Sculpting EYES for my Oculus Quest - HILARIOUS or TERRIFYING?

  • Published on May 31, 2019
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Comments • 6 731

  • Kate Eberle
    Kate Eberle Hour ago

    Ork one has jazza's nose

  • dead pool
    dead pool 3 hours ago +1

    3:18 very unfortunate pause there jazza xdDDD

  • Eli Cohen
    Eli Cohen 13 hours ago

    go to 3:11 and turn on subtitles

  • JinxxSpeaks
    JinxxSpeaks 20 hours ago

    Ok. But how did you get it to stay on the Quest? Id really like to make one for my Quest!

  • SleepyGhostIsMe
    SleepyGhostIsMe Day ago

    Gou penis

    KRAFTER Day ago

    I’ve watch this so many times on my quest

  • ツV0RTEX
    ツV0RTEX 2 days ago

    3:19 3:18

  • DominusGlitch
    DominusGlitch 2 days ago

    Just got an oculus for my birthday

    • DominusGlitch
      DominusGlitch Day ago

      I got an oculus rift s,but I haven’t been able to use it until today because I couldn’t plug in the display port because my computer doesn’t have anything for a display port.

    • SNOBBS
      SNOBBS 2 days ago

      Happy Birthday! "Side loading oculus quest" if you have it already, it's the thought that counts ✌

  • Severe Weather Forecast

    Wow how do you do that? 😮😮😮😮😮😮

  • ICE_Hunter1027 :
    ICE_Hunter1027 : 3 days ago

    I'm e fan

  • Cold Pepsi
    Cold Pepsi 3 days ago

    3:18 has this lost its *goo penis*

  • I spent the night in.


  • Dora Batchelor
    Dora Batchelor 4 days ago

    goofy Jazza

  • דין מדהרסט
    דין מדהרסט 4 days ago

    It looks so good

  • Gloria Borger Tea
    Gloria Borger Tea 7 days ago

    JAZZA: has it lost all its goo...piness?
    I see what you did there JAZZA...

  • ? Shadowz ?
    ? Shadowz ? 7 days ago

    It scared me

  • Macho Man Cat
    Macho Man Cat 7 days ago

    When you said "has this lost all it's goopy-ness?". The pause in it made it sound alot more innapropriate than it probably should've

  • My name is Jeff
    My name is Jeff 8 days ago

    Jazza a professional artist and a successful TVclipr but uses a baking pan as a 🎨 👌👏

  • Sotoboxios
    Sotoboxios 9 days ago

    #welcome to draw with jazza
    I taught you would ner say it again
    Also a huge fun watching your Chanel for 3. 5 years now

  • Toby Willems
    Toby Willems 9 days ago

    What are niks and craneys

  • richard turk
    richard turk 11 days ago

    You should fine a way to mass produce these... I'd definitely buy one for my rift S

  • oliveboil #getboiled
    oliveboil #getboiled 11 days ago

    This is the stupidest think I’ve seen in a while and I love it

  • Ville Mattsson
    Ville Mattsson 15 days ago

    You shouldn't have made it black

  • Beast Dragon
    Beast Dragon 16 days ago

    Lol this is so funny

  • Sapa186 - Fortnite
    Sapa186 - Fortnite 17 days ago +1

    I swear he said penis 3:17

  • Doktor Spock
    Doktor Spock 22 days ago

    The unsere eyes deserve a second look becazse an artist is always his greatest critic.

  • Scratch That
    Scratch That 23 days ago

    Did he say goo penis? 3:18

  • Hi And Bye
    Hi And Bye 23 days ago +1

    Wait 'till he walks into a wall in a VR game. Just wait.....

  • Just a Foon
    Just a Foon 25 days ago

    Mmmm... Goo. Just like mommy used to make

  • christopher Moon
    christopher Moon 26 days ago

    Jazza watch your language 3:17

  • Sunlord 06
    Sunlord 06 26 days ago

    What happend to VRtistry

  • Grimslade Leviathan
    Grimslade Leviathan 26 days ago

    When Jazza went to paint it, and it turned out looking pretty good, I was like "Woah! Jazza's so good at painting!", but then right after I said it, I then realised... Jazza is an artist... I haven't watched Jazza for a month and I already forgot that he's a flippin artist...

  • Grimslade Leviathan
    Grimslade Leviathan 26 days ago

    Your's looks awesome but just... you look... I don't know... confused? You look like you don't know what the hell is going on

  • Phil Fluffy Gaz
    Phil Fluffy Gaz 27 days ago

    3:18 hehehe

  • Bunny Bruh
    Bunny Bruh 29 days ago

    I forgot how funny this dude is

  • Luke Allen
    Luke Allen 29 days ago

    Should do a video on the different ve art apps on the quest!

  • blue ninja
    blue ninja 29 days ago

    if you put it up side down its a guy with a weird mustash and just woke up

  • Turd96
    Turd96 29 days ago

    The thing me and jazz’s have in common is not artistic skill it’s the ability to be clumsy doing literally anything

  • Death's Serenity
    Death's Serenity Month ago

    "Has it lost all of its... goo-penis?"
    -Jazza 2019

  • ToxicViper3628
    ToxicViper3628 Month ago +1

    5:34 “1 thing that can make this more magical” - starts laughing insanely

  • DJCarbone
    DJCarbone Month ago

    I might try this

  • Eva Maher
    Eva Maher Month ago

    "Has it lost all of its goo...pines" 3:17

  • HunnoBunno
    HunnoBunno Month ago

    Yours creeping meh out mk lol

  • TheWilderCat
    TheWilderCat Month ago

    He said not to imagine blue elephants.
    I imagined a pink elephant.
    I am very tired.

  • Nohawkkid008
    Nohawkkid008 Month ago

    "Has this lost all it's goo-penis?"

  • Andrew Everhart
    Andrew Everhart Month ago

    make them all and switch them out in each video

  • Ronin Wright
    Ronin Wright Month ago


  • elena hook
    elena hook Month ago

    took my dad led the project for creating the oculus quest(sorry i like bragging ksnvkdkgdj)

  • Roden Namrgoden
    Roden Namrgoden Month ago

    3:17 Has this lost all the goo penis

  • Sam Webb
    Sam Webb Month ago

    How about just using Fimo sculping clay with all the colours, super quick?

  • Shivalingamma Nara
    Shivalingamma Nara Month ago

    Your VR headset is epic

  • Lars is my name!
    Lars is my name! Month ago +1

    Has not been a vr video since this video....

  • that random angry goose

    *How To Ruin The Most Impressive Headset In The Universe*

  • Temmie Mew
    Temmie Mew Month ago +1

    Jazza: spends an hour making clay gray
    Also Jazza: completely paints clay black
    Gray clay: *_am i a joke to you?_*

  • Jackie chan
    Jackie chan Month ago

    Goo penis

  • Die_Taddel
    Die_Taddel Month ago

    How did I put the mask on the Vr glasses🤔

  • Carrots
    Carrots Month ago +1

    Jazza: **one ups the gamers**

  • Arcane4321 Bouwens
    Arcane4321 Bouwens Month ago

    Wheres the link for cling-wrap

  • TyTheFlyingDuck
    TyTheFlyingDuck Month ago

    Sponsored by cling wrap

  • A Bowl of Ramen Noodles

    3:15 I’m not immature I swear