We Built the Fortnite Llama out of 13,000 Magnets!

  • Published on Sep 7, 2019
  • Anthony, a master neoball builder, visited Vat19 to create a magnetic Loot Llama using 13,000 spherical magnets.
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    Turn your desktop into a gallery of magnetic masterpieces by building with Neoballs. Like their little brother, these magnetic constructors are perfect for fidgeting or as building blocks that snap together. And with their smaller size, you have the flexibility to build even more intricate designs than before.
    The neodymium orbs click together with ease, allowing you to combine simple symmetrical shapes to create complex creations. With enough sets (and a lot of patience!) you can create miniature spaceships, motorcycles, elephants and more.
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  • Vat19
    Vat19  Month ago +104

    What other things should we try building with Neoballs? Check out some of our crazy magnetic videos below!

  • Alex
    Alex 11 hours ago


  • DavidTheMemester 668
    DavidTheMemester 668 11 hours ago

    Fortnite is pretty cancer. Try making something else

  • gold king boss
    gold king boss 12 hours ago +1

    11:58 WHAT WAS THAT SOUND 😂😂🤣🤣

  • tayson wieberdink
    tayson wieberdink 15 hours ago

    I love all your Stuff but really f*** fortnite I think a lot of People got a big triggered

  • storm endless
    storm endless Day ago +1

    03:36: *_??????????_*

  • Hey I Do Whatever I Want!!!


  • Juan Bacilio
    Juan Bacilio Day ago

    I am so mad

  • Luke Stonebraker

    Love it

  • Hhouth
    Hhouth Day ago +1

    Calling all 12 year olds

  • kabuhat men
    kabuhat men Day ago


  • Megan Grooms
    Megan Grooms Day ago

    Great I love fortnight dude I can’t believe you’re making a Fortnite l’amour I love your videos so much I am scribe I hit the bell and I like to the video

  • Psycho Cookie
    Psycho Cookie 2 days ago

    All the cool toys made me forget what the video was.

  • mexican kid vlogs
    mexican kid vlogs 2 days ago

    Make a huge guitar that actually makes sound

  • Trash Can
    Trash Can 2 days ago +1

    Minecraft good Fortnite bad

  • Gachaverse Syndrome
    Gachaverse Syndrome 2 days ago

    Here you guys 10:09no need to thank me

  • Young Midoriya
    Young Midoriya 3 days ago

    I think vat19 earns more money from youtube than selling the products lol

  • L Plays
    L Plays 3 days ago

    Am I the only one who thinks Anthony is the guys is making things out of magnetic balls aka magnetic balls

  • Al gro
    Al gro 3 days ago

    Who else see quadratic equation on 0:38

    BTSGTLP 3 days ago +1

    You really have something with magnets

      APEX GAMER Day ago

      No thanks I came for the full vid

  • Viomi _415
    Viomi _415 3 days ago +1

    This is the second time I'll say this but, after reading some of the comments, all I could see are rants/hate about the there being fortnite. Can people just be respectful and appreciate the effort that was put in the video...

  • Matt Animations
    Matt Animations 3 days ago

    But fortnite bad

    SFE ELECTRO 3 days ago

    Fuck you americans man british people aint posh infact we are miles away from posh

  • Howcanyou1
    Howcanyou1 3 days ago

    We ? You mean HIM

  • Adrian the Reviewer
    Adrian the Reviewer 4 days ago

    Those magnet products look awesome
    Also the part where you said “Isaac newton pooped his pants”its funny

  • MerchantOdeath12 Gaming

    I dislike fortnite

  • Stefàn Jökull Erlendsson

    7:11 i live in iceland

  • Julia Osburn
    Julia Osburn 6 days ago

    What happened to nanodots

  • Panda
    Panda 7 days ago +1

    11:45 *oh thank goodness*

  • TheSavageProdigy
    TheSavageProdigy 7 days ago +3

    That thumbnail looks like Fred on crack...

    *Fred doesn't approve*

  • Whoamiacrazerson
    Whoamiacrazerson 7 days ago +1

    Sorry, ur a little late. The meme is dead

  • BraVo FalCon
    BraVo FalCon 8 days ago

    YoU SuCK

  • Mathias Frame
    Mathias Frame 8 days ago

    What? How dare you guys made a fortnite llama on the thumbnail?!

  • Joey Dalby
    Joey Dalby 8 days ago

    Stop talking about the british

  • Derick Delica
    Derick Delica 9 days ago

    Who plays fortnite while waching the video

  • Tatiana Nikolaeva
    Tatiana Nikolaeva 9 days ago

    I hate you why did you break it I’m gonna stop subscribing

  • ii honey_crisp ii
    ii honey_crisp ii 9 days ago +1

    1:55 So it’s just air hockey

  • Faith Jones
    Faith Jones 9 days ago +1

    I’m British like if you are British too

  • Carly Thornton
    Carly Thornton 9 days ago

    A good 24horer change in a car

    • Carly Thornton
      Carly Thornton 9 days ago

      Gvgghhggd she than get day go I'm high he can get

  • Dr4g0nZ
    Dr4g0nZ 10 days ago

    This comment section is why I hate the Minecraft Community. Let people like what they like

  • Liekina T V
    Liekina T V 10 days ago

    fortnite undertale

  • Shane Ferrell
    Shane Ferrell 10 days ago

    but did you really have to

  • Honey Lancaster
    Honey Lancaster 10 days ago

    Why are you m
    aking fun of Britain

  • TheRed-Eyed Hoodie
    TheRed-Eyed Hoodie 10 days ago +3

    Vat19: hello fellow kids
    Kids: Uhhh Ok

  • Looty
    Looty 10 days ago +1

    Thanks for building me!

  • XxViviotic GamerxX
    XxViviotic GamerxX 11 days ago

    I miss fort nutseason 5 it was alot more fun

  • imposter imposter
    imposter imposter 11 days ago

    Destroy the llama. It is bad. Fortnite is bad and it always will be.

  • Edi guy
    Edi guy 11 days ago

    3:44 how do the stickfigures are named ? cuz i want them

  • bogi hrafn
    bogi hrafn 11 days ago

    hey that guy that sayd i always wanted to go iceland i live there

  • Unknown Alex 99 PACYBITS

    Imagination is over priced

  • Eilzabeth Martin
    Eilzabeth Martin 12 days ago

    Not all British people sound like that, u know

  • Finlay Dickson
    Finlay Dickson 13 days ago

    The first one was offensive to me

  • Hash Th
    Hash Th 13 days ago +4

    1:35 did anyone realize that it sasy depresion in the back ground.bruhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    • Jack Lachman
      Jack Lachman 12 days ago


  • pandapow lps
    pandapow lps 13 days ago

    im unsubscribing ;-;

  • supreme pablo
    supreme pablo 13 days ago

    fortnite is kinda cancer

  • ElmHak
    ElmHak 14 days ago

    You just killed your channel

  • GamerNerdlyErick _YT
    GamerNerdlyErick _YT 15 days ago

    13,000 magnets now that's an avengers level threat

  • 初音ミク
    初音ミク 15 days ago

    Me: *skips to the fortnite lama*

  • AceSuperDinoG 97
    AceSuperDinoG 97 15 days ago

    I’m British I Live in Scotland

    • RJ Seshi
      RJ Seshi 11 days ago

      AceSuperDinoG 97 good for you?

  • Thomas Hynes
    Thomas Hynes 16 days ago

    Why you turning Fred into a magnet