Where Has Captain Marvel Been This Whole Time? [Theory Battle]


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  • Screen Rant
    Screen Rant  6 months ago +162

    Do you think Captain Marvel has been in the Quantum Realm, on Earth, or somewhere else this whole time?

    • Orion Rea
      Orion Rea 25 days ago

      I honestly think that Earth is a better idea.

    • WhatistheMatrix?
      WhatistheMatrix? 29 days ago

      I only know it has been busy playing identity politics and promoting social engineering ☺

    • Caroline Loewer
      Caroline Loewer Month ago


    • Nicholas Thomas
      Nicholas Thomas Month ago +1

      I Think she is off world dealing with other things and at the end of captain marvel, she will get froozen or go into a deep sleep, and she will awaken when Nick Fury sent that message. Def dont think shes on earth though, maybe quantum realm

    • Trey Williams
      Trey Williams Month ago +1

      I say she's in a QR city🤔

  • Mutuuza Emmanuel

    Come on guys, she is in space either fighting the kree or skrulls.

  • DarkShadic 9632
    DarkShadic 9632 3 days ago

    Btw, Shazam looks terrible

  • aHipHop News GhettoTV

    Did this series get canceled??

  • no u
    no u 3 days ago

    i feel like a mix of the two'd be good.

    GODOFAWSOMENESS1 4 days ago +1

    I believe it is pronounced Mar-vel

  • Constantine Lambiris

    I’ve seen it said that Fury used a quantum pager.

  • Night Shift
    Night Shift 5 days ago

    She’s not on earth, at least not in the same reality/realm/timeline, because it’s too much of s risk of her to be dusted in the snap!

  • Trent Carnley
    Trent Carnley 7 days ago

    She was defeated on xandar

  • Ctensavage Got money

    Nick furry last resort

  • Jarrin Fernando
    Jarrin Fernando 10 days ago

    My theory..... They end up beating thanos anyways haha

  • rodney adams
    rodney adams 11 days ago

    if x-men around then rouge touch that how 90 rouge can fly, super strong, durable skin. she didn't energy blast in 90. i cain't remver hair. ingesting enough in cartoon she saw thoughts turned green fly tooth monster. so maybe in coma. witch wake up rouge no longer has powers.

    • rodney adams
      rodney adams 11 days ago

      seems old ant man worse night mare not only are movement g man after teck. know shape shift alieans too. explain won't teach daughter how make the stuff off chance she skull;

  • Saltylllama 2.0
    Saltylllama 2.0 12 days ago +1

    Or maybe she wears a lot of makeup

  • Anthony Blander
    Anthony Blander 12 days ago

    I think Carol and Nick know about the Quantam Realm and she uses it stay in the 90s to fight the Skrulls so they don’t ever fully invade. The pager is Nick’s way of contacting her through time to say that she needs to get through the Quantam Realm to the future to help reset things. That’s why she doesn’t look like she’s aged, because she hasn’t, she never moved into the future.

  • Miss A
    Miss A 17 days ago

    I don't know since the 1990s? maybe because the film industry has only started finally recognizing lead roles for females in the 2018 to 2019 era and so on and so on. sadly the film industry is biased towards female characters. That's why she's been missing since the 1990s.

  • sorooshusa
    sorooshusa 19 days ago

    Here is the obvious problem. You either stick to what makes sense or nothing makes sense at all. Meaning you can either theorize 100% or 0%. anything else in between feels not genuine. You cant just make claims such as "X went into quantum realm and this happened but Y went into quantum realm and something else happened" like no. quantum realm, first of all, is not a magic hat that you can pull random things from. Even if it exists in a way that you can go there, time and space work no different that it would outside of it. I think alot of people are confused and content with misinformation about quantum field theory. Unless we completely unplug from real science and have this magic land where whatever we wnat just happens because .. the word PLOT. or because the word THEORY. like no. lol
    In Ragnorak, Hela claimed the Infinity Gauntlet in Odin's basement museum is fake. Even if we believed her, it means the existence of such thing as Infinity Gauntlet is real and people know about it for at least a good while and its popular enough that fakes have been forged. However, the events leading up to infinity war lead us to believe that Thanos had the dwarf forge a piece that can house the 6 infinity stones, aka the infinity gauntlet. How does that make sense that Hela from millennia ago knows about an item way way longer before its forge date and even comments on a "fake" one. Just accept the fact that the story has major plot holes.

  • brittanie stoehr
    brittanie stoehr 19 days ago

    I kind of like the secret skrull undercover theory with her being Nick's last resort

  • Agent Smith
    Agent Smith 19 days ago

    and she saved ant man from tge quantem realm

  • Yujiro Hanma
    Yujiro Hanma 19 days ago

    A scroll vs green goblin

  • Michael Truitt
    Michael Truitt 22 days ago

    Definitely the second theory

  • Chad Tucker
    Chad Tucker 22 days ago

    We need an End Game Theory Battle ASAP!!! I’m having withdrawals!!!

  • Jack nerf/gaming/vlogs

    Maybe it’s a combination of both Theories

  • patrick coyne
    patrick coyne 24 days ago

    who cares

  • eisfresh
    eisfresh 24 days ago

    How come the guardians, nova corp etc never mention her ? How come Thor or the asgardians never mentioned her ? I smell poor writing.

  • Job3
    Job3 24 days ago

    I honestly think that in captain marvel, she destroys a large part of earth in the kree-Skrull battle, so now earth hates her now kinda like hulk. She is forced to make a new home and that nick fury would only contact her back if it was literally the end of the world.

  • Elijah Allen
    Elijah Allen 24 days ago

    I think she is on earth

  • Sam Silk * Beats for Songwriters

    When you say time travel & Krees , I immediately think Agents of Shield. Add that to Nick Fury being able to contact her in the past and the very last episodes of agents of Shield could give us hints about what's coming.

  • Skaarxiong1
    Skaarxiong1 26 days ago

    she was in a comma. Rogue put her monkey ass there. yay Rogue.

  • Chris Rice
    Chris Rice 26 days ago

    Alternate timelines. Capt. Marvel has not been in the future where the snap occurs. While the snap occurs captain marvel is still in the nineties. Basically the timeline that includes the snap occurs after captain marvel has 'ended' the skrull kree war. See?
    So when the snap happens it could be she gets snapped too. And that fury pages a page that goes unanswered. But the remaining avengers find his beeper and reverse engineer its qualities, creating time phasing tech. This is possibly the tech on their hands. Suri or prof hulk could cook this up over even a period of years, giving the cast of teenage children like Kassy and Ginger..
    Having then created this time phasing tech from Nicks pager they could begin to recruit avengers from different timelines. Which returns me to Captain Marvel. Her stand alone movie could have a post skrull kree war moment is a post movie trailer that finds a hulk or a suri introducing the selves to her. They would then say they are from the future of that timeline.
    Where is Captain Marvel when Nick pages her? In the past.

  • WhatistheMatrix?
    WhatistheMatrix? 29 days ago

    Brie says no white people allowed in this comment section. She is so woken 👩‍⚖

  • David Purdy
    David Purdy Month ago

    I think captain marvel will be with ant man in the van when he rings the bell at avengers hq

  • Free Bird
    Free Bird Month ago

    Second theory is better...

  • Fuck Off
    Fuck Off Month ago

    I like the theory that Captain Marvel was in the quantum realm. Here's why. The Avengers Endgame trailer revealed my theory. How did Ant-man escape the quantum realm when Hank and Hope went poof? That's where I think Captain Marvel will pop up. She will help Scott escape the Quantum Realm or she will stay and Scott will leave to go tell Captain America and Black Widow theres a way to get everyone back. I do think we will see where she shows up in Endgame at the end of Captain Marvel in the credits scene. I think its going to be one hell of a tease to lead into Endgame.

  • sylvestersymes
    sylvestersymes Month ago

    Too many adds

  • Silverfox0786
    Silverfox0786 Month ago

    i like theory 2

  • Cydney Askew
    Cydney Askew Month ago

    welp I'm late its called end game

  • WoWZagara
    WoWZagara Month ago

    frozen in a chamber by hydra

  • Cardinalbird77
    Cardinalbird77 Month ago

    i like the second one

  • raiden stark
    raiden stark Month ago

    One plot hole why the guardians of the galaxy haven't met her or even heard about captain marvel stories.

  • oh Flappy oh
    oh Flappy oh Month ago

    what if they think they undo the snap and all the heroes who come back to life actually are skrulls?

  • Nelson Rondon
    Nelson Rondon Month ago

    You know nothing

  • Jethro Torczon
    Jethro Torczon Month ago +1

    In the true spirit of a quantum realm, both theories are correct until measured one way or the other... Schrodinger's Captain Marvel

  • Travis Beaver
    Travis Beaver Month ago

    So shes kree.. fury used a dead kree’s blood to bring colsen back to life, now i know how he got that idea

  • add37j
    add37j Month ago

    He was always Shazam, ..... ?

  • Joshua Carman
    Joshua Carman Month ago

    I feel as though it can be a combination of the two. She could be dealing with a secret assignment in which she uses the quantum realm to help in the situation and Nick felt as though it was to important to call her in until he just didn't have a choice.

  • Joshua Garcia
    Joshua Garcia Month ago

    Why not both

  • Jerry
    Jerry Month ago

    This whole time she's been where she supposed to be, in the kitchen making me a sandwich. Not off somewhere fighting some secret war , doing a man's job, she's been right here wearing her cape, or as it's really called, her apron.

  • Darrien Skinner
    Darrien Skinner Month ago

    I guess Rob won

  • Bow Hunter
    Bow Hunter Month ago

    No and No

  • rian reyes
    rian reyes Month ago

    Of course shes on a coma.... where Rogue drained her powers...lol

  • Niko Priyo
    Niko Priyo Month ago

    or maybe she is planing something and she dont want any villan know that she is exist (thanos)

  • B.J. Grogan
    B.J. Grogan Month ago

    I think that Steve Rodgers will be going to the dance with Peggy Carter after he makes the ultimate sacrifice. They will dance inside the soul stone. Happy ending for Cap,

  • Primo Levi
    Primo Levi Month ago

    The real captain marvel is from DC but they stop making so marvel tried 2 make their own & trademark the name which made DC change it 2 shazam! Shazam way more powerful than marvel captain marvel & the proof was when mortal kombat vs DCUniverse captain marvel beats everybody ass shazam#

  • Tianna Hope
    Tianna Hope Month ago

    She was never in the quantum realm

  • Tianna Hope
    Tianna Hope Month ago

    She got her powers from the cree

  • Tianna Hope
    Tianna Hope Month ago

    Captain marvel ages very slowly because of the cree people

  • Aaron Gay
    Aaron Gay Month ago

    Captain marvel was enfused with kree blood meaning she doesnt age at the same rate as a normal human including inside the quantum real (still think it's unlikely she is/was there)

  • Pradigy Musicman
    Pradigy Musicman Month ago

    She's obviously in a different timeline hence why he paged her to say half the universe is instantly dead

  • Patrick Kilduff
    Patrick Kilduff Month ago

    I think it's a mix of both theories....she has been dealing with the secret invasion on Earth AND she is in the Quantum Realm. She was kicking some Skrull ass and her super senses went off saying, 'get to a place where time and space don't matter...now!' ..bam activate ant man powers (snap)....so now, she will team up with Ant Man...and take over as team leader...meet up with Dr. Strange's soul (who also teleported into the Quantum Realm) and go on a stone hunt throughout time and space...while Tony makes a new gauntlet for Cap to wear...since he knows only he has the will to perform an un-snap...oh...and Hulk can go all super saiyan and rematch with Thanos

  • Patrick Kilduff
    Patrick Kilduff Month ago

    Wait...if you are stuck in a realm with no time ...then why can't you just pop up in any time?

  • Marcelo Matiello
    Marcelo Matiello Month ago

    She was being kept locked in a room for years... oh wait. Never mind.

  • Harry Wexler Jr. MBA

    Space and time dont matter but pagers do? 🤣

  • Jory Jones
    Jory Jones Month ago

    Wait Marvel has actual QM science consultants they must be terrible at their job.

  • Christoff Bandele
    Christoff Bandele Month ago

    I believe that the only reason that Janet was able to talk through Scott was because they were quantumly linked when Scott entered the Quantum Realm.

    • Christoff Bandele
      Christoff Bandele Month ago

      Plus she already has her powers, we can see them in the trailer and they are already Kree based.

  • Shani Flikier Zelkowicz

    A mix of both. She is in the vortex fighting against the invasion

  • Richard Swartz
    Richard Swartz Month ago

    The fact that Captain Marvel didn't age while Janet Van Dyme did is connected with Carol's Kree DNA. The Captain Marvel's movie storyline takes place in the 90's and Avengers: Endgame takes place sometime in the not too distant future. When we see Captain Marvel in Endgame, she will look like she hasn't aged a bit. Probably a Kree thing.

  • Wega H
    Wega H Month ago

    Yeah, sorry Ryan but if either are right, it’s not yours.

  • Sasquatch E
    Sasquatch E Month ago

    I say she’s on Earth, makes 100% sense

  • Staci Nicolee
    Staci Nicolee Month ago

    I like the second one as I believe she is the one that saved Antman from quantum realm

  • Hive
    Hive Month ago

    Sorry Ryan but rob

  • Kiandre Cheeks
    Kiandre Cheeks Month ago

    Captain marvel was fighting a skull invasion

  • Joseph Peterson
    Joseph Peterson Month ago

    I think she wasnt there because ant man goes to the 90s and takes her to the future. So she wasnt in the past right. Because he grabbed her and took her into the future past those points in time.

  • Porter Ritchie
    Porter Ritchie Month ago

    what do you think of the loki took control of the hulk theory

  • Jamie Mckelvie
    Jamie Mckelvie Month ago

    Carol won’t have aged much because she doesn’t age like a normal human being after getting powers etc from the kree

  • Mirage Uchiha
    Mirage Uchiha Month ago +1

    Or simply, Carol is Kree and Janet is a human.

  • Joshua Manuel
    Joshua Manuel Month ago

    Why does nick fury think/ know that captain marvel is not gone in thanos snap..

  • RoxinSox
    RoxinSox Month ago

    But in Xmen, we know that Mystic had Rogue "steals" Captain Marvel's powers and she ended up in a coma. X-men Days of future past would have changed that past, but it doesn't mean that something similar could not have happened and they couldn't just randomly throw her into the movies and then retroactively undo the coma but since the past informs the future and the future informs the past, there would have been something else that kept her from changing the events of other important timelines, To steal from Doctor Who, there are set points in history. Things that can not be changed (even though time can be in flux., lol).

  • Cole M
    Cole M Month ago

    pantum realm

  • Forrest Walsh
    Forrest Walsh Month ago

    She's been in space doing her Kree thing...

  • MrMurderMayhem11
    MrMurderMayhem11 Month ago +2

    Captain Marvel is from the future, she came back thru a time vortex in the quantum realm to the mid-90's, DANVERS then told fury about everything that was gonna happen, AKA: The finger snap… On that same note, has ANYBODY ever questioned WHY they are called "The AVENGERS"? What EXACTLY are they AVENGING? ...I believe THE AVENGER INITIATIVE Dossier/file, post credit scene from IronMan1, was given to Nick fury by Captain Marvel when she came back from the future. Instead of interrupting her present life, where she's a child, she went back to the future where she came from so as not to mess up anything in our current time line. So when Fury pages her through the quantum realm, she knows what she's coming back for: the decimation event happens, that's what the pagers for, and that's why they are called The Avengers, I think they are gonna AVENGE everybody who was snapped Away. What you think about that theory guys?😁😎😉

    • Jason Eley
      Jason Eley Month ago +1

      That sounds pretty interesting, I like it. Everybody should know by now that the Russos will do anything to hide the truth from us. I do honestly believe the trailer for Avengers Endgame is just a rouse to get us excited for the real thing. I believe the next trailer they make will be close to the real thing but not really.

  • Xavier George
    Xavier George Month ago +1

    I believe that Captain Marvel was secretly fighting off scroll

  • Boogy Lopez
    Boogy Lopez Month ago

    I read all the secret invasion comics it would be the perfect way to integrate it into the movies. So bravo guys. First video ive seen from this channel.

  • smudge82ad
    smudge82ad Month ago

    She doesnt age because she has longer life. Remember, she is not human anymore

  • Malachi C.P.
    Malachi C.P. Month ago

    she on earth

  • Felix Edvardsen
    Felix Edvardsen Month ago

    She is an alien! She comes from space and she does age differently then humans... time in space worked differently

  • Livi G
    Livi G Month ago

    I'm with rob!

  • Julio Rodriguez
    Julio Rodriguez Month ago

    Secret Invasion

  • Arthur D'Addario
    Arthur D'Addario Month ago

    Everyone is talking about the fact that Cpt. America is at the Battle of New York in his old uni, but not talking about his gray streaks

  • Iron Man 69
    Iron Man 69 Month ago

    She has been in her kitchen, in another galaxy, far far away. Making a sandwich for her man.

  • Ahmed Khan
    Ahmed Khan Month ago

    the part 7:42 is so funny

  • tharon kennedy
    tharon kennedy Month ago

    what if carol danvers existed but was never captain marvel.. then something happened that caused a different chain of events that happened before her birth and now those change of events resulted in her becoming captain marvel and those two realities are bleeding together?? and its only NOW that she exists... cuz of the sudden change
    whats the point of keeping your cover over a skrull invasion when Thanos with the infinte guantlet that has all but one and soon to be all infinte stones is on earth?? unless the skrull know that the earth would be easier to conquer with its population halved. then they somehow knew the chain of events before hand or had inside knowledge. but never the less if captain marvel is strong enough to take on thanos with a fully powered infinte gauntlet then the skrull invasion would be like taking candy from a baby.. so whats the point of shying away from either battle and staying "undercover"??

  • Christopher Campbell

    Captain Marvel dies in Captain Marvel. Returns in Endgame from time travel.

  • Patrick Frisnes
    Patrick Frisnes Month ago

    Cpt Marvel is more powerful than Janet because she is "remade" to become a kree (it's in the second Cpt Marvel trailer), maybe that is the reason why she didnt age but Janet did. Or simply enough Janet slipped into a timevortex herself when she got subatomic to get rid of that bomb or whatever it was in Antman, then hurled like 20-40 years back in time and used like 20 years to get back into the quantum realm (because of the ancient tech) so she could go back to the present, maybe that's got something to it 😁
    Favorite marvel hero... Thor i think.. i'm probably one of the 2 people in the world that likes The Dark World 😂

  • Vinnimaniac
    Vinnimaniac Month ago

    Pretty sure the beeper fury used had some extra parts making it obvious he needed a boosted version to send her a message. He wouldn't have needed that if she was only on earth. Maybe it's a quantum beeper but I believe shes in space somewhere searching for something

  • Married4Now2015
    Married4Now2015 Month ago

    i have completely lost track of who's theory is whos'ses'ez.

  • Madness Arcade
    Madness Arcade Month ago

    Maybe on earth just chilling

  • cesar db
    cesar db 2 months ago

    Captain Marvel becoming a super Mary Sue/Avengers leader/all powerful leader will kill the franchise

  • Aya29jaila7
    Aya29jaila7 2 months ago

    For the first theory: Have you even watched the trailer?
    And the second one: Its good

  • Brianna McGinnis
    Brianna McGinnis 2 months ago

    She's been on earth

  • Samual Isaac Clark
    Samual Isaac Clark 2 months ago