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  • Published on Aug 3, 2017
  • Apollo 13 - Square Peg in a Round Hole: Kranz (Ed Harris) charges his team with a task: to make a square cartridge compatible with a round one.
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    This Hollywood drama is based on the events of the Apollo 13 lunar mission, astronauts Jim Lovell (Tom Hanks), Fred Haise (Bill Paxton) and Jack Swigert (Kevin Bacon) find everything going according to plan after leaving Earth's orbit. However, when an oxygen tank explodes, the scheduled moon landing is called off. Subsequent tensions within the crew and numerous technical problems threaten both the astronauts' survival and their safe return to Earth.
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    Cast: Christian Clemenson, Ed Harris, Marc McClure
    Director: Ron Howard
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Comments • 152

  • Corrosive_Edge
    Corrosive_Edge Day ago

    Kinda funny that they are talking about toxicity in the oxygen while one of the characters is smoking lol

  • Upside Down John Adams

    Like this if Blerner sent you here.

  • Scott V.
    Scott V. 11 days ago

    As soon as I saw the roll of duck tape when he dumped the box I knew they would have no problem getting it to work.

    • Joshua Santana
      Joshua Santana 9 days ago

      Reminds me of a quote from “The Martian” book
      “Yes, of course duct tape works in a near-vacuum. Duct tape works anywhere. Duct tape is magic and should be worshiped.”

  • Rithvik Gujjula
    Rithvik Gujjula 20 days ago

    it doesn't show it here but in the movie, even the flight doctor smokes in mission control. That's how bad smoking was back in the 60s

  • Juan Manuel Penaloza
    Juan Manuel Penaloza 24 days ago

    Basically a bunch of Mexicans working on your A/C.

  • DrTenochtitlan
    DrTenochtitlan 28 days ago +1

    There are some movies that are legendary for helping job recruitment into certain fields. Just as Raiders of the Lost Ark inspired hundreds of current archaeologists and historians, this film (and specifically, scenes like this one) helped create an entirely new generation of engineers.

    ULTRA TEN Month ago

    Im all warm and happy with a slight giggle in my chest. They are a fantastic crew. It was a different world back then.

  • Vlad Cirus
    Vlad Cirus Month ago

    And THIS is exactly why more people need to get into engineering.... the overall percentages of kids going to technical colleges have been dropping constantly for decades. Humanity isn't going in the right direction

  • Gary Bridges
    Gary Bridges Month ago

    As a tech who has had to do everything with nothing, this was my favorite scenes from one of my favorite movies. "We got to make this, fit into a hole for THIS, using nothing but THAT"

    Those guys are my heroes.

  • jim smith
    jim smith Month ago

    Maybe we should ask Krantz how to fix the co2 problem we've got now.

  • strangebrew420
    strangebrew420 2 months ago

    "Tell me this isn't a government operation"

    lol, basically asking if it's a false flag

  • Unknownz 123
    Unknownz 123 2 months ago

    Alright guys we’re paying you money to put a square in a circle now do it

  • guy dude
    guy dude 2 months ago +59

    When you and the boys have 15 minutes to complete a group project yall haven't started.

    • bennyhondo
      bennyhondo 11 days ago +1

      Ryan Jones sigh

    • Ryan Jones
      Ryan Jones 13 days ago +2

      Wait a minute, the left brainwashed me to believe black females were the brains behind NASA

  • Leon Kernan
    Leon Kernan 2 months ago

    I hope you've got the procedure for that.

  • PoodleScone
    PoodleScone 2 months ago

    This type of problem should be part of school curiculum.

    • nocalsteve
      nocalsteve 2 months ago

      That’s why I did my homework on my bike while riding to school in the morning.

  • MaQuGo119
    MaQuGo119 2 months ago

    white males built the world

  • eldrugoalex
    eldrugoalex 2 months ago +6

    The US showed it's real capacity not by going to the moon, but by being able to bring those guys back safely.

  • jevoulaispasdecompte
    jevoulaispasdecompte 2 months ago

    What a bunch of nerd. None of them came with the simple solution of spitting on the round hole before pocking the square cartridge innit like, very hard until it fits in.

  • The Erikin84
    The Erikin84 2 months ago +3

    0:49 so basically, every beginning video game tutorial?

  • Ebrahim Tahassoni
    Ebrahim Tahassoni 2 months ago

    What I like about this is that no one nags, looks for a scapegoat or says anything about it being impossible. They just recognise the situation and get to work to resolve it.

    • Whaffled Narp
      Whaffled Narp 2 months ago

      basically everything the current American government isn't, and most likely never will be

  • Daniel Davis
    Daniel Davis 3 months ago +1

    In my opinion, this is one of the five best movies of the 90's.

  • Joseph lancaster
    Joseph lancaster 3 months ago

    Challenge Accepted!

  • Annie Downum
    Annie Downum 3 months ago +1

    Why does this remind me so much of The Martian? Lol. I love that book. The movie was good but the book was great.

  • Jimmy Oladokun
    Jimmy Oladokun 3 months ago

    What does he mean by the scrubbers on the command modeule

  • Chrisst
    Chrisst 4 months ago

    I remember there was an article on Blue Peter about it at the time. Valerie Singleton said 'Here's one I made earlier'.

  • WeAreAllNeo
    WeAreAllNeo 4 months ago +1

    The way my brain fog is right now, I would volunteer to make the coffee for everyone

    • Whaffled Narp
      Whaffled Narp 2 months ago +1

      too bad women weren't even treated equal enough to be there, let alone be in the same room to give coffee

  • Jehova cuida su hija Jesus guia y su profeta l

    Así le enseñas a tus amigos tu porquerías de cigarros

  • Traveller
    Traveller 4 months ago

    "Tell me this isn't a government operation!" Truer words were never spoken.
    I bet the filters were changed to match after this.

    • Traveller
      Traveller 4 months ago

      @The Hippy Griff I wish I could say I'm surprised, but like Deke said, "Tell me this isn't a government operation!" This just proves it.

    • The Hippy Griff
      The Hippy Griff 4 months ago

      Raymond Craig Nope, they weren’t. There is a complicated explanation for why the air filters were designed like that, if memory serves. Something to do with the LM’s filters being compatible with the spacesuits, maybe? In most scenarios, anything serious enough to knock out the SM would kill the astronauts anyway.

    MKR RKM 4 months ago +2

    There is a line in this movie that truly sums up the experience of Apollo 13 perfectly:
    “I don’t care what it was DESIGNED to do - I just want to know what it CAN DO.”
    As impressive a feat as a moon landing is, I am much more impressed by this “successful failure”. Truly NASA’s finest hour.

  • Doctor X
    Doctor X 4 months ago +8

    “Tell me this isn’t a government operation ...”

    • mierpaul zozo
      mierpaul zozo 4 days ago

      news flash Gene. All of NASA is a government operation.

  • Matt McCullar
    Matt McCullar 4 months ago

    I have always thought that this scene is a great way to introduce young people to the world of engineering. One must solve a problem and do it with limited materials and time.

  • einsteinboricua
    einsteinboricua 5 months ago

    If I had worked on Apollo 13 during its mission, once the astronauts came back, I would have asked for retirement right then and there.

  • christopher optimus prime

    Billions of dollars put to Government research and development and the best they can come up with is velcro and duct tape

  • christopher optimus prime

    There's no answer for you duck tape or hairspray to fix anything

  • Bert Dahlman
    Bert Dahlman 9 months ago +1

    The part where he asks about the scrubbers is and his reaction is spot on. Excellent acting.

  • Penni Williams -Elliott

    It’s going straight to Supreme Court for rings and UMAT entry, lawyers needed. 59 Kotara . Large criminal law case now

    • Dan Kelly
      Dan Kelly Month ago


    • running287
      running287 4 months ago

      So, which is it: wrong YT video or you were high on meth?

  • 中国制造 Made in China

    0:01 ----- if the oxygen tank exploded, the craft would be pushed away from its track, did your high school teacher tell you: MV = mv, Δp=0. The craft no longer on its way to the Moon, ..., the whole Apollo 13 story was so faked.

    • Pat McCrotch
      Pat McCrotch 10 months ago +3

      please place a piece of the above duct tape over your rambling nonsensical piehole. There, that's better!

  • Godfather
    Godfather Year ago

    This is just a lill hollywood buff irl it was just one dude making it do not remember his name but hey look it up ;O)

    • FishKepr
      FishKepr 5 months ago

      Godfather: Ed Smiley.

  • Marius Riley
    Marius Riley Year ago +2

    my favorite scene in the movie and my favorite quote ("We gotta find a way to make this fit into the hole for this using nothing but that.")

    • cs512tr
      cs512tr Month ago

      mine has to be Gene's on fitting a square peg in a round hole....

  • Michael Slotter
    Michael Slotter Year ago

    Better put some coffee on some1

    ANDREW G Year ago


  • MAnuscript421
    MAnuscript421 Year ago

    Jim Lovell: "This was a little bit of an engineering goof right here. Square canisters for the CM and round canisters for LEM. No one would ever have thought we had to transfer canisters."

  • masterimbecile
    masterimbecile Year ago

    Quite literally a square peg in a round hole.

  • Phoenixesper1
    Phoenixesper1 Year ago +2

    "Uh gene... we have a situation.." I just want gene to immediately say back as sarcastically as possible.... "Of course we do."

  • Michael Slotter
    Michael Slotter Year ago

    Too much overacting.

  • fruityrudy21
    fruityrudy21 Year ago +2

    How stupid do they think we are? Using cardboard and duct tape in outer space... Do you think we're children, Mr. Armstrong?

    • Chiron Covear
      Chiron Covear Year ago +1

      fruityrudy21 why wouldn’t they use those again? They’re lightweight and usefull

  • dazzaboy04
    dazzaboy04 Year ago

    Did he say "put a square peg in a round hole" rapid? Or wrap it?

  • David Boson
    David Boson Year ago

    team work team work team work team work

  • J Scott Upton
    J Scott Upton Year ago +1

    You can do ANYTHING with Duck Tape (or is it "duct tape"?).

  • DifferentialTim
    DifferentialTim Year ago +5

    Sadly as much a great film this was, theres some glaring "liberties" taken. The 2 contractors who built the LM and the CM has different designs and thus different filters which as they carried plenty for the mission, it wasnt remotely thought that they would need to interchange. In the Movie, it is portrayed that the men suddenly had to design & build the "letterbox" filter BUT it had already been designed around Apollo 8 by the engineers and they simply sent the instructions up to the men to build it with what they had. This info comes from footage from the engineers talking about the designs and how they simulated and thought of every possible situation except the explosion of both oxygen tanks which they reasoned would have destroyed the craft anyway so they had no contingency for that. However one tank exploded and crippled all the plumbing to the other tank and all the redundant valves ect making it a perfect? design was now unusable and the 2nd tank just leaked out. The later SM's had a extra oxygen tank on the other side of the SM and only one tank is needed anyway for the approx 10 days trip but they installed 2 next to each other just as a backup. Also the reentry part of the trip, the guidance guys claiming that the trajectory was shallowing out - coming in not steep enough into atmosphere. The claim is its caused by lack of moon rocks- i doubt if the smart guys would have overlooked the lighter craft in their numbers, the fact is they never knew why they shallowed but it may have been continue venting from whatever was ruptured very slowly giving minute thrust over time up to reentry. That added a very long reentry phase of over 4 minutes but finally the voice came from the CM that all was well and the chutes opened. Basically the film tries to portray the very personal work of just 1 guy working on reentry power spikes for powering up the CM from the LM batteries backflowing on the ground simulator. Fact is ALL the engineers from all the companies were in the simulators night and day both at NASA and at the headquarters in their own sims , working on solutions, so theres no I in team at NASA, it is a group effort totally. Astronaut Scott and others? helped in making the film and i believe there was disagreement on the authenticity? ect of the facts and all that. So this was a film not a documentary and with great performances by the actors and brilliant fiim making and CGI but is what it is...

    • mierpaul zozo
      mierpaul zozo 4 days ago

      I've been told that Apollo 13 is a myth. Just a giant government conspiracy. There was emergency in space. ........Of course I'm joking!

    • Dan Kelly
      Dan Kelly Month ago

      @Rb Hal They had a book they developed with contingency plans for any possible SNAFU they could think of in the time available. Some problems they knew there would have no realistic solution. The movie did have a lot of bullshit in it tho as is usual with movies. For example the astronauts getting all emotional like... well actors do. That never happened. I consider that disrespectful portraying astronauts as if they are arts and entertainment people.

    • Rb Hal
      Rb Hal Month ago

      do you have a link or source for this? because it is highly unlikely that NASA engineers had an exact design based around *spare parts* available in the LM. they might have had a reference, but the engineers still had to devise a way to recreate that design using only the spare parts in the Module. that is an impressive feat.

  • ⵉⵜⵔⵓⵏⴰⵓⵜ


  • Neerav Trivedi
    Neerav Trivedi Year ago +1

    A "govament" operation. LMAO!

    • Torus2112
      Torus2112 Year ago

      Back when "good enough for government work" meant it was actually pretty good.

  • Jemuel Mongado
    Jemuel Mongado Year ago +12

    If I was one of the guys in that room, I would be that guy who said "...maybe get some coffee going too"

  • Pul5ar
    Pul5ar Year ago

    Why would you make two different CO2 scrubber filters?

    • GladiatorKnightGhost
      GladiatorKnightGhost 4 months ago

      The LM and command module were build by two different companies. And yes, that is exactly as stupid as it sounds.

    • almostfm
      almostfm Year ago

      The LM scrubbers were designed to take the cartridges for the PLSS backpack if necessary. By then, the design for the CM had been locked down, and it would have taken a huge redesign of several systems to get the LM cartridges to fit in the CM (and vice versea). And while there were scenarios where the LM might need to use the PLSS cartridges (like a bad PDI burn that leaves them in a wonky orbit and the CSM takes a day or two to get to them), they figured that any explosion or malfunction that took out the SM was going to kill the crew anyway.

  • Vlad Cirus
    Vlad Cirus Year ago

    Yeah, who needs engineers anymore???

  • Rocky Atlantis
    Rocky Atlantis Year ago

    what's the point of these 1 min scenes. Just creating meaningless content is simple stupidity! Where are the film studios that claim copy right on their contents being on internet ?

    • Steve Smith
      Steve Smith Year ago +2

      these are sponsored clips. This channel is owned by Fandango
      Heck, the summary legit tells your
      "WHO ARE WE?
      The MOVIECLIPS channel is the largest collection of licensed movie clips on the web. Here you will find unforgettable moments, scenes and lines from all your favorite films. Made by movie fans, for movie fans."
      and the idea is that these clips generate interest so the person goes out and buys or rents the film.

  • Godfather
    Godfather Year ago

    really loved that movie

  • Flipboxeric
    Flipboxeric Year ago +7

    I wish I wasn't a big failure in life and had a job that is important as the shit some people do

    • Paladin
      Paladin Year ago

      I know your feeling bro, one day, one day maybe. Failure makes us strong and gives new insight others doesn't have.

  • hazeman671
    hazeman671 Year ago +3

    At least it's not rocket science.

  • John
    John Year ago

    did they do it?????

    • potaterjim
      potaterjim Year ago +4

      John no, everyone died. It was a really short movie