Most MYSTERIOUS Discoveries In The Sahara Desert!

  • Published on May 28, 2018
  • Check out the most mysterious discoveries in the sahara desert! This top 10 list shows some of the most bizarre and unexplained mysteries that the sahara is hiding from us!
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    7. Desert Cones
    The thing about secrets is that once they're uncovered, they're not a secret anymore. But, near El Gouna, Egypt, in the sands that surround the area, there is a "secret" that keeps getting rediscovered. You see, in 2014, people used Google Maps to look at the Sahara Desert and its surrounding areas and noticed some odd cone shaped markings in the sand. As they zoomed out, they noticed a massive pattern that was too precise to be random.
    6. The Nabta Stones
    When it comes to building things that are theoretically impossible for the times, the Egyptians hold the record. In southern Egypt there are ancient megalithic structures that are believed to be a type of calendar circle.
    5. It's Not Exactly What You Think
    Let's start off with some interesting facts about the Sahara Desert that you might not have known. For example, even though it is considered the largest desert on Earth, that's technically not true. Antarctica is scientifically a desert too, a snow desert, but one nonetheless.
    4. The Magic Lake
    When you are dehydrated and have been wandering around the desert for a while, you might start seeing things that are aren’t there, like a lake. A mirage can be very deadly depending on how you react to it. But, imagine people’s surprise when an actual lake appeared near Tunisia in 2014, and not only was it real, it was massive.
    3. Desert Glass
    Glass is something you most likely see every single day. It's used to make windows, windshields, glasses, and so many more things. But, you wouldn't expect to find it in certain places. Like for example, in the worlds' biggest desert. Yet, that's exactly what happened.
    2. Kingdoms Beneath The Sand
    One of the biggest things that the Sahara Desert is known for is it's sand. It's everywhere! The sand has helped hide and preserve some interesting secrets. Looking at it from above, we have found some very old secrets.
    1. The Eye Of The Sahara
    I definitely saved the best for last, because this mystery is something that's been around for quite some time, but was only discovered once we started taking pictures from space. I give to you, the Eye of the Sahara.
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  • zen spirit
    zen spirit 5 days ago

    The eye of the Sahara is speculated to be the lost city of Atlantis, it fits the description Plato wrote about... Love and harmony

  • Clair Pahlavi
    Clair Pahlavi 6 days ago +1

    Desert glass formed by big lightening strikes, thus fulguritic in nature. No need for nukes or ETs.

  • Rab Imula
    Rab Imula 7 days ago

    Algeria is full of mysterious places not discovered yet , Algerian archeological departments they teach students on other civilizations , but not in their own , they want to hide the truth from the people .

  • Flying Angel
    Flying Angel 14 days ago

    I believe that Sahara desert has lots more to discover beneath all of that Sandkorns.

  • WeShall4ttack
    WeShall4ttack 16 days ago

    These cones didn't get blown away by fricking sand storms, though?? Or do these things only occur in certain parts of the desert?...

  • Votenks King
    Votenks King 18 days ago

    The eye in the desert is Thierry to be The location of the lost city of Atlantis there’s a lot of evidence to back it up

  • sociopasta 23
    sociopasta 23 19 days ago

    I hate how ditzy the chicks voice sounds. I got 7 commercials for a 10 min vid. Didnt mention major facts about 3 of the topics. Mostly the fact that the "eye" is Atlantis like 200 people mentioned in the comments.

  • Architect надрыв

    ; The Goddess of hidden moisture.

  • Derek Clark
    Derek Clark 26 days ago

    Eye of the Sahara is Atlantis

  • Victor Baker
    Victor Baker 29 days ago

    Well ic the eye idea is well known so I won't bother mentioning it again. Hmm in a way I just did didn't I. Sorry.

  • David Johannes Marker
    David Johannes Marker 29 days ago

    Ok news check the story of the dragon who did this😉😉

    APEFARM Month ago

    Lightning hitting a pool of water , might be able to produce that glass.

  • Rickard Wängåker
    Rickard Wängåker Month ago

    It's Fucking Atlantis!

  • JamesDIcaprio
    JamesDIcaprio Month ago

    Green stone New Materie an Underwater this god's world new time consule for peaple Earth fly Ufo an people Fly this say Bijbel New Futhere!!!

  • Izuki azure unknown
    Izuki azure unknown Month ago +1

    In the past:Just a normal structure nothing big😐
    In the present:😯Woah HOW DID THEY DO THIS

  • boomrattle
    boomrattle Month ago

    Your voice is irritating and difficult to listen to for any length of time. Sorry.

  • Awesome Duff
    Awesome Duff Month ago

    Heat vision from cats made the desert glass

  • redbullnshimano1
    redbullnshimano1 Month ago

    If truly the eye of sahara is atlantis, then yonaguni sunken temple could well be man-made. And their eras would be around or about the same as gobekli tepe. Which I believe to be a also sunken into the sea. Nobody would cover a whole city with silt and rumble overnight!!

  • arthurbludgeon
    arthurbludgeon Month ago

    I can't watch this due to that incredibly annoying Barbie doll nasally voice!

  • energy phocused
    energy phocused Month ago

    Eye of the Sahara is Atlantis.... all of these finds have a single history. Look at mud fossils

  • Srey Keosopheaktra
    Srey Keosopheaktra Month ago

    3:07 you should just say “The Sahara” but no one is going to call you out on it, unless they’re super annoying

  • Johnzad
    Johnzad Month ago

    I hate sand

  • Noah Marino
    Noah Marino Month ago

    The glass was most likely caused by lightning.

  • Steven Northman
    Steven Northman Month ago

    Richat (the eye of the Sahara) is thought to be the remains of Atlantis - this is a good video explaining it

  • Kyle Bohna
    Kyle Bohna Month ago

    Ok you most definitely are a Democrat and you work for the system. and that is why you always make fun with your voice about aliens and things that are not explainable so you make it sound like it is explainable.

  • Kyle Bohna
    Kyle Bohna Month ago

    I probably said this before but you have the most annoying voice in the way you speak about things and topics makes so hard to watch the video the whole time you're thinking can't she just speak normally.

  • donnasqueaky2
    donnasqueaky2 Month ago

    I think it is Atlantis.

  • parasu108 parasu108

    utter nonsense propaganda video created to counter real ancient findings the monkyists never quite, but neither do other fanatic tyrannical cults.

  • Joseph Matthews
    Joseph Matthews Month ago

    its speculated that the eye of the sahara is THE LOST CITY OF ATLANTIS!

  • Lady Marmalade
    Lady Marmalade Month ago

    The Egyptians didn't build Nabta Playa, the Nubians built it.

  • Edward Anthony
    Edward Anthony Month ago

    Eye of the Sahara is the Lost City of Atlantis right where Edgar Cayce said it was "under the right paw" of the Sphinx. Look at it closely at the southern section!

  • gullydisciple
    gullydisciple Month ago

    Daaamn assassins creed origins creators really did there research 👍🏿

  • Jason Gooden
    Jason Gooden Month ago

    Some believe the Eye of the Sahara was Atlantis

  • Anon Mason
    Anon Mason 2 months ago

    *Modern People:* _"I'm going to make CIRCLES and SPIRALS in the sand! It will be FABULOUS! I shall call it 'Mother Earth and her TEARS!'"_
    *Future People:* _"Look at these circles and spirals people made in the 20th century! Must be ANCIENT ALIENS! Why ELSE would they make it!?"_
    *Ancient People* _"Dude like we need bigger walls or we gunna die"_

  • KremitDeFrog
    KremitDeFrog 2 months ago

    Just last month, posted an article about how the Eye of the Sahara may actually be the fabled Lost City of Atlantis.. O.o

  • KremitDeFrog
    KremitDeFrog 2 months ago

    In terms of Desert Glass.. why not consider Occam's Razor? it was likely formed by a bolt of lightning like glass made from sand on a beach..

  • a4man90
    a4man90 2 months ago

    Eye of the SAHARA is ATLANTIS

  • rock johal
    rock johal 2 months ago

    Bharat hai hamara. Ham hain Sahara

  • lepayen
    lepayen 2 months ago

    They don't need funding to go excavate a site at all, nobody does. You see a site, you pick up a shovel and start digging. They want to be paid for it plus hire people to help them, but if people really care so much about archeology, they don't need to be paid, they'd do it just for the thrills. Fly me over, provide me with food and water, I'll dig.

      FLAT EARTH 2 months ago

      go dig a hole and bury yourself you dirty bastard !!!!!!!!!!

  • lepayen
    lepayen 2 months ago

    People need to remember, places like Egypt, Sumeria, most of the ancient sites sprang up out of nowhere after the global flood. Therefore, it's safe to assume that there are much, much older structures due to the fact we were clearly around before the flood and must at the minimum have had the knowledge of making buildings from before the flood.

  • Joey Pomeroy
    Joey Pomeroy 2 months ago

    Robert Schoch's new research shows that the desert glass phenomenon is from solar flares during the late pleistocene

  • cowpker4life
    cowpker4life 2 months ago +1

    dont need sand to hit 1815c to turn into glass there is ways to get it much lower

  • Jack Karr
    Jack Karr 2 months ago

    I read all the comments.....I agree with you all!!!!!

  • Richard Zhou
    Richard Zhou 2 months ago

    Eye of Sahara is Atlantis

  • Wordy Thoughts
    Wordy Thoughts 2 months ago +15

    Does it not concern you that these sheep never even bother to check the comments before regurgitating the same statement over, and over, and over, and over.

  • CannaCures dgc.og.soldier

    I didn’t hear them mention that there was fresh water found in the center of the rings as Plato also described.You can clearly see in satellite images that “Atlantis” was washed into the ocean when the Sahara Sea drained and buried what wasn’t washed into the Atlantic ocean. This fits every description and measurements of Atlantis from Plato,2000 years ago. Trippy..!

  • Jack Williams
    Jack Williams 2 months ago

    Annoying voiceover! Uuuugh

  • Aqqanuka Inuusugtoq
    Aqqanuka Inuusugtoq 2 months ago


  • Derek O'Brien
    Derek O'Brien 2 months ago

    Another shouting yank - this time a screeching woman.

  • DS2
    DS2 2 months ago

    Maybe we nuked ourselves to the stone age a hundred millions of years ago. Also the Eye of the Sahara is totally Atlantis.

  • Bob Marshall
    Bob Marshall 2 months ago

    That irritating voice...... Especially the "Bye....."

  • Hafid
    Hafid 2 months ago

    Sahara in Arabic means (the color "Blond") like blond people. Blond Desert.

  • logancanyonrx
    logancanyonrx 2 months ago

    Very fascinating and compelling evidence to suggest that the eye of the Sahara is truly the site of Atlantis.... so many facts line up but consider. Plato's and Solons track record... everything else that they record it has been accurate so why would this be any different especially during a time when their facts could actually be checked and cross-referenced... obviously the world does not want us to have this information but it's pretty clear what we're looking at.... mind bending and world-changing and the truth will probably never be released

  • dirt bag
    dirt bag 2 months ago

    so the US did a nuclear bomb test in the Sahara prior to the one in Nevada which will explain how there's glass in the desert

    • dell kach DZ
      dell kach DZ 2 months ago

      no it was the French they have tested the blue h bomb , people up to now since the 50s. in Algeria r born. with severe handicappe ,the Truth is always hurt.

  • Mike S
    Mike S 2 months ago

    Looking at the comments, I'm so glad to see that many are referencing "The Eye of the Sahara" to the lost city of Atlantis! For anyone out there who's unfamiliar, do some research and you'll be astounded, and excited! I personally do believe that THIS IS the lost city of Atlantis!!

  • b888
    b888 2 months ago

    For anyone wondering what interesting comments are on this video, half of the comment section is filled with people calling the richat as atlantis. I made a comment on it too lol!. #BrightInsight #Atlantis #Richat

  • b888
    b888 2 months ago

    Freakin Atlantis WE FOUND FREAKING ATLANTIS!!!!

  • MisterZ
    MisterZ 2 months ago

    #1 is propaganda to make us forget about the Atlantis theory! ;-)

  • tay loso
    tay loso 2 months ago

    The eye of the sahara is atlantis

  • Dillon Oakes
    Dillon Oakes 2 months ago

    Jimmy at bright insight does a WAY better job I'd go there for sure!

  • Amer Darwich
    Amer Darwich 2 months ago

    It is sahra in arabic

  • Mika'el Cohen
    Mika'el Cohen 2 months ago

    Ironically though, someone should tell this lady what 'ironically' means.

  • water malone
    water malone 2 months ago

    The eye of the sahara is the lost city of atlantis

  • Brian Mcbrian
    Brian Mcbrian 2 months ago

    If it is Atlantis, where are the ruins? why no trace of building? All I see is something more like a defensive structure.

  • Lue Liv FairyBreeder Mistwalker

    The dessert houses a volcano beneath the sands

  • I amcarbonandotherbits.

    Looks like a mining site to me.

  • NEO
    NEO 2 months ago

    #1 is the atlantis

  • Jacob Zwart
    Jacob Zwart 2 months ago

    Only a 10:35 clip with 4 Ad's, very annoying.

  • Rebekka Hay
    Rebekka Hay 2 months ago

    Can you please make a decision on the unit system you are using? You are jumping back and forth between imperial and metric. This gets quite irritating. Chose one and put the other on the screen and then stick with it. Most countries use the metric system.

  • Kevin
    Kevin 2 months ago

    This guy has me convinced it is Atlantis.

  • Jim Fariello
    Jim Fariello 2 months ago

    Can you say, ATLANTIS.

  • Aumbreon
    Aumbreon 2 months ago


  • Zescaflowne
    Zescaflowne 2 months ago

    the eye of sahara is actually ruins of the ancient atlantis.

  • stefan cap
    stefan cap 2 months ago

    When i whas a kid they always told me that glass in the Sahara whas made by lightning.

  • Zayn Sabsabi
    Zayn Sabsabi 2 months ago

    You missed a secret. The Sahara wasn’t always sand. Every 20 thousand years this area enters a period. The wet and dry period. In other words: the Sahara is 20 thousand years rainforests and wet. And then 20 thousand years sand and dry

  • Jethro Peters
    Jethro Peters 2 months ago

    Lets all buy shovels, meet up at the airport, get out there and digg the sand out of that eye! Atlantis is found!

  • Jethro Peters
    Jethro Peters 2 months ago

    The eye of Africa could be Atlantis. Call me crazy, but if u read what Plato wrote about it: its a match! Jimmy from Bright inaide can tell it best, as far as i know: he figured it out!

    ROY SHAW 2 months ago


  • ns5070
    ns5070 2 months ago

    How the fuck is number 3 a mystery? Storms happen from time to time in the Sahara, so wouldn't it be reasonable to say lightening created the glass? Especially since it wasn't that much that was found. I assume people can find glass scattered all over any desert due to periodic storms that happen over thousands of years.

  • Lo No
    Lo No 2 months ago

    Glass is sand melted.

  • Marco Pederzoli
    Marco Pederzoli 2 months ago

    as others pointed it out...

  • yunas saxer
    yunas saxer 2 months ago


  • ScotTex83
    ScotTex83 2 months ago

    Lightning can turn sand into glass

  • moha glade
    moha glade 2 months ago

    im from tunisia i hate the heat

  • AJ LastNameClassified
    AJ LastNameClassified 2 months ago

    All these people here from Bright Insight...

  • E4 Eagle
    E4 Eagle 2 months ago

    Water about water desert ?

  • Varago III
    Varago III 3 months ago +1

    I heard that the eye of the desert is the lost city of Atlantis, it makes sense if u research it enough and read Pluto’s books on it. It all pieces together

    • Nachiket Pargaonkar
      Nachiket Pargaonkar 3 months ago

      A channel called Bright Insight has put up a great video about it. His other videos are pretty awesome too!

  • Logan Patron
    Logan Patron 3 months ago +4

    The eye of the Sahara is Atlantis..I am pretty sure artifacts will be found there, but people choose to just ignore it! The main issue is that many archaeologists and Historians think of Atlantis as being a myth, but these same people thought that Troy and the Trojan war was a myth until it was proven to be real. Plato didn't make up Atlantis, it was a historical record of the place that was passed down from his ancestor.

  • iyabi burn
    iyabi burn 3 months ago +2

    for the 3rd it's in algeria in my contry and Franch used the desert for atomic bomb in 63 so that explaine it for u ^^ as for the eye some say it's the lost city of atlantid as btw ever wall there is exactly 23 klm river form the north and the send is pushed to join the sea and u can see like gate at the S W of the eye like big river from where ship can enter the city like in the legand

  • Tom Butthurt
    Tom Butthurt 3 months ago

    See outward flush of mud n sand on draining of inland Sea and drowning of Atlantis

  • Tom Butthurt
    Tom Butthurt 3 months ago

    Plato's story of Atlantis from Solon's inquires and learning in 600bc Egypt

  • jburner12
    jburner12 3 months ago

    The eye of the Sahara is the City of Atlantis. Look it up. Specs and all

  • Gregory Martin
    Gregory Martin 3 months ago

    Glad to see everyone in the comments watched the Bright Insight video as well lol

  • Richard Powell
    Richard Powell 3 months ago

    Yup, I like how you mentioned that the Great Flood hit Africa... I think it started there.
    Northern Africa was raised up by some enormous magma bubble, or something to that effect,
    causing the waters which used to cover north Africa to go spilling out in a most catastrophic manner...
    Most likely causing World Wide Flooding.
    Which would also explain why the Remains of Atlantis are now 1300ft above sea level.
    The Eye of the Sahara is the remains of Atlantis, wiped out by the Great Flood.
    Look at the sands near there, [from space, of course] looks like water flowed from east to west in a Giant Flood.
    Of course, this would have cause Atlantis to be 'dumped' into the Atlantic.
    Probably the First Major thing to be wiped out by the Great Flood.
    The fact the the 'sea' was called impassable by mud after the event makes alot of sense.
    That mud turned into Sand after being land locked for all this time...
    I'm 99.9% sure that the Eye of the Sahara is the Ancient site of Atlantis.

  • JohnnyOmm
    JohnnyOmm 3 months ago

    eye of the sahasra is actuiALLY aTLANTIS. GOOGLE IT

  • Andrew Hanson
    Andrew Hanson 3 months ago

    Giant trees use to dot the world. The eye is Atlantis. The Pyramids use to generate power and balance the weather. A great flood did happen, there's so much damn evidence. WE HAVE NEVER BEEN TO SPACE AND WILL NEVER GET THERE. They teach us bullshit in school. Nothing but lies!

  • Sean Mulqueen
    Sean Mulqueen 3 months ago

    Who gives a crap about the content when you see all those ads in such a short video. Best to save this channel for when you either A) pay for yt red or B) get to a computer that can utilize an adblocker. Preferably B.

  • Neanderthal Tom Cave Beast Sociopathic Parasite -

    Couldn't the desert glass be the byproduct of lightning strikes, Or does lightning not strike all that misch in the desert due to the lack of clouds or something?

  • Beverly Peterson
    Beverly Peterson 3 months ago

    Ohhhh sheeeeetttttt

  • jens jensen
    jens jensen 3 months ago

    The eye is Atlantis