Pence sits near Kim Jong Un’s sister, doesn't applaud unified Korean Olympians

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  • Phil Newmann
    Phil Newmann Hour ago

    North Korea has done nothing to the US. Its our government who has divided the peninsula since 1950 when MacArthur bombarded the hell out of the North for trying to defend themselves from the US aggression. They killed millions of people there, for what?, for nothing. They tried to extend the war to China. Mongolia, soldiers from Manchuria, China and North Korea repealed the invasion. The NK just try to defend themselves from the US aggression.
    Pence only applauds when our government destroy 7 countries and killed more than 10 million innocent people in the last 15 years.

  • Sunder Sidhai
    Sunder Sidhai Hour ago

    What a totally ignorant typically American prick. Fuck him and fuck America.

  • Sunny Light
    Sunny Light 5 hours ago

    The American propaganda war machine is always accusing other World powers of oppression and wrong doings in their Countries but is unable to confront their own vicious crimes. All the wars that the Anglo-American Rogue Regime has begun, were based in “properly investigated and concluded double checked probabilities” Aka, their well thought out false flags. Bellicose Trump-Pence are afraid of the ‘Moonshine’ Policy for the Korean Peninsula.That is why they are obstructing diplomacy. They are terrified that Peace may break out in North-South Korea!! Peace is not fun for the axis of evil, they want war.There is no money in peace...
    Wherever Anglo-American Rogue Regime goes death and destruction follows. Jewish Zionist America is good in the “divide and conquer strategy.” And their Western war propaganda is a massive power in creating false flags to escalated conflicts all around the World. A couple of examples: The Shot down of Flight M-17 in Ukraine to push war against Russia, the USA and NATO were the responsible ones. Libya, Muhammar Gaddafi killed, their Country Totally destroyed. It all was done based on fabricated evidences. Hillary Clinton "We Came, We Saw, He Died" Iraq, Saddam Hussein falsely accused of possessing weapons of mass destruction. Thousands of innocent citizens dead and the Country destroyed. Syria, False flags (still going on) Sarin gas, meant to discredit and overthrow Assad. Yemen, was pushed into war, that is still going on, with the Saudis because Yemen voted negative in the United the Nations against the war against Iraq. Invading sovereign Countries, removing their governments and killing lots and lots of people is very profitable for the Military Industrial Complex. And the Rothchild Zionist bankers are very proud of it all and laughing at humanity!!
    The media has always been the propaganda arm of the American Jewish Zionist war machine!! U.S.-funded political “NGOs” and media companies have worked with the CIA and foreign policy establishment since the 1980s to promote the American geopolitical agenda. If that is not state-sponsored networks tell me then what it is? The American people and the West in general are carefully shielded from hearing the ‘other side of the story. And that is what investigative journalism of alternative News Channels do well, to tell both sides of the story. Zionist Jews never ever like to be confronted with their crimes. They are unable to deal with the truth. That is the reason why they are censoring the Real News outlets. Anyone who dares to expose the truth and have deep knowledge of who is pulling the strings and pushing for wars is being pointed out as “fake news” and as a propagandist and anti-establishment.
    The American propaganda war machine is always accusing other World powers of oppression and wrong doings in their Countries but is unable to confront their own vicious crimes. Let’s name one example of the millions of cases where employees of the Anglo-American killing machine were sacrificed for the benefit of Neozionisme.

    The Russiagate scandal: The interference in the 2016 elections was the work of the FBI-CIA and other American Intelligence Agencies. Seth Rich (RIP) was one of the victims who knew too much and got killed in the process of moving Hillary to Power…but certainly not the only one that disappeared in the election process. So, don’t tell me that the Saint and Holy Anglo-American Rogue Regime is the Immaculate Democracy of the World!! And it was us motherfucking Americans who created ISIS and used ISIS for our own agendas!!...After 7 years in Syria ISIS was getting stronger and stronger.
    Why? because fighting Assad means supporting American creations Isis and Al hundreds of innocent civilians were killed; and it all for the benefit of Israhell and the Military Industrial Complex. In 2 years Russia has almost finished (work in progress.) the Israhell Anglo-American “Moderated Rebels” creations!! Nobody denies that America could destroy whatever they decide, wherever, anytime, but If America want to eradicate terrorism, for real, around the World; USA must start with the American Military Industrial complex and the criminal sell-outs who are benefiting from all these filthy wars going on around the World!!
    The only Power fighting Islamic terrorism is Russia and her allies. Russia is an Honest Peace broker in International war conflicts. They really know how to confront war situations by using military force when necessary and ASAP bringing the parties involved in the conflict to the negotiation table. Through consistence and integrity Russia has achieved enormous stability in Syria and the rest of the Middle East. Russian position as a Global Power and as a member of the peace block Russia-China is admired and respected throughout the World.

  • Billy The kid
    Billy The kid 16 hours ago

    You can clearly see Kim jong uns sister is full of shit just look at her face South Koreas president is so fucking stupid

  • FleX TowN
    FleX TowN Day ago


  • LittleBoi4Trump
    LittleBoi4Trump Day ago

    Washington Post likes Kim's sister better than Trump and Pence. What a joke

  • Tommy n
    Tommy n Day ago

    This only makes it worse for North Korea’s perception and propaganda of America.. way da go fucktard!

  • SKPBoy
    SKPBoy Day ago

    Well done Mike Pence..... The North Koreans are cunning, dishonest and cannot be trusted.
    Do not fall for their attempt to portray themselves in fake manner.... Well done to the Americans.

  • North East Mongoloid

    Anyway NK is our blood brother. Peace
    But i hate communism

  • GiGi W.
    GiGi W. 2 days ago

    *Pences *

  • GiGi W.
    GiGi W. 2 days ago

    A unified Korea is a North Korean propaganda. Unified under the leadership of little Kim. Why would the Lenses stand or clap to celebrate that?

  • Rvw Trvps
    Rvw Trvps 2 days ago

    Respect to pence

  • Nolan Olivier
    Nolan Olivier 2 days ago

    I get that Pence has certain responsibilities as the representative of the US to the winter games. Let me just say that i don't think i could bring myself to shake hands with a member of the Kim dynasty, or indeed any member of the NK ruling elite. I would however be easily able to applaud for athletes trapped in a monstrous tyranny, who happened to sufficiently excel at their art to earn a place at the olympic games.

  • MC Gamer
    MC Gamer 2 days ago

    Olympics is the only time most enemy countries stand together. Also Pence, this isn’t all about the U.S, and what they want.

  • marty704
    marty704 2 days ago

    It's ironic that he's criticizing N. Korea for propaganda and weapons while standing in front of a giant American flag and fighter jet.

  • Mr. Erickson
    Mr. Erickson 3 days ago

    Pence is sub-human trash. Get rid of it!!!!

  • Sherlock Jones
    Sherlock Jones 3 days ago

    Pence is an evil person. You can see it in his eyes. Ridged, lacks empathy, indoctrinated, cruel, bigoted, hypocritical ... Does anyone seriously believe Pence is a follower of Christ? His history of tolerance towards human trafficking needs to be revealed.

  • Luis Gonzalez
    Luis Gonzalez 3 days ago

    Pence is a real shit, is a fucking "gringo", he deserves the inferno, the beautiful KIM is a woman very strong mentally and phisically.

  • S Canada
    S Canada 3 days ago

    I’m just glad our PM isn’t sitting there , he’d cry and apologize for something

  • Sherwin Quashie
    Sherwin Quashie 3 days ago

    The who has killed more people than any other nation on earth talking about human right ,being black in america is a death sentece .

  • Jhinu Jung
    Jhinu Jung 3 days ago

    Pence never mentions how many innocent women the American soldiers rape in Korea and Japan.

  • NS360PS
    NS360PS 3 days ago

    Didnt even know the Winter Olympics as on until this shit started up. World politics can eat a bag of dicks. Koreans are commies who murder and let their people starve the USA are thugs that bomb civilians with drones.. they are all giant pieces of shit.

  • 金正恩朝鮮労働委員長

    Why are people defending northkorea?
    It's not as simple as you guys think.

  • 金正恩朝鮮労働委員長

    It's funny when these ignorant people commenting thinks North and South Korea will unify.

  • Javesike 1262
    Javesike 1262 3 days ago

    The unified korea marching is a sign that Korea could reunify without the US and china and both could set peace

  • Shiro Amakusa
    Shiro Amakusa 3 days ago

    Pence deserves to DIE!!! #Traitor

  • fireball39279
    fireball39279 3 days ago +1

    Fuck you, Pencey and Donkey. Fuck your country US fucking A!

  • Xiao Hei
    Xiao Hei 3 days ago

    American government can't applaud peace. They need to meet the monthly arms sales quota.

  • bensum9111
    bensum9111 3 days ago

    Fuck Kim Yo-jong. We settled this debate 100 years ago. You can't own slaves. Look to the U.S. Constitution. The first amendment is a great example for the North Korean populace. By the way. I'm an alt-right racist, sexist, homophobe, masturbation expert, that lives in a hollow stump in the woods.

  • Boran Ulucay
    Boran Ulucay 4 days ago

    The E.U. is the most powerfull economy in the worldwide - I read.

  • Hana Yoono
    Hana Yoono 4 days ago +1

    I’m a South Korean and Most South Koreans despise the evil regime of North Korea and was unhappy to see Kim Yo jong’s and North Korean entourage coming to South Korea for the Olympics.
    We’re smart enough to know that north is only using us to appeal to the world to create an imagery of this peaceful country with woman (Kim yojong) in power that sadly a lot of you people are already buying into.

  • Joachim Vermander
    Joachim Vermander 4 days ago

    just go home american leave Korea , they don't need you

  • DU
    DU 4 days ago

    S.Korea is irrelevant because N.Korea is now a direct threat to the US

  • Memo Musica
    Memo Musica 4 days ago


  • Memo Musica
    Memo Musica 4 days ago

    Trump: Shiit... Why not me?? ... I wanted to be first

  • 4 days ago

    US Apology Statement: Mike Pence does not represent the majority of Americans, please ignore his statements and actions at the Olympic games. Thank-you!

  • vkobe vkob
    vkobe vkob 4 days ago

    pence vs waifu material ? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • 94KX
    94KX 4 days ago

    Kim and his pathetic country don't deserve applause, especially after their government terrorized for years

  • Nicholas Pannes
    Nicholas Pannes 4 days ago

    I mean it's kind of rude not to applaud these hard-working athletes, but I mean, you can't reward playing nice with North Korea. They're literally threatening our extinction. That's not something I'd ever consider giving an ovation.

  • blastyaface412
    blastyaface412 4 days ago

    Why would he?

  • machia0705
    machia0705 4 days ago

    Leftists and ignorant people in general just don’t get it . This woman is part of her Brother’s cabinet . He murders tens of thousands and imprisons millions . Millions starve . The team has to be guarded so they won’t defect to the West .
    She has the same blood on her hands as does her dictator
    Brother .

  • flashy lady
    flashy lady 5 days ago

    PENCE is a ungodly nasty filthy Races LYING Hypocrite the Devil

  • nickless425
    nickless425 5 days ago

    How Many countries NK invaded ?
    How Many countries US invaded ? Period.

  • Chris Hamilton
    Chris Hamilton 5 days ago

    Everyone already knows that Kim's Sister is the Director of Propaganda and Rehabilitation of troublesome citizens right? She's VERY good at manipulating simple minded people. This explains why the media is falling for it so heavily, their lives consist of reading off a damn screen and being semi-pretty.

  • Mark lister Villa
    Mark lister Villa 5 days ago

    One korea so nice to see if this will go all the way to piece

  • Ben Pavich
    Ben Pavich 5 days ago

    And as far as the sports go....GO USA!!!!!

  • Ben Pavich
    Ben Pavich 5 days ago

    Amazing events where the north and south Koreans are warming up to live in harmony, but pence (Israeli puppet)cant be gracious enough to endorse a peace process, I guess it shows once again who wants war and who wants peace.I just wish these pricks in Washington would send their kids first.

  • David Morgan
    David Morgan 5 days ago

    Typical arrogance from disjointed nation, peace must start somewhere, albeit small steps,, just goes to show what we knew all along,, war hungry USA are not interested in peace,, more interested in selling arms to all the terrorist groups around the world,, what you say,,,,,another mass shooting in the USA Florida,, they are the biggest embarrassment in the world right now

  • Raffael Dieminger
    Raffael Dieminger 5 days ago

    Well the German president who was not mentioned, sitting above pence stood up. Would be a smart move to appreciate a step in the right direction from the main threat right now.

  • Meneer Dossi from Wkwk-land

    Shows how hateful US is....

  • Joe  S
    Joe S 5 days ago

    Post respects North Korea more than America. Then Go there. Take Jimmy Kimmel too. Enjoy your communism .

  • Jesus is Lord
    Jesus is Lord 5 days ago

    I have political disagreements with brother Mike on other matters, but in this I applaud him.
    He didn't want to associate approvingly with murderers. That's enough reason for me. A man should not abandon conscience to follow the crowd.

  • Ryan Shirtz
    Ryan Shirtz 5 days ago

    How many of your Pence haters would have applauded Adolf Hitler at the 1936 Games? or even stood up for him? The North Korea regime is the most vile , evil government in the world, a slave state which exists for the sole purpose to worship and serve the Kim dynasty!. Vice President Pence did the right thing at the right time!

  • caleb ward
    caleb ward 5 days ago

    you are going to bash our vice president because he did not stand and applaud an evil person, who starves their people but they live like kings

  • Raven Roa
    Raven Roa 5 days ago

    mike penis doesnt stand, what a impotent senile dotard

  • Baron Von Schneider
    Baron Von Schneider 5 days ago

    He was day dreaming about North Korean BBQ!

  • Alphonso Gomez
    Alphonso Gomez 5 days ago

    You worry about the wrong person, you need to worry about what's happening here in America your people are killing kids in schools 👈😁😁😁

  • Luke Han
    Luke Han 5 days ago

    Who the fuck do u think u r with ur trumping cabinet 2 condemn our american athletes 4 kneeling against a totalitarian regime as of urs with trump who kills the young the old blacks browns yellows & yet u dare refuse 2 b a diplomatic leader & rise & honour & applaud for a celebration of unification btwn brother countries thats really suppose2 b 1!?!?! Fuck u too pence u lost the last respect from me in which i had 4 u n this party. Fuck all u white cracker fucking devil pos mother fuckers die & go burn hell in all eternity bc god will burn u

  • bdd1469
    bdd1469 6 days ago

    Why would he applaud? South Korea is a free nation and deserves applause. North korea is a dictated enslaved country. Lil kim's stupid cunt sister siting next to Pence is responsible for millions of people starving to death. You people are fucking braindead if you think North korea deserves applause. EDIT...just saw this was wapo..go figure.

  • Conservative Wolves
    Conservative Wolves 6 days ago

    If America wasn’t a powerful nation Europe, Asia the Middle East etc would all be ran by brutal dictators like North Korea and that’s a driven FACT we are what stops minds like Stalin from taking over half your continents so if we have to flex our power, so be it bc it keeps global peace that’s another FACT! America is the reason South Korea exists, WWII was being lost hitler was taking over countries like Poland etc until we came in and prior to that we were aiding the UK and Russia with military equipment. America can never act weak never because the enemy will strike if so without hesitation

  • Just Procrastinate
    Just Procrastinate 6 days ago

    Never forget OTTO

  • Bimo Adhi
    Bimo Adhi 6 days ago

    The Foreign Mainly US didn't want korea unified as one nation and one national government

  • Sovereign_Monarch1776

    wp really doing it up to sympathize with NK

  • Kade Massey
    Kade Massey 6 days ago

    That's not his country. He s not gonna clap for anybody but America...

  • Chris Hamilton
    Chris Hamilton 6 days ago’s North Korea. No one should stand or applaud a state that staves and tortures its own in literal concentration camps.

  • Zachary Williams
    Zachary Williams 6 days ago

    How is this any different from kneeling during the national anthem?

  • Jajajaja Pre
    Jajajaja Pre 6 days ago

    Something about Kim Jong Un’s sister’s looks tells me she’s two-sided.

  • Quail Runners
    Quail Runners 6 days ago


  • Joe Ching
    Joe Ching 6 days ago +1

    Asia has confronted America to turn around from warmongering competition to peaceful cooperation since their first encounter in 1854.
    Before WWII, Asia could only act at America's mercy. Up to 2017, Asia was still at America's beckon and call. In 2018, the Korea Peninsula challenged America. In 2020, Korea, Japan and China will dare America.

  • Jonah James
    Jonah James 6 days ago

    pence should of think about the good things,not the bad stuff.not impressed pence

  • Edohiguma
    Edohiguma 6 days ago

    Good move by Pence and Abe.
    North Korea is literally Asia's variant of Nazi Germany. They even have a racial ideology on par with the "Aryan" nonsense the Nazis dreamed of and their ultimate goal is to unite Korea, under North Korean rule. Heim ins Reich, just like the Nazis.

  • TheSilverPhoenix100
    TheSilverPhoenix100 6 days ago

    Pretty sure they were threating to nuke North Korea last month, now how dare we not respect North Korea...fuck off Washington Post

  • Kyle
    Kyle 6 days ago

    Liberals need to go live in North Korea and see if they still think the US is a terrible country

  • TEIS3210
    TEIS3210 6 days ago

    lol @ interview in front of a fighter plane... whatever usa fuck you

  • mrbobbilly
    mrbobbilly 6 days ago

    To be honest, I'm glad Pence isn't the US president...

  • taxiuniversum
    taxiuniversum 6 days ago

    „Pence was at the Games to cheer on U.S. athletes.“ - that’s when Trump‘s Murica out-northkoreas North Korea. Pathetic.
    „America first“, huh? That being said - probably „mother“ simply had not given Pence permission to move. After all, there were FEMALES amongst the athletes. Standing up and applauding could have been misunderstood as a request to have sexual intercourse.

  • A G Yu
    A G Yu 6 days ago

    Help S.korea not to unify under the communism system.

  • Ascanius
    Ascanius 6 days ago +2

    I’m sorry mr pence although I respect what you and Pres Trump are trying to do pls keep in mind that N Korea has many a human rights violation and its appalling of the mass starvation’s that took place there. However sir let’s not forget the crimes and human rights violation that the United States of America has and is still causing. The N Korean dictator is a nut job and needs to be removed and pay for his crimes but pls tell us who will pay for the CRIMES AGAINT HUMANITY caused by your last POS four vile presidents. Who will regain justice for all the misery that America has and is still participating in TODAY a. WHO PAYS FOR THAT ?

  • Jens Fredrik
    Jens Fredrik 6 days ago

    Pence coherently and simply articulated why he didn't stand to applaud the North Korean regime, as the North Korean media would use footage and photographs of him applauding for their own nefarious purposes.

  • Surud Patel
    Surud Patel 6 days ago

    Pence is a member of the LOSERS CLUB what can one expect the VP of the greatest LOSER Nation of the world.

  • Mario Kanelos
    Mario Kanelos 6 days ago

    Propaganda over substance; thank you WAPO for showing whose side you support.

  • Sarah hobbiton
    Sarah hobbiton 6 days ago +1

    It's a sad sad world now day, I personally think its good that North Korea have made this effort. And I know I'm probably going to cope a mouthful about this, but you know America isn't all that and a bag of potato chips, they stick their noses in everyone business, "Petro Dollars" the whole world almost conforms to their currency and if you don't, the country tends to be sanctioned, so the USA you may not come off as the big bad wolf, but you certainly have your own underlying motives in this world and to be scare me more than North Korea. I don't like how North Korea treat their people, I don't like it at all. But POT, KETTLE, BLACK...hmmmmm

  • Carl Bonroy
    Carl Bonroy 6 days ago

    SINCE THE NORTH IS SO GREAT AND NICE.....AND THE SOUTH DOESN'T NEED US MEDDLING AMERICANS....WHY NOT GET OUR TROOPS THE HELL OUT OF THERE? Let Japan and South Korea deal with North Korea. I'm officially now rooting for North Korea. PUNISHEMENT IS NEEDED for nations ungrateful to America. GO NORTH KOREA and God be with you

    • Media
      Media 6 days ago

      lol the US is only there so it can keep China out, as that gives the US more global power. Remember the US has over 300 bases overseas. Do you think that the US does this because it's nice ? It's a mutually beneficial relationship, and more often than not the US benefits more.
      Please note, I have no issue with a country putting it's self first, I think every country does. Just lately some in the US seem to act like martyrs. If the USA would like to pull back to it's own borders then that would be cool with me, in fact MAGA dude MAGA all the way. You go build that wall, and go do American things, and ignore the rest of the world, that would be sweet.

  • Barry Malkin
    Barry Malkin 6 days ago

    The attitude of Pence and CNN toward the Korean Marilyn Munster (how could the Kim family of ugly men produce such a pretty - or should I say "plain" woman?) reflects the inbred racism of the Beltway political elite and its corporate media lackeys. Would Pence had snubbed uber- white Netanyahu despite all the corruption charges leveled against him, and would Wolf Pisser have warned against Israeli efforts to involve the U.S. in it's Middle East campaigns as "propaganda?" From how CNN covers her one could think that Kim Yo Jong is the latest incarnation of the "yellow peril."

  • Vict0r1984
    Vict0r1984 6 days ago

    Gotta love all the republicans crying crocodile tears for the poor oppressed North Korean people who they were perfectly content to exterminate with Nuclear strikes just a few days ago, and who are starving in great part due to the sanctions cheered on by the same right wingers... Hypocrisy much?
    Also, nobody is saying North Korea ain't a terrible dictatorship which oppresses it's people, but it is not North Korea speaking before the United nations about exterminating another nation and pushing for war - it's the jingoistic White House. Even Kim himself pleaded with US allies for peace and has been a lot more reasonable than Drumpf, and now president Moon of SK is struggling to clean up Drumpf's mess and uphold peace in the peninsula but he can't even do that without right wingers defying him and cheering for Nuclear war! They are simply disgusting...

  • John F Kennedy
    John F Kennedy 6 days ago

    Shit would be crazy if the North Koreans had some sort of biological agent on them that activates after the Olympics, hope not. It'd be worst than launching a nuke. I hope the North gets freedom in our lifetime. Sad the athletes had to be under 24/7 surveillance and lockdown.

  • tsuv tom
    tsuv tom 6 days ago

    Good for VP Pence!

  • 715490 926
    715490 926 6 days ago

    They don’t want unity. Trump Pence and his supporters just want to genocide an entire country. Trying peace first is not an option to them.

  • Titty Cancer
    Titty Cancer 6 days ago +1

    Media logic: Nfl players don't stand for the Natinol Anthem oh ya thats okay but if he dosen't stand for the recognition of a communist country Media logic: Mike Pence is a bigot

  • Club Soda
    Club Soda 6 days ago

    Pence can do any thing he wants. He can fart into the microphone and I will eat it up.

  • Dave Richards
    Dave Richards 6 days ago

    Mike Pence is a good man.

  • Dazed and Confused
    Dazed and Confused 6 days ago

    Yes. I do understand that the Japanese prime minister didn’t stand either. But wasn’t mike pence the same man say a sporting event is not the place to make a political statement. Or are we just gonna forget that. 🤷🏾‍♀️

  • simple rage
    simple rage 6 days ago

    Why US media is applauding N.K while critisizing it's own vice president

    • simple rage
      simple rage 6 days ago

      And there's no reason to stand up since it was a parade(no national anthem no national flag)
      quite relieving that Pence is not a person caught up with Idiocy

  • Lorin Cooper
    Lorin Cooper 6 days ago

    North Korea is DISGUSTING

  • La Chien
    La Chien 6 days ago

    Neither should he North Korean is the enemy.

  • bumble144
    bumble144 6 days ago

    Washington Post shining Kim Jong knob.

  • Bart Larsson
    Bart Larsson 6 days ago

    Have you ever tried North Korean food?Nope.Neither have they.

  • 권기석
    권기석 6 days ago

    Mike Pence
    Oh my precious racist♡

  • Maxime Paredes
    Maxime Paredes 6 days ago

    first lady of South Korea literally looks like the sweetest person ever!!

  • KTimes #BaphBoyZ
    KTimes #BaphBoyZ 6 days ago

    Next , let me clap while my dishwasher cleans dishes