Pence sits near Kim Jong Un’s sister, doesn't applaud unified Korean Olympians


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  • Aaron Young
    Aaron Young 7 months ago

    idk kims sister is kind of hot.

  • CK Kim
    CK Kim 8 months ago

    a pence of head. Pence and Kim Jong Un's sister were going to meet in hours after the olympic ceremony, but the north korean cancelled it due to Pence's dirty manner at the ceremony. Now Trump meets Jong Un Kim. Pence, any thoughts???

  • Gerald Graven
    Gerald Graven 8 months ago


  • Aleksandar Savanovic
    Aleksandar Savanovic 8 months ago

    F'CK AMERICA!!!! i hate this bastards!!! long live peace and this world dont need israel and america

  • Joenel Saracho
    Joenel Saracho 8 months ago

    United states is depressed because there will be no world war 3 now because of the unified korea

  • pinoy_traitor sipain
    pinoy_traitor sipain 8 months ago

    Its always america bring distabilization of peace in Asia..and act as defender for peace but the truth they are the one who bring confusion ..and wars..

  • fallen one
    fallen one 9 months ago

    American politicians are such a bastard.

  • PolarBear129
    PolarBear129 10 months ago

    What is happening here i think there something suspicious is going between both north and south korea. Just beaware guys idk what would happen .

  • Jepoy Quijano
    Jepoy Quijano 10 months ago

    Why is US always control other country?

  • CK Kim
    CK Kim 10 months ago

    Now, Donald Trump meets Kim Jong-un in May. Mike Pence, you made a very stupid decision at the olympics as the vice-president of Untied States America.

  • Kim Claire
    Kim Claire 10 months ago +1

    Abe and Pence lack manners. What a shame.

  • Rebecca Tom
    Rebecca Tom 10 months ago

    Media is against anything Trump Pence do. But the truth is... you can't stump the trump
    you can't fence or dispense the pence

  • Joey Sheperd
    Joey Sheperd 10 months ago

    She seemed to have a fake smile.

  • Vattanak TV
    Vattanak TV 10 months ago

    Someone is jealous when seeing her boyfriend shaking hands with another woman.

  • Martin Broadhurst
    Martin Broadhurst 10 months ago

    Oh dear, another dumb wanker, human rights eh....

  • Robert Last
    Robert Last 10 months ago

    Funny how you failed to mention how she did not stand or applauded the American athletes either.

  • Hamburger
    Hamburger 10 months ago

    he probably ended up his evening at KFC, couldn't finish his fries as he was so depressed

    • Hamburger
      Hamburger 10 months ago

      looking downwards at the table

  • egjw1234
    egjw1234 10 months ago

    King jung sister and mike fall in love maybe lol

  • Kervin Lake
    Kervin Lake 10 months ago

    This world will burn all the wicked will burn over and over

  • NPC #11919
    NPC #11919 10 months ago

    North Korea will never open its borders unless they want to lose their seat of power and control.

  • Sunny Light
    Sunny Light 10 months ago

    Ultra-narcissist Trump come, saw, check out his hair and say to himself: what a nice picture, I love to watch that guy speak.... what’s up with this moron!!
    Trumpolini, Self- Glorification is asking “his Generals” for a Military Parade!!
    Trump's madness poses and existential threat to all humanity. Trump's speech at the United the Nations is insid-iously evil. Trump provided his twisted rationalization for worldwide war and genocide. From the Ukraine to the South China Sea.
    Killary Clinton "We Came, We Saw, He Died" Hahaha.
    Libya, Muhammar Gaddafi killed, their Country Totally destroyed. It all was done based on fabricated evi-dences. NO WARS FOR TRUMP. NO MORE WARS FOR NETANYAHU...
    During a foreign policy briefing several months ago, Trump asked three times in an hour, "If we have them, Nuclear Weapons, why can't we use them?" Talmudic Trump is a dangerous mind with dangerous toys around him! The World doesn’t need Zionist bellicose Trump, therefore Ignoramus dotard Trump can go to hell now!!
    Trump praises himself “as not smart, but genius.” The only thing Trumpolini, admirer of Mussolini, brilliantly do well, is pushing for war day in day out. Trump is salivating to start a war in Iran, North Korea, Venezuela, Ukraine, Pakistan and very much anywhere else in the World. Talmudic Trumpolini is the most ignorant Presi-dent ever elected. He is not known from his knowledge of History, Geography, International Laws and Di-plomacy…these are just a few important subjects that a President ought to know. And Let’s not forget that to show to the World who his political role models are, Trump retweeted a Benito Mussolini Quote:
    “It is better to live one day as a Lion than 100 years a sheep.” -Benito Mussolini.
    Trump have more in common with the fascism founder than he realizes because Trump and the Rothschild’s Zionist Jews Supremacists insane foreign policy is rooted in the principles of the Talmud book which is based in racism, discrimination and apartheid. The hatred that Trump is spreading around the World raises big ques-tions about Trump and his cabinet ideology. Trump is such a divisive figure. He is supporting the butchers of South the Arabia in their aerial attacks on Yemen and Syria. And Trump-Kushner they both have being fund-ing for years the settlements in the occupy territory of the West Bank and Golan Heights. The recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel only added fuel to the fire, because by ignoring all International Laws and the United the Nations resolutions this process Legalized Israel as the apartheid Rogue Regime that it already was. In fact, Talmudic Trump is giving Netanyahu a Free pass for the systematic and brutal extermination of the Palestinian people and that is a war crime!! Netanyahu and the Zionist Trump-Kushner clan should be con-victed and executed for war crimes against humanity!!
    Trump-Pence and his cabinet are nothing but fascists dictators raping and plundering the World!! The axes of evil Israhell-America & The Saudis are busy planting false flags at all fronts to advance their evil purposes. Every move the American Rogue Regime makes leads to deceived and…
    "No matter who's behind Syria 'chemical attack,' Russia to blame - Tillerson"
    Jared Kushner is wreaking havoc in the Middle East. Kushner said: 14:31- 2th video "we are making progress unifying every country in the Middle East against Iran “aggression.” The riots that we see now in Iran and the false flags in Syria are been organized by the Zionist Supremacist and the Saudis. These motherfuckers want to set the Middle East on fire!! Jared Kushner said: “This is a perfectly qualified team...and then he emphasis: I was joking.
    Wherever Anglo-American Rogue Regime goes death and destruction follows. Hundreds of people are getting killed in the Middle East alone just to satisfy Israhell and Anglo-America greedy stealing of natural resources and for the olie pipeline, and all Trump-Kushner clan do is to make fun of the whole situation and laugh at humanity?!! Trumps Presidency and his Neo Zionists Supremacist clans are dangerous to the core and their warmongering equals evil John McCain & Butcher Bush 2.0 and once and for all shows to the World that the Deep State, is just the normal behaviour of the United the States. America is the biggest threat to humanity and with Trump making the Israeli apartheid Rogue Regime Great Again, the threat of and all-out war is getting even worse!!...

  • KashiKrunch
    KashiKrunch 11 months ago

    Look at that woman's evil little beady eyes. That's the stuff nightmares are made of.

  • Roni Sanjaya
    Roni Sanjaya 11 months ago

    pence was pathethic

  • Mert Turk
    Mert Turk 11 months ago

    Korea strong together.

  • Sonny Yoon
    Sonny Yoon 11 months ago

    Ungreatful leftist S.Korean President Moonie!!!!

  • Eric
    Eric 11 months ago

    Way to go Pence. You could;ve at least gotten off your arse to cheer the south korean athletes. You and Trump are such fucking retards it's embarrassing.

  • Kim Kardashian Un
    Kim Kardashian Un 11 months ago

    the real question here is why are all koreans named kim???

  • Strawberry Clorox
    Strawberry Clorox 11 months ago

    Why is this even an issue... why would he stand up to applaud on another team??

  • Sunny Light
    Sunny Light 11 months ago

    Bellicose Trump-Pence are afraid of the “Moonshine Policy” for the Korean Peninsula.
    That is the reason why they are obstructing diplomacy. Anglo-American Rogue Regime is terrified that Peace may break out in North-South Korea!! Peace is not fun for the axis of evil, these humanoids killing machines are salivating to start a Nuclear war in the Korean Peninsula!! for all the warmongers out there, North Korea is a non-interventionist Country and not a threat to the World and neither is Iran. Weak-up people stop watching TV and start using your critical minds otherwise we are lost in this jungle of deceived and lies giving to us by the “The Ministry of truth” aka the Zionist Jewish State war propaganda machine. America is the biggest threat to humanity and with Trump making the Israeli Rogue Regime Great Again, the threat of and all-out war is getting even worse!!...
    North-Korea’s Nuclear Program is purely defensive. Kim Jong-Un is not expansionist and he is not pushing a philosophy around the World of destabilizing other Countries. The greatest exporters of terrorism in the World, aka the Zionists-AIPAC backstabbers & traitors and our government with a never-ending cycle of violence and settlement activity have the monopoly on war and terror and are responsible for the creation of ISIS (and their rebranding names) and for the terrible crimes committed in the Middle East and all around the Globe.
    North/South Korea must stand up your ground now and send the Yankees home before these Neo Zionists entities start killing you all without an ounce of remorse!! Anglo-American Rogue Regime has never been in-terested in improving human rights in the Countries they have invaded. It is all about mass killings and stealing of another Country’s natural resources. The people of the Korean Peninsula must wake-up and act now and start protesting this foreign invasion before is too late and the ICBMS start falling on your heads!! The so called American “Humanitarian interventions and spreading of Democracy throughout the World with good and sweet intentions at heart.” is good for wiping my bottom. I repeat, American improvements of human rights abroad is all about Destabilizing the World to closed billions in weapons deals at the cost of massive loss of human life and the stealing of the Country’s natural resources. It is up to you North/South Korea to decide your own future, managed your own natural resources, and became the true masters of your own destiny!! Never disarm yourself, the Western Allies are not to be trusted. Plain and simple. Unification will take decades but not need to hurry up the process. A Soft-landing policy where emphasis is giving to reconciliation, economic co-operation and unification next is the way to go…
    The Holy and Saint Zionist Jew States of America Promoting "freedom and democracy" abroad are doing more evil than good. And just because America has more arms than any other Country in the World doesn’t mean that they have the truth of know what Democracy is all about. In every aspect of the American Political Establishment the Deep State have the power and rule the World. The Deep State is fascism in its most covert form, hiding behind public agencies and private companies to carry out its dirty deeds. Therefore, American governments are not any longer friendly to freedom and Democracy.
    Trump-Pence and his cabinet are nothing but fascists dictators raping the World!! That is why Nuclear weapons are a very important deterrent against American foreign interventionism. The Countries that already have these Nuclear arsenals must never ever give them up. Nuclear weapons have become an important equilibrium to maintain Peace in the World. American is the only Nuclear Power that has used Nuclear Weapons against humanity. America Atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945 must always be remembered. During a foreign policy briefing several months ago, Trump asked three times in an hour, "If we have them, Nuclear Weapons, why can't we use them?" Talmudic Trump is a dangerous mind with dangerous toys around him!!
    The World doesn’t need Zionist bellicose Trump, therefore Ignoramus dotard Trump can go to hell now!! Trump-Pence and the Pentagon are using their double CIA agent Otto Warmbiers, that was caught red handed doing bad things in North Korea, as propaganda rhetoric to start a Nuclear war in the Korean Peninsula. The Anglo-American Rogue Regime abuse of Power and foreign committed democide, genocide and mass murder in this century is criminal to the core!! This malevolent Power needs to be contain because this Regime is killing human beings around the World at will for their own evil benefits!!

  • Marchelino Widarsono
    Marchelino Widarsono 11 months ago

    There's just one thing, it's not like the countries are united, it's the Olympic teams. North Korea is still a backward country that violates human rights daily, that regularly threatens western nations such as the U.S with death and bombings. Why should he applaud the country that would destroy his own without a second thought?

  • ThisTexas Boyz
    ThisTexas Boyz 11 months ago

    Where is that omplics (sorry for bad spelling)

  • 123456789
    123456789 11 months ago

    Fuck north Korea there just using this as an opportunity to buy more time

  • Hugh Mungus
    Hugh Mungus 11 months ago

    I'd really like to see the US turn into what North Korea is just for a year, we'll see if they're so supportive then.

  • flyer7799
    flyer7799 11 months ago +1

    Americans like to divide and conquer; of course they are upset the Koreans are making peace! Bravo Koreans for taking the first step towards peace! Stick it to the Americans who want to only divide you.

  • Mobile Android
    Mobile Android 11 months ago

    North Korea should have grabbed Pence and fucked him on national TV and hear him cry like the little bitch he is. F*ck ameriKAKA!

  • tray4168
    tray4168 11 months ago

    God bless you vice President Pence. It's nice to have President Trump in office for the next 7 years but honestly I can't wait to see the faces of those people the day you win your first term. Free shock treatment for all San Franciscans.

  • Reason
    Reason 11 months ago

    You're going to appease a dictator that has tortured and starved its people? are you fucking insane, Pence made the right move. Fuck north korea, if they want to negotiate then dismantle their nukes.

  • Kami tani
    Kami tani 11 months ago

    What an ASS

  • egy Magyarvagyok
    egy Magyarvagyok 11 months ago

    the kim jong brothers just need one one bullet just like the commie chauchesku pair 30 years ago, its not soo difficult. Putin need a bullet too in his ugly stupid communist face.

  • The Shoe Shine Apprentice

    Washington compost

  • Skyleigh
    Skyleigh 11 months ago +1

    0:59 fake smile.

  • Tôi có được trả tiền cho việc này không?

    I understand that Pence needs to stand up for the U.S. after all those missile threats, but this still kinda seems like a mistake to me. North Korea constantly portrays America as the Satan's kingdom on earth. Wouldn't cheering for a unified Team Korea bring some sort of change to that?

  • Sunder Sidhai
    Sunder Sidhai 11 months ago

    What a totally ignorant typically American prick. Fuck him and fuck America.

  • Sunny Light
    Sunny Light 11 months ago

    The American propaganda war machine is always accusing other World powers of oppression and wrong doings in their Countries but is unable to confront their own vicious crimes. All the wars that the Anglo-American Rogue Regime has begun, were based in “properly investigated and concluded double checked probabilities” Aka, their well thought out false flags. Bellicose Trump-Pence are afraid of the ‘Moonshine’ Policy for the Korean Peninsula.That is why they are obstructing diplomacy. They are terrified that Peace may break out in North-South Korea!! Peace is not fun for the axis of evil, they want war.There is no money in peace...
    Wherever Anglo-American Rogue Regime goes death and destruction follows. Jewish Zionist America is good in the “divide and conquer strategy.” And their Western war propaganda is a massive power in creating false flags to escalated conflicts all around the World. A couple of examples: The Shot down of Flight M-17 in Ukraine to push war against Russia, the USA and NATO were the responsible ones. Libya, Muhammar Gaddafi killed, their Country Totally destroyed. It all was done based on fabricated evidences. Hillary Clinton "We Came, We Saw, He Died" Iraq, Saddam Hussein falsely accused of possessing weapons of mass destruction. Thousands of innocent citizens dead and the Country destroyed. Syria, False flags (still going on) Sarin gas, meant to discredit and overthrow Assad. Yemen, was pushed into war, that is still going on, with the Saudis because Yemen voted negative in the United the Nations against the war against Iraq. Invading sovereign Countries, removing their governments and killing lots and lots of people is very profitable for the Military Industrial Complex. And the Rothchild Zionist bankers are very proud of it all and laughing at humanity!!
    The media has always been the propaganda arm of the American Jewish Zionist war machine!! U.S.-funded political “NGOs” and media companies have worked with the CIA and foreign policy establishment since the 1980s to promote the American geopolitical agenda. If that is not state-sponsored networks tell me then what it is? The American people and the West in general are carefully shielded from hearing the ‘other side of the story. And that is what investigative journalism of alternative News Channels do well, to tell both sides of the story. Zionist Jews never ever like to be confronted with their crimes. They are unable to deal with the truth. That is the reason why they are censoring the Real News outlets. Anyone who dares to expose the truth and have deep knowledge of who is pulling the strings and pushing for wars is being pointed out as “fake news” and as a propagandist and anti-establishment.
    The American propaganda war machine is always accusing other World powers of oppression and wrong doings in their Countries but is unable to confront their own vicious crimes. Let’s name one example of the millions of cases where employees of the Anglo-American killing machine were sacrificed for the benefit of Neozionisme.

    The Russiagate scandal: The interference in the 2016 elections was the work of the FBI-CIA and other American Intelligence Agencies. Seth Rich (RIP) was one of the victims who knew too much and got killed in the process of moving Hillary to Power…but certainly not the only one that disappeared in the election process. So, don’t tell me that the Saint and Holy Anglo-American Rogue Regime is the Immaculate Democracy of the World!! And it was us motherfucking Americans who created ISIS and used ISIS for our own agendas!!...After 7 years in Syria ISIS was getting stronger and stronger.
    Why? because fighting Assad means supporting American creations Isis and Al hundreds of innocent civilians were killed; and it all for the benefit of Israhell and the Military Industrial Complex. In 2 years Russia has almost finished (work in progress.) the Israhell Anglo-American “Moderated Rebels” creations!! Nobody denies that America could destroy whatever they decide, wherever, anytime, but If America want to eradicate terrorism, for real, around the World; USA must start with the American Military Industrial complex and the criminal sell-outs who are benefiting from all these filthy wars going on around the World!!
    The only Power fighting Islamic terrorism is Russia and her allies. Russia is an Honest Peace broker in International war conflicts. They really know how to confront war situations by using military force when necessary and ASAP bringing the parties involved in the conflict to the negotiation table. Through consistence and integrity Russia has achieved enormous stability in Syria and the rest of the Middle East. Russian position as a Global Power and as a member of the peace block Russia-China is admired and respected throughout the World.

  • Billy The kid
    Billy The kid 11 months ago

    You can clearly see Kim jong uns sister is full of shit just look at her face South Koreas president is so fucking stupid

  • FleX TowN
    FleX TowN 11 months ago


  • LittleBoi4Trump
    LittleBoi4Trump 11 months ago

    Washington Post likes Kim's sister better than Trump and Pence. What a joke

  • Tommy Ace
    Tommy Ace 11 months ago

    This only makes it worse for North Korea’s perception and propaganda of America.. way da go fucktard!

  • SKPBoy
    SKPBoy 11 months ago

    Well done Mike Pence..... The North Koreans are cunning, dishonest and cannot be trusted.
    Do not fall for their attempt to portray themselves in fake manner.... Well done to the Americans.

  • GiGi W.
    GiGi W. 11 months ago

    *Pences *