Cousin Sal's Hidden Camera Prank - Pull the Plug

  • Published on Oct 8, 2019
  • From time to time, we send Jimmy's cousin Sal out into the wild to have some fun with unsuspecting delivery people. This time, he really pushed the limit.
    Is Donald Trump Trying to Impeach Himself?

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    Cousin Sal's Hidden Camera Prank - Pull the Plug
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Comments • 263

  • Pabs sor
    Pabs sor 4 days ago


  • rvpstudioscanada
    rvpstudioscanada 18 days ago +4

    That lady didn’t realize that the guy was sitting next to her.

  • Weird Stuff
    Weird Stuff 22 days ago

    This is why I some people need a logic class.

  • Davante Adams
    Davante Adams Month ago

    Omg lol

  • mehrshadGK
    mehrshadGK Month ago

    he will run until Mexican borders

  • Michael Moore
    Michael Moore Month ago

    Can’t get through one bit without trump hating..
    What a leftist Hollywood shill
    F Jimmy

  • rocco
    rocco Month ago

    man he dipped out...”chinese food” lmaoo

  • Jadden
    Jadden Month ago +1

    "alright I‘m heading out now" after grandpa said "CHINESE FOOD"

  • Tj777 888979
    Tj777 888979 Month ago

    Very good

  • Syed Asrar
    Syed Asrar Month ago

    Chinese foooood

  • Kelly Forte
    Kelly Forte Month ago


  • Fun
    Fun Month ago

    He’s in shock

  • Heavenly Organic Beauty

    That ending was awesome!!!

  • Gabriel Perez
    Gabriel Perez Month ago

    Sue, his ass

  • Juan Eligio
    Juan Eligio Month ago

    They needed to prank more people with this

  • Twig
    Twig Month ago +2

    I laughed so freaking hard pop came out of my nose! This is the best prank ever! Great job cousin Sal!

  • Mike West
    Mike West Month ago

    Lmao funny👍😂😂😂😂

  • kim car crashian
    kim car crashian Month ago

    how to get free chinese food 😌

  • Strongjohnf
    Strongjohnf Month ago

    I love chines food!! 🧟‍♂️

  • roachtoasties
    roachtoasties Month ago

    Cousin Sal is going to need a disguise, as his face is now more familiar than Jimmy Kimmel's. Then there's the same house used for these stunts. Pizza drivers, Door Dash drivers, repair persons, carpet cleaners, etc., are probably starting to recognize the joint.

  • Yo Mama
    Yo Mama Month ago

    380 Republicans disliked this!

  • Kenzulem YEET
    Kenzulem YEET Month ago +1

    Bro im not lying My house power just went Out at the perfect timing 😂😂😂 Not even Trolling

  • Vadimovna
    Vadimovna Month ago +1

    Aw poor guy :(

  • Diane Diane
    Diane Diane Month ago +1

    I would’ve just walked out of there right after I dropped the pizza off

  • James Blazek
    James Blazek Month ago

    Obviously so fake - what doordash drivers have doordash t-shirts and doordash bag ?

  • I am adopted
    I am adopted Month ago +4

    I love how he runs from than dead man waking up but not when he realised he dead

  • Séverin Official
    Séverin Official Month ago

    Hahhhah that’s so mean though 😂

  • jaa.mes_
    jaa.mes_ Month ago +2

    Cousin sal still out there looking for that tip

  • Another Day In Space


  • William Steven
    William Steven Month ago +1

    Interesting how they only prank men.

  • Turbo Gaming
    Turbo Gaming Month ago

    PaPa Lumpy😂

  • Ei Jane
    Ei Jane Month ago

    Bad joke

  • Lysia B
    Lysia B Month ago


  • toli bello
    toli bello 2 months ago

    This is how some people get jailed...

  • Kelly
    Kelly 2 months ago

    That's a bit messed

  • Tony Dalton
    Tony Dalton 2 months ago


  • Walter Soapcheck
    Walter Soapcheck 2 months ago +1

    Now quit showing up in my recomendations. Thanks

  • Lucy Love
    Lucy Love 2 months ago

    I’m waiting for them to pull a prank on sal

  • Regan Quigley
    Regan Quigley 2 months ago +1

    I’m sorry did I accidentally click on David dobricks channel? I mean didn’t he just do this a few weeks ago?? Lol

  • Le Monke
    Le Monke 2 months ago +107

    *Ight Ima head out* 😂

  • Daniel Brown
    Daniel Brown 2 months ago

    I'm sick and tired of Jimmy Kimmel's desperate attempts to fit a comment about the President, like dude, you're on an entertainment talk show not political agenda discussion show... And I'm from Australia so it must piss Americans off more

  • Chicken Noodle Soup
    Chicken Noodle Soup 2 months ago

    Jimmy Kimmel > Jimmy fallon.

  • Elisa Cormier
    Elisa Cormier 2 months ago

    That’s awkward lol

  • Jimmy Branch
    Jimmy Branch 2 months ago

    This is not funny my grandfather just passed one month ago

  • xX1Ns3RT C01NXx
    xX1Ns3RT C01NXx 2 months ago +1

    Classic, laughed my ass off.

  • u mom
    u mom 2 months ago

    Tonight's biggest loser

  • James Sunderland
    James Sunderland 2 months ago

    - Sorry about that my cousin is a bit mental.
    - No it's great.

  • Snezzy GAMING
    Snezzy GAMING 2 months ago

    My grandfather died 3 days ago

  • Cynthia Ahern
    Cynthia Ahern 2 months ago

    I may be sensitive but I don't think that's a very good prank to play. You don't know what somebody's been through or if they've just lost a grandparent. Sometimes families have to make a very hard decision whether to pull the plug or not. Just saying I've had to be there.

  • gloria asante
    gloria asante 2 months ago

    He had no idea when the thing went off.... y did he run.... you should be happy that he is still alive

  • CDM_Clutcher _
    CDM_Clutcher _ 2 months ago

    😂when people dont know this was staged

  • Chey Mįlíoņ
    Chey Mįlíoņ 2 months ago +4

    Jesus the president jokes are not funny anymore n i am latino.

  • Arwen Undomiel
    Arwen Undomiel 2 months ago

    too far

    WHITEBOY 39TH 2 months ago

    He grabbed that bag 🤣

  • Jimbo Sarachilli
    Jimbo Sarachilli 2 months ago +3

    He really did the door dash lol

  • Jo Lo
    Jo Lo 2 months ago

    Nobody mentioned that the old man is gene Prescott the 3rd.

  • Suhani Kapur
    Suhani Kapur 2 months ago

    He yeeted himself right outa there

  • Suhani Kapur
    Suhani Kapur 2 months ago +163

    He’s like, “what did I just get myself into”

  • K K
    K K 2 months ago

    Sooo funny 😂😂😂😂😂

  • thehnl
    thehnl 2 months ago

    I'm sure alot of people know who Sal is by now, so how can ya even pull pranks like this off?