25ft Long Tape Worm | House M.D.

  • Published on Nov 1, 2018
  • A CIPA patient is unable to feel anything which is why doctors are able to open her stomach only to find a 25ft long tapeworm inside of her.
    Season 3 Episode 14 "Insensitive"
    A girl (Mika Boorem) with CIPA, a rare condition in which the sufferer cannot feel pain, gets in a car accident. Once her testing is done, she begins developing high fevers with multiple seizures and is rapidly deteriorating.
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  • mariepaulistic
    mariepaulistic 5 hours ago

    I’d love to play a doctor

  • Rachel Mercado
    Rachel Mercado 8 hours ago

    Daaammmnn! I can't even imagine something like that. I mean watching a group of doctors pulling out a 25 foot tapeworm out of your gut. I would literally freak out if it was me.

  • cool Rohan shoes

    I'm hungry

  • cl0ckiew0rkie
    cl0ckiew0rkie Day ago

    my throat feels weird

  • elwachino
    elwachino Day ago

    If i was she, I did upload a video in TVclip like
    Hi BoiS hERe OPEning maH StoMachH

  • BullShark
    BullShark Day ago

    I just love how the doctor took the pucture

  • Hawk Kalitz
    Hawk Kalitz Day ago

    06:07 - That lady right there's thinking that it's the weirdest thing she's seen. Trust me...there are worse things than seeing a tapeworm's head pop out of the body. Try an alien FROM the movie Alien.

  • Atticus Dikih
    Atticus Dikih 2 days ago +1

    Mmm looks tasty Ya know?!?

  • Aliece Alessandra
    Aliece Alessandra 2 days ago

    *passes out*

  • Tantiwa Hopak
    Tantiwa Hopak 2 days ago

    I don't get it why no general anastasia or at least local anastasia. Why wasn't she screaming?

    • InfinitySZ
      InfinitySZ 2 days ago +1

      She has CIPA, a nervous system disorder that prevents her from feeling any pain. Its why she had no clue there was a tapeworm growing inside her to begin with.

  • xX•Amelia•Xx
    xX•Amelia•Xx 3 days ago

    Me:eating gummy worms
    Video:showing 25ft long tape worm
    Me again:"throwing up"im never EVER going to eat gummy worm and noodles again

  • Radeyah Joe
    Radeyah Joe 3 days ago

    I watched this at like 13 and it literally scarred me for life .and here i am back for more torture

  • Alpaca Young
    Alpaca Young 3 days ago

    I like how the other doctors always doubt House, but at the end he is always right.

  • KitsuKame
    KitsuKame 4 days ago

    6:31 My girl really whipped out her *flip phone* and took a pic. Mood.

  • Courtney Taylor
    Courtney Taylor 5 days ago +2

    Did you know that if you press the like button twice it turns grey?

  • Courtney Taylor
    Courtney Taylor 5 days ago +1

    Hello I didn't think I'd see you up here.


  • Viru_ 95
    Viru_ 95 6 days ago

    I didn't know house md was this fucked up 😅

  • Cairo Silver
    Cairo Silver 6 days ago

    Low key Alien moment

  • Messi Messi
    Messi Messi 7 days ago

    Looks like *Doctor John* korean movie

  • Dusty Nesmith
    Dusty Nesmith 7 days ago +1

    Me: why can't it be terminal cancer instead?

  • Johnny Kiser
    Johnny Kiser 7 days ago +1

    New documenters: that’s almost 27 football fields!

  • Depressed Teen
    Depressed Teen 7 days ago

    That face at 1:56 though...

  • Christopher Mazza
    Christopher Mazza 8 days ago

    honest to god, i would pass out.

  • Omegagaming_ss23
    Omegagaming_ss23 9 days ago

    Didmt the doctors put anesteia on her?

  • Anna Peer-Drake
    Anna Peer-Drake 9 days ago +1

    I hate the sounds

    VINY CURATIVO 10 days ago +1

    I am only nine

  • Haizel Dawn
    Haizel Dawn 10 days ago

    I have one now. its hiding under my belly button. the docs will denie it, so it just feels like a massive alien worm next to my bellybutton. I dont have one, i have massive discomfort from somthing far worse and way more painful to get out!

  • dickson robert
    dickson robert 11 days ago

    This one will get me for as long as I live

  • chocolate coffee
    chocolate coffee 12 days ago

    Fill me in, why can't she feel pain?

  • crowno games
    crowno games 12 days ago

    2%of the grat hall

  • Lovro Ursić
    Lovro Ursić 12 days ago

    This is interesting in a wierd way

  • Chelsea Bun
    Chelsea Bun 14 days ago

    You would have noticed the proglottids undulating in her bowel movements? I see this in vet medicine all the time

  • Black-Footed
    Black-Footed 14 days ago +1

    My dude pull a flip phone to take a pic

  • Stasio 63
    Stasio 63 15 days ago

    Yup, I want to be a doctor Xd

  • pam pamy
    pam pamy 15 days ago

    Português 🙏

  • Fernanda G.
    Fernanda G. 15 days ago

    That is the most traumatic scene of the television.
    I watched it years ago and it stills get in my mind and freaks me out.

  • OmniVortox
    OmniVortox 16 days ago

    This is why I stopped watching house.

  • Liam liambill06
    Liam liambill06 16 days ago

    I swear that tapeworm grew from feasting on that coochie

  • ladyyuna2000
    ladyyuna2000 16 days ago

    Did you hear about this on the internet a woman from Iowa recently told her doctor that she bought a capsule from the internet and took it and later on she had a tapeworm because she wanted to lose some weight? www.today.com/health/iowa-woman-tries-tapeworm-diet-prompts-doctor-warning-6C10935746

  • DynaCentral
    DynaCentral 17 days ago

    i have heard from some doctors and medical experts that you can have a tapeworm living inside you that is not life threatening at all. and will basically chill in your stomach and will eat stuff from your body. is that true?

  • ROHNIT 8452
    ROHNIT 8452 17 days ago +1

    God damnit the world record was 60

  • Kevin Maldonado
    Kevin Maldonado 17 days ago +1

    She got a flip phone 😂

  • João Victor Portieres Mingues

    Its a métric tape

  • sadiered
    sadiered 18 days ago

    Some parts of this didn't age well...

  • CrimsonTheNeek
    CrimsonTheNeek 19 days ago +1

    If I ever have any type of surgery done, I need to have the doctors put me unconscious.

  • Spicy disaster
    Spicy disaster 19 days ago

    “I need this, this, tweezers and a large ish salad bowl!”

  • 生きて食べます
    生きて食べます 19 days ago

    tape worms dont look like that, they're way skinner and they're like a clear white and it isnt that easy to pull one out but its just a show

  • terminate with extreme prejudice

    it could've been a xenomorph

  • Joana Lm
    Joana Lm 20 days ago

    I'm terrified

  • 김정민
    김정민 20 days ago

    I think i will vomit

    PANTHER KING 20 days ago


  • Black_Freddy
    Black_Freddy 22 days ago

    I just YEET my delicious Pho in VietNam

  • Brutal Stuff
    Brutal Stuff 22 days ago +1

    And that’s why I don’t eat my fish raw.

  • Yee Sze Shiun
    Yee Sze Shiun 22 days ago

    I hate tapeworm

  • Communist Poptart
    Communist Poptart 23 days ago

    This is one weird hat trick

  • John Mechaelle Evasco
    John Mechaelle Evasco 23 days ago +1

    You are all bla bla bla blaaaaa lalalalala

  • Unkown DOT
    Unkown DOT 24 days ago

    SO some guy got a guiness world records of 60m of tapeworm then he died
    *amazing content*

  • I'm a POTATO
    I'm a POTATO 24 days ago +76

    Nurse: the tapeworm was 25 feet.
    Doctor: dammit, the world record tapeworm was 60 feet.
    Nurse: so what do you want us to do?
    Doctor: put the worm back, it needs to grow another 40 feet.

  • Rixxq minivan
    Rixxq minivan 24 days ago

    25ft long. Damn

  • joebama4
    joebama4 26 days ago

    oh god i cant watch this oh god help me