The Man Who Knew

  • Published on Mar 1, 2009
  • Harry Markopolos blew the whistle to the Securities and Exchange Commission about Bernard Madoff as early as 2000. Why were his warnings ignored? Steve Kroft has the interview.

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  • William Gates
    William Gates 13 hours ago

    Another proud RAT!

  • Dub Sunspowah
    Dub Sunspowah Day ago

    Ed Thorpe proved that the trade slips that were being sent to his client from Bernard Madoff Investments were fake because the trades that were reported exceeded the total amount for that trading day.

  • M Rayford III
    M Rayford III 2 days ago

    he needs to die, today!!!!!!

  • Lynn Blades
    Lynn Blades 3 days ago

    ha ha ha, David Boies. Wonder if he paid back anything to the Theranos victims or Tyler Schultz? Complicit much?

  • Yourname Here
    Yourname Here 4 days ago

    When is 60 minutes going to interview Charles Ortel regarding the numrous fraudulent tax returns filed by the Clinton Foundation?
    Oh right.....AFTER they're convicted.

  • Simon Hadley
    Simon Hadley 5 days ago

    Simply put, Madoff paid people in the SEC to not see anything.

  • jakemf1
    jakemf1 6 days ago +1

    And people wonder why people don't trust government agencies_shamful

  • Flip Ya
    Flip Ya 15 days ago

    This guy should be looking into the Federal Reserve bank!

  • Tiger Steele
    Tiger Steele 18 days ago


    MUFFINS!!! MUFFINS!!! 20 days ago

    7:24 shots fired 🔥🔥🔥 what a savageeeeee

  • Red Ear
    Red Ear 21 day ago

    "I have taken all the calculus courses from differential calculus to integral calculus" - Could you be just a little bit more vague?
    JK - Love this guy. Mad Respect.

  • Entropy wins
    Entropy wins 22 days ago

    The so called victims were as greedy and delusional as the perpetrator.

  • JNF
    JNF 23 days ago

    I think it is hilarious how he described being a math guy... Basically every engineer, physicist, mathematician and chemist takes all or most of those classes as an undergraduate.

  • Pres Fale
    Pres Fale 24 days ago

    Bernie Madoff with everybodys money bruhhhh😈

  • Kuziai
    Kuziai 25 days ago

    Woah woah woah In my 6 years I trade full time I had 0 down months averaging 3-6% per month. And he is saying its imposible :D hahaha I know people who average 15-20% a month lol

  • Virtuoso80
    Virtuoso80 26 days ago

    Being a 'feeder fund' seems like the easiest way to make money I've ever heard of. "Give your money to me, and I'll do what you could have done yourself, and I'll keep part of the money for doing it. And if it goes bad, I get to keep my money and you don't."

  • TJ Collins
    TJ Collins 27 days ago

    What Madoff did was not right by any means however this whistle blower is a parasite 🦠. He first try’s to back engineer his profits to rip it off. Then when he finds out it’s fraud he wants a reward!? That’s probably why Madoff wasn’t caught from this guy because he told the FEDs hey I found fraud but unless you pay me I won’t tell you!!! Now he gets money from 60 minutes for this story.. Like I said parasite 🦠..

  • Intel LTR45
    Intel LTR45 27 days ago

    People should have diverified their investments.

  • Kelli L
    Kelli L 28 days ago +1

    Homeboy said it took 5 minutes to know it was a fraud. The shade haha!!!

  • patricia x
    patricia x Month ago +1

    This is why all of us who aren't rich need Elizabeth Warren!!!

  • theduchessofkitty
    theduchessofkitty Month ago

    All right, everybody, repeat after me.

    Math. Doesn't. Lie.

  • Snowflakes Playz
    Snowflakes Playz Month ago

    SEC. Enabler.

  • bob person
    bob person Month ago

    The Biggest Ponzi scheme in the world is the Social Security System.

  • Supernova
    Supernova Month ago

    Pathetic. The financial system is corrupt from top to bottom.

  • Ed McCaffrey
    Ed McCaffrey Month ago

    Greed on top, greed in the middle, greed at the bottom, Greed, Greed, Greed.

  • Fila Kri
    Fila Kri Month ago

    My goodness. A 12% return? Dave Ramsey says he averages that much with his investment strategy but most people say that's far fetched. Fidelity, Vanguard, TIAA, Franklin Templeton existed and they trusted this guy? No way would I have given all my wealth to this guy. If it's too good to be true, it is!!!

  • Estefano Masferrer
    Estefano Masferrer Month ago

    Had a professor who showed us how easy it would have been to catch that ponzi scheme, but no one wanted to listen.

  • John Bevan
    John Bevan Month ago

    They were both greedy and stupid.

  • Marqus Nuffsaid
    Marqus Nuffsaid Month ago

    This is one of the best interviews I've ever seen retaining to the Bernie Madoff case. Harry Markopolos is an intelligent man and it's a shame no one listened to him before the fact. But we are listening now Harry.

  • Robert John
    Robert John Month ago

    Kids in Calculus class: "When are we ever going to use this?"

  • Venessa Atson
    Venessa Atson Month ago

    Bernie Mad(e)off... with how much?

  • Duane Sanders
    Duane Sanders Month ago

    Amazing CBS allows comments here. Fake news sites usually don't.

  • critic
    critic Month ago

    America is an illusion it's a ponzi scheme case an point buy a house and you will find out very quickly.

  • X X
    X X Month ago

    I like this greek guy.

  • Michael Kuhl
    Michael Kuhl 2 months ago +1

    Makes one the SEC any different today?

  • shawnda michelle
    shawnda michelle 2 months ago

    The SEC looked the other way because Bernie was apart of the SEC. SHAME ON THEM!

  • SiriusGD
    SiriusGD 2 months ago

    The book Harry wrote was an excellent read.

  • Bobby Collins
    Bobby Collins 2 months ago +2

    there are many men who knew..
    this is why there must be a change asap!
    Warren for President 2020!

  • TheSkydiverphoenix
    TheSkydiverphoenix 2 months ago

    Do not feel too sorry for the victims. It was greed and the thought of getting something for nothing that cost them a fortune. If it sounds too good to be true it probably is..

  • King James
    King James 2 months ago

    Without conscience by Robert D. Hare can explain this white collar and blue collar crimes. They are called psychopath

  • irgski
    irgski 2 months ago

    Jews screwing Jews

  • nemo227
    nemo227 2 months ago

    Criminal negligence on the part of some people in the SEC? It appears that way. I wonder if they're still employed.

  • Balazs Barabas
    Balazs Barabas 2 months ago

    They couldn' t expose one man and you wonder how the subprime crisis happened. Hilarious.

  • Marilu Carvallo
    Marilu Carvallo 2 months ago

    Can they suit the SEC for doing nothing?

  • Anish IS BACK
    Anish IS BACK 2 months ago

    All are involved he was not alone

  • Thomas Paine
    Thomas Paine 2 months ago +1

    Simple solution for the bilking of all American workers since Reagan:
    Shoot all the bankers and let God sort them out.
    R E V O L U T I O N

  • GamE FrEak
    GamE FrEak 2 months ago

    This guys is the hero. If govt listened to him then it will never happen.

  • dylanes21
    dylanes21 2 months ago

    If only this guy would investigate the Clinton Foundation.

  • alfandeddie
    alfandeddie 2 months ago

    Madoff is living more comfortably in prison than the people he bilked.

  • Max Freedom
    Max Freedom 2 months ago

    SEC = Coconspirator

  • gary gerard
    gary gerard 2 months ago

    he's sipping wine and dining on baked chicken in his prison accommodations
    quickly he'll be receiving full force, for eternity, what he deserves
    turn from your sinful path and accept Christ your Savior

  • garrison 68
    garrison 68 2 months ago

    This shows just how bad the SEC is and was.

  • Henri C
    Henri C 2 months ago +1

    1:28 and STILL..... people trust that the Govt. is going to save and protect us from evil🤨🤨🤨. 6:58 Will they ever learn???

    SKOOBY LOVE 2 months ago


    SKOOBY LOVE 2 months ago


  • Qusin111
    Qusin111 2 months ago

    this guy is an clown acting like he knew everything, yes this did happen and still happens but if he was keeping everyone happy then there is no fraud until it's too late, funny how this can happen but look at wall street, most of it is fake money these days so should we shut wall street down? (yes)

  • Philly Lady Miami
    Philly Lady Miami 2 months ago

    You are a hero

  • d campbell
    d campbell 2 months ago

    Sounds Jewery.

  • Emilia Chidester
    Emilia Chidester 2 months ago

    Americans are fools, Maddoff,Gecko,Trump.

  • jerry s
    jerry s 2 months ago

    Why does our government continue to fund and operate the security exchange commission if they are just a paper tiger, and the employees that work there are lawyers that seem to know nothing about investing?

  • Vincent Cuttolo
    Vincent Cuttolo 2 months ago

    Harry Markopolos doesn't know how to pronounce "Madoff". Even worse, he doesn't know how to pronounce "Markopolos".

  • Bruce Levine
    Bruce Levine 2 months ago

    Its seems that the FCC needs to be investigated and turned upside down there is not enough oversight on all our government agencies there are ti big and data to move !

  • FileThis Information
    FileThis Information 2 months ago +3

    The SEC needs smarter lawyers and are partly responsible. Thank goodness, Harry Markopolos took those math courses!

  • tilitila88
    tilitila88 2 months ago +1

    I would bet $100 that the SEC TODAY has not changed....Useless PRICKS.

  • Fat T
    Fat T 2 months ago

    El Capo worth 50 billion,Madoff stole 50 billion.I think the potus said he was worth how much?

  • RaisedontheRadio
    RaisedontheRadio 2 months ago +2

    Strange how attorney David Boies is being interviewed here about Madoff’s fraud, while later he sat on the board of directors of Theranos, a company that was running a $4 billion medical scam.

  • cocofluff
    cocofluff 2 months ago +2

    Why would you put all your money in one investment? Greed people, greed. Diversify now.

  • cocofluff
    cocofluff 2 months ago +11

    So who at the SEC got fired for their incompetance. Everyone who signed off on closing the case against Madoff should have been fired. They were complicit in his fraud.

  • dbc7772011
    dbc7772011 2 months ago +3

    MADOFF MADE OFF with everyone’s money!

  • Ary Rosh
    Ary Rosh 2 months ago

    greedy clients outsmart by the greediest con man. they never ask questions, what were they thinking? 12% in return every year were makes how? sorry poor people were poor and will remain poor, but they can liven poverty. let see this new poor start to feel what poverty means

  • Oscar Monroy
    Oscar Monroy 2 months ago

    You don’t need calculus and statistics to prove that Bernie was forging documents! LMFAO! 🤪😂

  • Five Star Productions
    Five Star Productions 2 months ago

    Reminds me of the Clinton Foundation.

  • DopeOner The Artist
    DopeOner The Artist 2 months ago

    I think this guy was just a hater. Maddoff was doing dirt but still, this guy ratted on him and didn’t get nothing for it. He’s lucky to even be alive right now, I’m surprise no one put a hit out on this guy.

  • Hayden Adams
    Hayden Adams 2 months ago

    He used greedy people that thought THEY were exclusive and deserved constant gains that everyone else were not getting year after year. Without these character flaws, the scheme would not have worked. Weather they deserved it is a matter of opinion. As his feeder web grew wider there were innocent victims, but the web grew because of the initial greedy base.

  • mike A
    mike A 2 months ago

    The part that left me scratching my head was when the SEC cleared him of insider trading. Did the fact he was actually not doing any trading strike them as odd?

  • Awaken&Chosen
    Awaken&Chosen 2 months ago

    Devils do what devils do..Esau you never change. Smdh

  • Helen Davenport
    Helen Davenport 2 months ago

    try will lose every stupid can you get

  • 469dwj
    469dwj 2 months ago +1

    Biggest problem is SEC is s givernment agency so immediately its corrupt

  • Bodil marie Challand
    Bodil marie Challand 2 months ago

    Respect to you Sir .....I bow to you for your story and for doing a great job 🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹

  • cobtoe
    cobtoe 2 months ago +1

    Another shameless crooked jew who would have guessed

  • Harry Ballz
    Harry Ballz 2 months ago

    Harry is just so unlikeable he talks about a few math classes he did in college. But he did have all the facts and did a great job. Cudos to Harry! Honestly most the stuff was out in the open for years and Harry put it on a silver platter.

  • Overnity
    Overnity 2 months ago

    They all had Plenty, but they wanted more... so Greed itself is its own executioner... Poetic Justice all round... they got wot they deserved

  • R Robin
    R Robin 2 months ago

    If Americans do not vote for Elizabeth Warren for president in 2020, then we deserve more of this abuse from the super rich.

  • lilac
    lilac 2 months ago

    I cannot believe how judgemental people are about the wife who is clearly traumatized by the loss of her husband.

  • molly cruz
    molly cruz 3 months ago

    The click for these investors should have been the 12% return, which at the time was extraordinary. In Costa Rica the Wolf Brothers had a similar scheme going, bilking unwitting expats with a little money and no smarts. They were offering some 37% and when they skipped town, marriages broke up, fortunes were ruined. I lost 5grand to some fly by nights peddling a chemical that absorbed water because one of my graduated students asked me to. It's common I fear, way more than we know. I was threatened by their lawyer over the phone. I appeared at an indictment hearing, but got nothing when they were found out. An expensive lesson I won't repeat.

    TIM RAMM 3 months ago

    Would like this guy to help me with my Maths but then again Common Sence would be more useful to Nieve Investors, I'm surprised there wasn't a cue of guys ready to bust Madoff, any body know exactly what he did with the money

  • beavis4play
    beavis4play 3 months ago

    in the video, it says a man named len forrest was invested for 30 years with madoff - making 12% a year, he had to have SOMETHING - he couldn't be so stupid as to not take some of that over a 30 year period and put it somewhere safe. nobody can be THAT stupid.

  • Tango Bango
    Tango Bango 3 months ago

    $50 BILLION bucks is a lot of money to play games a giant Chess Game moving a $MILLION here a $MILLION there keeping just one move away from getting caught & total collapse. I wonder how many nights Bernie actually slept? Certainly not the way I’d like to live!

  • amy w
    amy w 3 months ago

    love of money is the root of all evil.

  • Craven Morehead
    Craven Morehead 3 months ago

    The biggest Ponzi scheme of all is Social Security.

  • Luan Ly
    Luan Ly 3 months ago

    This guy Markopolos,
    Interviewer: “What if he’s just good?”
    Markopolos: “No one’s that good.”
    Interviewer: “Either way he was doing something illegal.”
    Markopolos: “Either way I knew he was going to prison.”


  • Shafik Bashir
    Shafik Bashir 3 months ago

    Jordan Belfort’s fraud seems like kids stuff compared to Bernie Madoff’s. And the Rothschilds....well....makes you wonder if there could be any truth to ‘Mein Kampf’

  • Mohamed ali
    Mohamed ali 3 months ago


  • Eugenie Isaiah 41:10
    Eugenie Isaiah 41:10 3 months ago

    This is kind of amusing to me - a show about a man who fooled and robbed so many, and yet in this present time a woman’s life is on hold so many can use her as their source of entertainment (taunting her about money she’s entitled to and other personal details that’s none of their business). It’s like the world is one big Ponzi scheme (no one wants to reveal anything - I’m sensing because they think they won’t get a piece of the pie). Hypocrisy. I’ve never heard of a woman who had to interact with/be around her stalkers day in and day out.

  • Keith Risk
    Keith Risk 3 months ago

    The Onion's Michael Falk is a hero.

  • Marty Callmer
    Marty Callmer 3 months ago

    So smart but he can't pronounce Madoff name right I cringe when he says it but I'm glad he was there to figure this criminal out

  • veee1985
    veee1985 3 months ago

    Greed got both sides classic

  • T.C. Kocher
    T.C. Kocher 3 months ago

    I do feel bad for the victims, but only to a point. Before you let anybody handle your life's savings you have to do your due dilligence.
    Also, it doesnt surprise me one but that the SEC were inept at the most basic of tasks.
    Its the government.

    LORDTAI👑 3 months ago

    Jews Trust Jews Too Much

  • Slomofogo
    Slomofogo 3 months ago

    Bernie made off with all of my MONEY!