I Hit 3,000-Year-Old Art with a Hammer

  • Published on Aug 13, 2018
  • The White Horse, in Uffington, is one of the oldest surviving works of art in Britain: carved into a hillside in Oxfordshire 3,000 years ago. Every year, it's rechalked by volunteers co-ordinated through the National Trust, a line of maintenance going back to before England had written history.
    Thanks to all the National Trust team! If you're free over the August bank holiday and fancy helping out, here's the link! www.nationaltrust.org.uk/events/9220f3c2-d50f-4a9e-9063-8d9346ed5da9/pages/details
    Thanks to Ian from IanVisits for giving the tipoff - he makes a cameo in this one! www.ianvisits.co.uk/
    Camera by Paul (@cr3) - he also makes a cameo!
    Edit by Michelle Martin (@mrsmmartin) - who doesn't make a cameo.
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  • Tom Scott
    Tom Scott  7 months ago +5114

    I was worried that the title of this video was clickbait, but no, I am literally hitting 3,000-year-old art with a hammer.

    • GeekWorthy
      GeekWorthy Day ago

      No, it's totally F'ing clickbait

    • Deogratias8
      Deogratias8 Month ago

      nice video this is my homework for the school i go to

    • Lance Nostrum
      Lance Nostrum Month ago

      Well you’re hitting something against a 3,000 year old artwork

    • Marko Zajc
      Marko Zajc 2 months ago

      Literally my thoughts

    • Channel Czarovski
      Channel Czarovski 3 months ago

      edutainment clickbait tho!

  • SoTyp Me
    SoTyp Me 3 days ago

    Why are drones not allowed?

  • Eine kleine Nachtmusik

    Wouldn't it be ironic if it was the ancestors of modern Germans that created it. And by the way... that ain't a horse. I don't care if they've been calling it a horse since the 1700's, nope, not a horse.

  • Sydney Thomas
    Sydney Thomas 19 days ago

    T'aint what a horse looks like, it's what a horse be

  • TheSuomi
    TheSuomi 22 days ago +1

    So people have repaired it for 3000 years?

  • spyrolad
    spyrolad 26 days ago

    ao awesome that people keep coming together to preserve something like this for thousands of years

  • J A
    J A 29 days ago

    It looks like it was once much larger and a bit has grown over already right about where you were sitting.

  • Sebastian A
    Sebastian A Month ago

    I mean it's clickbait, but it's not

  • jean luke
    jean luke Month ago

    Well that’s nice, Probably something left over when the Rome ruled Britian. Meanwhile, evil people in USA are destroying American history because they are self-righteous a-holes.

  • Groovy Games
    Groovy Games Month ago

    its in FH4

  • MarbleSwan666
    MarbleSwan666 Month ago +1

    0:41 to 0:53 out of context

  • Josh
    Josh Month ago

    Little do we know this could've just been graffiti in the olden times.

  • Mr. Woof
    Mr. Woof Month ago

    So they keep art preserved by smashing it. Out of context, that sounds impossible, but in context, it sounds brilliant.

  • Musicjax
    Musicjax Month ago

    mad lad

  • Chris Adels
    Chris Adels Month ago

    that's the evidence - Aliens are real

  • Ceremco - Magician In Bali

    Why can't you fly a drone over it?

  • Isaac Dahlvang
    Isaac Dahlvang Month ago

    Very cool!

  • Chris Daniels
    Chris Daniels Month ago

    I don’t think so. I think it lasts thousands of years oh just want as white as the chock your using

  • Chris Daniels
    Chris Daniels Month ago

    Isn’t there a giant in the land like that with a great big penis made the same way?

  • Chris Daniels
    Chris Daniels Month ago

    Your not allowed to fly a drone over it ?

  • Samuel Tibbitts
    Samuel Tibbitts Month ago


  • BiskviLover 3096
    BiskviLover 3096 2 months ago +1

    Absolute madlad

  • Krokiecikk L3m0
    Krokiecikk L3m0 2 months ago

    Nie wolno niszczyć zabytkóe

  • Grant Gryczan
    Grant Gryczan 2 months ago +1

    But what if the art was originally to symbolize something terrible?

  • SteveMutt
    SteveMutt 2 months ago +1

    Tom Scott is Fix It Felix Jr. CONFIRMED!

  • Smithson TV
    Smithson TV 2 months ago

    I can see that from my school

  • Derpidude
    Derpidude 2 months ago +1

    I read this as “I hit a 3 year old with a hammer”

  • Fist_punch95
    Fist_punch95 2 months ago

    Looks like a horse

  • Drew Gossett
    Drew Gossett 2 months ago

    Dumb clickbait. Verified.

  • Systox25
    Systox25 2 months ago

    Just found this horse in Forza Horizon 4

  • Services Mr.Cương
    Services Mr.Cương 2 months ago


  • Fathin Luqman Tantowi
    Fathin Luqman Tantowi 2 months ago +1

    this can be a way to preserve biohazard/ radioactive waste, by putting an art on top of it so ppl is reluctant to dig

    • Echo
      Echo 2 months ago

      Fathin Luqman Tantowi bad idea, then you'd get people flocking to a radioacrive waste dump just to look at art. More likelihood of it being tampered with.

  • Melanie Kirkland
    Melanie Kirkland 2 months ago

    I can answear the questions from the begining.
    People who live 3000 years ago
    People who found reason - most likely religous - to make a giant chalk horse on a hill

  • Federico Olivares
    Federico Olivares 2 months ago

    Art was so metal back in the day... like "you want to keep it looking well? Hit with a hammer" i tried doing that to the mona lisa and well... havent returned to the louvre or france at all for that matter....

  • 00DiamondBlack
    00DiamondBlack 2 months ago

    absolute madlad

  • KidZniper
    KidZniper 2 months ago

    But why?

  • DauntingKitty
    DauntingKitty 3 months ago

    *S M A S H L I K E*

  • Yitz
    Yitz 3 months ago +1

    wonder if H. P. Lovecraft knew about this...

  • H72david
    H72david 3 months ago

    My dad hits me like that too

  • Gero 1556
    Gero 1556 3 months ago

    Why couldn’t you fly a drone over it .

  • joh joh
    joh joh 3 months ago

    if they pounded it to more of a course powder it would probably help with erosion.

  • FlintSparked
    FlintSparked 3 months ago

    British overdrive.

  • Matthew Wade
    Matthew Wade 3 months ago

    Why can't you fly a drone over it?

  • Superex111
    Superex111 3 months ago

    Best clickbait ever

  • 동첸임니다
    동첸임니다 3 months ago

    This is the sort of thing that would be great on a sunny day with a group friends as something to do while chatting. A better version of having a TV on in the background.

  • ChaikaFace
    ChaikaFace 3 months ago

    With all that smashing of new chalks can we really say that it is the same artwork from 3000 years? Or it is a new artwork hence it is NOT 3000 years old?
    It is another example of a Theseus' Ship.

  • viguime
    viguime 3 months ago

    Super Smash Horse

  • Gleamiarts
    Gleamiarts 3 months ago

    I read this as 'I hit a 3-year-old with a hammer' and was very confused

  • Professional Yeeter
    Professional Yeeter 3 months ago

    Wait wont it rain

  • Geta Life
    Geta Life 3 months ago

    weird flex but ok

  • J A
    J A 3 months ago

    Awww you cheeky little thing

  • I’m_Dank_Don’t_Judge
    I’m_Dank_Don’t_Judge 3 months ago +1

    The Wiltshire one is better

  • Joe Simpson
    Joe Simpson 3 months ago

    Not allowed to fly a drone over? Wow lame

  • zIHaXSaWIz
    zIHaXSaWIz 3 months ago

    Lovely b&q buckets 😂

  • Mach One
    Mach One 3 months ago

    Fascinating, never knew about this

  • TomaattiKeitto
    TomaattiKeitto 3 months ago


  • TreeTwoWon
    TreeTwoWon 3 months ago


  • Landon J Powell
    Landon J Powell 3 months ago

    So every year, this is going to change slightly? Maybe 3000 years ago it resembled a horse.

  • Bojko
    Bojko 3 months ago

    Weird flex but ok

  • Hrithik
    Hrithik 3 months ago

    What if it rains

  • The Humin
    The Humin 4 months ago


  • B Rumm
    B Rumm 4 months ago

    You don't need a tower to make a big complicated figure, as evidenced by crop circles made manually without having any view from above.

  • Nemesi
    Nemesi 4 months ago

    What a therapeutic thing to do... wouldn't mind doing that myself

  • Jake
    Jake 4 months ago

    Nerds are the best kind of people. "Just you watch, I'm gonna smash this art!" "...it's actually helping to preserve it"

  • Bad Meme
    Bad Meme 4 months ago

    Imagine how proud its creators would probably be

  • Uni Realm
    Uni Realm 4 months ago

    While trying to recreate this art I accidentally built a barracks and militia are spawning non stop. Send help

  • Arvind Sami
    Arvind Sami 4 months ago

    The White horse hill is also listed as one the 100 hardest bike climbs in England. It is also known as dragon hill.

  • Huntz Kushe
    Huntz Kushe 4 months ago


  • Ido Moshe
    Ido Moshe 4 months ago

    Clickbait game strong.

  • ShockwaveGaming 26
    ShockwaveGaming 26 4 months ago

    Smashing video

  • James
    James 4 months ago

    How about we try explaining why camera files are called DSC... etc mad capn Tom?

  • Dusty Peter
    Dusty Peter 4 months ago

    Mad lad

  • Luke Pickering
    Luke Pickering 4 months ago +1

    I would volunteer to help preserve it but I live across the water in Northern Ireland :(

    EVILBUNNY28 4 months ago +1

    What if this turns out to be one giant prank that’s actually 3000 years in the making

  • Cuppa Tea
    Cuppa Tea 4 months ago

    Mad Lad

  • giorgio marchetti
    giorgio marchetti 4 months ago

    clikbait title

  • ACED
    ACED 4 months ago +1

    Oh...so that was what that thing was...

  • Elijah rulz
    Elijah rulz 4 months ago

    Imagine someone finding a Coca Cola logo in the ground, and they don’t know what it means but they make sure it’s maintained for thousands for years not knowing what it means.

  • Dan Dart
    Dan Dart 4 months ago

    Everybody talks about the horse, but nobody seems to talk about the Cerne Abbas Giant...

  • Eralp Akpınar
    Eralp Akpınar 4 months ago

    Well its not clickbait

  • Cap673
    Cap673 4 months ago

    Technically the truth

  • Poro Snacks
    Poro Snacks 4 months ago

    I would also hit that like button 😀

  • Louis Bloice
    Louis Bloice 4 months ago

    Hello Tom. Really enjoying your channel.
    Please could you do a video on Mutford Lock in Oulton Broad. As far as I'm aware its the only marine lock with 4 sets of gates due to being tidal on both sides of the lock. Thanks.

  • Envy West
    Envy West 4 months ago

    Wish you could show drone footage

    MIND NOVA 4 months ago

    We should leave it alone.

  • Dapstart
    Dapstart 4 months ago

    Xtc- English settlement

  • gferrol118
    gferrol118 4 months ago

    I can just imagine if the Trojan horse was done like this

  • Mishanya Mishanya
    Mishanya Mishanya 4 months ago

    Hey, did you know that Melbourne in Australia used to be called Batman city, after a john batman

  • Davi Gurgel
    Davi Gurgel 4 months ago


  • Individous
    Individous 4 months ago

    Tom Scott, what do you actually do that gives you the ability to involve in all those diverse projects and show them off to the world?
    I know that you are also part of the youtube channel "Computerphile" but that doesn't explain why you are all over the place.
    It is fascinating to see how many different things you get to see and learn about. especially things that I have never heard of, in most cases.
    So what do you do for a living?
    Great videos, keep on.

  • Can I get 1 million subs plz

    I love seeing Tom smash a horse.

  • Steven McCullagh
    Steven McCullagh 5 months ago

    I'd love to know more about that sunlight detector developed by Oxford University.

  • juanker52
    juanker52 5 months ago

    The title made it twice as good

  • Robbie Steel
    Robbie Steel 5 months ago

    Please go to jail after this :P

  • evanna11
    evanna11 5 months ago

    Helps me picture some stuff for lethal white a lot better, thanks :)

  • Alex Landherr
    Alex Landherr 5 months ago

    I’ve read about it. Nice seeing it on video!

  • Carlos E
    Carlos E 5 months ago

    I expected you to destroy it!

  • mrbearbear83
    mrbearbear83 5 months ago

    Can't fly a drone over it, but can smash it with a hammer

  • Dylan P
    Dylan P 5 months ago

    Stop... Hammer time!

  • ZRkillerBUSH
    ZRkillerBUSH 5 months ago +1

    They actually added this piece of art to Forza Horizon 4!