Can you name 8 songs played on the weird Otamatone?

  • Published on Jan 4, 2019
  • Wacky and weird electronic musical instrument!
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    Have you ever wondered what a music note made of silicone would sound like if you squeezed its cheeks and it vomited out sound? Pick up the Otamatone and wonder no more!
    This eighth note noisemaker creates electronic tones that you can control based on the position of your finger on the metal fretboard. Use a switch on the back to choose an octave and slip your fingers up and down to adjust the pitch of the note. Open Otamatone's mouth with a squeeze to change the sound's intensity. With finesse, you can transform this strange sonic toy from an oddball gizmo to a virtuoso's instrument.
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Comments • 2 514

  • RockytheKidd 009
    RockytheKidd 009 Day ago +1


  • IcedOutGORILA
    IcedOutGORILA Day ago

    My friend has one of those and kept playing it in my ear in resource

  • Motzer Alles Mist
    Motzer Alles Mist 2 days ago

    This replaces Saxophones !
    Coltrane would use only this one !

  • SPACE !
    SPACE ! 2 days ago +1

    The first one is Africa like at the very beginning

  • Lucy The dog
    Lucy The dog 2 days ago

    Y don’t u play and OOK-U-LAY-LAY

  • TaEKwOnDO POtAtO
    TaEKwOnDO POtAtO 3 days ago

    Looks like a giant sperm and a note had a baby

  • Jon T
    Jon T 3 days ago


  • Maybe Anderson
    Maybe Anderson 4 days ago

    Where is it on Spotify

  • Rosa Cabrera
    Rosa Cabrera 4 days ago

    Can someone tell me the song he was playin in the intro🤨

  • Zachery Dominguez
    Zachery Dominguez 5 days ago

    Technically you're playing Hermetico by Balkan Beatbox at 1:53.

  • mooble
    mooble 5 days ago

    he is doing it so badly

  • Sadnezz
    Sadnezz 5 days ago

    I need it
    And I need it now

  • Matt Porter
    Matt Porter 6 days ago

    Is the one you are playing in the video the one from the link? Just $22.50? It looks like it's pretty good quality.

  • Josh Yufest
    Josh Yufest 8 days ago

    My fav song is seven nation army

  • ᴠɪsᴇʀʏs Pᴏᴛᴛᴇʀ

    the titanic one XDDDDD

  • Cheese_Whiz Frankie
    Cheese_Whiz Frankie 8 days ago +3

    The White Stripes

  • CravingAce945(5)
    CravingAce945(5) 9 days ago

    Uh, basically me trying to sing?

  • CravingAce945(5)
    CravingAce945(5) 9 days ago

    Uh, basically me trying to sing

  • Comander Flipzer
    Comander Flipzer 9 days ago


  • Magician 1414
    Magician 1414 10 days ago

    Me when I got high grades 3:59

  • Kai Hogg
    Kai Hogg 10 days ago

    I love queen ❣

  • Mei’s Lullaby
    Mei’s Lullaby 11 days ago

    *what a mood*

  • gnamp
    gnamp 11 days ago

    Mustang Lounge guy is such a pantywaste.

  • Bedwardt
    Bedwardt 11 days ago

    They make it to damn obvious they are cutting, telling him the answer, and he acts like he is the smartest man alive. Let them play legit.

  • Trashy Potato
    Trashy Potato 11 days ago

    That sounds painful

  • Juliet Dietrich
    Juliet Dietrich 11 days ago +1

    When you’re taking a poop and a big piece of 💩 splashes everywhere 1:42

  • Marika Chikvaidze
    Marika Chikvaidze 12 days ago

    my head hurts danny!!!

  • T e o
    T e o 12 days ago +1

    He shloud buy airpods he poor..

  • Giraffe Man
    Giraffe Man 13 days ago +1

    It's been 1 year since I heard a tune on youtube. Since then, I'm still trying to figure out which song it is.

  • Dragon
    Dragon 13 days ago

    The smells like team spirit was so "accurate"

  • Moo moo Rules!
    Moo moo Rules! 13 days ago

    The otamatone is only good if someone special plays it he's pretty real and yeah, gg

  • luke mansell
    luke mansell 13 days ago

    2:14 what i sung when thanos snapped his fingers

  • gonzalo salles
    gonzalo salles 14 days ago

    Looks like something deidara would make

  • PoPPinJoker
    PoPPinJoker 14 days ago

    2:31 Fuslie...

  • Paige Kuhnmuench
    Paige Kuhnmuench 14 days ago

    sometimes i forget you guys are here in st louis so seeing the vid of you guys in the mall was like ...??? wtf ???

  • Azurafied
    Azurafied 14 days ago

    Was expecting the "Let's Go" song

  • Xx f and n xX
    Xx f and n xX 14 days ago +2

    Hey, why did you steal my GUITAR???!!!

  • Gavin Veinot
    Gavin Veinot 14 days ago

    Dongle life

  • Sushii uwu
    Sushii uwu 14 days ago

    *_saw this thing on the internet the other day. Of course Vat19 made it.._*

  • Lilly Yan
    Lilly Yan 14 days ago +2

    Someone play we are number one on this

  • asaf sivan
    asaf sivan 15 days ago

    What is the song in the start

  • Kirsten Fisher
    Kirsten Fisher 15 days ago

    Plays *thomas the dank engine*

  • Connor Brown
    Connor Brown 15 days ago +9

    Smells like teen spirit, but it sure doesn't sound like it.

  • EAS Mocker
    EAS Mocker 15 days ago

    Eh, he's no sully g

  • TheOCuber
    TheOCuber 15 days ago

    a kid brought that to my school one day and played it a little in gym, pretty cool

  • albert christian Aczon
    albert christian Aczon 16 days ago +4

    Wait a minute nobody mentioned queen

  • Disco Autismo
    Disco Autismo 16 days ago

    Uh oh one of you all should grab therealsullyg

  • HD HD
    HD HD 16 days ago

    Is this copyright

  • Baneeh 96
    Baneeh 96 16 days ago

    0:41 kill me

  • Taylor’s Show
    Taylor’s Show 16 days ago

    I got most of them. I need friends. I was so happy when they played queen♥️...

  • What am i Doing
    What am i Doing 16 days ago

    3:24 is kind of adorable for some reason the sound the otamotone makes is cute

  • Tomm Ed
    Tomm Ed 17 days ago

    Oh it's thesexymansaxagram playing the saxotone in the end!

  • Milli & Molly
    Milli & Molly 17 days ago

    Why is vat 19 getting worse and worser.

  • Mcrayfish _
    Mcrayfish _ 17 days ago +1

    I’m in an extension music class in my school and everyone has to play an instrument
    My teacher asked me what I played and I said...

    I played the otomatone

    So now I have to play an otomotone in a band in my yearly school concert

    • Daniel Irvine
      Daniel Irvine 16 days ago

      Mcrayfish _ fuck. Yes. Remember to film and post.

  • Absurd memes
    Absurd memes 17 days ago +1

    my mom walked in my room she thought I was dying🤣

  • R3l3ntlessCow
    R3l3ntlessCow 17 days ago

    Oh never mind I thought this was an obamatone

  • ThisIsSpyCrab So yeah
    ThisIsSpyCrab So yeah 17 days ago

    It only hurts if you’re playing it badly.

  • 〖 ꧁ Яιcε ꧂ 〗

    Me trying to play my violin

  • ya fav boi Ur boi Lindel

    I want

  • DrLuquid
    DrLuquid 17 days ago

    are those airpods with wires?? wtf is that

  • Nenita Rebullo
    Nenita Rebullo 18 days ago +3

    *Justin Bieber has left the chat*

    HARD SHI 18 days ago

    White people

  • tijmen wubben
    tijmen wubben 18 days ago

    What was de first one that didnt count for guess the tune it went tu tu tu tu tu tuuuuuuuuuuuu tu tu tu tu tu tuuuuuuuuuuu

  • James
    James 18 days ago

    thanks you idiots, now I don’t get an otamatone because my mom thinks it’s stupid because you played it horribly. thanks a lot.

  • Azylia RBLX
    Azylia RBLX 18 days ago

    When Ben was singing Another One Bites the Dust I cringed.

  • Emily A.R.M.Y 영원히

    *Play Despacito*

  • Jo
    Jo 18 days ago

    Guys, we found a real life music note from Mario kart 8

  • uri Marisuto
    uri Marisuto 18 days ago

    I LOVE THE FIRST SONG! XD also the second one.

  • Lucian Begley
    Lucian Begley 18 days ago

    I got #1, #2, #3, #5, #6, #7, and #8

  • Star Wars Brick builder

    I love Africa

  • Eli The youtuber
    Eli The youtuber 19 days ago


  • Justmike
    Justmike 19 days ago

    Otamatone play despacito

  • Ranisha Ramphal
    Ranisha Ramphal 19 days ago

    🔴🔵🔴🔵🔴🔵🔴🔵🔴🔵🔴 scroll fast but not to fast

  • Ranisha Ramphal
    Ranisha Ramphal 19 days ago


  • Thunder Cunt
    Thunder Cunt 19 days ago

    Imagine like someone would pull out their Otomatone and play a duet with him

  • Kyler And Mad Fan_1
    Kyler And Mad Fan_1 20 days ago +32

    At 0:58 I Thought He Was Gonna Play We Are Number One Lol

  • Einaras Vaisvila
    Einaras Vaisvila 20 days ago

    Can I have some subs pls

  • i exist because twigs exist

    meeeeh meh meeeeh

  • potato lord
    potato lord 21 day ago

    My teacher was asking us about what would you do for an independent music study in music class and I jokingly said oh I would learn how to play the otamatone and he asked me what that was so in class we watch this video for about a minute of it because I recommended Vat19's. It was so weird.

  • Blue
    Blue 21 day ago


  • Damian Lemman
    Damian Lemman 21 day ago

    Careless whisers

  • Damian Lemman
    Damian Lemman 21 day ago

    Acdc again

  • Damian Lemman
    Damian Lemman 21 day ago

    I love 1 and 2

  • Kazotsky
    Kazotsky 21 day ago

    silly singing synthesizer that vomits out musical notes

  • Samantha Weber
    Samantha Weber 21 day ago +3

    It took me like 30 minutes to watch a 4:44 minute video bc I kept laughing and pausing and rewinding it

  • Vincent Lin
    Vincent Lin 21 day ago

    Why no megalovania

  • MrKilr HD
    MrKilr HD 22 days ago


  • Jeff DL
    Jeff DL 22 days ago +1

    i did not know any of these songs lol

  • Payton Rowley
    Payton Rowley 22 days ago

    I loved the ending so much

  • Braedan R.
    Braedan R. 22 days ago

    I didn't have sound on at first, and I still knew exactly what was playing.

  • waltdisney566
    waltdisney566 23 days ago

    How is he so good at the Otamatone though?

  • Louisj123
    Louisj123 23 days ago +1

    2:35 rip headphone users

  • Leah Cadeau
    Leah Cadeau 23 days ago

    I played this for my guinea pig and it ran away

  • Jay Cab
    Jay Cab 23 days ago

    You all obviously haven’t heard “” or “TheRealSullyG” both awesome Otamatone Players on TVclip! Actually makes awesome music using an Otamatone! 😎😁😂

  • C4 Phoenix Gaming
    C4 Phoenix Gaming 23 days ago

    2:41 the face of i just farted but I am going to pretend i didn’t and play it off.

  • a girl named brett
    a girl named brett 23 days ago

    lol the end is perfect

  • Kary Simpson
    Kary Simpson 23 days ago

    When played Queen I sung the rest of the song I need help I am addicted

  • Doris Hensley
    Doris Hensley 23 days ago

    I have to sing another one bites the dust for chorus and Africa witch was the intro song

  • Roped TV
    Roped TV 23 days ago

    sounds grim