Lindsay Lohan Talks New Show “Linday Lohan’s Beach Club"


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  • Louis Payan
    Louis Payan Day ago

    Damn Heather B looking like Harriet Tubman

  • Belmont 216
    Belmont 216 Month ago +1

    Lindsay your so brave and courageous. Speak your truths and keep pressing forward.

  • third eye order
    third eye order Month ago

    Regina George Was Always Better Looking

  • third eye order
    third eye order Month ago

    I like her but damn she looks and sounds about 45

  • RoyalMasterpiece
    RoyalMasterpiece Month ago

    Excellent interview! Happy to see her doing well. Wishing her continued success.

  • Jonathan Tuitasi
    Jonathan Tuitasi Month ago

    Swayyyyyyyyyy lindsayyyyyy

  • kris2pe yu
    kris2pe yu Month ago +1

    I love how she just said NO! like firmly on it!

  • John Brown
    John Brown Month ago

    I liked her in Parent Trap and Drama Queen.

  • Niall T
    Niall T Month ago

    She went to Aleppo? In Syria? I doubt that very much.

  • Ewelina B
    Ewelina B Month ago +1

    Love how comfortable she is in this interview

  • Nur Rafiqah Supardi

    'people watching me, im watching them. the camera's switched now.' lindsay shouldnt victimise her workers. not as if they were the papparazzi that disturbed her life before.

  • Taylor Dreamz
    Taylor Dreamz Month ago +1

    Linds is low key a gangsta. I love her

  • Naomi Campbell
    Naomi Campbell Month ago

    As a 90s kid I’m still rooting for her 💅🏽

  • mikeyjacques
    mikeyjacques Month ago +1


  • Benny
    Benny Month ago +1

    Linday??? Really? Lol

  • MrOnionRing
    MrOnionRing Month ago +2

    the question at 6:00 just shut downn!!!!!!! hahahhaa

  • michele vitarelli
    michele vitarelli Month ago

    Does Lindsay really own these clubs? I have a feeling she is just lending her name to some existing clubs.

  • D_money
    D_money Month ago

    What happened to her voice?

  • IndieKing
    IndieKing Month ago

    Lindsay is back! she is so smart with this venue. She can bring anyone from anywhere there. She is really building an empire.

  • Luna foxx
    Luna foxx Month ago

    I fucking love her. She is mature and a total boss lady now. Im here for you! Please fire blue haired girl she is there for the wrong reasons.

  • King P
    King P Month ago +1

    The title of the video says “Linday” lmao

  • Nuk H
    Nuk H Month ago

    I haven't paid attention to her since the day she called Barack Obama "Colored". Smh! ...

  • oopsisuckeditagain
    oopsisuckeditagain Month ago +1

    they should've talked a bit about her music career. her 2 albums really weren't bad

  • Yvette Torres
    Yvette Torres Month ago

    She's ALIVE and doing something with her life!

  • nicolofosho
    nicolofosho Month ago +4

    Why is an alcoholic, former AA, drug addict running a club around partying, alcohol, drugs, etc.? 🤔 doesn’t seem like the appropriate setting.....

  • Eru O
    Eru O Month ago

    What the fuck is heather wearing. She always look like someones grandma


  • big burt
    big burt Month ago

    She looks al most 50


    Lindsey is a lady!!!!! Well she has been but I never see her....I mean why would I....who am I???....WHATS MAAA MUTHA FARRRKIN NAAME

  • Albert Dennis
    Albert Dennis Month ago +1

    She used to be so beautiful

  • Pat Kelly
    Pat Kelly Month ago

    Heather looking her up n down out the corner of her eye...

  • jamie utitus
    jamie utitus Month ago

    I pray she’s on the mend and keeps moving forward ♥️ God bless her ♥️🙏😇 And God bless you Sway for giving her a voice.

  • iLLmaticV3
    iLLmaticV3 Month ago

    Don't know how she used to be in interviews, but she seems a lil weird to me lol

  • WHFan1990
    WHFan1990 Month ago

    She looks much better then she’s had looked in the past few years

  • Wesly Stevens
    Wesly Stevens Month ago

    Sway coming through with the interview skills!

  • mr offkey marc
    mr offkey marc Month ago +4

    Addiction effects alot of people and to come out the other side is a blessing.
    Yes you may not look 100 percent after years of using but your still alive many people don't.
    All the people bashing her looks I wish the same people would put a picture of themselves up to see how perfect they are.

  • Carl McPherson
    Carl McPherson Month ago +2

    Ion know why, but I fux wit LiLo man

  • Star Lord
    Star Lord Month ago +3

    if she was black she'd look like *la la anthony*

  • Jon Bakken
    Jon Bakken Month ago

    She’s gross. Looks like a washed up meth skank

  • cockzilla13
    cockzilla13 Month ago +1

    I’d easily pay 10g to cum In this nut dumpster

  • Tere-Jackson Nanai
    Tere-Jackson Nanai Month ago +1

    Lindsay is a o.g

  • Grace Chase
    Grace Chase Month ago

    Sway always respectful of people. I'm glad you don't make click bait! You allow people to be there self.

  • Borderjumpmusic
    Borderjumpmusic Month ago +1

    How you gonna walk off the show without spitting SOME thing? Hell, even John C. Reily gave some bars

  • ThexInsidexMan
    ThexInsidexMan Month ago +40

    all jokes aside, she's still speaking in a way that indicates intelligence and individualism. kinda happy someone I kinda grew up on pace with made it through the child-star gauntlet without dying before 30 or ending up dumpster-diving, etc

  • Amanda Wilson
    Amanda Wilson Month ago +31

    I'm rooting for her

  • seazn furi
    seazn furi Month ago +1


  • andrea br
    andrea br Month ago +2

    Sounds like she smokes a pack a day.

    SAW GANG Month ago

    Cmon son *Ed lover voice* wtf sway

  • Prince Robert
    Prince Robert Month ago

    Happy To See She Is Okay 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

  • Checkthebpm YT
    Checkthebpm YT Month ago


  • Perry S.
    Perry S. Month ago

    You misspelled Lindsay in the title.

  • Sophia Bulgaria
    Sophia Bulgaria Month ago

    I livein Dubai cuz they don't fuck with me in America

  • MoMoneyMoPaintTV
    MoMoneyMoPaintTV Month ago +1

    Lol Sway stay with the positive vibes

  • j3dit
    j3dit Month ago

    like he asking the dumbest questions "u got friends in dubai" the fuck???? shes been out of the states for years n years. can we ask something enticing???? at all??????

  • misael puente
    misael puente Month ago

    She needs to lay off the ciggs her voice and laugh are gross

  • astheskylarksings
    astheskylarksings Month ago

    Is this her first appearance since trying to kidnap that kid in Russia?!

  • yb PIFF
    yb PIFF Month ago

    You won't believe this!!

  • Ray's Astrophotography

    I like Lindsay from Parent Trap. Of course, every one grow up into whatever they want. I wish her luck and hope she finds her way! Great show Sway

  • Steve Babbington
    Steve Babbington Month ago

    Most boring interview I've heard Sway do👎
    Yu can tell she doesn't fuck wit Sway or the culture

  • ChoClate Bunii
    ChoClate Bunii Month ago

    Omgoosh those nigas really fucked lindsey lohan up .... She look horrible

  • Oyesupreme Beatz
    Oyesupreme Beatz Month ago


  • Ashton A.
    Ashton A. Month ago

    Damn since when did Lindsay get this scrumbious?😍

  • Ruben Aguirre
    Ruben Aguirre Month ago

    Lindsay 💜💜💜

  • blk coverboy
    blk coverboy Month ago +15

    Lindsays song Rumors is my shit!!🙌🏽

  • Bryan
    Bryan Month ago +3

    Damn she was so fine in Mean Girls.Drugs messed her up.

  • Larry Swishamane
    Larry Swishamane Month ago

    Fake ass laugh. No wonder she stop acting.

  • marco39120
    marco39120 Month ago +2

    She the reason I got a thing for white red heads blue eyes. That shit's my weakness.

  • immyownpresident
    immyownpresident Month ago +5

    She gotta snortful voice, I always fkd wit her though.

  • L: Mungus F: Hue
    L: Mungus F: Hue Month ago +3

    Tracy is crazy for how she opened that question up with I love how your so kind hearted lmfao I watched that part over 3 times

    • Bryan
      Bryan Month ago

      Lol she was on drugs during that video tho.She never gonna be clean.

  • Jose L
    Jose L Month ago +1

    I love you Lindsay Lohan ❤😍 very proud of you

  • YMK The Creative
    YMK The Creative Month ago

    Nice to see her out and about. Wish her the best.

  • Dallas Ryder
    Dallas Ryder Month ago +7

    I'm nutting every drop from my BBC in her snatch and gonna pull that "Kevin Federline" type alimony

  • FaerieSensai
    FaerieSensai Month ago +3

    If they don’t talk about that time she got smacked trying to take those kids away from their family...

  • nEOs1255
    nEOs1255 Month ago +4

    This makes me happy

  • 🎭 AudioXVNVX 🎭
    🎭 AudioXVNVX 🎭 Month ago +1

    that's GVNG

  • Charly Liam
    Charly Liam Month ago +2

    Child kidnapper.

  • jon jaquez
    jon jaquez Month ago +1

    What about when she got punched trying to kidnap kids??

  • Tres Nueve
    Tres Nueve Month ago +1

    She's basically an escort these days.

  • Real Richmond
    Real Richmond Month ago +1

    Gingers are demons

  • Young Black King
    Young Black King Month ago +13

    I know she been through a lot but I'm happy she making a comeback! We all gotta past ppl!

    COD4LIFE Month ago

    Still skull drag

  • King Kables
    King Kables Month ago +12

    That was dope the way she said "Nah" to Tracy's question about that overseas sitch lol
    I guess Tracy kinda has to ask it too but eh sometimes like the Ebro Kodak sitch, sometimes these interviewers just gotta know they won't talk about certain things...especially something that either can get you in trouble or was a terrible ordeal, traumatic and all those in between.

  • 805oxnardsocal
    805oxnardsocal Month ago +1

    Looks like she’s trapped in an old woman’s body

  • B Fielder
    B Fielder Month ago

    Rougher than sand paper.

  • KingCobra
    KingCobra Month ago +6

    She can't form full thoughts and looks 50.
    This is what drugs do to you kids, drugs are bad mmmkay.

    • Sidra Mir
      Sidra Mir Month ago +2

      her thoughts seem coherent to me & she looks older sure, but not 50 lol...that's a bit much. I'm not condoning drugs at all, but I think she bounced back well & strong & came back swinging

    • Daniel Felipe Rodríguez
      Daniel Felipe Rodríguez Month ago +1

      Shut the fuck up

  • Fume Raider
    Fume Raider Month ago +2

    They did her dirty on the still image lol..

  • London Taylor
    London Taylor Month ago +2

    I got that white girl, Lindsey Lohan.. And if you don't believe me ask Lindsey Lohan

  • Dan J
    Dan J Month ago +6

    She’s looking beautiful !!! I’ve had a crush on her and those freckles since high school and I’m now 29. Do the math it’s not creepy haha

  • Louis Fambro
    Louis Fambro Month ago

    Her young old face ass!!! Smh

  • coptic777
    coptic777 Month ago +1

    The Wall is undefeated!

  • Lethal Wippin
    Lethal Wippin Month ago +1

    why Lindsey always look like she's high ?

    • ThexInsidexMan
      ThexInsidexMan Month ago

      That's her secret, Cap, she's *always* high.

  • Jay M
    Jay M Month ago

    That was funny she asked her about getting slapped by that lady when she try to get that kid lol an she lives in dubi cuz a prince paid her a few million to fuck her an if she lives there he will. Take care of her but he gets to fuck when ever he wants

  • Leo
    Leo Month ago

    What happened to her? I’ll still bust a fucking nut full of drums in her!

  • KamThaSovereign
    KamThaSovereign Month ago +2

    Damn 🤦🏿‍♂️ she ain’t aging well lol

    • Wonderlandian
      Wonderlandian Month ago

      She was doing drugs throughout most her career....this is the result

    • KingCobra
      KingCobra Month ago +2

      KamThaSovereign it's not the age, its the drugs

  • Word Smith
    Word Smith Month ago +3

    PG warning kids she digs deep into sways sack 14:00 😂.

    • Word Smith
      Word Smith Month ago +1

      +Alex 😂 i didn't even notice that no way.

    • Alex
      Alex Month ago +2

      Haha he said c'mon we go way back 😏

  • Sophia Bulgaria
    Sophia Bulgaria Month ago +1

    She looks like a 50 year old woman.

  • Nazwaist1
    Nazwaist1 Month ago

    She is 33!!!

    • Wonderlandian
      Wonderlandian Month ago

      +Leo drugs will do that to you

    • Leo
      Leo Month ago

      Nazwaist1 32 but still dude wtf!!!!!

  • Partick The destroyer
    Partick The destroyer Month ago +5

    you lying if u say she wasn't your celebrity crush in the early 2000's

    • Miyo
      Miyo Month ago +2

      FAXXX Mean Girls was prime Lindsay no cap

    • Leo
      Leo Month ago +2

      Partick The destroyer fax

  • Keepon Groovin
    Keepon Groovin Month ago +4

    Lindsey used to be so fine

  • mr. king Palma
    mr. king Palma Month ago

    Damn those fucking drugs got her voice to deep