Violent 22 Year Old Head Chef Rates His Own Food 5 out of 10! | Kitchen Nightmares


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  • Winnie Lin
    Winnie Lin 3 hours ago

    A man should never put his hands on a woman. BUT, what she said to him was just mean and hurtful. It just puts someone down, so of course he’s going to get upset. Why didn’t her mother step in and say to her “hey, be respectful. That’s not ok.”

  • Samuel Callejo
    Samuel Callejo 5 hours ago

    That's one self-aware chef

  • Jules Huxley
    Jules Huxley 4 days ago

    22 and a hairline like that...tough break

  • Julia Ross
    Julia Ross 5 days ago

    Ramsey's forehead wrinkles are sooooo bad oh my

  • Elizabeth Cox
    Elizabeth Cox 7 days ago


  • That was SAVAGE
    That was SAVAGE 8 days ago

    Yanks. 😂😂

  • MeatRocket99
    MeatRocket99 11 days ago

    women always think they can say anything with no consequence, then when they get punched they cry like babies and are the victim

  • Arko Biswas
    Arko Biswas 13 days ago +1

    :-Don't make fun of my wall
    :- It's hideous😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Saddam Hussein
    Saddam Hussein 15 days ago

    That little soy boy shit can only beat up girls and only barely.

    • El Manic
      El Manic 12 days ago

      Thank you for your service

  • ocBTyga
    ocBTyga 15 days ago

    cuz its true
    noone likes you

    loool savage!

  • my name is nobody
    my name is nobody 17 days ago

    And they wonder why he reacts.
    They think they can just pile shit upon shit upon shit on a man and then blame him when he gets angry

  • Syzrl Anwr
    Syzrl Anwr 18 days ago

    He looks like the nerd in your classroom and you wanted to punch him in the face .. with a chair .. with nails on it

  • odd0odium
    odd0odium 20 days ago

    The daughter is a crazy bitch.

  • Neatoz
    Neatoz 21 day ago

    watch these videos but only listen to the sound effects in the back

  • mamisonyas
    mamisonyas 22 days ago

    Janelle reminds me of Emma Stone

  • Moshy
    Moshy 22 days ago

    22? Jeez god really cursed him

  • Cam
    Cam 22 days ago

    At least he's honest. Most are in denial on this show.

  • halfmoon26
    halfmoon26 23 days ago

    maybe he stopped doing what she was asking him to do

  • John Smiths
    John Smiths 23 days ago

    22 with a 40 year olds man hair line 😂

  • R B
    R B 23 days ago

    This prove the point, that if you are small town, you're not going to get "Gordon Ramsey" quality of food = Fail.

  • mustafa chey
    mustafa chey 25 days ago

    Like always, a whore pushes all the wrong buttons, insults him on the worst possible way, is disrespectful and thinks, that she can get away with it. what a bitch.

  • VillaFanFTW
    VillaFanFTW 27 days ago

    So she couldn't find a chef while employing him and let him go when she found someone? She's an idiot.

  • 9BeastKing
    9BeastKing 27 days ago +1

    But you dated his crazy ass what does that say about you? smh Janelle and girls like her get on my nerves.

  • newlend six
    newlend six 28 days ago

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  • Jacob O'Keefe
    Jacob O'Keefe 28 days ago

    Is this in woodland park Colorado??

  • topopops
    topopops 28 days ago

    22 looks old af

  • topopops
    topopops 28 days ago

    Was it an Italian restaurant she opened up?

  • Hardin Origins
    Hardin Origins 29 days ago

    "IT'S true though, no one likes you"
    Bitch deserves that punch

  • Internet Queer
    Internet Queer Month ago

    Janelle is just an attention whore

  • steve Kos
    steve Kos Month ago +1

    someone should say that about gordon's house if he's going to be so rude and immature about someone's wall at their restaurant.

  • CJ Williams
    CJ Williams Month ago

    I swoon whenever I hear Ramsey say "darling"😍❤

  • The Deans
    The Deans Month ago

    Trevor suffers from LFLP Syndrome. Little Guy Little Penis Syndrome.

  • Aniv Khawaunju
    Aniv Khawaunju Month ago

    he just confessed on television

  • anime pl
    anime pl Month ago


  • 202cardline
    202cardline Month ago +1

    Only nino can save me now I swear

  • conner tamane
    conner tamane Month ago

    cuz he thinks hes a god

  • petrol devo
    petrol devo Month ago

    She doesent fire him because he's the only one who will work for 10 bucks an hour...

  • DeathAero
    DeathAero Month ago

    I think hes mad all the time cuz no chick wouldnt suk his pee pee

  • Darth B00b
    Darth B00b Month ago

    That poor girl, someone tell her to get a hold of me ill treat her the way a man suppose to treat a woman, by taking her out on a real date ill even cook her dinner too

  • ThaBaronDK
    ThaBaronDK Month ago

    Why does the inside of that Italian restaurant look like the interior of my local Wendy's?

  • Gay Little Boy666
    Gay Little Boy666 Month ago

    My God her daughter needs her ass kicked,,,no wonder the chef is the way he is,,,psycho red head

  • ehwren
    ehwren Month ago

    Janel is a bitch!!! Lol

  • PlatinumEagleStudio's

    Fucking savage Gordon at 1:50 "I love my wall, don't make fun of my wall". Gordon: "Good no, no, its uhhh..........Its hideous" LMAO

  • AJ Productions
    AJ Productions Month ago

    I think that man is a lad

  • Zulfar 3232
    Zulfar 3232 Month ago

    Gordon: "But somehow the food tastes good"
    Woman:"It does turn out good"
    Gordon: "How is that possible"
    Woman: "Because we haven't changed anything for four years"
    This conversation literally explains everything wrong with every kitchen nightmares restaurant. They don't change shit when things go south.

  • PeaceMakerDJ 13
    PeaceMakerDJ 13 Month ago

    Better than twilight

  • Jeanette Miranda
    Jeanette Miranda Month ago

    Janelle instigating n talking shit was so extra.

  • Џон Мастерман

    What an idiot girl, no one in their right mide cares what that dude does in his spate time, he's a chef and quality if his service is all that matters here.. Such a stupid cunt

  • Tennao
    Tennao Month ago

    Trevor is unappreciated in his time

  • ChaoticSerenity
    ChaoticSerenity Month ago +1

    The real problem is the owner, who not only allows tension to build amidst her stuff to the point of a fight, but then fails to act decisively when somebody escalates it to physical violence. Any manager worth their salt would’ve fired him then and there. Her comments to him were nasty, but if you’ve got a cook who outright admits he doesn’t treat people right and gets violent when somebody dishes it back, he’s not mature enough to be working in a high stress environment.

  • GMR315
    GMR315 2 months ago +1

    Talk about trash.

  • mari brenner
    mari brenner 2 months ago

    You don't just OPEN an Italian Restaurant!! OMG! What an imbecile!! From Italia with no love, greedy loser!!

  • Christina
    Christina 2 months ago

    Season six episode 5 You're Welcome

  • Frank deluca
    Frank deluca 2 months ago

    The restaurant may be gone but the young Zuckerman lookin douchebag is out there effin up some other business...guaranteed.

  • Jeremy Abraham
    Jeremy Abraham 2 months ago

    Why did Jannele work there then?! Why would you work with someone who almost punched you?!? WHY?!?

  • LaMASIA 5611
    LaMASIA 5611 2 months ago

    Well at least he’s honest

  • Lizzy Bee
    Lizzy Bee 2 months ago

    Jenelle seems like the type to start shit. She seems petty

  • Vernon Hector
    Vernon Hector 2 months ago

    22 year old head a wunderkind

  • Lord Munchkin
    Lord Munchkin 2 months ago

    Is this Kitchen Nightmares or the Jerremy Kyle show?

  • Jesus Roselly
    Jesus Roselly 2 months ago

    I lived in co springs for 3 years, the independent restaraunts didn't exist or they sucked.

  • radical youngster
    radical youngster 2 months ago +1

    Trevor looks like 40 year old man

  • toilet brush
    toilet brush 2 months ago

    he looks way older than 22 if the title is correct?.. more nearing 40 years old

  • Dark Reaper
    Dark Reaper 2 months ago

    Nino would dissaprove.

  • meller13
    meller13 2 months ago

    I bet the Bitch asked for it

  • NumberGaming
    NumberGaming 2 months ago

    60/40 an asshole, you make me that mad.

  • Tom Clarke
    Tom Clarke 2 months ago


  • Dutli Anvilhand
    Dutli Anvilhand 2 months ago

    I hate when owners and managers don’t get rid of troublemakers in their staff. I’ve quit so many jobs because of abusive people, the bad apples don’t get fired and the jobs will have insane turnover rates because nobody wants to stick around so the business doesn’t run nearly as smoothly as it should because the place is ran by trainees and you are stuck training new people all the time but those who do stick around are miserable and don’t respect the higher ups because the higher ups obviously don’t care enough about the staff to actually do something about the problem employee. I really hate when you ask why that person still works there, people just excuse it by saying “There’s one at ever job”.

  • G Vakarian
    G Vakarian 2 months ago

    Sad thing that around half the restaurants that Ramsey tries to help end up closing down. Most of the chefs can't cope with his standards, even though it's not too complex

  • James Hoad
    James Hoad 2 months ago

    Arrrh wanna see the next bit where Gordon throws him in the oven after seasoning and slow cooking him on 300°c for 8hrs

  • Lindalee Law
    Lindalee Law 2 months ago

    Woodland Park, CO. ? There is no problem getting help there trust me.

  • Kurachi84
    Kurachi84 2 months ago

    ok, that was a cliffhanger, is he gonna rage or not?
    or tell me the episode and season number, at least

  • w9j15g
    w9j15g 2 months ago

    If that 22-year-old chef is an asshole, then there is a future for him in politics.

  • Sean Mahoney
    Sean Mahoney 2 months ago

    Owner: I love my wall! Don’t make fun of my wall.
    Ramsey: Oh.’s hideous
    Classic Ramsey

  • Hafiz Ahmed
    Hafiz Ahmed 2 months ago +1

    This in New Jersey?

  • Harvey B.
    Harvey B. 2 months ago

    Lmao the owners a piece of trash. How you gonna keep the guy that pushed your daughter into a fridge and almost hit her?

  • King Ace Hernandez
    King Ace Hernandez 2 months ago

    you try to punch me!!! Hahaha

  • aleks no
    aleks no 2 months ago

    trevor was in the wrong for trying to punch her but also who in their right MIND would try to make a tweaker mad on purpose like....two wrongs dont make a right but what did you think he was gonna do if you pissed him off?

  • Keylianies Millan
    Keylianies Millan 3 months ago


  • Impastaz
    Impastaz 3 months ago

    Donald Trump: *DoN't MaKe FuN oF mY wAlL*

  • Amit Saroj
    Amit Saroj 3 months ago

    Ramsay act as asshole because producer tell him to act like that, otherwise he is gentleman.

  • Axel McKinney
    Axel McKinney 3 months ago


  • Zach Bombrisk
    Zach Bombrisk 3 months ago

    Typical spoiled bitch looking for attention

  • Mudkip971
    Mudkip971 3 months ago +1

    "I love my wall! Don't make fun of my wall!"
    Is that Donald Trumps campaign inspiration?

  • Vegito Blue
    Vegito Blue 3 months ago

    That girl needs to stfu i mean if she gets punched by the chef she had it coming for saying nonsense

  • Jade Alford
    Jade Alford 3 months ago

    The restaurant owner KNOWS that little fucker almost punched her DAUGHTER, and she didn't fire him?! Shit mother.

  • Michael Schley
    Michael Schley 3 months ago +1

    this is weird people drama and I want no part in it.

  • Crazycraigy
    Crazycraigy 3 months ago

    Violent, he's a fuckin skinny coward, hittin the owners daughter, If she was my GF I'd split his fuckin wig wide open the skinny cunt...!

  • RedAvery1
    RedAvery1 3 months ago

    2:41 He wanted to choke a bitch

  • Knox Lyfe
    Knox Lyfe 3 months ago

    This is why u cant have relationships at work lmaooo

  • rebas04
    rebas04 3 months ago

    Oh the scripted bullshit🙄

  • Paris Äpfel
    Paris Äpfel 3 months ago

    THAT'S FUCKED UP!!!! i mean i'm on the chef's side

  • Tyler Hancock
    Tyler Hancock 3 months ago

    Low key mad how she set him off. Like he was just introducing himself and she wanna say some shit

  • Alexandra Estre
    Alexandra Estre 3 months ago

    He looks fucking 70 what the fuck?

  • Pink Topaz
    Pink Topaz 3 months ago

    How are people this fucking delusional?!

  • Ted Perdomo
    Ted Perdomo 3 months ago

    Does anyone know what episode and season the clip comes from?

  • Jermaine King
    Jermaine King 3 months ago

    He's 22 and already balding?

  • Giltr0y
    Giltr0y 3 months ago

    What can I say. From the first second she opened her mouth I knew. She is the punchable type.

  • Brian P
    Brian P 3 months ago

    It would be nice if you included the restaurant names or something

  • Quimper111
    Quimper111 3 months ago +1

    Quick! If you're a complete idiot, make a "Nino" comment. Hurry hurry!!