How to Make a Ping Pong Table // Collab with Evan & Katelyn

  • Published on Apr 12, 2018
  • I made this awesome ping pong table with Evan & Katelyn!
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    This project was a collaboration with Evan & Katelyn, they are super fun TVcliprs who came and hung out for the week. We made a really awesome, custom ping pong table with hidden storage and an electronic scoring system!
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  • EvanAndKatelyn
    EvanAndKatelyn 13 days ago +294

    Can confirm, Bob is Clamp Champ in real life too 😋 Had so much fun tackling our projects together, thanks for an awesome week of building (w/ a hint of video games for good measure)

    • Rainier Sacdal
      Rainier Sacdal 9 days ago

      EvanAndKatelyn ii

    • Rinki Khan
      Rinki Khan 11 days ago

      EvanAndKatelyn ph916295531226 uy

    • Michael Tilley
      Michael Tilley 12 days ago

      EvanAndKatelyn a tip for future projects with edge tape. Don't use a knife as it will try to follow the grain of the veneer. Instead use the blabe of a hand plane, using the face of the board as a guide run the blade angled towards the edge to give yourself a clean straight cut.

    • EvanAndKatelyn
      EvanAndKatelyn 12 days ago

      Douglas Eberhardt we'd love to!

    • Douglas Eberhardt
      Douglas Eberhardt 12 days ago

      EvanAndKatelyn this is so cool. You should do more projects together

  • jonatan i
    jonatan i 11 hours ago


  • Simple Machine Tools

    You made an excellent table! I need to think about a spacious room for this.

  • Zekelik3s2prty
    Zekelik3s2prty 3 days ago +1

    this is very much good for my understanding of how things work i guess

  • MrVetter
    MrVetter 3 days ago

    Can i eat the biscuit?

  • Owen Mokelky
    Owen Mokelky 4 days ago


  • David Timmermann
    David Timmermann 5 days ago

    My life. I've been waiting for this collab for so long.

  • Initial Bricks
    Initial Bricks 5 days ago

    9:03 Is his middle finger cut?

  • qwerty22
    qwerty22 6 days ago

    SawStop crew represent

  • Woesty420
    Woesty420 6 days ago

    I notice you use Arduino, have you used Raspberry PI ever? Just wondering if there was a reason you choose Arduino.

  • Yun
    Yun 6 days ago

    I love how the end result looked, y'all are amazing.

    Now Bob, I challenge you to try and speedrun Mario.

  • Alvaro costa
    Alvaro costa 6 days ago

    You really like storage space!!

    • I Like To Make Stuff
      I Like To Make Stuff  6 days ago

      I do! If you don't take advantage of it, you just miss out on useable space! :)

  • Trev Haydon
    Trev Haydon 6 days ago

    Now thats what I call a Ping Pong table. Good job all around Bob, Evan and Katelyn. Thank you for sharing. All the best from London UK.

  • nagacharan KOTTURI
    nagacharan KOTTURI 6 days ago

    Make a drone !!!! With min. 100kmph speed

  • Knownymous SDN
    Knownymous SDN 6 days ago

    You a little bit look like tony stark... soo... how about you make some stuffs from iron man since (maybe) iron man will die on Infinity War (I hope not) and also do it as a tribute to the Infinity War movie😉

  • The Smugglers Room
    The Smugglers Room 7 days ago

    Love the build, great project. . . And I love the Vintage Star Wars Rebel Transport toy that you put in the table!!!

  • Eli Balbach
    Eli Balbach 7 days ago

    i will pay $5000 for it.

  • Marin Mustapić
    Marin Mustapić 7 days ago

    Hi Bob,
    I am organizing a basketball tournament this year and I need to make manual scoreboard. New ones are pretty expensive here in Croatia, about 60 USD and I need two of them. Because my friend and I are teenagers, we can't afford that along with other tournament expenses so I would really appreciate if you could make a scoreboard project. I have few ideas, but not real experience in DIY so it would be a great help Thanks for great videos, I enjoyed watching every single one. Greetings from Split 👋🏻

  • Glen Everett
    Glen Everett 8 days ago

    I Like To Make Stuff ... Hi Bob, I don't have any experience with laser cutters, but I was just wondering something.... when you were trying to cut through 2 layers of leather and it wasn't cutting all the way through and it wasn't burning either, could you have just hit "print" (what button is it on a laser cutter?) a second time and cut through the remaining peice without burning the leather to a crisp?

  • Mat Howe
    Mat Howe 8 days ago

    i just have a dumb question that i noticed in the first 2 minutes of the video. Bob why don't you have a miter saw that slides? i feel this would be very beneficial for all the awesome projects you do. i bet you've heard this question a lot. but i'm still going to ask haha. keep up the GREAT content tho its pretty cool. also for the future... could we see more 3d printer based episodes? :D

    • I Like To Make Stuff
      I Like To Make Stuff  8 days ago

      No particular reason, I just found a good deal on this one so I picked it up. The slide would definitely be a nice feature but also makes the saw a bit deeper too.

  • Lisa G
    Lisa G 9 days ago

    Wow! Nice work.

  • Fedor van Meeuwen
    Fedor van Meeuwen 9 days ago

    Hey im fedor and i would like you to see YOU make a drillpress with a rouder bit so you kan get wood under it much succes if you try it nice channel i cant stop watching because you ( the clamp champ ) clampt me to you vids 👍😀

  • Making Stuff
    Making Stuff 9 days ago

    In the end it looks like 2 vs Katelyn, haha!

  • Kiro LV
    Kiro LV 9 days ago

    Ahh, the secret door. The video I found your channel with.

  • Canal da Poeira - Felipe Miranda

    You got the ping pong table and raised the level! Now this is the ultimate ping pong table for me! Congratulations Bob, Evan and Katelyn!

  • zombiezk03 #pro
    zombiezk03 #pro 9 days ago

    Hey bob u want me to help you have someone have ideas for u? Pm me and i can make u something(not blackmailing or something)

  • Soul Sweeper
    Soul Sweeper 9 days ago

    If your on a budget get plastic wrap and tape tape the plastic wrap to two chairs and get two ping pong paddles boom easy DIY ping pong table

  • Created by Cay
    Created by Cay 9 days ago

    That's a pretty sick Ping Pong table1
    - Cay

  • Movie_Maker239
    Movie_Maker239 10 days ago

    You should really make more Nintendo Switch stuff

  • IAMhippo
    IAMhippo 10 days ago

    Still the only youtuber I watch with the perfect incorporation of ads in your videos. Cool project, Bob!

  • Bill B
    Bill B 10 days ago

    Great video, love the table and storage. BUT, let's talk about that Rhodes 88...

  • Austin Kelly
    Austin Kelly 10 days ago +1

    This is one of the coolest videos I have ever seen and boy have I seen some videos

  • xIceman
    xIceman 10 days ago

    Get u a girl who can do both

  • xIceman
    xIceman 10 days ago

    Wow In the whole yt trending list this was the only one I watched volunteer

  • Zyhlin Mitchell
    Zyhlin Mitchell 10 days ago

    can someone help me out with some subscribers just 1 well help 😁😁😁

  • danzca6
    danzca6 10 days ago

    Love seeing this collaboration project between you all. I enjoy both of your channels. Great project Bob! Do you happen to have a link to the edge trimmer on Thingiverse you mentioned? I use a knife as well but would love to print a tool if it would make the job easier. Thanks.

  • ArmyDroid Games
    ArmyDroid Games 10 days ago +1

    Like this comment if you think he should make a pool table

  • Sonal Mobile
    Sonal Mobile 10 days ago

    Love the collaboration! Great project!

  • Darren Henley
    Darren Henley 10 days ago

    Can we see more videos using the glowforge laser cutter please?

  • Allan Paganini
    Allan Paganini 10 days ago

    Hi guys
    How are you?
    Amazing this project I loved very very nice.
    Congratulations for you and Bob.

  • Евгений Натальченко

    Hey, just wondering... this Rhodes piano is for sale?)

  • Joshua Dyke
    Joshua Dyke 10 days ago

    Hell naw

  • Im Joeba
    Im Joeba 11 days ago

    Pocket holes

  • Nick F
    Nick F 11 days ago

    “Ping Pong” Table


    Hey Bob ive been watching your videos for like probably five years now? And ive got sixteen suggestions for a video
    1. A wooden drumset
    2. A wooden bass guitar (strings made of wood too)
    3. A wooden rod hockey game
    4. A wooden net
    5. A wooden baseball bases
    6. A wooden shield
    7. A wooden piano
    8. A wooden bike
    9. A wooden tripod
    11. A wooden lamp
    12. A wooden go kart
    13. A baseball/wiffleball field
    14. A new board game
    15. A dog house
    16. A baseball bat

  • Daniel Coelho
    Daniel Coelho 11 days ago

    The table looks great. Awesome video.

  • yhon santos
    yhon santos 11 days ago

    cool stuff dude! hey have you tried making an electric guitar?

  • Zia Ahasan Rana
    Zia Ahasan Rana 11 days ago

    WoW This is really Genious....I'm Loving It.Thanks.

  • adamandlorraine
    adamandlorraine 11 days ago

    Fender Rhodes MK1!

  • Charles Sanders
    Charles Sanders 11 days ago

    Rig a 3d printer to play air hockey with you

  • Jack Sloan
    Jack Sloan 11 days ago

    Im new to this channel. You have earned one more subscriber

  • Bruce A. Ulrich
    Bruce A. Ulrich 11 days ago

    Love how it turned out! The walnut accents go perfectly with the dark leather net. Also, Evan barely fits in your basement. Ha

  • TheChipremix
    TheChipremix 11 days ago

    I heard you from the Escape Room with Wes, Moe and Grant.

  • Lochain Quack
    Lochain Quack 11 days ago

    Ok is it just me or do Bob and Evan look alike?

  • Obito Uchiha
    Obito Uchiha 11 days ago

    That's actually a cool scoring system. Lit.

  • Motolea Dragos
    Motolea Dragos 11 days ago

    Is that the Diresta's Ice Pick? Can't wait for mine to arrive!

  • Zxrezite
    Zxrezite 11 days ago

    Bruh you can sell these for a lot of money

  • Ram Goel
    Ram Goel 11 days ago +5

    #27 on tending :) Great job ILTMS! I can never wait to watch your videos!

  • Love Ama
    Love Ama 12 days ago

    If you can’t afford to do this just get a table and and a 1 meter ruler or something and just buy the ping pong stuff 😜

  • Rage Rex
    Rage Rex 12 days ago

    Very cool, that must of taken awhile to come up with the idea, and the design is cool, be blessed be life enjoy life 😊🤘🤙

  • Androiid16
    Androiid16 12 days ago +1

    That girl is useless

  • Dylan Keener
    Dylan Keener 12 days ago +2

    Nice trending at 22 right now

  • Tyler Russin
    Tyler Russin 12 days ago

    Good tt tables are made with an inch wood. There’s a huge difference in bounce and speed.

  • KingKrown
    KingKrown 12 days ago

    Very cool

  • HouseDG
    HouseDG 12 days ago

    Incredible!, I'm a web developer and I love to do things and furniture in wood :D

  • Sam koenigs
    Sam koenigs 12 days ago

    What was the totally end cost?

  • Gus Johnnson
    Gus Johnnson 12 days ago

    15:22 LOL the cards for the other videos didn't show up(until 15:30); they looked ridiculous pointing at nothing.

  • ethanplaysbtd
    ethanplaysbtd 12 days ago

    Can you please try to build a pool/snooker table

  • Noodles LM
    Noodles LM 12 days ago

    The net needs to be a net ... otherwise you drastically alter gameplay for the absolute worst.

    • Noodles LM
      Noodles LM 11 days ago

      I Like To Make Stuff oh I don't doubt that!! I'm just saying like there are a couple situations during gameplay where a net makes it more competitive/interesting and I feel like that divider wouldn't physically deliver the same results. Heck yeah it's still fun.

    • I Like To Make Stuff
      I Like To Make Stuff  12 days ago +1

      And yet, it’s fun.

  • Joseph Conant
    Joseph Conant 12 days ago

    11:20 connect four!!! 😅

  • Cameron Rosario
    Cameron Rosario 12 days ago

    could you please make an electric longboard?...... Please?

  • Cameron Rosario
    Cameron Rosario 12 days ago +1

    bob can you make an electric longboard

  • ModestMaking
    ModestMaking 12 days ago

    Great video and awesome to see that this is "trending"! One tip I would suggest would be when using the biscuit joiner. Since the biscuits are going to swell and alter a little, placing them closer to the bottom of the wood (instead of the top) would make it so the bumps that could come from the cuts, would show on the underside and never be seen. Hoping I'm making sense here...

  • krnxemb
    krnxemb 12 days ago

    everytime I watch your video I want to hit send my resignation email and live the true life of maker, not an enslaved industrial designer! One day, though! but today, i'll just have to 3d print some toy i'm desiging at home :D

  • Staniel 297
    Staniel 297 12 days ago

    That's probably the coolest ping pong table I've ever seen

  • Najee_eee
    Najee_eee 12 days ago +1

    CONGRATS ON THE TRENDING GUYS!🎉 I love both your channels

  • SportsRacing Fun!!!
    SportsRacing Fun!!! 12 days ago

    I will try have to try this in the summer! Looks like you r having a lot of fun :)

  • Michael Pedersen
    Michael Pedersen 12 days ago

    Its like Bob and Bob the giant.... :) :) :)

  • Stanley Pearse
    Stanley Pearse 12 days ago

    Gee if I had Evan & Katelyn in MY shop...I could build something like that too...LOL!! Just kidding - Great build guys!!!

  • Mike Carr
    Mike Carr 12 days ago

    awesome video, as always. love the collaboration! can we get a link to the edge band trimmer you like on thingiverse?

  • Das Christoph
    Das Christoph 12 days ago

    Can you also Build a Billiard Table or Pool Table (however you want to call it), please ❓

  • Andrew Brinkhaus
    Andrew Brinkhaus 12 days ago

    Awesome build! It was a little frustrating watching you glue the legs to the table though, which now makes it super difficult to transport/break down in the future. Screws alone would've been plenty strong. :\

  • C Joe
    C Joe 12 days ago +1

    Number 22 on trending

  • AlexWilson
    AlexWilson 12 days ago

    ping pong and table tennis are different sports btw, you were playing table tennis.

  • Dan Miller
    Dan Miller 12 days ago

    Do I spy a MIG-50?

  • chen john
    chen john 12 days ago

    Make a pingpong racket ?

  • Noah Wolfenbarger
    Noah Wolfenbarger 12 days ago

    Bob please do something from Fortnite!! It would be so cool!!

  • Make Brooklyn
    Make Brooklyn 12 days ago +1

    There's no part of that I don't love including the possibility of your ping pong table experiencing a seg fault!! Well done!!

  • Hunter _03
    Hunter _03 12 days ago

    please make a scar from fortnite that glows gold

  • Bryan Collette
    Bryan Collette 12 days ago

    Really awesome collaboration between the three of you - loved the video and the build!

  • Logic Bob
    Logic Bob 12 days ago

    OMG man! This table is sooo badass!!

  • Colten Sigurdson
    Colten Sigurdson 12 days ago +4

    Anybody else notice the Diresta ice pick?

  • Riccardo Prezioso
    Riccardo Prezioso 12 days ago

    wonderful as everything you do!! ❤️ it would be more interattive with sound activated leds that flashes when the ball touches the table!!

  • Brandon Newell
    Brandon Newell 12 days ago

    MORE! This was great!

  • Forever Encore
    Forever Encore 12 days ago

    Please make the leds symmetrical

  • louden bout
    louden bout 12 days ago

    holy. bob and evan are like mirrored images.

  • Fadly Nurrahman
    Fadly Nurrahman 12 days ago

    thats awesomeeee man

  • suyotuch tonoforget
    suyotuch tonoforget 12 days ago

    Awesome, team work is great BTW

  • TheLopez2617
    TheLopez2617 12 days ago

    You should consider making a Pool table (billiard table)