . But my Rams are Gravy.

  • Hamid Hasani
    Hamid Hasani 11 days ago

    I remember picking rams in madden during this time lol back wen madden had paper looking players haha awesome team tho one my fave offenses ever

  • Jim Knowlton
    Jim Knowlton 14 days ago

    Sorry, but one SB and a fun offense is no comparison with what boring ol' Brady and Belichick's defenses have done in NWE.

  • Ville Bryant
    Ville Bryant 15 days ago

    That squad should have been the dynasty team of the 2000s period

  • Little money Larry
    Little money Larry 15 days ago

    What about the cheap shot that ruined Trent Green's career?

  • John Ingle
    John Ingle 15 days ago

    I swear it was Warren Sapp, not Chris Burman who gave the rams the nickname of Greatest show on Turf. He was being snarky, after the game, basically saying they are only that good when they are on astro-turf, not grass.

  • Butt3rz
    Butt3rz 17 days ago

    14:34 14:46 Until now!

  • William Bua
    William Bua 19 days ago

    Super Bowl 24 49ers 55 Denver 10. Gimme a break

  • Javier Hernandez
    Javier Hernandez 20 days ago

    Marshall Faulk was one hell of a steal just for a 2nd and 5th round pick? Dam

  • Racso88e
    Racso88e 20 days ago

    Can’t believe this was 20 seasons ago.

  • john wheeler
    john wheeler 24 days ago

    Welcome to the Rough Necks!

  • Jerry The Mouse
    Jerry The Mouse 26 days ago

    Faulk for a second and fifth round pick. WHATTTT

  • SY Kim
    SY Kim 26 days ago +1

    *커트워너-마샬포크-토리홀트-아이작 브루스....그냥 전부 잘했다*

  • Philip Teague
    Philip Teague 28 days ago


  • Vince Mitchell
    Vince Mitchell Month ago

    The rams should of won the super bowl in 2001

  • M McLaurin80
    M McLaurin80 Month ago

    2011 Saints>>>>>>>>>>>>GSOT

  • Wayne A. W.
    Wayne A. W. Month ago

    Dayum! TB12/Belicheat/Patriots bested Greatest Show On Turf, but lost each time to lil’ bro Manning/Big Blue. Ain’t that weird? lol

  • Charles Chambers
    Charles Chambers Month ago +1

    I love Michael Ironsides doing the voice for this video.

  • Brian Samuels
    Brian Samuels Month ago +1

    My Bucs was the only Defense at that time that could match up against Rams. Those were some great games! Bucs vs Rams

  • Adam Knoedler
    Adam Knoedler Month ago +2

    Is that Sam Fisher narrating? A.K.A. Michael Ironside?

  • E Double
    E Double Month ago

    Father time is undefeated

  • MrErnieHanks
    MrErnieHanks Month ago +3

    Rodney Harrison is the biggest pos .. he was Vontaze Burfict before Vontaze Burfict

  • Don Solo
    Don Solo Month ago +1

    I dont think I can count on 2 hands the amount of times I have seen belichick stiff arm a "record breaking" offense for Tom brady

  • Nigyl Rodriguez
    Nigyl Rodriguez Month ago

    What does GSOT mean?

  • JHOT247
    JHOT247 Month ago

    everytime i see kurt warner on the NFL network i laugh, because this guy is the most overrated qb ever in the history of the NFL, he's won 1 super bowl, and you hear how hard life was because he had to stock shelves at a grocery store lol jesus christ,they just let anyone in nowadays to the hal of fame, it's actually a disgrace

  • Kareem Moreland
    Kareem Moreland Month ago +1

    Rodney Harrison should have presented Kurt Warner into the Hall of Fame. Haha

  • Zack
    Zack Month ago

    I picked the titans for the superbowl that offseason. 1 yard.....

  • recoil816
    recoil816 Month ago

    Michael Ironside's narration really gives this a nice touch. lol

  • Car Ram-Rod
    Car Ram-Rod Month ago

    Bruh, that’s Kurt Warner.

  • Brandon Clarke
    Brandon Clarke Month ago

    Ricky Proehl wasn't wrong

  • Sean Murphy
    Sean Murphy Month ago

    Man if they had not torn the team a part, you would have never heard of Tom Brady! This is the greatest team in history!

  • heavystarch100
    heavystarch100 Month ago

    And promptly went to💩 afterwards! My hometown..where demons come to vacay!!😈👿😠

  • Samuel Watson
    Samuel Watson Month ago

    Yo my mans Sam Fisher be commentating this video

  • Natasha cutie pie
    Natasha cutie pie Month ago

    The New England Patriots are Dynasty killers. Even if you beat them, you pay a price.

  • scott leck
    scott leck Month ago

    2011 saints was the best offense in NFL history

  • Chris Barras
    Chris Barras 2 months ago

    2009-2011 saints surpassed the greatest show on turf

  • Connor Zechar
    Connor Zechar 2 months ago +2

    No one has ever come back from this large of a point deficit.
    Atlanta: we are fine
    Patriots: hold my super bowl rings

  • payday64
    payday64 2 months ago

    Kind of similar to the Seahawks. They had a very powerful defense and run game won a superbowl then an interception stopped them from winning another and they were never the same. The patriots are not only the greatest dynasty but they're dynasty killers as well.

  • Yousef
    Yousef 2 months ago +1

    As the greatest offense in NFL history dies, the greatest dynasty in NFL history is born.

  • Chris Sikora
    Chris Sikora 2 months ago

    Its amazing how Well Kurt Warner just got off the bench and into this high octane machine and ABSOLUTELY DOMINATED!!!!!

  • Vernon Mitchell
    Vernon Mitchell 2 months ago

    That Rams team is the only team that ever made me question my loyalty to the Cowboys.

  • Alton Williams
    Alton Williams 2 months ago

    That was a great SuperBowl🏈
    I really liked the Rams and the Titans 🏈

  • teamsteed1
    teamsteed1 2 months ago

    Thank you for posting the video. 🐏

  • InsanelyHighAsianBoy
    InsanelyHighAsianBoy 2 months ago

    The Best Offense = '99 Rams
    The Best Defense = '83 Falcons

  • Roy Da Numb Kiid
    Roy Da Numb Kiid 2 months ago

    13:19 he was right

  • Declan Thompson
    Declan Thompson 2 months ago

    13:19 "Tonight a dynasty is born"

  • Ice J
    Ice J 2 months ago

    7:20 did the ball accelerate?

  • ayosnapback
    ayosnapback 2 months ago

    I think the only other team close to Greatest show on turf is the 2016 Atlanta Falcons

  • Johnny Eckel
    Johnny Eckel 3 months ago

    If this offense played in the league today, they might average 60 points per game

  • K Nazir Ingram
    K Nazir Ingram 3 months ago

    best offense ever, Az Hakim awesome football name and talent, yet it was the defense that delivered the trophy

    • Stephen H
      Stephen H 2 months ago

      K Nazir Ingram - The Rams had the 4th best defense in 1999. Somehow, with basically the same players, they were last in the league in 2000. They rebounded to 7th in 2001. Only 3 starters from 2000 kept their jobs (Fletcher, McCleon, Wistrom).

  • Exotic Cichlids
    Exotic Cichlids 3 months ago

    Great stuff. Big New England fan but ultra respect to that entire Rams team. I wouldn't be surprised if Belichick learned some plays.

  • dawson Lmao
    dawson Lmao 3 months ago

    Are they even wearing cleats

  • One CRAZY Who Dat!
    One CRAZY Who Dat! 3 months ago

    The Greatest Show on Turf is the single season record holding 2011 New Orleans Saints. Most yards ever in a single season.

  • seventhsinn
    seventhsinn 3 months ago

    the funny part was my boss ws a fan and they had tony banks and I would bash him so bad then I woke up like the next day and the team was the best o in nfl pretty shitty when you have to hear your boss all day talk about how good his team is.

  • Renan Quarterback 7
    Renan Quarterback 7 3 months ago

    Excellent documentary!

  • James Matthews
    James Matthews 3 months ago

    And now they have no team. What a shame......