The Man Who Knew


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  • Steven Watson
    Steven Watson 6 hours ago

    This is why I'm amazed at that people still hold up Banks these days.

  • MrBossdog2
    MrBossdog2 Day ago

    I talked to him in 2009 in Butner 1 for a year straight he said he knew sooner or later he was going down.....I had many many conversations with him day in day out.

  • bryant nonya
    bryant nonya Day ago

    This guy is my hero! Ripping off other rich people, how could you not love him!?! If money is the root of all evil I consider Bernie Madoff to be an anti-hero I can root for!!!

  • Angellos Malefakis

    In review of this video I have to say the SEC is run by whole bunch of idiots, idiots, idiots. As a Wall Street investor I like Harry agree that the market goes up and down. YOU have gains and you have losses over the year. No one bats 900-1000%! That is inconceivable! Those that think so need to get their brains inspected by a doctor. I command Harry my fellow Greek what he did. He did his due diligence. He notified the SEC on numerous, numerous, numerous occasions and the idiots did NOTHING! They thus need to overhaul the SEC for the incompetency. Elementary kids could do better than these idiots! The leadership of the SEC NEED to go to jail and bunk with Madoff.

  • Nonya Busi
    Nonya Busi Day ago

    All those Jews are hellbound anyways.......that's why they are so greedy here now

  • Roger Cobbs
    Roger Cobbs 2 days ago

    Banks still doing it

  • LovingAtlanta
    LovingAtlanta 2 days ago +1

    😔That man said he lost 8 figures!! I lost 5 figures....I knew I would never see a single penny of it when I learned about the size of scope of the scheme!! There were so many people in line ahead of me that lost so much more of their fortunes...I want to tell you something ironic I remember feeling blessed to be able to invest my little earnings with him and I remember feeling so blessed that it was only 5 figures that I lost and not 6,7 or 8 figures like some of the other people. 😔 We’re all still trying to recover from this tragedy and establish a new normal. Blessings to everyone. 💞

  • Honesty First
    Honesty First 2 days ago

    USD is the biggest Ponzi scheme! I.e. printing money to pay off your debit. Federal Reserve has been doing this to the US since 1913.

  • Christina Pankey
    Christina Pankey 2 days ago

    He was killed by the Israeli military along with the deepstate over monitoring the dimona nuclear plant all over Israeli nuclear weapons program

  • desertrose
    desertrose 3 days ago

    Never trust wall street all Jews zionist ponzi scheme.scammer like Madoff, Jewish, zionist

  • Raymond Caylor
    Raymond Caylor 3 days ago

    Why can't the victims get the money back from the various States and US Government they paid in taxes on income they really never made. One couple paid 23 M in taxes over 31 years. Seems to me that the SEC was culpable in the fraud or at least the length and scope of the crime.

  • mocky Steven's
    mocky Steven's 3 days ago +1

    When the deal is too good think twice.........

  • joe 90
    joe 90 3 days ago

    Good story me the money

  • Tim Cantrell
    Tim Cantrell 3 days ago

    SEC isn't any better today.

  • sierra juliet
    sierra juliet 3 days ago

    There was never only one markopolos. The others.
    simply kept quiet. And never
    only onr madoff. Today it's.
    ALL madoff, the FED, the
    chinese ghostcities etc.
    Too big to fail, too big.
    for jail. Trump warned.
    it's all rigged, then he
    shut up when he took.
    power. Gold could go
    sub 1000 and the dow.
    to 50,000 by 2029. Then.
    deja ponzi all over again!

  • Elvira Gomez
    Elvira Gomez 3 days ago

    No doubt he knows Donald Trump

  • Zero Hour
    Zero Hour 3 days ago

    Bernie made-off with a lot of money. Serious, how greedy and demonic can someone be about money? Thievery knows no limits. Like was 1-million not enough? The love of money is demonic, satanic.. because it knows no boundaries. It doesn't care who it hurts, doesn't care if people die because of it.. as long as that old scumbag gets rich.

  • Paul Freeman
    Paul Freeman 4 days ago

    If ppl dont know the WHOLE financial industry of the IMF and UCC, including federal reserve with its fake fort knocks gold, an bank of England an all of the finance industries worldwide built on fiat currency, fractional reserve banking and money built on future debt of the worlds ppl, meet your strawnan video explains well also a video called money as debt may make u see that the world is built on debt slavery bondage just modern day version of old roman empire and wonder what the countries we had war with have in common apart from oil an big corporations wanting contracts??? Well try the fact they were not in the IMF an under UCC rule of roman empire control, that is actually really controlled behind the scenes by Jewish Jesuits including trump to say the least, all bought an paid for with blood sweat an tears quite literally...wonder why charities havent stopped hunger an we still have war?? Well do some research....check out youtube videos called neet your strawnan, money as debt, fractional reserve banking, birth certificate on stock market, birth cert worth millions, how to accept for value, georgia guide stones and agenda 21, also great doc called esoteric agenda, where did the towers go by prof judy.. an any videos next to them...educate yourself on the new world order an who is behind it an why, then u see what Bernie made off did is nothing compared with what is already going on world wide an has always happened on mass in one form or another an will care on happening until like henry ford once said "if the worlds ppl overnight knew how money really works the top government an leading officials in every office would be hanging from lampposts across the world by dawn...or something to that effect another great doc called everything's a rich mans trick from ww1 to 9/11 shows war is a scan an we are just cattle lead to the slaughter by ruling elite classes who have nothing but hate for us an literally class us as cattle, the Jewish elite control the world and their book the Talmud the most disgusting book of hate I have ever cone acros shows how they did it, the learners elders of Zion texts make more sense and an eye opener to say the least, practicing human sacrifice to this day...pedophilia is within their talmud religion and child human trafficking an sacrifice is massive pizzagate covers this and many docs of proof fbi agent goes into detail ted gunderson left fbi for letting elites off with this heinous your eyes ppl.wake up...

  • MattyT33
    MattyT33 4 days ago +1

    It's amazing how many people knew ,Madoff, was running a scam and just turned a blind eye.

  • Misha Rasic
    Misha Rasic 4 days ago


  • Graziano Laudisio
    Graziano Laudisio 5 days ago +2

    The surest way to remain poor is to be an honest man.

    • Honesty First
      Honesty First 2 days ago

      +Graziano Laudisio Being wrong?

    • Graziano Laudisio
      Graziano Laudisio 2 days ago

      +Honesty First So annoying...

    • Honesty First
      Honesty First 2 days ago

      +Graziano Laudisio A quote should be in quotation marks and a citation of the person who said it. You can support it, it doesn't make it factual. There are people who do not have money to burn and they are happy. There are people who have money and they are miserable. Those are facts. People who financially do not have the means to afford to live on their own would be poor. I would like to have a Ferrari. I do not have the resources to acquire it right now. I am not poor! How many people live on government assistance and have $50K plus in the bank? Many! People are only taken advantage of if they allow themselves to be taken advantage of. This world is free if you have not noticed!

    • Graziano Laudisio
      Graziano Laudisio 2 days ago

      +Honesty First It's a quote of Bonaparte and I fully support it. If you are too honest people and organizations (the state) will take advantage of that. Poor is if you do not have the resources to do things you would like to do or achieve.

    • Honesty First
      Honesty First 2 days ago

      It depends on what you think is poor.

  • ohmusicsweetmusic
    ohmusicsweetmusic 5 days ago

    that's funny... youtube thinks this is about 9/11. so anytime a video is talking about "the man who knew" it must be about 9/11? that's rather defensive... hmmmmmm....

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous 5 days ago

    I nominate Harry Markopolos for Director of the SEC.

  • Kevin Diaz-Lane
    Kevin Diaz-Lane 5 days ago

    Actually, The “Federal Reserve” Bank is the biggest financial scam in the history of humanity. It has been fleecing the American people for 105 years and counting - making a very elite group of men exceedingly wealthy and powerful.

  • maoi roca
    maoi roca 6 days ago


  • joe coquerre
    joe coquerre 7 days ago

    i wonder if this guy got any financial rewards after he blew-up Mad-off....???

  • joe coquerre
    joe coquerre 7 days ago

    At 5.19,is this:Roy Lichtenstein Art-Work...???

  • Leif Cid
    Leif Cid 8 days ago

    Don't trust verify
    #bitcoin is #freedom

  • Timelessmusic Familymusic

    Bernie "madoff" last name should have given a hint that he was going to take off with your money.😉

  • TheSlacky775
    TheSlacky775 9 days ago

    When they say that these people lost huge sums of there money was it the imaginary 12% interest on there money that was printed on the statements that they were supposedly making .If they were living on there monthly interest the interest that didn't exist then really they we just spending there own money

  • sirwillsirwill
    sirwillsirwill 11 days ago +1

    I am very disappointed, this video was not 60 minutes

  • mighty whitey
    mighty whitey 11 days ago +1

    Jewish lighting at it's best

  • Tu Maldita Madre
    Tu Maldita Madre 13 days ago +2

    I wish Harry Markopolis would investigate the Wilpons so they could sell the Mets

  • Jeffrey Small
    Jeffrey Small 23 days ago

    My business went under in late 2008 everything luck for me I was young enough too bounce back took ten years

  • nepatriots77
    nepatriots77 23 days ago

    Normal and nonnormal statistics? haha
    Did he mean he understands the normal probability distribution as well as those that are not normal?

  • Jim Kirk
    Jim Kirk 24 days ago +1


    • Jim Kirk
      Jim Kirk 24 days ago


  • Jim Kirk
    Jim Kirk 24 days ago


  • Jim Kirk
    Jim Kirk 24 days ago

    if his name was "MARKOWITZ' instead of "Markopolos", THEN EVERYBODY WOULD HAVE PAID ATTENTION SOONER!!!!

  • Jeremy Reynolds
    Jeremy Reynolds 24 days ago

    Reminds me of trump for some reason.

  • Dirty Slav
    Dirty Slav Month ago

    "no one is that good" - god bless this man

  • Romanov Wrigth
    Romanov Wrigth Month ago


  • Robert Folkner
    Robert Folkner Month ago +1

    One big shock to me was finding out that Madoff targeted charities- and that he did so because charities tend to spend only about 5% of their contributions on targets, and invest the rest.

  • Luciiffeerr
    Luciiffeerr Month ago

    10:03 “Exclusive” hahaha morons .

  • Nyran Stanton
    Nyran Stanton Month ago

    so wheres all the money?

  • Terje Oseberg
    Terje Oseberg Month ago

    Why didn't the SEC get in trouble? Did anyone sue the SEC claiming that they only invested because the results of the SEC investigations made Bernie Madoff appear to be legit?

    • Terje Oseberg
      Terje Oseberg Month ago

      I mean, if the SEC had done their job properly, all these people wouldn't have lost their money, right? So really all this is the SEC's fault.

  • Snaggle Toothed
    Snaggle Toothed Month ago +1

    Nice Orange shirt, patterned tie, Saul Goodman combo, Markopolodopoulos.
    My friends father just spent 3 years away. He was in Butner, NC with Madoff
    and the guy lives like a king. He put away enough cash to make sure the guards
    are happy to bring him fresh food, cigars, even his magazine subscriptions.

  • John Jetson
    John Jetson Month ago

    he just copied the banking system. Banks operate the same way and its legal

  • Parker Barnes
    Parker Barnes Month ago

    we will never see neither of these guys ever again

  • Angus Dorbie
    Angus Dorbie Month ago

    Boies complaining about another's lack of due diligence and being overpaid and enjoying a luxurious lifestyle is amazing to behold. The helped Theranos commit and conceal their billion dollar fraud. He sat on the Theranos board, helped crush a patent holder by falsely alleging theft (destroying his innocent son's career too) and intimidated & bullied everyone and anyone who looked like they might blow the lid off the massive fraud. He even tried to intimidate the Wall Street Journal to stop them publishing the truth about Thernos. Go on Boies, preach some more about due diligence.

  • Dave S.
    Dave S. Month ago

    People who are smart enough to figure out the fraud aren't going to work for peanuts for the SEC they are going to go where the big money is

  • Ch V
    Ch V Month ago

    Is he and are most of the victims are jews?

  • Stephen Kennedy
    Stephen Kennedy 2 months ago

    They should play this all day long in Madoffs cell

  • a64750
    a64750 2 months ago

    SEC is a joke

  • beechie 100
    beechie 100 2 months ago

    all madof was was a bank. see what happens when everyone demands there money all at once from a bank and watch it collapse. i dont see banks getting 150 years

  • Clay Robert
    Clay Robert 2 months ago

    A rare look at a true hero.

  • The Kasolo
    The Kasolo 2 months ago +1

    00:58 crime being committed, filming vertically

  • Black Dot
    Black Dot 2 months ago

    Ooooooooooooooooo "HOW TO CHECK A PIECE OF PAPER" Nasty Burn

  • DreamboyNYC
    DreamboyNYC 2 months ago

    Imagine if Trump had his fortune with Madoff, LOL

  • Brockton Ma.
    Brockton Ma. 2 months ago

    Anyone who got out before 2008 made a fortune. Did they have to give any back? Greed blinded these investors. Who gets 12% EVERY year thinks it’s on the level. Bernie was the only guy who knew how to invest? Come on people. Greed.

  • Son Kim
    Son Kim 2 months ago

    I don't know why the whole world is so upset about him. All financial institutions are the worst criminals. But they have a license. If you take a look at what you get when giving money to a bank and what you have to give as interest when getting money from them - this is just the obvious reason.

  • Amin Yousuf
    Amin Yousuf 2 months ago

    That money can only be in Dubai or Israel.

  • Jagroop Dhillon
    Jagroop Dhillon 2 months ago

    This reminds me of Ackman and Herbalife.

  • Michael J. Ward
    Michael J. Ward 2 months ago

    12% returns are pretty easy IF you know what you're doing but this guy...........what a POS.

  • aaron wasielewski
    aaron wasielewski 2 months ago

    Never invest money in something you do not understand!! Take Dave Ramsey's advice.

  • Eliza Grogan
    Eliza Grogan 2 months ago

    So many people happy to accept unrealistic levels of profit without question. We all know that placing our eggs in 1 basket is a bad idea. There was a level of personal greed involved here. Placing 8 figure sum, representing all your financial assets, in 1 fund is beyond crazy. Countless Jewish people lost everything because they trusted a fellow Jew and didn't do due diligence. We're they all stupid? No. We're they greedy? Some, perhaps.

  • deborah celimene
    deborah celimene 2 months ago

    12% a year ..

  • deborah celimene
    deborah celimene 2 months ago

    This is crazy!

  • mikemoair
    mikemoair 2 months ago

    a trillion dollars SPENT on not so ready shovel ready jobs. no audit, no foul, no crime?

  • dynamite disco danny
    dynamite disco danny 2 months ago

    Follow me in a chant Bernie Bernie Bernie Bernie he is a great man so what couple people got dupped so what they will live

  • dynamite disco danny
    dynamite disco danny 2 months ago

    Why they clapping for this rat I was going down with the ship

  • Ricardo AssLips
    Ricardo AssLips 2 months ago +1

    The guy is brilliant, but he can't pronounce Madoff's name correctly.

    • Alexander Valladares
      Alexander Valladares Month ago

      Ricardo AssLips Que come pincha eres por hacer este comentario estupido!!!!

  • Angela Hagerman
    Angela Hagerman 2 months ago

    How does a fraud like Madoff keep doing what he's doing...No all Madoff did was look up to his ceiling

  • Angela Hagerman
    Angela Hagerman 2 months ago

    Maybe FCC was being paid off

  • allornothing432
    allornothing432 2 months ago

    Shouldn't invest more than you are willing to lose. I don't think Bernie Madoff is a bad person, he got out of his depth, in a world where everyone is looking for "the deal" he played the role with the intention of becoming the deal. He's not morally evil like a murderer, serial killer etc... I feel sorry for him and his family and of course all his victims. But its just money people! Also if you're going to throw the victim's situations back at me, I refer you to my opening statement.

    xZANZIBARZx 3 months ago

    Dirty j00. What else do we expect from the synagogue of Satan? Revelations 2:9...
    His entire family should be made an example of. So no more will da goyim be extorted. Oy vey...

  • Louis Hamilton
    Louis Hamilton 3 months ago

    Largest financial fraud, DEEZ NUTS!

  • Dakhari Bonner
    Dakhari Bonner 3 months ago


  • John Smith
    John Smith 3 months ago

    6:20 The SEC must have been on Madoff's payroll

  • Giant49erWarrior
    Giant49erWarrior 3 months ago

    Hes just a hater

  • Michael Kuntz
    Michael Kuntz 3 months ago +1

    That is a very intelligent man there. Highest respect he deserves.

  • poodlegirl55
    poodlegirl55 3 months ago

    A very intelligent man.

  • Ben Wolf
    Ben Wolf 3 months ago +1

    Hold on his name is Markopolos? as in Marko-Polos? "found" the biggest Ponzi scheme?

  • Rick O'Shay
    Rick O'Shay 3 months ago

    extreme greed sometimes gets you extreme poverty

  • Rodney Pratt
    Rodney Pratt 3 months ago

    A baseball player hitting 960 for a year you would suspect cheating immediately... I love that line

  • Scott Reynolds
    Scott Reynolds 3 months ago

    these people should have had their money in a bank with FDIC insured coverage! their greed cost them their fortunes! they weren't crying when they were getting paid for years!!

  • Clay Robert
    Clay Robert 3 months ago

    The SEC should have been dismantled after this occurred. Clearly an organization that was criminally complicit at a minimum.

  • tellurye
    tellurye 3 months ago

    Id like to know why not a single member of the SEC was ever fired, sanctioned, fined, or arrested. They didnt do their job. Had they, this would have been stopped much sooner.

  • wanelly
    wanelly 3 months ago

    Life lesson; never ever invest in anything that you don’t understand. Doing so, is gambling and that’s not an investment...

  • Lora Who
    Lora Who 3 months ago

    I hate Stitch Fix. I would never buy just because of all the stupid ads.

  • Michael Moretti
    Michael Moretti 3 months ago

    The EVERYTHING into a SINGLE investment fund that was showing returns that were obviously too good to be true? I don't have a whole lot of sympathy for them.

  • Deb Parks
    Deb Parks 4 months ago

    An incredibly smart guy and yet he can't pronounce Madoff correctly.

  • Mel Flo
    Mel Flo 4 months ago

    Where did he Madoff, hide billion of dollars?
    One man scammed billions that long and nobody knew about this?

  • Buzzchoppr23
    Buzzchoppr23 4 months ago

    No ones that GOOD.

  • Chip VanderJagt
    Chip VanderJagt 4 months ago

    There's one born every minute. Anyone who believes they will never lose over a period of 20 years is just greedy. 12% a year every year, c'mon. Buyer beware.

  • kathleen smith
    kathleen smith 4 months ago

    This is a joke -- the SEC knew what Madoff was doing -- so did JP Morgan who did his banking -- it is all a lie. We don't have markets -- we have fake rigged garbage.

  • trackydog
    trackydog 4 months ago

    Your Gum Mint at work.

  • Sebastian Dabrowski
    Sebastian Dabrowski 4 months ago


  • Khris Khristie
    Khris Khristie 5 months ago

    Yet people still vote Republican

  • diane long
    diane long 5 months ago

    A lot of white collar crimes Go unnoticed because they are white privileged men SMDH

  • Mary Irby
    Mary Irby 5 months ago

    Many greedy people out there, remember money can't buy you happiness!