Charlie's Angels Trailer Review

  • Published on Jun 27, 2019
  • The Collider Live crew talks about the first trailer for Charlie's Angels.
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Comments • 103

  • just NOVA
    just NOVA Month ago

    Beta 😜

  • kirschakos
    kirschakos Month ago

    This movie will flop guys :D

  • Film Guru Movie Reviews

    I don't know. it doesn't look like it had brought anything new to it.

  • Ceeboy ForLife
    Ceeboy ForLife Month ago +1

    This is for chicks, guys we gotta sit this one out.

  • Gabriel Benton
    Gabriel Benton Month ago +1

    I’m a guy and I’d go see it. I don’t think it’ll be good, but I’m hoping it’ll be decent.

  • BubbaCrane
    BubbaCrane Month ago +3

    It’s going to tank. No one wants to see it.

  • Geek Azores
    Geek Azores Month ago +1

    Why os this trailer bad? Looks like an ok movie

  • Danny Boy
    Danny Boy Month ago +2

    The movie looked like dog shit want are they talking about?

  • Laurence T.
    Laurence T. Month ago


  • Scott Summers
    Scott Summers Month ago +1

    I thought Ella Balinska was the best looking among the 3.

  • Dikeledi Musi
    Dikeledi Musi Month ago +1

    I'll probably never watch this movie, ever. All I needed was it's first line to know I'll happily pass. I miss the days when a female lead, was just that, a female lead. Today, a female lead is a wolf in cheap, whoops I mean, sheep's clothing.

  • sarah
    sarah Month ago +1

    Yall didn't even mention Ella Balinska. She looked the best in that trailer imo.

    • Ceeboy ForLife
      Ceeboy ForLife Month ago

      sarah fake mad about it, interesting choice of words

    • sarah
      sarah Month ago

      @Ceeboy ForLife lol sure but they already casted someone else so I'm not gonna be fake mad about it.

    • Ceeboy ForLife
      Ceeboy ForLife Month ago

      sarah right because we need yet another light skin “black” for the “diversity” quota. How about a young Naomi Cambel instead?

  • Alan David
    Alan David Month ago +9

    Let's be honest it was not a good trailer. Good actresses but the trailer looked bad.

  • Savage 1
    Savage 1 Month ago +4

    You would have to be a 12 year old girl to enjoy this film

  • Tag Delucas
    Tag Delucas Month ago +3

    I couldn't get past 30 seconds. Looks worse than garbage

  • Chris Wilson
    Chris Wilson Month ago

    Since when is there a black or lesbian angel?

  • Ryan Parmar
    Ryan Parmar Month ago

    evil dorina looking fire as always

  • Jaime Moreno
    Jaime Moreno Month ago +4

    I think this is going to do as good as MIB International

  • Ice Fury, Director of Shield

    I want a Charlies Angels movie featuring Dorina, Wendy, and Roxy

  • Humphking
    Humphking Month ago +3

    That trailer looked like Catwoman 2 Electric Boogaloo

  • Brynley Jones
    Brynley Jones Month ago +1

    Macuga is the kinda guy who would say that the fast and furious franchise is one of his favorites

  • Lord Zander’s Soap Box

    Let the but 💋 begin. This reboot looks like crap

  • Tom Jones
    Tom Jones Month ago

    We're all growing tired of these strong-independent, unrealistic Mary Sue characters.

  • Darth Grizzla
    Darth Grizzla Month ago

    This film will be a turd.

    ALL1NERD Month ago +3

    Never thought Kristen Stewart could be so damn hot.

  • ken daly
    ken daly Month ago +2

    This is one of those "why did you make this" type movies

  • G-Roy
    G-Roy Month ago

    “it wasn’t made for him”

  • Ian Smart
    Ian Smart Month ago

    Kstew is a genius. I’ll see anything she’s in.

    • Ian Smart
      Ian Smart Month ago

      @ken daly Next Level Performances:

      Adventureland (2009)
      Camp X-Ray (2014)
      Clouds of Sils Maria (2015)
      American Ultra (2016)
      Personal Shopper (2017)

      She gives Oscar worthy performances in these flicks.

    • ken daly
      ken daly Month ago +1

      She's had the same facial expression in every scene ever lol how is she a genius ?

  • Woody Pride
    Woody Pride Month ago +2

    I’m not interested in this movie. Next movie I’ll be seeing: Spider-Man Far From Home.

    • Dikeledi Musi
      Dikeledi Musi Month ago

      Everything about your comment, is on point.

  • Gilbert 5452
    Gilbert 5452 Month ago

    0:25 shouldn't movies be made for the largest audience possible?

    • Gilbert 5452
      Gilbert 5452 Month ago

      Somehow the movies with Cameron Diaz, Drew Barrymore and Lucy Lu were made for him and this is not? Hmmmm.

    • Sully Uddin
      Sully Uddin Month ago

      Not every movie can have a massive appeal. Quentin Tarantino, despite being a talented and respected filmmaker, has films that most people won’t watch.

  • Michael Anderson
    Michael Anderson Month ago +1

    I'll pass

  • Patriotic Justice
    Patriotic Justice Month ago +1

    Oh, god. Really? More feminist SJW crap? C'mon, cuh. If that didn't work for Ghostbusters, Ocean's Eight, or Men In Black International, it sure as hell ain't working now.

  • Murphaderf
    Murphaderf Month ago +7

    Did we watch the same trailer?

  • Luke Bennet
    Luke Bennet Month ago

    The 1st Charlie's Angels had Sam Rockwell. Best performance or character?? No. But he's likeable in any role, same as Bill Fricken Murray. He was in both films and honestly.. as cheesy and bad as those films are the casts were delightful.

  • Fernando Garajalde
    Fernando Garajalde Month ago

    Junk food for the mind and that "little head" we think with. Perfect summer alternative to getting skin cancer and Patrick Stewart will pack in the fanboys. At least it's not an X-man sequel.

  • eon001
    eon001 Month ago

    Underwhelmed. I was looking forward to it too. Anna looks better.

  • EvilDeadDave1
    EvilDeadDave1 Month ago +10

    My wife has a new found crush on Kristen Stewart.

  • Jess Plays
    Jess Plays Month ago +1

    It looks bad

  • Neil Hutchinson
    Neil Hutchinson Month ago +1

    The Charlie's Angel's trailer reminded me of Lassie, because it's a dog!

  • Spudo
    Spudo Month ago +2

    It's exactly what you thought it was going to be . . .

  • AJ Daniels
    AJ Daniels Month ago +3

    I'm gonna take a guess that no one has seen the show. Makes me feel old.

  • Christopher Felts
    Christopher Felts Month ago +2

    Iron your curtains

  • Iwillone
    Iwillone Month ago +4

    Didn't know what to think until I saw it and the movie looks pretty good (-_^ ) Kristen Stewart doing action surprised me.

  • nicola gardumi
    nicola gardumi Month ago +39

    I love whenever they talk about an obviously bad movie with women they talk in such a cautious way it's hilarious

    • Dino Sabalić
      Dino Sabalić Month ago

      Zero excitement in this trailer i hope wimen like it tho.

    • stefaniate
      stefaniate Month ago +2

      Yes, I hate that shit! Be honest!

    • roedhunt
      roedhunt Month ago +7

      They even shot down the only woman on the panel because SHE started bad-mouthing it at the beginning. LOL

    • Brian M
      Brian M Month ago +4

      nicola gardumi right ? even at the start kristian has to say that there are people that care about this movie , who exactly lol

  • francesa
    francesa Month ago +19

    It looks so bad and could be considered for an ABC after school movie. Bad just went to a new level of bad.

  • Emperor G
    Emperor G Month ago

    The trailer was "totally spies" the movie.

  • J. Will
    J. Will Month ago +6

    Stewart looks like this is the loosest she’s ever been in a film. It looks vibrant & fast paced but I don’t think it’s going to be that good & it’s probably going to be a flop. I’m still gonna see it so they have my money

  • kc 3182x
    kc 3182x Month ago

    Black and blue trailer

  • Q,s music
    Q,s music Month ago +35

    Man i rather watch diaz drew and lucy again over this.

  • The Fatman
    The Fatman Month ago +1


  • veksone77
    veksone77 Month ago +7

    Looks very mediocre ...

  • Karim Yamout
    Karim Yamout Month ago +4

    I'm gonna take a guess and say white men are upset

    • Ewolf5150
      Ewolf5150 25 days ago

      Karim Yamout you hate white men! I’m gonna take a guess and say you have a degree in lesbian dance theory from USC

    • Rhetro Active
      Rhetro Active Month ago +1

      @aj withnoname because Karim is apparently racist

    • aj withnoname
      aj withnoname Month ago +1

      ...why would white men be upset about this? I don’t get it.

    • Karim Yamout
      Karim Yamout Month ago

      @Ewolf5150 Yup, there we go

    • G-Roy
      G-Roy Month ago +1

      That’s not very inclusive

  • Christian Padilla
    Christian Padilla Month ago +6

    i got a Ghostbusters vibe, the one with all female cast.

    • SuCKeRPunCH187
      SuCKeRPunCH187 Month ago

      true but this was always an all female group to begin with.

    • Jess Plays
      Jess Plays Month ago +1

      And oceans 8

    • Christian Padilla
      Christian Padilla Month ago

      @guybeleeve for me dosent matter if its an all female cast if its a good movie but ghostbusters was realle bad and i have that same feeling on this one, and that doom annihilation i didnt even know it was all female cast. well i hope its not worst than the first one lmao,

    • guybeleeve
      guybeleeve Month ago

      And what’s even more sad is that it’s supposed to be an all female group. Same thing with doom annihilation.

  • Cynthia Bonillo
    Cynthia Bonillo Month ago +3

    It will be a guilty pleasure

  • Michael Reese
    Michael Reese Month ago +3

    It better hope nothing else is coming out in 🎥 or streaming that weekend

  • Ichsuka
    Ichsuka Month ago +1

    Kristen stewart starring with her dad Patrick Stewart is great. Also Kristen exudes big lesbian energy.

  • Ewan Callister
    Ewan Callister Month ago +8

    The previous 2 Charlie’s Angles Movies are Horrific so what will be different this time around.

    • Alan David
      Alan David Month ago +1

      @Rob Jones I was on board with you until you became a cuck and started complaining about feminism. Just STFU dude, grow up, and find a girlfriend already by leaving your mother's basement. You don't deserve a mother who cares for you.

    • Ian Smart
      Ian Smart Month ago +1

      @Rob Jones

      Camp X-Ray
      Clouds of Sils Maria (she won a CESAR which is like a French Oscar for this movie)
      American Ultra
      Personal Shopper

      These are all AMAZING performances from her. She's the first American Actor to win the Cesar ever.

    • Rob Jones
      Rob Jones Month ago

      Ian Smart 😂😂😂 yeah right. She hasn’t done anything since twilight.

    • Ian Smart
      Ian Smart Month ago +1

      Rob Jones Kstew is one of the best actors working today

    • Ian Smart
      Ian Smart Month ago

      What?! This are great silly action flicks. And the leads have great chemistry

  • Erik Von Deten
    Erik Von Deten Month ago +46

    It looked so generic. It's gonna be a cable movie

  • Jamie kelly
    Jamie kelly Month ago +23

    Djimon honsou is one of the most underrated actors today. May have spelt his name wrong but if your gonna go support the diversity/representation crowd. Go support Djimon honsou, cause he should be bigger than he is.

    • Lee
      Lee Month ago

      @Better Call Maul not trying to say Chadwick's bad at the part but I think Djimon is a better fit for the role

    • Better Call Maul
      Better Call Maul Month ago

      @Lee He's 55, but Boseman is no spring chicken either at 41. Honsou actually looks more jacked in Captain Marvel and Charlie's Angels than Boseman in Black Panther.

    • TheREALTiPPiDa
      TheREALTiPPiDa Month ago

      I admit my first thought when I read his name is seeing him in Guardians saying "Whoooo?"

    • Lee
      Lee Month ago

      @Better Call Maul now that you mention it, he would've been a perfect fit for the live-action Black Panther. The guy's like 55 and looks 20 years younger, he would be far more believable as a veteran king/warrior than Boseman. Ah well...

    • Better Call Maul
      Better Call Maul Month ago +2

      Djimon Honsou voiced Black Panther on an animated series and he expressed interest in playing the character in the MCU, he was my first choice and his accent would've been more natural than Boseman. It's a shame he plays such a minor character in the MCU.

  • Arthur Butler
    Arthur Butler Month ago