MK Ultra Supersoldier Max Spiers Shares his Mind Control Recovery Process

  • Published on Sep 4, 2013
  • Makia Freeman interviews MK Ultra supersoldier Max Spiers, who has undergone tremendous pain, abuse and torture, like many mind control victims. However, he is the process of mind control recovery, and is step by step regaining memories and fragments of his mind that were previously split off and isolated. In this enlightening in-depth interview, Max shares his struggles in regaining the totality of who he is, and reveals fascinating information about mind control, the New World Order (NWO), transhumanism, Satanism, black magic and the power of the heart over the head.
    (I apologize for the bad audio. Unfortunately I don't have a transcript and cannot re-do the interview. My subsequent videos have better audio.)
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  • bloke man
    bloke man 14 days ago

    since when would the nazi's and jews work together

  • bloke man
    bloke man 14 days ago

    Mental illness plus drugs or a fake conspiracy (double conspracy) and knocked off incase he revealed the real truth.

  • Devin M
    Devin M 22 days ago

    Hydrazine based conspiracy. All DoD and it’s gay allies. All day. Very real. Cultural infamy, pentagons genocide and torture programs.

  • Lolly Loving
    Lolly Loving Month ago

    I am MK-ultra born inside of a military genetic experimental laboratory. I am first born, of three royal families ,but have spent my entire life staying away from family.I was planned tortured, killed,raped and starved, all before the age of three. No it has not stopped, but has become way less frequent.I am in a state of deep hypnosis all of the time and have triggers to cause total loss of memory or a repetition of memory, which is implanted memory. My life is not my life. The disjointed,disconnected, gibbering is caused by what you are left with,ie. a massive amount of knowledge along with this memory loss and well you sound nuts,like me. I'm so proud of Max and I just cannot express how moving and theraputic he is for me. He does a really good job of articulating what I still stuff (no one wants to hear this really).I'm happy for him that he left here, they won't let me leave and they won't let me live and there is nothing worse than that.Sorry for the book. I love you all.

  • Judy Cox
    Judy Cox Month ago


  • Aaron larosa
    Aaron larosa Month ago

    Wooow lol wtf shapeshifter clone is an imposter tryen to discredit the actual max spiers wtf and this shapeshifter is not foolen anyone at all.!!!!!

  • Aaron larosa
    Aaron larosa Month ago

    Definitely not him at all he completes his r spunds intead of summaah vs summerrrr clone shapeshifter for sure.

  • Aaron larosa
    Aaron larosa Month ago

    Thats nkt him and this dude is shapeshifting.. maybe itd a clone of him.. but def not him all shapshifting everywhere.. 59 scnds pause it first eye shift.. but not him clone😤😤😲😤😟

  • Xena Stand-alone
    Xena Stand-alone Month ago

    I don't blame him, and but he looks so drugged up

    dETROITfUNK 4 months ago

    1:08:28 - MAX IS A ROBOT

  • Toni
    Toni 4 months ago +2

    A very brave, courageous man, Max Spiers. You are missed. Thank you.

  • Mary kai
    Mary kai 5 months ago

    His eyelashes are beautiful.

  • Mary kai
    Mary kai 5 months ago

    The hypercystoligcal elements which are traumatically induced remain in eudolastic subsections, which individually redeem the Fourth swibbens .However, the implistic existence is all that referential pods can inhabit. That alone explains the bloodline root source transmuddling But why did sixteen qwellen have to be converted ? That is something that the ligands have produced, of course !

  • Lighthouse331
    Lighthouse331 6 months ago

    How I wish I could have heard this...I "hear" by reading closed captions. But thank you for bringing this to us!

  • 213eddy
    213eddy 6 months ago

    Ask me for the link if you wanna see it’s on instagram page is @rrawreport

  • Greta English
    Greta English 9 months ago +1

    Jesus Christ is the only answer. No matter what, He is the way, the truth and the life...

  • JUST Darren
    JUST Darren 9 months ago

    only those who have weak minds can fall under mind control.

  • Apocalypse Devotee 23
    Apocalypse Devotee 23 10 months ago

    "A super soldier". Good grief! A super soldier if such a thing exists would be immediately liquidated if they went against programming. Pure crap.

  • Karen Hartley
    Karen Hartley Year ago

    Maybe there is a program but how would u know the ins and outs just being a victim and not a handler

  • kimisikita3
    kimisikita3 Year ago

    Who is the interviewer ? Anybody knows?

  • spook show
    spook show Year ago

    He looks like the actor that played Batman. I can't think of his name. Oh Christian Bale. He does here at least.

  • Sannyasin Nataraja Dj  Mane I Am

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  • TJ L
    TJ L Year ago
    I did my best to fix the audio. I think its a bit better. You guys can reupload my version if you want.

  • Joel Bednaz
    Joel Bednaz Year ago

    As a super soildier,.,and as he was waking up,..what personalities ,languages, knowledge, special skills has he demostrated,.can he confirm this?

  • Joel Bednaz
    Joel Bednaz Year ago

    This guy,..he was breaking down ,..twitching,eyes looking in all directions..this man a few years later he died in poland,..its very obious as he was waking up, he was dying,..because he was a clone,.and others shared his DNA,..

  • Tanvir Brar
    Tanvir Brar Year ago

    1:08:10 What does he mean when he says "originated from Winnipeg Nelson Canada?" Winnipeg and Nelson are both in different provinces. James talk about Nelson, BC. So maybe Max misspoke?

  • OpDeathEaters Canada

    CIA MKULTRA FOIA Collection (+ 20 000 Document) - The Black Vault filed a FOIA application for all documents related to MKULTRA and related projects 1.1 Gigabyte Data set

  • OpDeathEaters Canada

    MKUltra 22 236 documents FOIA

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    The Sleep Room: The Story of CIA Brainwashing Experiments in Canada.The MKUltra project was the code name given to an illegal human experiments program designed and carried out by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) in clandestine operations for Control human behavior. An application for the Freedom of Information Act revealed a cache of 20,000 documents related to the MKUltra project that led to hearings in the Senate. The project using chemical and biological substances to modify human behavior was approved by CIA director Allen Dulles on April 13, 1953 and supervised by chemist Sidney Gottlieb. The first programs under the name MKULTRA between 1953 and 1963 operated 149 sub-projects in Canada in universities, medical centers and prisons involving 185 researchers, 15 foundations and many pharmaceutical companies. Inpatients were transformed into virtual vegetables by doses of "electroconvulsive therapy" 30-40 times more potent than usual, sensory deprivation, hallucinogenic and paralytic drugs, and other psychological and physical tortures. All military-sponsored military research forces have collaborated with the CIA. Most civilian subjects were unconscious; Even CIA employees and army recruits who have consented to drug and hypnosis experiments have not been properly informed of their dangers. Medical centers and prisons involving 185 researchers, 15 foundations and many pharmaceutical companies. Inpatients were transformed into virtual vegetables by doses of "electroconvulsive therapy" 30-40 times more potent than usual, sensory deprivation, hallucinogenic and paralytic drugs, and other psychological and physical tortures. All military-sponsored military research forces have collaborated with the CIA. Most civilian subjects were unconscious; Even CIA employees and army recruits who have consented to drug and hypnosis experiments have not been properly informed of their dangers. Medical centers and prisons involving 185 researchers, 15 foundations and many pharmaceutical companies. Inpatients were transformed into virtual vegetables by doses of "electroconvulsive therapy" 30-40 times more potent than usual, sensory deprivation, hallucinogenic and paralytic drugs, and other psychological and physical tortures. All military-sponsored military research forces have collaborated with the CIA. Most civilian subjects were unconscious; Even CIA employees and army recruits who have consented to drug and hypnosis experiments have not been properly informed of their dangers. Hallucinogenic and paralytic drugs and other psychological and physical tortures. All military-sponsored military research forces have collaborated with the CIA. Most civilian subjects were unconscious; Even CIA employees and army recruits who have consented to drug and hypnosis experiments have not been properly informed of their dangers. Hallucinogenic and paralytic drugs and other psychological and physical tortures. All military-sponsored military research forces have collaborated with the CIA. Most civilian subjects never give their agreements. Even CIA employees and army recruits who have consented to drug and hypnosis experiments have not been properly informed of their dangers.

  • Last Sun Targeted Individual

    actually this man is mind controlled during this interview, for the discerning "eye".

    • Last Sun Targeted Individual
      Last Sun Targeted Individual Year ago

      i believe Max.It's just at times when he's searching for thoughts his eye movements move up towards the right,

  • Last Sun Targeted Individual

    under mind control. his answer to your very first question, his eyes moved upwards rightly, indicating he's lying. one of his multiples.

  • baphomet666_MONSTER

    he was high when doing this. omg!

  • alchemica
    alchemica Year ago +1

    welcome to world, people

  • utter truth
    utter truth Year ago

    So this is the person I've heard so much about. This man is ugly and doesnt know shit. Why would anybody murder this ugly nobody who puts out basic generic information.

  • M3 Sales
    M3 Sales Year ago +10

    The knowledge Max had is the missing pieces put together to understand the time we're living in. END OF DAYS. Only our human heart as in LOVE for one another can contribute to saving the human race.
    Earth is practically taken over and controlled by evil.
    Make a contribution today without money involved: pray to Jesus Christ our saviour. Love peace and harmony be in your heart. Forgive your fellowmen. And live in peace.
    Seek righteousness and let it prevail.

    • Ki Ki
      Ki Ki 13 days ago

      M3 Sales thank you, I believe you’re right

    • Fairy Garden
      Fairy Garden Month ago

      M3 Sales Amen my friend ☝️

  • Shawn Hamlin
    Shawn Hamlin Year ago

    This guy is a super soldier?

  • A Voice In The Wildernesd Angie van Es

    Yep. research paperclip project.

  • Rapture Angel
    Rapture Angel Year ago

    Max has hazel eyes-WHO IS THIS? The eyes are all over the place, like lighter, like reptilian.

  • TheReal MrGrimm
    TheReal MrGrimm Year ago

    In this video he looks like Christian Bale from Batman Begins, other video's he resembles Ryan Gosling, Hollywood clones?!?! 😉😇

  • Dan Sachs
    Dan Sachs Year ago

    PETER RUSSELL KNIGHTLEY Illuminati Elitist operating in the Wembley area London targeting innocent people with illegal implant nanotechnology. He is also involved in child pornography, class A drug distribution and hacking of banking systems, NHS records, Email accounts and telecommunications info. HELP IS URGENTLY NEEDED to stop this man. He is using this technology to push the Satanic/Illuminati/NWO agenda and to satisfy his own sick desires to cause pain and suffering on innocent people.This implant technology allows full telepathic connection via spoken word and hand signals, complete monitoring, recording and analysis of subconscious and conscious thought patterns and processes,and is able to replicate and/or reactivate dormant medical conditions including for example, cancer symptoms, respiratory issues, nausea, temperature fluctuations, visual and auditory hallucinations, headaches, heart issues, sweats, tremors, muscle spasms, burn injuries, coordination well as activation of emotional responses such as fear,sadness,paranoia,hysteria,anger and bringing up painful past experiences in order to cause maximum distress and torment for the unfortunate person being targeted.Due to the nature of this technology and its ability to mimic Schizophrenic / OCD type symptoms without the implant itself being easily detected, and the sickening fact that covert microchipping of humans has occured and is being hidden from the public, this sick man continues to operate around the clock, high on stimulants, severely delusional and with no consideration for the numerous people he has incapacitated using this horrific technology...those of you who are aware of this stuff help is needed URGENTLY to prevent this guy from continuing. He uses the name PSYCHMINK on the website Steam games. As well as the website using a number of different usernames including MAGICK, GENUINENEED, TWEEK, TWEAKY, KOMPRESSOR, BLODWYN, TAILS, STE,FENRIR,NIFHEIM and OZLE. He has also used the email DO WHAT YOU CAN, this is very real and happening all around the world. This guy has been doing this to people for 30 years , thinks child abuse and exploitation is ok and has likely caused a number of deaths and suicides as well as severe mental health issues for a lot of people.

  • michael moore
    michael moore Year ago

    so um... whats super about him? even if another personality takes ovef hes just a guy. hes not exactly super strong or able to run super fast or what ever... really. basically hes just a programmed drone. are they saying hes super somehow?

  • michael moore
    michael moore Year ago

    so im reading Chimera Vector. a fictional novel, about this kind of stuff, that i purchased on google play and only since then have all THESE videos shown up on youtube as recommended... I know theres background analysis going on hence targeted ads etc but really!!??

  • Candice Campbell
    Candice Campbell Year ago

    CAREFUL, CAREFUL CAREFUL dear brothers & sisters! Having grown up in a powerful family and having been sexually abused since I was 3 yrs. old and having pulled & am still pulling myself out of that hole with my fingernails ( much hard and painful work), may I make my humble and fervent plea that you out there also consider a most serious modification/addition to what our dear and now departed (perhaps) Max says about where we and our DNA & brain come from. My research has uncovered that there are two seed lines present in the world today. One of Adamic origin and one of Lucifarian origin. (And here is where TVclip sometimes disappears my comments.) What Max says is based of course like us all, upon what he has been exposed to. I myself need to explore more but, so far it seems that Adamic bloodline individuals may not have any trace of reptile brain & DNA and have not come from/created by the Annunaki (sp?). Much more on this subject - research Two Seedline Christianity. This knowledge has been taken away from everyone especially with the advent of the New Deal (Raw Deal) where by the churches are essentially controlled by the Z.....t run IRS in addition of course to many other deleterious factors u most likely are already aware of. On this one do not believe me, do your own homework and your BS meter will take a quantum leap! Namaste ~ PS, perhaps dear Max (also my father's name) would still be among us today had he had this particular knowledge.

  • Josette Pouilloux
    Josette Pouilloux Year ago +3

    This isn't Max!It's Max s clone!

  • Joseph Barclay Ross
    Joseph Barclay Ross Year ago +1

    Were there not such brilliant gems emerging from his mouth (like for example that "they" are in control of the daily masculine social cultural forces but do not have control ye of the feminine creative night time interior energies -- very profound and in my opinion accurate!), were it not for such pronouncements it would be easy to discard this man's ruminations as crazy or drug-addled --but I am listening to all his recorded videos and find them endlessly fascinating and illuminating. There is something profoundly deep in what he says -- if you have the spiritual awareness, intelligence, and experience to hear it and resonate with it.

  • Vicky Ray
    Vicky Ray Year ago

    It's horrific but he is a cloan, has been taken over, watch his eyes. You can see how his eyes are changing constantly. They have to blink alot and you can see the demonic posession. The only way to win this fight for all humans is to pray the power of the blood of Jesus over us all.

  • Hannah Lavrih
    Hannah Lavrih Year ago +4

    he is talking about the powers and principalities 0f this's all in the bible..this is why Jesus died so that we could reconcile with God

  • ackamack101
    ackamack101 Year ago +6

    He looks so much younger in this interview than he does in the interviews that took place just a few years later. That last interview he did in Poland right before he died that was audio only was very haunting. Something was sucking the life out of him for sure.

      dETROITfUNK 4 months ago

      he was bleeding out from a reaction to antibiotics

    • Joseph Barclay Ross
      Joseph Barclay Ross Year ago +2

      Very true. There is something not normal about this guy on a very deep level.

  • Markus Daxamouli
    Markus Daxamouli Year ago +3

    the more i understand what hes talking about the less i understand reality

  • Davida G
    Davida G Year ago +6

    Max Spiers .. programmed from the start to self destruct when he bypassed and overcame the programming and was able to reveal that should never be revealed.. no need for poison nor any type of detectable violence ...just triggering the implanted signal to self abort. Sci fi at its best
    It's happening, Max never ever lied .

  • Davida G
    Davida G Year ago +1

    Such a shame Max's voice is so faint

  • Combed Autumn
    Combed Autumn Year ago

    he's saying his mother was drugged, does she have any recollection of this incident because she's alive and kicking and has been very vocal trying to get answers about his demise. Does she recall this incident, we might be onto something now he's not talking about what's happened that to him he's talking about his family. I realise this is all moot though not gonna matter to the true believers they'll just assume if she doesn't remember she's just had her memory wiped lol

  • Combed Autumn
    Combed Autumn Year ago

    he throws random references in from everything I've ever heard in anything remotely alternative... he just randomly mentioned Atlantis out of knowwhere lol I was like wait were moving onto Atlantis now ffs there's been zero mention of it before now and suddenly you mention Atlantis in one sentence from literally out of knowwhere

  • Combed Autumn
    Combed Autumn Year ago +1

    it's like a brain fart of every single modern conspiracy ever concieved

  • david russell
    david russell Year ago

    how does max know that what he is saying in his interviews are not a programmed alter ? just to fuck up the so called prison of lies he goes on about. i personally think he is mi5 6 7 8 9 or whatever number. the moon is a soul recycler , how does the population continually increase ? and the little rich girl show from his pal. is he really dead ?

  • Alma Trujillo
    Alma Trujillo Year ago +2

    some just mentioned how he doesn't look him self as far looks, I think the same..even his eyes color look black..looks really different here. huh

    • Just Sayin'
      Just Sayin' Year ago

      This was published 4 years ago. Are you suggesting this is one of his clones?

  • alchemy432 the fool card magician

    Iam wondering if it has anything to do with my RH NEGATIVE bloodline ???

  • alchemy432 the fool card magician

    1hr 35mins this makes perfect sense to me I was apparently born with a club foot and was taken from my mother at birth, I was born in England 1972 and can identify with almost everything Max says...iam OK and I started breaking the programme down 14 years ago...peace and love...😘

    • MsVanorak
      MsVanorak Year ago

      I think we/they are all related from coming to UK with Brutus/the Ark.

  • aaishasmusic1963
    aaishasmusic1963 Year ago

    Gosh, this is my first time watching a video about this man. I'm disappointed to hear that he is no longer alive. I wonder why he would be killed for revealing so much. I read Cathy O Brien's book "Tranceformation of America." And she names presidents, senators, etc.

  • DJP
    DJP Year ago

    computer simulation?

  • Jazmin L
    Jazmin L Year ago

    Did he say clones split/share consciousness? What about the soul? I somehow doubt a soul could be shared or split.

  • goga2954
    goga2954 Year ago

    with headset the audio is much better

  • Maria Earlsfield
    Maria Earlsfield Year ago

    This is the Wackiest and Funniest Video I have ever watched about Max Spears.This does not look like him. No wonder the sound is so shit,It sounds like Max's voice,some wacko probably taped the voice and this shit actor is miming the words.His lips are not moving in sequence with the words being spoken.Different skin tone,different facial shape.

  • GamingWithKaitlin
    GamingWithKaitlin Year ago +8

    max are you out there somewhere?

  • Seth Jew
    Seth Jew Year ago

    I'm not knocking him and I believe alot of this stuff but he changes certain key things when he talks about the ultra and etc.

  • Awake in Colorado Springs

    commenting on another video with Michael Prince and Max . Michael says he agrees that there's too many people and depopulation needs to happen. This jerk flies all over the world and he doesn't see all of the open land ? How" they" force everyone to live in main areas to make it look over populated. How the people cant expand to open land and build a community . of course if enough people got together and choose to build their own community they would probably succeed. Shit, NO ONE owns earth!!! Or the moon!!! Fucking dumbass people buying property on the moon!!!! WTF????? Glad none of them r related to me😜

    • Suzie Q
      Suzie Q 6 months ago

      Awake in Colorado Springs YOU ARE SO RIGHT!!!!

    • Combed Autumn
      Combed Autumn Year ago

      Awake in Colorado Springs there's plenty of land for people to live on, if were happy just paving over the entire planet lol it's more about lack of food and fresh water

  • Juhl Lightheart
    Juhl Lightheart Year ago

    thank you for uploading. blessings

  • Alejandra Covarrubias

    It´s imposible to follow. The sound is SO BAD that it´s imposible!

  • Chris K
    Chris K Year ago

    thanks for the terrible volume. U fucking suck. srsly do you use equipment from the 90s? Broke ass loser.

    • Amanda Warner
      Amanda Warner Year ago +2

      Whoa! Seriously? Wow! Just so needlessly rude, and I hope you don't kiss your mother with that mouth. Have a day!

  • MisterFuturtastic
    MisterFuturtastic Year ago +1

    Could someone who is from the UK - and can understand his accent better - write a synopsis of the claims he makes? They don't have to transcribe it all. Just write the key points?

  • reha222
    reha222 Year ago +3

    Great interview, even though the audio wasn't the best. Many good questions asked and answered.

  • Kathaleen Robinson
    Kathaleen Robinson 2 years ago +12

    there is definitely something going on with his eye's,when listening to the question,max looks at the interviewer,as soon as max speaks,his eye's flip up to the left first and then up and sometimes downward,it's as if something neurological is happening there. I find max very interesting and I have definitely listened to his message.I'm very sad that He has passed on.

  • Freddy Krugger
    Freddy Krugger 2 years ago +2

    check his eyes ..looks like some shape shifting could be happening?????

    • mama T
      mama T 9 months ago

      I think it's the skype

    • Freddy Krugger
      Freddy Krugger Year ago

      lol ...yes please :P

    • Seth Jew
      Seth Jew Year ago +1

      Freddy Krugger it's called cocaine

  • Jenn Mark
    Jenn Mark 2 years ago

    Audio is appalling and I simply cannot listen to this. Max is not dead. .

  • katblake
    katblake 2 years ago +1

    Shapeshifting MK Ultra Supersoldier.

  • boxinggreatness
    boxinggreatness 2 years ago

    Female is the creative force....yet all life comes from seed carried by the male......this video is nonsense!

  • Mysterywhiteboy78
    Mysterywhiteboy78 2 years ago

    You have to understand these delusions and fantasies give the sufferer a reason to exist. It makes them feel important, wanted, needed. It boils down to one thing, mental illness. Meaning they were probably abused in childhood, or mental illness runs in the family . You will always find drug abuse in the mix. Max Spiers had an opiate addiction. He was a narcissistic nobody. But was taking money from vulnerable ,gullible and mentally weak people. Appalling.

  • Mysterywhiteboy78
    Mysterywhiteboy78 2 years ago

    Mk ultra super solider yes because you were so special and important what a load of nonsense!

  • tuficek
    tuficek 2 years ago +2

    subtittles would be great

  • iAM007
    iAM007 2 years ago

    it was nice to see him before Junkie Mode. maybe he was already using,but this would be the management stage,like functioning alch's. He sounds clear,even though the recording is shit,sure,but he sounds so good and it was a wasted human. he learned a lot about history to be able to pull this stuff off so well,unfortunately people dont seem to realize that he knows the answer to everything which is where it goes much wasted info plowed into this brain,this is a skilled mid. too bad he overdosed.beware prescription pills everyone,it seems like the lesson is never learned,then let's say you "love" a person,boom they're dead. this is the danger. you want to take on the "truth" of the scourge of the world,well,it's not the bullshit cloning centers,or a mars jump seat,lol,it's either plastic water bottle,or............................................PHARMA,IN WHICH ONE COMPANY,THE SHITSTAINS OF THE PLANET,THE ONES THAT MAKE OXY,WHICH Is WHAT KILLED THIS GUY UP HERE,THE ONE YOU LOVED SO MUCH.THAT'S WHAT WE SHOULD CONCERNED W NOW. is the pharma murders.

    • iAM007
      iAM007 2 years ago

      yeah,NO. c60 has nothing to do with drug abuse.but ok.

    • Supper large magicans bunny rabbits D450UL
      Supper large magicans bunny rabbits D450UL 2 years ago

      iAM007 are you talking about the c60 carbon self replicating Tetragrammaton???if you are I think I know what you mean

  • MrsLizard King
    MrsLizard King 2 years ago +1

    I'm 16 and for the past few years I've been obsessed with mk ultra , could this be due to a past life? Thanks for the video

  • Nikki Cortes
    Nikki Cortes 2 years ago +7

    The audio is so bad. Can you repost?

    • Miles Johnston
      Miles Johnston Year ago +1

      Jessuz u people get real. This is NOT hollywood

  • Angel4LightAndLove
    Angel4LightAndLove 2 years ago +10

    I turned my volume up to the max and still can't hear what this precious man was saying. Did anyone do a sound check before recording? Do you have the transcript of rhis interview. I would like to hear it. Thanks.

    • C.Q.C
      C.Q.C Year ago

      Angel4LightAndLove. Incase you haven't thought of this...trying another device i.e.>Cell, T.V📺 Ipad📱Ipod, P.C.💻 or WorkComputer🖥
      👍🏽Hope you'll find another device, so you don't miss this interview. So compelling⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️😱

    • C.Q.C
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      ToolsForFreedomMedia 🙋🏼👍🏽Just so you're aware...The audio is fine & THANK YOU✌🏼️🙏🏽

    • ToolsForFreedomMedia
      ToolsForFreedomMedia  2 years ago +3

      I apologize for the bad audio. Unfortunately I don't have a transcript and cannot re-do the interview. My subsequent videos have better audio.

  • Ann Cota
    Ann Cota 2 years ago

    What did Max Spiers die of? I thought someone said he was addicted to Heroine and had mixed it with other drugs? Some else said he was found dead after he went to sleep. Which is it?

    • Combed Autumn
      Combed Autumn Year ago +1

      wooo fortyfour so much bullshit in the comments on this video lol the dude actually died in Poland. Hard to separate fact from fiction with this stuff for the most part... but that is widely known... it's half the story surrounding his demise

    • Seth Jew
      Seth Jew Year ago +1

      wooo fortyfour he was an admitted drug addict.. so we can't rule it out

    • wooo fortyfour
      wooo fortyfour 2 years ago

      Marlene Miller he was murdered in london shot with something jay essex channel he says what happend.

    • iAM007
      iAM007 2 years ago +1

      J.Ess is the main liar and should removed from any type of internet video.his fraud will bring down all that was done till this point.i assume nobody is stupid enough to fall for that scumbag.

    • iAM007
      iAM007 2 years ago

      so no he was NOT an ex-Junkie,he was in fact an addict to the end.

  • Glen Hancock
    Glen Hancock 2 years ago

    if you spy on the cia say out loud "satan take my immortal soul. I give it to you!"

  • johan steven rodriguez morales

    megustaria que lo tradiciera al idioma español.

  • Erica Laszlo
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    Could one repair the sound somehow?

    • Master Mystic
      Master Mystic Year ago +1

      Thank you for your elaborate reply!
      It's truly Kind of you!
      One correction ,
      NOONE is simply no one / no body!
      YOU as we all are, are very important !
      Thank you for reposting this video.

    • C.Q.C
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      @Master Mystic: OMG😂😂😂😂
      Once again, let me repeat...
      @Master Mystic: If I Were To Be Anymore Clear, I Would Be Transparent‼️
      If You're Still Angry, May I Suggest Some Early Morning Meditation/Yoga✌🏼️
      Also, Take A Break From Social Media For 1 Week{Minimum} & Give Others The Benefit of the Doubt, Before You Come Straight Out The Gate, 1/2 Cocked.

    • What's yo name?
      What's yo name? Year ago

      +C.Q.C :-)

    • C.Q.C
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      Master Mystic : I appreciate you taking you're time to leave me this message & in turn, I'd like to respond.
      Let me preface this by saying...I am NOT the one who posted this video🙎🏼=🚫{Emojis-Just4you}
      @Master Mystic: I was confused, yet excited hearing you say that I had an audience/Lol*. As I read on, I realized that you're thinking I'm the one who posted this video, but you're mistaken. You'll be happy to know, Im just a 'nobody' w/no audience that appreciates 🇱🇷Freedom of speech & chooses to use emojis from time to time. In no way was I trying to anger anyone. Simply speaking my mind.
      p.s.~I hope the emojis I put in this message{Just for you}made you atleast grin a little bit...In hopes you have a sense of humor & got why I did it.

    • Master Mystic
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      Also... If you're so appreciative of this FREE SERVICE

  • Erica Laszlo
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    what a pity about the sound.

  • MSC A
    MSC A 2 years ago

  • Mistress JHolly
    Mistress JHolly 2 years ago +4

    Bless you Max, navigate the freedom levels and rest a bit. You will be missed in the physical but no doubt you will be of assistance here as you gained wisdom during a hard round.

  • UFO Mimi
    UFO Mimi 2 years ago +82

    Just listening to this interiew with Max again. It seems so unreal that he is no longer with us. It's eery how he says in this interview that some people would be gone before 5 years. R.I.P. Max. You were brave and you gave so much crucial information in this short time since your disclosure. Thank you. It's very sad that you are gone. I hope you are now in a better place.

    • Be the Truth
      Be the Truth 2 months ago

      Ann Cota spewed up couple of litres of black too. Like s CIA job some way

    • Be the Truth
      Be the Truth 2 months ago

      UFO Mimi R.I.P.

    • Diane Min.
      Diane Min. Year ago

      very interesting

    • Jolene Uranga
      Jolene Uranga Year ago +2

      Mimi C maybe he's back on mars and not really "dead"

    • Johnnie H
      Johnnie H Year ago +9

      I am no longer a SLAVE of fear for I am a CHILD of GOD!
      God bless your Heart Max!

  • MM N
    MM N 2 years ago +1

    Max Spiers died in his sleep 7/15/16 very sad and he will be missed.

    • MM N
      MM N 2 years ago +1

      +Cassie R. Henderson well remember how he said the other individuals who were all in the program were already may have been a self destruct program. But we do know he didn't want to be here and didn't want to come back. Nonetheless he sure was an interesting and lovely man...and so we go on in this journey we call life. Thank you for the response.

    • Cassie Henderson
      Cassie Henderson 2 years ago

      +MM N I wasn't clear reading back my own comment there, sorry! yes, hes passed over. dont believe that there was any truth to the coma, seemed he was in general good health but then he went through what we've discussed. I couldn't comment on the morgoline(spelling?!) id thought that was more like a parasite?? Peace

    • MM N
      MM N 2 years ago

      +Cassie R. Henderson so did he die or is he in a coma or ? I am sure the doctors had no clue what to do about black goo. Sounds like morgellons to me, that stuff is diabolical. Though he didn't appear to have morgellons it generally is accompanied by sores and skin issues and seriously messes with one's appearance...if you know anything else please share. Thank you.

    • Cassie Henderson
      Cassie Henderson 2 years ago +1

      +MM N no, others who know more than me have said he didn't die in his sleep. Poor guy was in distress, passing black fluid from his body. and it seems that it's been really sloppily handled by the emt/doctors afterwards.

    • MM N
      MM N 2 years ago

      +Cassie R. Henderson what?

  • willpwilson
    willpwilson 2 years ago +4

    willpwilson - Directed Energy Weapons being used on Peoples Worldwide. -;article=155897;title=APFN March 16, 2016 News Reports About Targeted Individuals (T - I) by Unwarranted Psychotronic Warfare Experimentation and Directed Energy Weapons being used on Peoples Worldwide.

  • Toffie Koorsteen
    Toffie Koorsteen 2 years ago +3

    WTF how did I get here...and I thought the flat earthers were crazy

  • Ruby Stern
    Ruby Stern 2 years ago +2

    K time to check out because stitches is a shill disinfo. People draw close to the most high, this is how to fight these luciferians.

    • Cookie4XO
      Cookie4XO 2 years ago

      Do you know what video of his that was? There are so many out there.

    • Lara O'neal
      Lara O'neal 2 years ago +1

      U are spot on. I wish more ppl would get this. If Max would have accepted Christ into his heart he would probably still be here. God bless him regardless. These MK ultra ppl have suffered so much horrific abuse it is incredible. If u haven't already seen it check out Max's video regarding the repercussions of sodomy rape of a child. It is the most horrific mind shattering abuse u can do to a child. Max was very child like at least an alter of his was. This is because of arrested development because childhood sexual abuse does this to you.

  • Ruby Stern
    Ruby Stern 2 years ago +5

    Reptilians are demons. Call upon the most high, the creator of all things. I've stopped demonic possession dead in its track, these forces respond to the creator. I never hear mk ultra victims disclosing this fact. Which makes me suspicious. There is great power in worship of the most high as he created the black nobilities God.

  • Ruby Stern
    Ruby Stern 2 years ago

    Black nobility are of khazar descent. Go research it. There are many studies on the topic.

    • Lara O'neal
      Lara O'neal 2 years ago

      Are these the khazarian Jews that u refer to?

  • Ruby Stern
    Ruby Stern 2 years ago +11

    The Merovingian bloodline is linked to the black nobility not the messiah as they want u to believe

  • Brandy Burchard
    Brandy Burchard 2 years ago +2

    I was an orphan, foster child, then adopted and I'm pretty sure I'm still being tracked and daily I have to sift through garbage that comes my way audibly and in imagery. I've had memories of that bull ritual and a while lot more but one thing not mentioned is that I think there were several different groups of 42's. I think for some of us, we were created with a mix of the ruling bloodlines to see who could survive what and this was done for sport on the surface but also to gather info to see weaknesses to eliminate in ultimate battle in case the who NWO thing didn't work out. I've been told I look part Asian, part Latino, a little sista, etc. Hopefully this news false as I'd like to be wrong but I'm usually right.

    • dafttool
      dafttool Year ago

      Sacred Geometry I was once tortured by a dentist who turned out to be a religious nut who didn't believe in pain killers, not even Novocain. Scarred me emotionally for life. The 42 he keeps talking about are a group of hybrid people who Max says the powers that be created in the hopes of getting certain high vibrational beings to reincarnate into. He also has said that the majority of those 42 people are now dead, so not an illuminati success story.

    • Sacred Geometry
      Sacred Geometry 2 years ago +2

      +Brandy Burchard
      Have you heard about rh negative ? That is said to be their bloodtype, I think it is also generational too. I have problems with my nervous system and was severally tortured by a dentist , had and still get suicide pain ptsd the dental incident brought back the memories and navy seal Jessie Ventura when he talked about waterboarding, so horrific and no one safe to talk too. What are the 42 's ? I live in an isolated area on ssi with my 2 cats and trying to get out , th e2nd hand smoke triggers nerves and pain have been suicidal a lot that is the worst the suicide programming . I do well when I 'm not here, Desolate and meth heads in next town and the AFB is close too. I wish you peace and happiness.

  • Vanguard 12
    Vanguard 12 2 years ago

    I've watched two youtube videos of Max Spiers and both times, ads popped up for jobs at the CIA. I find it ironic, that CIA is mentioned somewhere in his video or in the sub titles, and that ad is posted.

    • Bazil Brush
      Bazil Brush 2 years ago

      Triggers for audience in the programme....probably.