How To Make Perfect Scrambled Eggs - 3 ways | Jamie Oliver

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    Scrambled eggs can be hard to get right so Jamie's done a little video to give you a helping hand. There's three variations on this simple dish - English, French and American. All different. All tasty. Which one is your favourite?
    What's your best tips for making scrambled eggs Food Tubers? Is there is a method from your own country you'd love to share? Let us know in the comments box below.
    Thanks to our fine friends at for the fabulous eggs in this video.
    Did you find the hidden Easter egg link in this video? Turn on your annotations and take a closer look...
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Comments • 80

  • npgSymboL
    npgSymboL 10 hours ago

    Australian way.
    Take 2 eggs
    Crack them over your hot engine in your ford or Holden ute
    Mix well with dip stick

  • Keretha Brown
    Keretha Brown 12 hours ago

    不不不不不 I love it when you are taking time out, really cool

  • Geoffrey W
    Geoffrey W 13 hours ago

    To everyone who says the toast is burned, no its not, its just right.

  • g h
    g h 15 hours ago

    Is the butter not salty enough

  • Gabriel S
    Gabriel S 16 hours ago

    These eggs are soooo raw

  • Allison N
    Allison N Day ago

    The French way 打打打

  • Theng Yi Ming
    Theng Yi Ming Day ago

    We stir fry eggs with rice or noodles in Malaysia with a wok

  • Rozhan R
    Rozhan R Day ago


  • ANDREW Garcia
    ANDREW Garcia Day ago

    In Russia, we just eat the whole chicken before the egg pops out.

  • Rishabh Prakash
    Rishabh Prakash Day ago

    Hey, Jamie big fan of yours from India

  • ukulika
    ukulika 2 days ago

    I am here after gordon ramsays video because i did not understand a thing

  • Aditya Virendra
    Aditya Virendra 2 days ago

    Jamie is famous

  • Nana Ma
    Nana Ma 3 days ago

    I notice that some whisk the eggs after being put in the pot.

  • Pointman 4
    Pointman 4 3 days ago

    I shove mine in my wifes mouth and whisk them using my cock.
    I then have her spit them into a hot pan with butter.
    Medium heat while i use the gordon method of on/off heat.
    Add salt, pepper and chives.
    I then have my wife spit in them one more time to prevent overcooking.
    Put that on a nice slice of wheat and youre good to go

    • Pointman 4
      Pointman 4 Day ago

      Tam Tamsin you replied on my comment puppet不

    • Tam Tamsin
      Tam Tamsin Day ago

      Pointman 4 clearly strong enough to merit a reply though kiddo

    • Pointman 4
      Pointman 4 Day ago

      Tam Tamsin your insults are weak af

    • Tam Tamsin
      Tam Tamsin Day ago

      Pointman 4 I bet you sniff bike seats, plamf boy

    • Pointman 4
      Pointman 4 Day ago

      Tam Tamsin stfu pussy

  • Benmusicz Me
    Benmusicz Me 4 days ago

    The hell, Jamie Oliver makes it look so easy

  • Winter Holly Day Record

    "So how do you cook your eggs? Let us know!"
    Scramble the whites, whichever texture you most feel like, then put the still-intact yolks on top and steam juuuust enough to make them into warm golden syrup bubbles which, when popped, ooze all over other foods. "Scrambles, runny side up." Serve on a giant slice of sourdough with a generous glop of chili sauce, or on a bowl of rice with a generous helping of kimchee.

  • Chudney Hadarah Williams

    Just made the BEST scrambled eggs ii ever.
    A mix of the British and American way! 返
    Plus cheese. Wouldnt REALLY be the American way without CHEESE right!

  • Shaine Ellis
    Shaine Ellis 4 days ago

    i thought the voice was the divine david lmao

  • Lighting Struck
    Lighting Struck 6 days ago

    Lovely! i love the way u presents your cooking.. those scrambled eggs look so yummy! tks!

  • Dolder
    Dolder 7 days ago

    I just showed off my French eggs and now Im more respected

  • Tittums McSprinkles
    Tittums McSprinkles 8 days ago

    Who taught this knob to add salt before the eggs are cooked?

    • Tittums McSprinkles
      Tittums McSprinkles Day ago

      @Tam Tamsin I guess some people like tough watery eggs.

    • Tam Tamsin
      Tam Tamsin Day ago

      Tittums McSprinkles Everyone knows you season prior to cooking, idiot.

  • Englishrose Mania
    Englishrose Mania 9 days ago

    Oliver is so funny, love him.

  • Jodi Gustaman
    Jodi Gustaman 10 days ago +1

    i always use the american style. the first 2 is just way too raw and watery

  • nunya biznez
    nunya biznez 13 days ago +1

    I have never seen scrambled eggs plopped onto a slice of toast in America before and I've been cooking breakfast in restaurants for my whole life. If anything perhaps the toast goes on top of the eggs sometimes but not under. That's how you get soggy toast. If I put eggs on toast like that my guests would send it back and complain that their toast is soggy. Don't need milk or cream if you cook them right? Milk/cream is essential to the flavor of scrambled eggs. I use milk some use cream but eggs don't taste right without it. You can't get that flavor without milk regardless of how right you're cooking it.

  • TheDirewolf 1234
    TheDirewolf 1234 14 days ago

    When Im hungry, the first thing I think of cooking is eggs.

  • Joanna Bratton
    Joanna Bratton 15 days ago

    Theyre so lovely and orange!

  • Serena V Dolinska
    Serena V Dolinska 17 days ago +1

    I like Polish style scrambled eggs! English is good too. Whichever way, there has to be chopped parsley & black pepper on top! :)

  • Francesca GINOCCHI
    Francesca GINOCCHI 19 days ago


  • Theadore Miller
    Theadore Miller 20 days ago

    Ok Guys First Of All Never Mix Before Putting In The Pan Nor Every Season first great other than that tho :)

  • Ben L
    Ben L 20 days ago

    1:00 That was SO much butter for two eggs

  • Mansour Almansour
    Mansour Almansour 20 days ago +1

    Either your hands are massive or the eggs are tiny or both

  • Random Ness
    Random Ness 21 day ago

    Butter wow

  • Rajdeep Ghosh
    Rajdeep Ghosh 21 day ago

    just love this channel.. Keep inspiring :)

  • hanslesolo
    hanslesolo 22 days ago

    what is medium heat?

    • Drew C.
      Drew C. 8 days ago

      It's right between Low & High

  • Aria Lifeless
    Aria Lifeless 22 days ago

    It bothers me so much that none of the eggs are fully cooked. I mean??? gross???

  • Sarah Lobdell
    Sarah Lobdell 22 days ago

    All those eggs are still raw! They're not cooked.

  • pikidestroyer
    pikidestroyer 22 days ago +2

    I just put the eggs in a hot pan with butter and I start scrambling the whites, leaving the yolks intact. When the whites are almost done, I break the yolks and let it finish cooking, scrambling it all together. Greetings from Galicia, Spain! :D

  • kev Leafy
    kev Leafy 23 days ago

    Toast is burnt to bits

  • imon Rada
    imon Rada 23 days ago

    For me the best is using twice the amount of yolks to the whites (4 yolks and two whites for a person) and I do something like French but in a pan ( smooth but quick) but the best way of doing eggs is I thing scrambling just yolks on a tortilla on a hot pan just till they stop darkening and start going sandy (hard boiled egg is sandy the soft one not) (Im from Czechia but never seen anyone else using these methods)劾

  • ThePentadactyl Man
    ThePentadactyl Man 24 days ago

    put whole egg in microwave, full power, 15 seconds, done (i always do the "American way", but its actually the "german way", if you add 2cl sparkling water and 2cl cream, the eggs will be very fluffy ) and NEVER use a whisker, only a fork to whip the eggs will put air in it to hav a fluffy and nice result

  • David Chris
    David Chris 25 days ago

    the american way!!

  • Serenity's Outlet
    Serenity's Outlet 25 days ago +2

    Ew French look uncooked

  • LineMountain
    LineMountain 26 days ago

    Need to cook the American style eggs a little longer.

  • LineMountain
    LineMountain 26 days ago

    French version looks nasty 丐

  • will miller
    will miller 26 days ago

    Delicate and sheety lol

  • Tobi K
    Tobi K 26 days ago +1

    The French version is disgusting

  • Tapasaya Gund
    Tapasaya Gund 26 days ago


  • kilau langit
    kilau langit 29 days ago

    Thanks jamiie , I like ala France way n' ala American way ..., good for breakfast + almond milk drinks= very simple

  • Mr Leaker
    Mr Leaker Month ago

    Whos here after watching gordon ramseys eggs

    NOVA DARLING Month ago

    *black people have left the chat*

  • Daisy William
    Daisy William Month ago

    Nice video. Thanks

  • Steven Skinner
    Steven Skinner Month ago

    I dont see a difference between the english and american method lol

  • William Mcphee
    William Mcphee Month ago

    Put more yolk in than whites that's how you get banging scrambled eggs xxx

  • Creed
    Creed Month ago

    This guy reminds me of Muselk

  • Stop Gnvhnk
    Stop Gnvhnk Month ago

    Gordons are better

    JI KOSTELENEC Month ago

    In Czechia, at least I... Just crack some eggs on the pan, don織t move it, just like a pancake... with some salami and cheese on the bottom of the pan, also on the top of the eggs.. just, some kind of egg-pizza.. seasoning is up to you...

  • Herb Dean
    Herb Dean Month ago

    If you leave that amount of moisture in your scrambled eggs in North America you're getting some weird looks

  • F-150
    F-150 Month ago

    A bit of cream makes them much tastier. And a pinch of pepper, too!

    NOOBY KING Month ago

    Hey better than Gordan Ramsay.

  • Gammy Luvblack
    Gammy Luvblack Month ago

    He told us not to overcook the eggs but no one told him about overcooking toast

  • aaBerant
    aaBerant Month ago +1

    i like mine to not be super runny it feels raw when they are like that just me i guess

  • Zerepy
    Zerepy Month ago

    3 eggs
    Don't season asap
    Chunk of butter at beginning.
    In pan
    Put on heat
    Whip out a spatula
    Whisk when in pan
    Take on and off heat
    Don't stop stiring.
    Season with little bit of salt and pepper

  • Lawson Bennett
    Lawson Bennett Month ago +1

    Not cooked all the way duh

  • Shayan Daryan
    Shayan Daryan Month ago

    This Guy Loves Knobs, Always Mentions It

  • John Tan
    John Tan Month ago +1

    currently on liquid diet due to the wire shut mouth... this is great tried making French style eggs and i can still suck it through the small gaps between my teeth

  • Tony Lawlor
    Tony Lawlor Month ago

    Don't fart whatever you do after that.

  • m4yh3m121
    m4yh3m121 Month ago

    Are none of the comments going to address the BURNT TOAST??? lol

  • akira risma
    akira risma Month ago

    Its confusing. He talks in british accent but hes an american?

  • Ansh B.
    Ansh B. Month ago

    I add milk, black pepper powder, cut green chillies and fried onions! It tastes amazing Indian style!

  • Dylan Muir
    Dylan Muir Month ago

    *sighs This is what I get for thinking a Jamie Oliver cooking vid could have any value...

  • Eberjo M
    Eberjo M Month ago +2

    When he said the French style eggs were delicious
    Me: i know you lying

  • Noel Rojo
    Noel Rojo Month ago

    Everything is good % quality

  • Thomas Leong
    Thomas Leong Month ago

    izit too greasy? put so much unsalted butter

  • Sumipun
    Sumipun Month ago

    That toast looks burnt

  • Brad Metcalf
    Brad Metcalf Month ago

    You can take all of them and chuck them. Not eating slimy eggs!

  • Ai Fadjar
    Ai Fadjar Month ago +1

    Asian scramble egg are simple. Just need 3 component:
    And cook it on high heat but don't let it burn.

  • Alison Jarvis
    Alison Jarvis Month ago

    Always refer back to you, I love the American way but also the English way.... liking the French way though, will give that a go....

  • Mr. Dj Wolfmann
    Mr. Dj Wolfmann Month ago

    dear jamie this way i had learn to make schable eegs on its its the france way an if you gonner seas it wiet pepper yuoi naturly use white pepper way then if you gonner servet for a geest an you use vlack pepper it looks like its had be burn in botten of the eggs upps i had lean on the scol on the hard way that s the rissen way i can say it on this way its mager upps if you us a black pepper to a ligth food as scahble eegs ore fish ore white souce

  • irregardless
    irregardless Month ago

    Can someone tell me why this guy is so famous? He is less an actual chef than an eternal cooking student who is happy to share the new things he has learned. But his cooking technique is on the level of a home cook, and generally there is nothing special in his recipes.