Dave Chappelle is NOT FUNNY

  • Published on Sep 12, 2019
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    Dave Chappelle is NOT FUNNY. Regards, 🐻
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  • ComedyComedy

Comments • 3 596

  • 5680 1389
    5680 1389 2 days ago

    Kid, you're the one who's triggered here. You're putting words in people's mouths, raging at people not finding something funny, and committing argumentum ad populum to push your case. I normally laugh at people like you, but this was just sad and cringeworthy.

  • Hugh Jones
    Hugh Jones 5 days ago

    He's such a sanctimonious little virtue signaller. I bet he has a secret Fritzl lair.

  • Hugh Jones
    Hugh Jones 5 days ago +1

    How come he has a perfect American accent if he grew up in Turkey?

  • Jonathan Perez
    Jonathan Perez 7 days ago

    It's bootleg Jeffrey Star

  • ChereraTaguato
    ChereraTaguato 7 days ago

    I thought you were supposed to invite guests on to have them talk

  • anthony cox
    anthony cox 8 days ago

    Dave Chapelle is the funniest comedian I've ever seen in my life

  • David Westhoff
    David Westhoff 9 days ago

    Dave Chappel is funnier than anyone!!! Comedy is not a tool for education...what the fuck is wrong with liberals??

  • Fabian Torres
    Fabian Torres 9 days ago

    These two are complete idiots. Poor little feelings.

  • Ann Todd
    Ann Todd 9 days ago

    The left has killed comedy and dave Chappelle brought it back

  • MTVTN Productions
    MTVTN Productions 9 days ago

    your right hes not funny, hes fucking hilarious. now stop being a pussy and get off youtube

  • llriv
    llriv 9 days ago

    I hate men who are too stupid to realize a button up shirt and jacket look like utter shit without a tie.
    But...I respect his honesty in titling his show to highlight his Stalinism.

  • Josh Dredd
    Josh Dredd 9 days ago

    Brown Fabio and Contra have the same fashion consultant.
    PS Contra sounds like a guy making fun of broads...weird, huh?

  • X XXX
    X XXX 9 days ago

    Amazing how she can assert that all comedians make the same, years old hackneyed jokes about trans people while regurgitating the same years old hackneyed SJW clichés about phobe hatespeech without recognising the inherent irony.

  • krshanks
    krshanks 9 days ago

    Dave stole his car joke from Owen Benjamin.

  • Shane 99
    Shane 99 10 days ago

    Dave Chappelle stole their soy, poured bleach on them, and ran off into the night.

  • Billy Conforto
    Billy Conforto 10 days ago

    Lol fuck off

  • Joe Marrero
    Joe Marrero 12 days ago

    The first minute of this video is the best thing on TVclip

  • Michael Mcdowell
    Michael Mcdowell 12 days ago

    Its Dave Chappel... in the current year

  • Jawan Bates
    Jawan Bates 13 days ago

    I watched David show and I laughed my ass off. And some trans people who have a sense of humor laughed there asses off too.

  • Mr Glew
    Mr Glew 13 days ago

    OK. I agree with most of what Dave Chappelle says, but he doesn't actually make me laugh. A bit like George Carlin in a way.
    They both talk down to their audience - in Carlin's case quite literally and physically, but are they actually funny?

  • George Assbutt
    George Assbutt 13 days ago

    Cenk’s nephew is such a fucking loser

    SAVAGE 13 days ago +1

    So is Chenks nephew becoming a comedian? Because hes totally a tool lol

  • j hart
    j hart 15 days ago

    They should go after Owen Benjamin then because he apparently invented trans jokes

  • Derek McManus
    Derek McManus 15 days ago

    I thought Dave Chapelle was pretty funny.

  • manifestgtr
    manifestgtr 15 days ago

    Ugh...I’m so sick of hearing about “marginalized communities”. This fucking persecution olympics shit. Everyone wants to think they’re the new “black people”...and they can’t pat themselves on the back enough for it. The most enraging part is that no one sees it for what it is. Everyone buys in. No one is saying “just shut up and do your thing...it’s 2019, no one cares anymore”.

  • mountainghost556
    mountainghost556 16 days ago

    Don't tell me what to hate or what to like. Absolutely don't tell me what is funny.

  • Fr1endlyf1re
    Fr1endlyf1re 16 days ago

    "No I didn't watch it. I just watched the part about trans". If you would have watched the whole thing you would have seen he made fun of everybody and the trans thing wasn't this big focal point. How lazy can you get. You are going on camera addressing this issue and can't even watch one special to gain perspective...

  • x x
    x x 16 days ago

    Ahhhh... I have ear cancer after that complete abortion of a sentence Hassan made.

  • The Mad Viking
    The Mad Viking 16 days ago

    Dave Chappelle told jokes about people like me Reeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!

  • Rob ert
    Rob ert 16 days ago

    You don't find Hasan's joke about Dave Crenshaw funny? What are you triggered libtard?

  • Donavon Bain
    Donavon Bain 16 days ago

    I identify as Napoleon Bonaparte, should i be tried for war crimes? Or maybe people should respect mental illness and call it it what it is

  • Yuck Foutube
    Yuck Foutube 17 days ago

    Dave Chapelle is one of the funniest mother fuckers ever born, he even went so far as to become a Muslim just to fuck with people!

  • Reinulus Aurelius
    Reinulus Aurelius 17 days ago

    Educational comedy is an oxymoron

  • Rob
    Rob 17 days ago

    I don't give a fuck what anyone says bitch!

  • ghenulo
    ghenulo 17 days ago +2

    I laughed so hard at Chappelle's special, but maybe that's just me.

    • DrewR420
      DrewR420 9 days ago

      The overwhelming majority found his special hilarious. It's just a handful of useless, asshurt crybabies who are complaining. Best we just ignore them. Let them yell at the clouds.

  • Tyler Durden
    Tyler Durden 17 days ago

    There's no such thing as transphobic bc trans doesn't exist. Dressing like Spider-Man on Halloween doesn't make me Spider-Man

  • Cassidy West
    Cassidy West 17 days ago

    TL,DR: 2 guys talking about another guy

  • British Bullshitting Cucks

    So the emperor wore no clothes....just like suspiciously big hands Nate has nothing to say.

  • makerstudios
    makerstudios 18 days ago

    Cenk’s nephew is THE WORST! Just when you think Cenk is not very bright but very animated, his retard nephew comes along and sets a whole new and lower bar for your expectations.

  • Cap285
    Cap285 18 days ago

    That transformer can change the fucking channel.

  • Chrisfragger1
    Chrisfragger1 18 days ago +1

    Because I am certainly going to trust a Leftist, especially a TYT cast member to know what is funny.

  • Thomas Tipton
    Thomas Tipton 18 days ago +1

    Chappelle's stand up was gold... One of the best stand up ever

  • Jesus Aranda
    Jesus Aranda 18 days ago

    This Hasan guy seems to have a terrible show. He talks way too much. Spends 5 minutes talking about himself and only kind of asking a question at the end.

  • meghan parris
    meghan parris 18 days ago

    The amount of times this guy says 'umm' or 'ah', or pauses looking for just the 'right' or 'correct' thing to say is just painful to watch. He's just a terrible host.

  • Justin
    Justin 19 days ago +3

    I just realized that TVclip hasn't recommended one of your videos to me in years, but is constantly pushing stuff I'm not even interested in onto me

  • Collin Hennessy
    Collin Hennessy 19 days ago +13

    I wonder if Hasan is woke enough to bang the person he's interviewing.

  • Kiwi Farms
    Kiwi Farms 19 days ago

    How dare it talk bad about a person of color. What racism.

  • billy ramsden
    billy ramsden 19 days ago

    Remember when we use to treat mental health.

  • Ro3NBurG
    Ro3NBurG 19 days ago

    ughh a joke is like a frog. if you disect it go fuck yourself.

  • Oliver Von arx
    Oliver Von arx 20 days ago

    Does this turk creature actually wake up with his foot in his mouth already every day?
    I love laughing over trans-tards like this one!! Watched dave’s show 3 times already!!
    I wonder what brave soldier phæqued hasan’s brains out btw... 😜🤪😂

  • Hapax Legomenon
    Hapax Legomenon 20 days ago +8

    Why do people think they can tell other people what is and isn't funny?

    Also: that guy's insight into black America is primarily based on comedy? He knows comedy isn't real, right? You should be embarrassed to say that - but no sense of shame from Hasan.

  • Michael Christian
    Michael Christian 20 days ago

    Did that fool call Ricky Gervais a "hack comedian"?

  • Michael-andrew ,WATERS

    Only the modern-day college-educated amongst us that now thanks comedy is the factual School of Life I can see where the comparison is blurred for them as tertiary education does really seem like one of the biggest jokes going .....

  • dale keilen
    dale keilen 21 day ago

    fyi you are not nor will you ever be a woman... get your brainpan checked

  • Clayton Allen
    Clayton Allen 21 day ago

    Hasan Piker is a boomer in a zoomer's body wearing a milenials clothes.

  • etherealessence
    etherealessence 21 day ago +2

    tell me... what "marginalized" group is lacking attention these days?

  • Sean Warman
    Sean Warman 21 day ago

    Dave Chappell what are your thoughts on trans people. -Dave Chappell “I am Chinese!”

  • Spencerwalker21
    Spencerwalker21 21 day ago +2

    Reusing the same apache helicopter joke for decades isn't funny anymore

  • Pedro Martell
    Pedro Martell 21 day ago

    Nobody cares about people getting attention comedy is comedy stop being a twat

  • marvin martin
    marvin martin 22 days ago

    Well I came across this gem.