Don't Ruin Your Smartphone

  • Published on Nov 30, 2019
  • Smartphone cases don't have to ruin your phone.
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  • Unbox Therapy
    Unbox Therapy  12 days ago +347

    One person who orders a case today will also receive a brand new smartphone inside the package -

    • Bubby Frost
      Bubby Frost 10 hours ago

      I got my 0.65mm alibaba phone case for 11us

    • Kanwar Anand
      Kanwar Anand 20 hours ago

      Its cool you made your own case. But please come back to youtube. You've disappeared and the videos you do are "all alternate" == can we have more of the real thing and less of the alternative options? Its like you're literally sidelining yourself.

    • Audiophile
      Audiophile Day ago

      Do you have it for nokia 3310? Lol.

    • glenn hull
      glenn hull Day ago

      Wow you should feel bad bc you Know that you did not make this and I hope the true owners sue you for saying that you made this case because we all know that you did not make this case and it's said that you even removed the video of you doing an unboxing of that case so I hope that everyone else sees this and realizes that you are just a fake

  • William Ng
    William Ng 11 hours ago

    funny, this case cannot protect his reputation...... now see how other tech youtubers will associate with him..

  • Chris Bobko
    Chris Bobko 13 hours ago

    I bought one of these. Now I regret it.

  • M Almheiri
    M Almheiri 13 hours ago

    Its a carbon fiber ish case without the Evutec logo

  • T Edwards
    T Edwards 13 hours ago

    I just got my case for the XR in the mail today and I freaking love it! It’s honestly everything I’ve ever wanted in a case! The fit and feel is so good and it just looks awesome on the Red XR! Thanks for coming out with a great product! Definitely gonna keep my eye out on what you come out with down the road.

  • music man
    music man 14 hours ago

    You realize that a thin phone case will provide no protection for your phone, so if it breaks, you are also ruining your smart phone.

  • Fernando Borquez
    Fernando Borquez 15 hours ago

    What a piece of shit you turned out to be buddy...

  • Y
    Y 15 hours ago

    Watching this with a mous case be like

  • Ruven Wegner
    Ruven Wegner 16 hours ago


  • Bazrael
    Bazrael 18 hours ago

    Shame on you man! Lost all my respect...

  • Alex Padron
    Alex Padron 18 hours ago

    imagine not having a case for the OnePlus 7 Pro

  • ルバ
    ルバ 18 hours ago

    why y'all mad? stfu you're not gonna buy it anyway 🙄

  • DeSilentio
    DeSilentio 18 hours ago


  • Mr_Feta
    Mr_Feta 19 hours ago

    Bro honestly I'm not mad I'm disappointed. Save yourself and come out and apologize

  • Hibban Abdullah
    Hibban Abdullah 20 hours ago

    i don't like buying one cases so i decided to buy bulk from alibaba so you guys can buy from me

  • Hibban Abdullah
    Hibban Abdullah 20 hours ago

    well just buy it on alibaba, lol

  • Kyle Cooper
    Kyle Cooper 21 hour ago

    Everyone’s mad but I rather buy from him than some Chinese company I don’t know.

  • Court Mylroie
    Court Mylroie 21 hour ago

    Most hated TVclipr of 2019. Lew, you done fucked up

  • Junjake Ynion
    Junjake Ynion 22 hours ago

    "unbox thiefraphy"

  • Romman
    Romman 22 hours ago

    Shape of you Lew

  • Ryan J
    Ryan J 22 hours ago

    Why are his subs going up? Number one bullshit

  • Crackly Boi
    Crackly Boi 23 hours ago

    Little bitch

  • 8bit Hardstop
    8bit Hardstop Day ago

    The color is ugly how bout red n black

  • Tech Ownage
    Tech Ownage Day ago


  • Maidakin
    Maidakin Day ago

    I've seen so many cases exactly like this just a month back while on vacation. It's not new, it's not unique to one person or company, hell you can get skins that look like this on dbrand. I'm not upset with the video, I'm upset reading through the comments because everyone is so butthurt about a case, a flipping phone case you can find on eBay for ¢99 with $1 shipping, all these people talking like own the "original" design for a phone case that's been done before, literally had one for my iPhone 4. The point is, stop giving a damn about things that don't connect with you directly unless it's something absolutely meaningful and life changing. All this wasteful hate and time for a phone case you don't plan on buying and it probably wasn't your idea. You saw someone hating on it and spread like wild fire.. don't become the fuel to the flame, be the solution that extinguishes the problem

  • B. Fke
    B. Fke Day ago

    Just passing by to dislike ...

  • Tom Brady
    Tom Brady Day ago +1

    I lost all my respect for this guy

  • infinitealeaf
    infinitealeaf Day ago

    Don't get greedy...

  • Jeffrey Wasa
    Jeffrey Wasa Day ago

    MY GOD, mind blown!!

  • Gamers Eye candy

    Well other businesses should take this into factor before sending over products because years later he will get somebody to manufacture your products for cheaper then change the design a little then call it his own

  • SP24 SP24
    SP24 SP24 Day ago

    Now its's not attch the modern world. It's old to see

  • Euneel Escala
    Euneel Escala Day ago

    Y did u delete ur Pitaka's case review

  • Euneel Escala
    Euneel Escala Day ago

    Looks like pitaka's cases

  • Manuel Martinez
    Manuel Martinez Day ago

    You are trash bro..... smh

  • Dhanil ahmed
    Dhanil ahmed Day ago +2


  • glenn hull
    glenn hull Day ago +1

    Wow you should feel bad bc you Know that you did not make this and I hope the true owners sue you for saying that you made this case because we all know that you did not make this case and it's said that you even removed the video of you doing an unboxing of that case so I hope that everyone else sees this and realizes that you are just a fake

  • Dev Y
    Dev Y Day ago

    This video probably has the highest percentage of negative comments

  • fool's R us
    fool's R us Day ago

    omg the thumbs down

  • yourmom
    yourmom Day ago

    Okay but can anyone tell me who he ripped off so I can buy a case from them instead?

  • muhd hizam
    muhd hizam Day ago

    Ohh nice copycat. Just change a few things and put your brand on it. Your box presentation also doesn't look appealing.😏😏

  • TheAmericanDiablo

    Delete this you Fucking loser

  • Animeprofilepictures Are retarded

    “You were suppose to destroy them not join them!”

  • Jolly Jumper
    Jolly Jumper Day ago

    Try plant based phone cases from pela

  • Hal Jordan
    Hal Jordan Day ago

    Unsubbed do to this bullshit, don't buy $12 cases and raise the price to $40 just because your name and say you made them. Bunch of bullshit.

  • Defiant-Knives LLC

    TH I. E. F..........

  • Guadalupe Ramirez

    the title is don’t ruin your smartphone.
    this is advertising a smartphone case.
    using logic, this means that this case will ruin my phone.
    ever though of pop sockets users like me? huh?
    i’ll stick to my cheap $20 mall cases that i can use pop sockets on.
    case CLOSED.
    AND you get a dislike.

  • Kniceguy
    Kniceguy Day ago

    that logo looks familiar....

  • Tech Explained
    Tech Explained Day ago

    Your funny your case is flimsy

  • CarterPlays Official

    $45 for a fucking phone case

  • Defiant-Knives LLC

    Litterally offers ZERO screen protection.

  • Alex Beras
    Alex Beras Day ago

    I prefer leather cases, its a good middle point

  • Thien Tran
    Thien Tran Day ago

    So you punched Pikata in the face and asked to be partners?

  • Samuel Chon
    Samuel Chon Day ago


  • Pedro Trejo
    Pedro Trejo Day ago

    If you could remove yourself from this earth that would be great 👍
    Also stop saying 9/11 was fake
    People died and It was an actual event
    Again if you could just stop breathing that would be great

  • Carlos Vega
    Carlos Vega Day ago

    How do you have almost 16M subscribers? It is unbelievable. I saw right through you years ago. Good to see I was right.

  • Isaac Nunns
    Isaac Nunns Day ago +1

    if this pisses u off go cry about every copycat brand "oh no fake airpods"

  • tazzywazzygaming
    tazzywazzygaming Day ago +2

    I dont really care if he stole the idea, I still like the channel! You guys are just being mean he probaly didnt know

  • Thomas CIPRIANI
    Thomas CIPRIANI Day ago


  • Cristian Cruz
    Cristian Cruz Day ago +1

    There is an easy solution for those who live of scamming their audience
    We just dislike every single new video and unsubscribe