Flying To My DNA HOMELAND | EXTREME Street Food ADVENTURE Based On My DNA Test Results!

  • Published on Jul 28, 2018
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    Today's Street Food Tour is a super special edition, because we are taking the 23andMe DNA test and then flying to a new location to eat street food all based on the results!
    I want to give a huge thank you to 23andMe for sponsoring this episode and for giving me this amazing opportunity to travel and eat street food all based on my DNA results. The whole process of taking the DNA test was really fun and interesting, and when I received the results online, it was so exciting to discover more about my ethnicity and DNA. This video is #Sponsored by 23andMe, and we are so happy we got to do this!!!
    After reading the results , it was a tough decision where to fly for a street food adventure, but we ended up choosing Greece! We flew in to Athens and fell in love immediately with the Greek street food and the huge variety of Greek cuisine that's available in both Greek restaurants and Greek Tavernas and also on the street!
    In one day, we ate 5 incredible Greek street foods and visited a few different famous Greek restaurants in Athens. We definitely found some of the BEST food in Athens! Make sure to watch all the way until the end so that you don't miss out on any of these street food discoveries!

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    Here are the addresses for the best greek food in Athens:
    5) Greek Peinirli Pizza Boat:
    Greek Restaurant name: Peinirli Ionias
    Panormou 3, Athens, Greece
    4) Kokoretsi, Lamb chops, and beautiful lamb head:
    Greek Restaurant name: Taverna To Trigono
    3) Exploring the downtown athens central meat and seafood market and then enjoying a classic Greek meal with Patsa intestine soup:
    Greek Restaurant Name: Oinomageireio H Epirus
    Address: Filopoimenos 4 | Varvakeios Market, Athens 105 51, Greece
    2) Beautiful Loukoumades Greek Donuts
    Restaurant name: Krinos
    Address: Aiolou 87, Athens, Greece
    1) The BEST Greek Souvlaki and BBQ Kebabs:
    Restaurant name: O Thanasis
    Restaurant address: Mitropoleos 69 | Monastiraki, Athens 105 55, Greece
    My name is Trevor James and I'm a hungry traveler and Mandarin learner that's currently living in Chengdu, Szechuan, China, eating up as much delicious .
    I enjoy tasting and documenting as many dishes as I can and I'm going to make videos for YOU along the way! Over the next few years, I'm going to travel around the world and document as much food as I can for you! I love delicious food! This channel will show you real Chinese food and real local food, not that stuff they serve in the Buzzfeed challenge.
    Thanks for watching, and please feel free to leave a comment, suggestion, or critique in the comments below!
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    Thanks a lot for watching! This was some of the BEST street food in the world! Come to India to try it out!
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  • The Food Ranger
    The Food Ranger  9 months ago +267

    This was the COOLEST idea!!! I took a DNA test with 23AndMe and travelled to eat based on the results! Learn more about your personal DNA story by going to !!! AND I want to give a HUUUUGE thanks to 23andMe for sponsoring this episode! We had so much fun taking the test and then getting the DNA test results back and choosing where to travel to! Make sure to watch all the way until the end so you don't miss any of these AMAZING street foods that we found! This was an amazing experience and 23andMe really inspired us to travel based on our DNA!!! It really is such a cool idea!!!

    • israr israr
      israr israr Month ago

      Hi Trevor, just remove the comments from conspiracy nuts

    • Taqifsha Nanen
      Taqifsha Nanen Month ago

      They do not distinguish between Albanian and Greek.

    • carly caruana
      carly caruana 3 months ago

      You should fly over to Malta :) just few hrs away and try out delicious Maltese food

    • Toto Kelenjeridze
      Toto Kelenjeridze 4 months ago

      Please check country Georgia you would love it 🇬🇪🇬🇪🇬🇪

    • Tubebrerry
      Tubebrerry 7 months ago

      Holy cow, Trevor, that's some of the most deeply, disturbingly revolting food I've ever watched you eat - the nausea is palpable.

  • Fahim Uddin
    Fahim Uddin 3 hours ago

    Greek food looks nasty

  • Adem Paksoy
    Adem Paksoy 6 hours ago


  • Adem Paksoy
    Adem Paksoy 6 hours ago


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    Dorde Lucas 23 hours ago

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  • Sebastian Chïca

    I love how everyone loves this dude🤣

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    mhammad mhammd Day ago

    سبحان الله وين مارحت السعودية هي الانظف وصارمه بموضوع القفازات ولبس الكمام وغيره من الاشتراطات

  • Fida Aidi
    Fida Aidi 2 days ago

    Hey Trevor, I really wanted to throw up vomit, when you spitted in the beginning of the video. Come on man its a food video! There was no need to show thus step to say that you did a dna test!

  • Salman Alamri
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  • Ahmet Nicanci
    Ahmet Nicanci 3 days ago +1

    Greece is so bad in everything they cant even copy turkish kitchen a good way they did everything wrong😂😂😂.
    Keema peinir. Original its called kiymali peynirli borek😂😂😂 the second kokoretsi isnt kokoretsi its kokorec😂😂😂😂😂.
    Most hilarious video ever.

    • Ahmet Nicanci
      Ahmet Nicanci 2 days ago

      +Fida Aidi i dont know, why dont you answer that question im curious too

    • Fida Aidi
      Fida Aidi 2 days ago

      I agree with you. But I have a true question: Why do you think the greek copied from Turkish, not the opposite?

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    Ali Asghar 6 days ago

    We also in pashto and urdo call the ground meat ,qeema in Pakistan.I m from northern Pakistan and here every one call it qeema.

  • Ali Asghar
    Ali Asghar 6 days ago

    We also in pashto and urdo call the ground meat ,qeema in Pakistan.I m from northern Pakistan and here every one call it qeema.

  • Araştıran Adam
    Araştıran Adam 7 days ago +2

    It is exactly same as our turkish kitchen. Even the name of the meals are the same. I really woundered.

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    Mas Society 101 7 days ago

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    Ninja Tokes 7 days ago +2

    Bro how rich do u need to be to say "Whatever comes up, I'm flying there."?

    • Kai LQ
      Kai LQ Day ago

      This is essentially a 24 minute ad for 23andme with 1.2m views as of today. They should be paying him to travel.

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    Imhotep Temfack 9 days ago

    If you say 23 and ME one more time!!!

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    Would be absolutely hilarious, if your ancestors were from China.
    "We're gonna be exploring a new country based on my ancestry"
    *Oh, looks like we're having more Chinese food.

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    Sayyid Muhammad Adnan 21 day ago +1

    Turks ruled Greece for 300 years and yet forgot to spread islam there.

    • Deadly_Connor91
      Deadly_Connor91 Day ago

      Greece can never get ruled. It was under occupation. Turks couldn’t spread Islam because Greeks are hardcore orthodox Christians for thousands of years. It happened exactly the opposite to be honest. Hundreds of thousand Turks because crypto Christians instead of Greeks became Muslims

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    Should have also gone to Poland :P

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    with 0.1% sub - saharan africa blood, trevor naturally granted with the n-word pass.

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    Colin Andrew 27 days ago

    Amazing. Been to Greece many times but never saw food like that. I feel almost cheated. I love offal and organs of every type and can't wait to go back and search it out.

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    Why didnt he went to eastern Europe? He was more of eastern european heritage than balkanese. Mayebe its just more comfortable to travel to Greece with its touristic culture and people speaking english, but kind of not honest following the heritage?? 🤔

  • Life with Lynch Pin
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    I was 1000% convinced that you'd be going to Poland.... Was slightly disappointed because Poland is like number 1 on my list of places to visit (there's a large Polish community here in Ireland) and I would've loved to see it!
    But Greece is also beautiful and exotic 😊

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    Roskoe P Month ago

    I bought 2 kits of 23 and me last Christmas thanks to this video. And there results we totally unexpected. You might have a British name and be 95% french. You'll never know unless you get a kit like this.

  • alientruthseeker666

    why is that " super cool" that you have West African in your DNA???? You are a LIBTARD!

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    I am Greek and I live in Chengdu and in July 2018 I was in Athens as well visiting family. I 'm so bumped out I didn't meet you in the streets of Monastiraki to say '太好了’。

    • Ari K
      Ari K Month ago +1

      +Til Kos你好。 我也是希腊人。我叫'Αρης. 你住在成都四川吗? 我也很喜欢吃四川的菜。 火锅是最好的。 欢迎来去成都我给你看很多好吃的中国菜。

    • Til Kos
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      Ari K 你好!我是希腊人 επισης! Και εχω παθει κολλημα με την κουζινα του Σίτσουαν μέσω αυτού του καναλιού ρε φίλε! Τα έχω δει τόσες φορές που πλέον έχω μάθει λίγα κινέζικα μέσω του φαγητού :)

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    great cornholio!! 2 months ago

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    iloveart20101 3 months ago

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  • Irakli Lomitashvili
    Irakli Lomitashvili 3 months ago

    See , check Adjarian Khachapuri . adjarian cheeseboat . the national dish of Georgians.

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  • nilselmeskov
    nilselmeskov 3 months ago

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  • Mei Y
    Mei Y 3 months ago

    Enjoyed this vid, but I have to say that the food you featured is Turkish, not Greek.

    • Til Kos
      Til Kos Month ago

      Mei Y Greece and Turkey share a lot of similarities in terms of food with each other and the rest of the balkans and the middle east too.
      Food has been shared among people since the ancient times so the dishes where a single country can truly claim sovereignty over are a few, maybe even none.
      Please keep in that in mind :)

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      No it's greek food greek don't prefer spicy food and go easy on the herbs and spices they like lots of meat, fish, egg, vegetables, vine leaves, bread, olive oil. Have you ever tried the vine leaves with rice? i've had it but i don't think the best type i might like it if there were some chicken and meat flavours, the rice made with stock to taste more flavourful and salty but not plane, i prefer salty flavors too i mean i DO like sweet things BBQ chicken is THE best but i regularly crave salted nuts, beef burgers, butter, chicken, sausage mmm... most days i do like my food spicy but some days i just want without just something salty and juicy. I've been to Greece and it's like this and it's tradition to drink Sangria similar to Spain. Cyprus also have more or less the same food but they don't eat as much meat more about the vegetables, fruit and fish they eat lighter.

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